Warning from Senator Malcolm Roberts-LNP/ALP digital identity card on its way

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Yes – I am afraid the time for niceties is over..


  2. lindesymonds

    You have two very good (above) comments for this article,. Some may say it sounds a bit negative – the truth can hurt some people, especially if they did not know they have been conned by their never do wrong governments.

    I make comments that may sound negative, comments that may not give hope and joy.
    Why negative? We are talking about facts that people may not know about and do not accept. Why not accepted? Because there is no mention of very special individuals coming to save them, no mention of just holding the line – do little or nothing.

    The comments suggest that the majority of Australians will have to get off their knees and stand up to the tyrants and the corrupted criminal systems they run.

    There are many who are trying to wake those on their knees and have them realize that they have to stand up and share the burden and put in the effort needed to take back Australia.

    What is the best method for the best outcomes? Give out messages of hope and joy, the need to just follow the dictates of the system. Or give out information about the reality of what is actually going on.


  3. In the People’s Republic of Victoria – now a Special Economic Zone of Belt and Road – the posterity of the Celtic and Anglo patriolatry of the Australian state in ethnic heritage and founding stock has awakened. Oro se do bheatha bhaile. And within that population, the Saxon has awakened. All the proscribed and forbidden subjects: God truth, Christ law, Westminster jurisprudence, race, nation, identity, the English Civil War 1642 and the War of the Succession 1688 – 1746 (Culloden), the penal colonies of the Empire of The City of London Corporation. All now of interest.

    Oro se de Bheatha Bhaile

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  4. Ed

    You are 100% correct, especially the last three sentences


  5. Yeah Ron one can blame almost entirely the sad education system of every state, long hijacked by the Earth Goddess Gaia, replacing God and the CCP has long infiltrated our universities and the proof of this is the socialist/ Marxist teachers they churn out. The next culprit is the captured mainstream media such as the ABC. Thirty five years ago ABC HQ in Sydney was infiltrated by the Jewish fraternity and Aunty’s malfeasance has mushroomed from there. We have two generations of former kids now parents and younger grandfathers who know not their surroundings. They have been completely conditioned, initially by TV and its subliminal messages, then cell phones and now computer games which have completely mesmerised our youth never to recover. They march for spurious causes like the flawed climate change hoax and other irrelevant causes promoted by the left (or right both from the same womb). Finally the most screwed up state, Victoria long suffering from Bolshevik rule has awoken.
    The giant has been poked and ours and their only savior is alternative media and the awakened giants must now go to stage two and physically reclaim their heritage. Nothing else will work. Jim

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  6. Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900-1901. They as good as replaced that years ago – illegal to do so, but they have.

    Now we have the Australia Act 1986. and many other acts most Australians do not even
    know exist or why they exist – illegal to do so, but they have.

    Federal and state legislation, no longer has much to do with the Constitution. All of our governments are now corporations, including our courts and police.

    Yes the Constitution.still exists, but until we the people take back our sold out country the Constitution.is of no real value to us, the politicians just ignore it. Instead they apply their new corporate government legislation.

    Most of what they changed in concern of the Constitution.needed to be voted on by the people – The only way to change the Australian Constitution is by holding a referendum. This means that the constitution cannot be altered without β€˜the approval of the people.
    To ignore / not follow any part or section of the Constitution, would also need to be voted on by the people.

    Federal and state legislation was changed years ago. When you know what they did and why they did it, the information in their (new) current changed legislation is easy to find, it stands out and they do not care.

    The next Federal election is only months away, the average she’ll be right Australian has no idea what is really going on – they will for sure vote for the major parties, they will be asking for more of the same from the illegal corporate governments.
    Should work out well, not for the people, for the private corporations who are now our governments.


  7. Barry Smith – I have a few of his meetings saved – knowledgeable and entertaining..


  8. This is for sentor Malcolm Roberts,
    There is nothing in the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900-1901 as proclaimed and Gazetted that allows politicians to force an identity card of any description on
    The Australian people and its the job of every senator in the upper house federal and state to block these bills regardless of whether they are from any political party or independents.
    If it’s not written in the Constitution,
    It remains with the people.
    And because of these facts the Governor-General and state Governors must shut these bills down or they too are not doing the job they are paid for.
    In the case of the states, s 109 of the Constitution Act clearly States that any state law that is inconsistent with the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900-1901 as proclaimed and Gazetted, is null and void to the extent of the consistency and can be ignored by the people.
    Therefore, any Senator who signs off on any bill before the parliament
    That is inconsistent with the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900-1901 as proclaimed and Gazetted is committing treason, that also applies to the GG and the state Governors.
    Time you all read the Constitution Act 1900-1901 an d abided by it
    Scott Morrison should already be behind bars over this and many other acts that he has already passed through parliament that are inconsistent with the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900-1901 as proclaimed and Gazetted.
    People we have the Constitutional right to ignore these bills if passed by Senators and lower house reps
    That ignore the laws contained in the above constitution act.
    Wake up people and Senators.


  9. β€œThis is a behavioral training program for the Social Credit System and digital ID / currency of the world order.” – 100% correct – but if they can kill off some of the herd on the way – all the better..


  10. Yes I questioned him this at the time – he said they had gone over it and he thought it was ok – I agree – this was a mistake – but have a look at the body of his work – if you look at what we have – he’s up the top!


