Police flying squads coming to terrorise small business


by Jim O’Toole, Townsville bureau

The Queensland Labor Party corporation is preparing a 200 man flying squad of former police officers and existing police volunteers to terrorise private businesses across the state which are not complying with the Premier’s Covid mandate.

Those making up the squads have been undergoing a three week training course in preparation to hit the streets on December 17.

SS Commander Heinrich Himmler and Adolph Hitler have been giving the Queensland Premier bad ideas. Will Comrade Annastacia inspect her troops before being unleashed on a beleaguered small business sector?

We assume the course would cover urban warfare.

While hard-hit small business clamours for customers to simply exist Comrade Annastacia has been busy plotting their demise.

Police sources have told Cairnsnews retired or other officers who have quit the police force have been approached over several months to form fly-in hit squads to attack hotels, clubs and coffee shops to snatch and grab outlaw patrons who have not had the deadly jab.

Comrade Palaszczuk it seems has been studying the biography of SS commander Heinrich Himmler and the Nazi Party trying to emulate their dirty, deadly tricks to round up the un-vaccinated.

Can we see any historical parallels here?

‘Who, me?’ Queensland Premier Comrade Annastacia Palaszczuk learning new tricks

It is unknown as yet if the hapless pure bloods will be frog marched to the ALP’s new concentration camps, alluded to by Comrade Annastacia in an interview several weeks ago or will be taken away in black marias to re-education centres.

Fortunately her intelligence level would never fathom the intricacies of Nazi tactics but she could have found a more capable collaborator in the art of warfare emerging from under a rock somewhere.

The Labor Party corporation cares not how many small businesses will go to the wall because the ALP for generations, traditionally hates small, independent business proprietors and farmers, the only free-thinkers remaining in this crippled state.

Eminent lawyers say the mandates are completely unlawful, but when has the rule of common law ever been respected by the state’s unicameral parliament? We have no doubt the compromised Liberal National Party will support this oppressive initiative.

These independent traders are the largest employers in the state contributing the lion’s share of taxation spoils for the socialist booty.

This is the problem with the Labor Marxists; when they finish spending everyone’s money, the ideologue collapses.

All over an Alice-in-Wonderland virus!

The Police Minister has been contacted for comment.

“Industry, technology, and commerce can thrive only as long as an idealistic national community offers the necessary preconditions. And these do not lie in material egoism, but in a spirit of sacrifice and joyful renunciation.” Adolph Hitler – Mein Kampf

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. They are manufactured there. Ed


  2. Is this the reason why all there are UN bushmasters are in Brisbane at the moment, l have a video of them from twitter. Interesting


  3. Great inspiration for the formation of a resistance, which I think they will meet. In my opinion, anyone who ‘volunteers’ to do this kind of dirty work, deserves everything they get and more (no matter how much they are actually being paid). Filthy gutter scum. Incidentally, we had our first in-concentration-camp death while the above was going to print. It’s here folks.


  4. As the saying goes… “Ya can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig.” Same goes for more extensive makeovers.


  5. I got better looking cows in the paddock & they look so much more trustworthy too


  6. Wednesday 1st December, front page of the Mareeba Express, trash paper in Far North Qld, there was Qld Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll, oh yeah that was all about football, guess she forgot where she came from. No surprise that one gets up the ladder by being a slippery snake. What the heck was she up here for? Tightening her ball bag perhaps & telling the police to ‘Stay The Course’. Don’t know what planet John Black is on as he doesn’t get what parallel Cairns News is trying to portray to get the message across. I notice that for the last so many months the idiots running that ‘ol boiler Annastasia, are trying to make her look more soft & feminine, doesn’t work, no matter how much one fashions their hair or loads the paste on their face, or tries to soften the clothes attire, still ugly, & more so now with their pityful attempt. No more desirable for the public than before they tried to touch her up, D’Ath that little lard arse, ugly too, little power tripper small dog syndrome. Chant ugly, Jeanette Young looked more like an ugly old cronnie…Why are they so god damned ugly? Maybe retail refused to give them a job, too ugly, don’t want to scare the customers. Instead they end up in gestapo jobs.
    Oh yes, the Police will have to do some really dirty work here, not that that’s been a problem for most of them, a lot of them get off on the power trip, physc tests pick them perfectly. They’ll use some business’s as an example to put the fear in the rest. Bit like how the ATO works. They really believe we are all that stupid.
    Best thing to do against tyranny is, ‘STOP THE LIE DON’T COMPLY”. Pretty simple, better than cowering in the corner. If the majority did this by a landslide we wouldn’t be in this mess. But I’m surrounded by pussies & blind fools.


