The nation is teetering on a powder keg of mistrust and discontent

From where does Keenan get authority to call in firearms?

The Federal Government is terrified of internal security assessments warning the nation is teetering on a powder keg of mistrust and discontent over Muslim immigrants and mendacious politicians implementing policies in unison with the largely despised United Nations.

Domestic intelligence has warned the now unraveling corporate system of government, surreptitiously introduced first by Whitlam and continued by successive governments could dissolve from civil unrest into civil war.

Federal Justice Minister, Michael Keenan, a Liberal, wants to deprive law abiding gun owners of unregistered firearms

Any casual observer of social media would discover that all governments are held in contempt by a majority of Australians.

The Federal Cabinet is desperate to disarm law-abiding citizens who hold unregistered firearms for many reasons. The main theme found throughout social media and alternative news sites is a distrust of government and more expected violence by Islamists which have infiltrated communities throughout Australia.

As depicted in the lauded 1984 film of doomsday preppers, ‘Red Dawn’ starring Patrick Swazye, when the Russians and Cubans invade rural American towns, their first ploy is to round up and incarcerate gun owners, found from searching firearms registration records.

One reader, a member of the firearms industry, has told Cairns News an estimated one million or  more unregistered firearms are held nationwide by the public,  which is in fear of losing easily traceable registered firearms when the ‘shit hits the fan.’

Chinese SKK semi-auto 7.62x39mm carbine. Industry sources claim nearly one million were imported but reportedly only 4000 were handed in to be crushed in 1996. There are few reports of these carbines being used in crime

Between the seventies and early nineties the industry estimates more than one million Chinese semi-auto SKK and SKS combat carbines were imported. At the 1996 amnesty, only a reported 4000 of these military styled weapons were handed in for crushing. One does not have to be an Einstein to work out the fate of the remaining 996,000, he said.

“The police and military will seize all registered firearms from licensed gun owners across the nation when the trouble starts, leaving the public completely at the mercy of the government,” the industry member said.

“This is why people will hide them, especially ex-military members seeing what happens to a disarmed population when the invaders have all the guns.

“If the government thinks normal people will hand in their guns they are dreaming.”

Another report from a NSW investigator, who wishes to remain anonymous, says that in NSW during the 1996 amnesty, a pistol club and several rifle ranges reported that people of Muslim or similar ethnic appearance toured gun clubs buying whatever firearms they could get their hands on, rather than shooters handing them in for destruction.

Homes of licensed gun owners in NSW were accurately targeted by thieves stealing dozens of pistols and rifles several years ago. Gun club members said many homes in close-together suburbs were raided by thieves who stole their locked up guns. The clubs complained that the NSW firearms registry records had been hacked or deliberately given to thieves. No action was ever taken by authorities.

The Liberal/ALP/Greens Party disarmament

While terrorists continue to kill Australians on home soil, the gun-hating Liberal Party wants to completely disarm 25 million responsible citizens by crushing their firearms and leaving them at the mercy of those who have guns. The criminal element in the ethnic ghettos of Sydney and Melbourne will never voluntarily hand in their firearms.

The 1996 gun buy back saw 660,959 firearms handed in for destruction. Not all were crushed. The government is “dreaming” if it thinks it will get a similar result in the 2017 proposed amnesty, says an industry source

Those who will keep guns include police and the military. Today a lot of law-abiding citizens actually fear the government which wants to leave us defenceless against the estimated 120,000 Islamic ‘refugees’ who entered the country by air during the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd regime.

It has been acknowledged by security agencies, with the exception of the head of ASIO, that a large number of single males who entered Australia posing as refugees, were between the ages of 16 and35,  just the right age to qualify for military service.

Many of these immigrants have had military training in the countries from which they claimed to have fled. Right amongst us now exists a potential fifth column of fighters. Stashes of firearms have already been found in Australian mosques, no doubt many more exist.

Justice Minister Michael Keenan should be targeting firearms held by ethnic groups and actually allowing responsible citizens to carry arms for their self-protection. But Section 18c of the Anti-discrimination Act won’t allow the government to target criminal gangs by ethnicity. Interestingly Keenan was one of the ‘wet’ Liberals who did not support amending this offensive section.

High profile politicians such as Senator David Leyonhjelm and Bob Katter have demanded law abiding citizens be able to carry firearms for their self-defence.

Instead the arm draggers of the LNP/ALP/Greens nexus want to leave us defenceless against Muslim infiltrators and other armed criminals who will never give up their guns.

Crime in Victoria this year increased 10.2 per cent and a spate of home invasions and car-jackings has left police extremely worried.

Public concerns have also been raised about gangs of migrant(Muslim) teens, with reports some parents are sending their teenage children back to countries like Sudan to break the spiral of offending.

Victoria Assistant Commissioner Stephen Leane told reporters on Wednesday teenagers from a range of backgrounds were committing home invasions and car-jackings.

Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Stephen Leane describes the ethnic crime wave as the ‘United Nations.’ Fearful home owners are buying bats for protection from home invasion

“It’s the United Nations — we’re seeing a cross group of offenders who are stealing cars in that way,” he said.

It is believed people in areas suffering from violence and crime are buying bats to arm themselves.

Mr Leane told 3AW they weren’t using the words home invasion or carjacking two years ago and the community had a right to be concerned.

“I understand the nature of fear in our community and for many it’s real for those who have been victimised by those offenders who have come into their house, probably the first time they’ve ever had to call the police,” he said.

“The issue around whether you think a baseball bat and your expertise will defend you in those circumstances, I’m not sure even I could defend myself against a gang that wanted to break into my house.”

As crime statistics reveal, potentially armed citizens are a threat to any criminal or terrorist.

