To our valued readers in Australia and from around the world, the editors and contributors to Cairns News wish you all the very best for Christmas day.

This holy day is time for reflection and to celebrate the birth of Jesus and our Christianity. After witnessing horrible anti-human ‘legislation ‘ being rammed through state and federal parliaments we live in hope for the return of our Saviour.

The federal government under the closet Marxist former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, by foul means managed to legitimise same sex marriage, a partnership abhorrent to Christ.

Then the Marxist Queensland Government enacted ‘legislation’ enabling doctors to kill unborn babies.

And on it goes. Like the majority of our valued readers we hope and pray the parliament, after the oncoming federal election will be firmly in control of minor parties and independents who possess Christian values(not demonic). Unlike the former head of the Australian Medical Association, now member for Wentworth, Dr Kerryn Phelps who, like her parliamentary colleague Bill Shorten and his Labor/Greens ilk want to flood Australia with so-called refugees and shut down the remnants of our industry.

Australia’s future prosperity and way of life, on its present course dominated by climate racketeers, is unsustainable.

God bless.