  7. We are all equal in law … if there is no law for them .. there’s no law for us pretty fucken simply really


  8. No.If people wake up-and they maybe can-then that is good, and they can be made to wake up. When they do, watch out, especially the women. I like to target them because they are the carers and nurturers, and if you get them upset, whomever they are upset about has got themselves a really big problem. I am all the rats in the parliaments-and rats they are- having a big, big problem. I can’t wait!!!


  9. Well, it seems like the average garden variety Sheeple does lack the ability to distinguish the warped narrative from what is true. It is not my fault, but I have made my flyer to give to such people, especially young mothers who have their kids in the masks. I must do this, though the trouble with telling people the truth is that you upset people. It has happened to me before, so I am very cautious about how I tell people. What I do now is just say check this sit e and check that site and see what you see. I do not debate anything with anyone now, because if they do go and access the information I direct them to they can make up their own minds. That is soemthing like getting them to do their own research, but via a bit of “stealth” from me.


  10. Thank God,I left QLD,and moved back to W.A.
    Witches got burnt at the stake in the past,and should be in the future
    I would wear a mask as I would not want to smell the odious odour


  11. John Black: “Go Un-learn & Re-Learn.”

    Thanks for the advice. Can you recommend to us a suitable educational establishment where we can learn a little Gleichschaltung. Preferably in Australia as most of us would have difficulties getting to Dachau or other such schools.


  12. It’s all new speak. The common sheep are now touted as bellwethers and the bellwethers are now treated as the common sheep. Just like men are now women and women are men on the basis of official diktat! 🙂 Nevertheless, science still trumps the new woke scientism and fraudulent sales pitches we’re bombarded with.


  13. One of the most appalling things I have seen in the last few days is mothers-young ones-with their young children in tow, all wearing masks. My God! Are the Sheeple waking up or going into Slumberland full time??? It seems the may be? Now I have to take an extract out of this article: https://townhall.com/tipsheet/scottmorefield/2021/06/15/a-group-of-parents-sent-their-kids-face-masks-to-a-lab-for-analysis-heres-what-they-found-n2591047 and print off a little flyer to show them how ignorant they have been. From the very first day I heard about COVID I cringed, saying to myself: This is a whole new ball game-and it is. That people who have done no homework on this plandemic-you know who they are: they all wear masks!-have gone for so long without questioning anything is abysmal. This is bad, also, because these fools make life much harder for we reasonably intelligent people who have done the research. And who are the victims of these people I mentioned above? Their own children that is who! Lord help us!!!

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  14. So we have the ‘brown bombers’ and now the ‘brown shirts’!

    Ain’t that swell! Progress, progress Uber Alles!

    Looks like only a Third World War will rid us of this neo-fascist resurgence reminiscent of Europe in the 1930s. Yet another attempt at a New World Order under quisling regimes beholden to the trans national puppet masters in the shadows rather than their people.

    Australia is being destroyed, no question about that. And it won’t stop while we have the likes of Palashchook, Andrews, Scumo, McGowan, Marshall and the LNP-Labour/Greens Duopoly serving their masters instead of us the people of Australia.

    So sit back, crack a cold one, throw a shrimp on the barbie, keep your head in the sand and do nothing as we get screwed, fellow Aussies.


  15. I have effectively been saying that for years, in my own fashion. See my Economic genocide video, which I made in December 2017. What is happening now is the turbocharged version of what I detailed then. And Daniel Andrews has been destroying the Victorian economy since well before COVID: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OKaqGvkBIM Look a what happened to Ian Cook, who now has Robert Richter, QC in to bat for him, gratis-a story I gave this publication: https://cairnsnews.org/2020/06/26/comrade-dan-andrews-desperate-covid-cover-for-unravelling-widespread-corruption/


  16. Keep up the great work guys…

    I forward your newsletter to my friends and relatives world wide!


    Subject: [New post] Police flying squads coming to terrorise small business

    Editor, cairnsnews posted: ” Exclusive by Jim O’Toole, Townsville bureau The Queensland Labor Party corporation is preparing a 200 man flying squad of former police officers and existing police volunteers to terrorise private businesses across the state which are not complyin”


  17. They used the same tactic to bring the old retired Nurses back in to the fold so they could vaccinate the Aboriginals and rural Communities.
    Of course the backwaters would believe Grandma who had injected their babies all those moons ago.
    A trustworthy soul.

    But first Grandma Nursey had to have the jabs. Both of them.

    Not sure how many were actually recruited after that, or on the battlefield in the end.

