Firefighters get brain damage from 5G tower

by Alex Bruce

Firefighters in California counties from San Francisco to Sacramento to Los Angeles, have reported severe neurological damage, headaches, insomnia, memory problems and confusion after 5G towers were installed outside their stations. When tested, they were found to have brain abnormalities and measurable neurological deficits and firefighters have now filed to be exempt from the California law that would enforce the installment of 5G towers near their places of work.

When their fire stations were relocated away from 5G transmitters, firefighters claimed their symptoms stopped. More shocking (no pun intended) was that the radiation levels measured were just 1-2/1,000th the FCC’s allowable “safe” limits for non-ionizing radiation. In other words, the FCC considers radiation levels 1,000 times higher than those which debilitated strapping firemen to be safe!

Like the current generation of cellphone technology, 5G has not been adequately tested to determine its impact on health but following the lead of former FCC chairman Tom Wheeler, who eschewed safety testing in favor of economic growth, the industry in the US is moving quickly to establish primacy.

Because the millimeter wave frequencies used in 5G do not travel far, towers will need to be built every 1,000 feet (305 m), necessitating “millions and millions” of towers, according to an exultant Wheeler, to blanket every corner of the Earth in a toxic electrosmog that will enable driverless cars and the Internet of Things.

It’s worth re-telling here the little-known is the story of John Patterson, who was a senior telecommunications officer for Telstra in Australia, responsible for the deployment of thousands of towers. When he discovered that these towers are capable of emitting microwave radiation 50,000 times the legal limit, he wrote a report to his seniors – and was promptly fired. In order to get the word out, he says he took his friend’s tank and destroyed 8 tower sites and served 20 months in jail. He says he doesn’t regret it because, “People need to know my story.”

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  1. The powers that be are killing us off any legal way they can!


  2. Diane Drayton Buckland

    Dear Editor, Cairns News

    I just posted some information with links – could you please have a look at it and consider approving post. Thank you. Diane


  3. Diane~ I cannot find the links you mention please end again…Ed


  4. Diane Drayton Buckland

    Cairns news Post on Firefighters get brain damage from 5G tower
    Also See >


    More Information on 5 G and more in Research Report
    Global Nuclear coverup page 231 – 232
    5 G apocalypse from page 232 – 235
    Smart meters from page 235 – 236
    See additional information in >

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    No mainstream media will publish anything ‘against’ water fluoridation chemicals’ these are toxins, neurotoxins and carcinogens – it is destroying the health and mental health and more of Australians since first inflicted by mandate/force in 1953 in Beaconsfield Tasmania and then right throughout Australia. Please see the water fluoridation chemicals (including co-contaminants) from page 43 of my Research Report.
    (nor will they allow to be published any truth of vaccines/vaccinations – see much in my Research Report also.)

    Click to access australian-epidemics-of-chronic-diseases-mental-health_behavioural-disorders-domestic-violence-street-crime-violence-alcohol-_or-drug-addictions-dental-crises-diane-drayton-buckland-3.4..pdf,%20A%20Set%20of %20Guidelines.pdf link removed – they kept changing it.
    Since, I did find it here (for the time being) >

    Pleas look at much more in this Report I have compiled – I have put this Research Report together after many years of unpaid independent, unbiased, uncompromised, co conflicts of interests/ no corruption research.

    Click to access australian-epidemics-of-chronic-diseases-mental-health_behavioural-disorders-domestic-violence-street-crime-violence-alcohol-_or-drug-addictions-dental-crises-diane-drayton-buckland-3.4..pdf

    Diane Drayton Buckland
    Fluoride Information Australia UNPAID


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