Fifth column of Muslim security guards right under our noses

Muslims take over Australian security companies. This allows them to be legally armed with concealable or long-arm firearms

from Leonard William

In the last 3 years there has been a massive “beyond normal” rise in Muslim security companies and security agents, inclusive of gun license permits.

This also includes Government contracts for security services, however, if one was to look from an extremist’s point of view, this puts many weapons in peoples hands, gains control over most club security whereby it can assist drug sales and recruitment of Muslim converts.

Australia’s security industry overrun with Muslims

This problem was noted by a top level USA security agent who seems to be hushed up since raising this.

Muslim Brotherhood Has Penetrated All U.S. National Security Agencies Under Obama’s Guidance, High-Ranking Admiral Claims:

See too: Wikipedia of a duplication of what is occurring in Australia, whereby, Muslims have been given power to take over all general security company operations in which the media questioned as being dangerous.

This is at a time when the Australian Government has just allocated $18 million to place private security operators at schools to protect from terror threats, whereby it might be putting the greyhounds amongst the rabbits.

Last year 164 private security guards were struck off for committing acts they are employed to protect people from. However, the corrupt ones found a loophole in Queensland where now 80% of NSW security licenses were issued due to this loophole where these disqualified person’s criminal records are overlooked.

■ 48,159 class one and two security licenses active in NSW
■ 164 individual licenses revoked for criminal activity in 2014
■ 106 master licenses revoked last year for unknown reasons
■ 57 license applications refused for criminal activity in NSW last year
■ 2684 security licenses in NSW obtained interstate and 80 per cent of them from Queensland

Look at major security firm Wilson’s, just the main page staff profiles indicate who is operating it these days.

But here are the real tell-tale signs of danger to this industry, where it factually indicates Muslim control. Here is the Western Australia licensed agents listing in which this extract is an unedited sample in order starting at “A”.

Full Name; License Number

AALAMI; Hamid Reza SG47823
AAMIR; Muhammad SG34949
AAMIR; Sohaib SG43372
AB YAR; Ahmad SG46462
ABANDELWA; Ehota SG40133
ABANDELWA; Lusambya SG27892
ABAY; Tekle Asfaha SG42472
ABAZ; Alisa SG46910
ABAZ; Mohamed SG45567
ABBAS; Ali SG49418
ABBAS; Anjum Hussain SG44566
ABBAS; Baseer SG34885
ABBAS; Faisal SG38797
ABBAS; Farukh SG31065
ABBAS; Ghulam SG46155
ABBAS; Imran SG40420
ABBAS; Irfan SG39830
ABBAS; Jalees SG42148
ABBAS; Mohsin SG40778
ABBAS; Mohsin SG33606
ABBAS; Muhammad Mazhar SG48780
ABBAS; Muhammad Sammar SG43962
ABBAS; Syed Farrukh SG39914
ABBAS; Waseem SG45743
ABBAS; Zaheer SG29404
ABBASI; Atif Mehmood SG36714
ABBASI; Furqan Ali SG50464
ABBASI; Ghulam Abbas SG50138
ABBASI; Jamie SG41567
ABBASI; Naveed Ahmed SG31614
ABBASI; Sajid Hussain SG28806
ABBASI; Tariq-Ur-Rasheed SG31755

Hardly any non-Muslim names are registered, and such sudden turn-around in under 3 years, so how and why did this fast domination start?
As were the concerns in the USA about this type of infiltration, moreso getting government contracts having sensitive material access at a time when ISIL has said it will infiltrate this way, then our Governments need to start asking themselves serious questions on the risks of this sudden domination. And voters must pressure them on the same.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. No, execute the traitors and deport the invaders.


  2. That’s all very fine, but the real enemy is not the Muslim dupes/pawns in this game; it is the prestigious traitors and liars that set us all up for this debacle that we need to protect ourselves from.

    Deport the invaders and execute the traitors.


  3. and this is exactly why we the people need the right put into our Australian Constitution as is the US constitution with the bill of rights the right to keep and bear arms to combat exactly this scenario of scum bags and commies.


  4. DEPORT muslims already.
    islam is NEVER compatible with our traditional Christian way of life.
    If you own a business DO NOT HIRE them.
    It is your right to refuse anyone who is not compatible with you.
    But this is exactly what the evil shadow commie govt wants us doing – fight each other.
    Well guess what, we will defend our rights and our way of life.

    Voting of course is rigged everywhere, but band together in your own community and speak up when those commies elect themselves that you never voted for.
    Australia is a country of law and order now.
    And Our Founding Fathers were never muslims and neither will we ever be.
    Our Western Way of Life must be defended for Our Own Children.


  5. It’s all too easy to be distracted by the symptoms and ignore the disease, and, of course, that is exactly what the disease, the enemy, want. While the should be defenders are running around moaning and wringing their hands in dismay at the sight of the pustules the pervasive secretocracy gloatingly continue their depredations.

    Look! the continuum of disasters and subterfuge don’t happen by accident. As an old bloke told me about 40 years ago “If politics was just idiots blundering around making random choices they ought to get it right about half the time.” But they don’t. It’s an orchestrated huge network of idiots choreographed into a secret cacophony that many of them don’t even know. These abject opportunists and sycophants are the lackeys and the cover for the real cunningly perverse manipulators and puppeteers who work well out of sight goading and bribing others to do their bidding.

    Now, whether they be fools or charlatans it’s these witting or unwitting traitors that make or allow the debacle that is destroying the little that is left of Christian civilisation.

    It’s Judaeo-‘Masonry that is the real enemy of civilisation and the Muslim (Musloid) ratbags are but a tool in the process. Musloids, Judaoids, Leftoids, ‘Masonoids, Materialoids are sitting ducks for deception because they are all faiths detached from Reason.


  6. When the muslims have the numbers to rise up against us, they will have the guns and the brutality and we will be sitting ducks! This has all been planned by the UN and NWO. The socialists/communists are using muslims to create chaos while they secretly undermine our country. Socialists and greens have infiltrated every aspect of government and muslims aren’t far behind them.We need more people like Fraser Anning.


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