    Last I heard, a few were having trouble getting out of bed after a bout of the shingles and a flare up of their arthritis, heart conditions, clots and cancers.

    They never got to go.


  18. By using a communications device – yes. Ed


  19. I’m sorry. Did you mean flying monkeys?


  20. Asking someone about their medical status and then refusing them service or entry. Isn’t this a federal offence under s94H and the Biosecurity Act?


  21. An interesting legal issue – obviously not using serving police because that is probably illegal on several fronts. However, using those who are not serving police – what legal authority would such persons have to enforce anything? What legislative authority would they be working under?


  22. So will that mean some of the left over retired police from the corrupt Sir Joh era are now going to be given their jobs back with( fake) power again!

    Oh Dear! This is what a Government run police force looks like. The police should be independent from the Government as it is vulnerable to corruption when it is

    Seems as if chook can’t get many of our current police members who all seem to be a lot smarter than her to want to do her dirty work for her….well done to them for seeing right through this.

    The QPS has been understaffed for years and have been treated like shi*t by the Government so little wonder not many are putting their hands up for this job!

    This is going to end it tears…theirs not ours, not the people who are awakened and can see right through this


  23. Zeig Heil mein kommander


  24. Historical parallels? If there is one thing worse than a nazi, it’s a Bandera style nazi who thrives on being more nazi than the nazis. Given her heritage Palaschook should know about that. It’s only just begun and the brown shirts are in the making.


  25. All branches , tiers of corporate agents impersonating a government constitute a Marxist State running the Australian zone of an international military operation under the UN. All of this coordinated out of the National Cabinet (Politburo) which was formed within the Office of the Prime Minister to ENSURE a coordinated response across Australia that relate to the MANAGEMENT of the CoVID 19 Regime and the ‘pandemic’ mandated by the WHO / World Bank. March 13, 2020. The Politburo consists of the PM, the premiers and leaders of the states and territories and is advised by the National Corordination Commission (gov’t leaders and NGO leaders) and the Australian health Protection Prinicipal Committe and the CoVID 19 Information Hub (CoVID impacts on agriculture, trade and environment. They even have a section that deals with corona virus fuelled racist attacks.

    Details the extent and scope

    This is a microcosm of the way a Joint Operations Command (JOC) integrates the international corporate sistema – designated ‘multi-lateral partners’ by the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (convened by WHO / World Bank) to oversee ‘the pandemic’ WHO mandated March 11 2020.

    This is the Manifesto of the Fourth ComIntern – now acceeded to world power through the UN.
    “We have made the UN a weapon for seizing power over all kingdoms, nations….”

    Small , independent business are in the top five CLASS ENEMIES that stand in the way of building a communist system (a soviet). Along with Kulaks (Boers), those who have ‘Kulak sympathies’, anti-Semites, racists ( term invented by Trotsky to criminalise White , ethnic Russians who perceived that the ‘Russian’ revolution 1917 was not being run by Russians) and all the Marxist list of horrible oppressors, racists, cis-genders, classists, phobics etc. Form in your mind a picture of the White, toxic, Australian mail enjoying his bar-be-que with family and friends and I think you will have the picture.

    Now. When the ‘pandemic’ was first rolled out with military precision across many lines of operation – who were the first people they targeted? The typcial CLASS ENEMIES of the Revolution: small independent, family businesses. They destroyed entire sectors of the economy and tanked business across all states. In my shire, the unemployment lines of people who had lost home, livelihood and business stretched around the corner. They had targeted the Kulaks, the farmers and property owners with the bush fires the previous year.

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  26. I’ve been a Fan of Cairns news for quite some time as I had viewed you well versed in history knowledge.
    You defemation of an innocent WW2 makes you another bar-stool scholar.
    Unfortunately today, you’ve displayed yourselves as uneducated zealots of falling for the WW2 story you were taught in school and you’ve never beaten the path to the TRUTH.
    Today, I’m ashamed to be a subscriber.
    Go Un-learn & Re-Learn.


  27. Might it be timhttps://cairnsnews.org/2021/12/11/police-flying-squads-coming-to-terrorise-small-business/#comment-form-load-service:WordPress.come then for the struggle to go kinetic? On commenter has suggested it in a previous post.I am not advocating it, but what other alternative might some have? We have a country that is totally lawless now, simply because our governments do not adhere to their won laws. Might the gloves then be off, finally? We have an unalienable right to self defense, and if someone is coming at you with a toxic jab (a silent “shot”) that is known to cause harm, then are the gloves indeed off? I do not advocate it, but wold not be surprised to see it happen. How far the Palace Chook is prepared to go seems rather obvious now.


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