  11. Years ago Barry Smith (now deceased) told of NZ being the test case for the World Government and chosen because:
    * NZ is close to the date-line and it starts the computers every day;
    * NZ is close to the date-line they start the money system and are important to the world govt people;
    * NZ is a small nation that is very easy to manipulate.

    Church goers beware of Chuck Missler who settled in his latter years in NZ. (much research still available)

    As Aaron Russo (deceased) explained, people are groomed for the order. https://www.bitchute.com/video/qrKj63fBm51C/

    Malcolm Roberts is warning the people of Australia. Malcolm Roberts is not one of the Order.
    He is warning that the Trusted Digital Identity Bill 2021 is corporate control for a global digital identity system.


  12. You should have thought about all this Malcolm when you voted yes to give the government the power to put foreign troops on Australian soil and indemnify them from all civil and criminal liability for CRIMES against the Australian people. Defense Legislation Amendment Act 2020.

    Covid-19 was always the trojan horse to bring in mandatory injection with a bioweapon [population cull] and fold the identity, all data – including DNA into one social credit system, control grid and digital currency. Of course, the national cabinet [Politburo] is going to have to force this on Australians. How convenient that the Politburo at national and state level can bring in foreign security forces and task them with crimes against the Australian people.

    All this concern is too little too late, so much so that the Senator is not so much informing as gloating.


  13. Yes I understand the point. I see two lines in the discussion – fight them in their system – set up another ( perhaps back to the constitution) – I like the idea that we all work TOGETHER – in whatever way – to oust the criminals..


  14. Hmm.. your solution?


  15. So we have one of the TRAITORS warning about the attack on our rights and freedoms. You couldn’t make this shit up if you tried! Roberts, Pauline, and the rest of them are all sitting in TREASON in OUR parliament. Read the constitution sections 7 and 24…. both state that ONLY We the People have the authority to select our representatives. It says nothing about political parties. If they are not in the constitution they do not exist in the law.


  16. But we know there is a new system on the doorstep and the WH are in control. Australia and Canada are hoding the world up whilst their pissoshittos are being removed…lots of extra air traffic and military helicopters in the Bris region of late at night(: We are told the new banking system will require a digital id so this is possibly the REAL ID and not to be feared by a govt that is in jail o’seas(:


  17. This dovetails with Malcolm Roberts making up the numbers to bring in the UN forces with impunity, has he had an “aha” moment?


  18. Step O'Rafferty

    Short of a political revolution I cannot see how we are going to get rid of the UN/big pharma/military industrial complex sponsored parties. Our electoral system is so fraudulent that even if One nation receives 20% of the overall vote they could still end up with no representation in parliament.


  19. It was unconstitutional when the silver bodgie (Hawk) tried it on, I can think of no reason why it would not STILL be unconstitutional


  20. pcwwp it’s just predictive programming.
    Getting you ready for their Agenda.
    If we all changed the rhetoric their blah blah blah would mean nothing.
    They can go and sit in their corner because no one is listening.
    That is the only way to stop it now.

    yeah yeah nah.


  21. I’m not warming to anyone. I’m hot to trot for anybody except the LNP-Labour/Greens duopoly! πŸ™‚

    They have around 35% primary vote each. Kill their primary vote to less than 25% and their legitimacy goes down the plug hole.

    It’s time we took back our country and lives from the treacherous political duopoly which is destroying us. Wakey, wakey you bludgers! πŸ™‚ Don’t let somebody else do your work for you.

    Stand up for yourself today or bend over for someone tomorrow!


  22. Don’t get too excited! There is still micro chipping on the cards!
    Late in 2004, the then Democrats proposed a bill under Security, which covered most of what is happening now.The last on the agenda was micro chipping …not of your pet cat or dog, but humans…US!
    It was passed in early 2005 by the Howard government.Check it out on Hansard….all parties are complicit in our downfall to slavery.


  23. Last night the Redland Shire followed the lead of the Mareeba Shire. Big rally at the Cleveland Show Grounds – 1400 people with Pauline Hanson as the keynote speaker. At 1 hour 06 mins. Pauline took the stand. She talked about her anti-mandate bill, argued that the vaccine mandates are against the constitution, brought down the house when she stated that Scomo gov’t has “pushed the premiers into doing his dirty work”.. Wild applause and standing ovation: “I am an Australian and I am standing up for my rights.” Big favourite in the Redlands.

    The rally also heard from Dr. Robert Brennan, a ‘struck-off’ doctor from the CoVID Medical Network. He told the rally “This is a behavioural training program for the Social Credit System and digital ID / currency of the world order.” Also “The data from the UK, from Iceland, from Gibraltar and Israel is now in.” The countries with the highest vaxx rates are the countries with the highest ‘covid’ cases – which are the adverse reactions and all the diseases of the vaccines themselves. They can not hide it.

    Redlands Live Event: Mandate Response Meeting
    Dec 6 2021
    Australian Free Independent Press Network


  24. Good one!



  25. Well I can’t say I did not know it was coming – thank God for Mal for letting us know.. You know I am warming to Bosi..


  26. Here comes your slave number and total control by the tyrants.

    We knew that it was coming, again we did nothing.



  27. They are no longer representing us. We dont’ take orders from Criminal Scum posing as politicians. They can stick their digital identity card up their mandate!


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