The dumbed-down Liberals and the ALP with their equally irresponsible bureaucracy have some esoteric belief the police will save the public from being shot by a terrorist or a home invader. The families of those killed at the Lindt Cafe in Sydney would disagree.

The Lindt saga would not have got off the ground if just one patron had a legal .22 pistol in their handbag or pocket.

Why doesn’t Mr Keenan look at the avalanche of evidence that has surfaced since the Port Arthur training exercise revealing some of the alleged victims did not exist, or the numerous other anomalies proving Martin Bryant was not present at Port Arthur when the shooting took place at the Broad Arrow Café.

Mr Keenan should ask his colleague, the Liberal President of the senate and former Tasmania police officer, Stephen Parry for confirmation of these facts. Mr Parry was smack in the middle of the Port Arthur training exercise and has subsequently admitted as much in a speech to the Undertakers and Embalmers Association.

In 2016 Parry was outed by Austrian author and forensic investigator, Dr Keith Noble, for his part in the official training exercise cum massacre cover-up.

The Islamists and the crooks know we can’t fight back, unlike our American cousins, who repel fire with fire. Now Australia has assumed the official status of the 51st State of the United States, every responsible citizen should have the option of concealed carry.

Knives now are the preferred weapon in homicides. Minister Keenan soon will have the nation eating with chopsticks

It has been announced that the homicide rate has substantially fallen in Australia and the weapon used by criminals in 37 per cent of cases is a knife.

If Minister Keenan has his way, soon you will be eating your food with chopsticks.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Thanks Supasooie for the relevant comments. You are exactly correct and it is indeed giving us hope that there are readers who have a great grasp on reality and what we can do about it. We can forgive those who visit this planet once a month.Ed


  2. They can try and dissarm the general public all they want and those few sheep that are asleep will hand them in but those of us that are awake to the whole globalist agenda with the UN and the CFR will not relinquish them and we will fight to the end to restore our country as they say in Texas if you want them come and take them we will share them from the muzzle end first for those that are stupid enough to come and try and take them.


  3. Hi all
    We are no longer the happy go lucky country we grew up in. We are now a controlled, organised nation who really have NO say in how we wish to live anymore. We are being forced to accept change and have been for the past decade. We have had Multiculturism, even though it was obvious this does not work towards assimilation into our own way of living but encouraged segregation into their own cultures, laws and behaviours. The introduction of Laws to stop our freedom of speech, expression of personal opinion. We saw youth incarcerated for life without a trial, without a decent defence or even a hearing, without a verdict by a jury, which goes against our own Constitution.
    I am continually amazed at the weakness of our fellow Australians voting in Leaders who are against our Democratic Freedoms, continually ignoring voter’s wishes
    and demands. It annoys me that it has NOT dawned on a lot of those, who rave on about our great ANZACS etc. The reasons they were so good in the front line capable and fearless holding their own to protect others they were fighting with. Most Australians in the years leading up to these wars including Korea, Vietnam etc. owned a gun and went shooting foxes, pigs and other vermin at every opportunity they got. Yes, there were accidental shootings etc. along come the “Nanny” politician with Marxist Greens influence (the same as with our fireworks fun nights etc.) who decide to take control of what is “safe” for us all as a whole who turn the individual who loved shooting as a past-time into criminals to make their actions illegal. We are now left with no defence in our own homes, it is illegal to own a gun (unless you are listed on a register with the address, even where and how guns are stored in the residence you live in. Leaving us with no right to defend yourself or your family from intruders in any manner.
    We once again have been ordered to hand over any unregistered firearms or suffer major jail sentences or huge fines if we don’t. As far as I am concerned the only ones with illegal firearms are the dishonest or those with other ulterior motives and as shown already the major firearms used in dishonest actions have NOT been registered firearms (stolen or otherwise). I really do resent being an unarmed nation and mention this to Americans in every Facebook and Twitter message I send. Oh to have a leader who loves his country and democracy as much as their elected President does. I do hope all those silly stars who have an over-opinionated idea of their own importance left when they said they would.
    We have to stop allowing all the low percentage demands from organisations a controlled media use to take our eyes off the actual dangerous agendas of the enemies of Democracy and freedoms we have in countries like this. The Gay Movement, the Transgender movement, the Feminist movement, the gun lobby, global warming, excuse me, renamed Climate Change to mention a few forced into our children with the infiltration of programs introduced into the curriculum they are taught by ones who have been University trained by others with the same agendas as the likes of George Soros. Who sponsored Labor owned Getup (a non-taxpaying organisation) with a back-door $Ms donation through the CMFEU (also a non-taxpaying org) to get them established.
    Sorry long rant over


  4. Well said John.Ed



    The idiot Keenan need not worry about an Australian uprising, look around you everyone and see how pathetically apathetic Australian people are. All the hype on the Web is just that, transparent bullshit. There is no fight left in them, the old theme “She’ll be right Jack” is alive and well. In fact, Australians are shit scared of anything that might upset their eating meat pies and their fucking football. Keenan has nothing to worry about. The muslims will take over Australia and have said the whole country will be muslim by 2035 and they are making a great start with the help of the idiots in power at present. Under Common Law the whole concept of a corporate government is illegal, right down to the gutter dwelling councils. But the “She’ll be right” attitude prevails with everyone shit scared of rocking the boat. The demise of the Australian way of life is now only a matter of time. Welcome to Australia, Allah’s new home.


  6. “A man with a firearm is a citizen, without one he is a Subject”
    I would rather be tried by twelve of my peers than carried by six of my friends.


  7. We have every reason to worry about what is going to happen, and without guns our citizens are sitting ducks.That is how the government, the UN and NWO want us.We have to be prepared. Would our army and police fire on their fellow Australians if ordered to, if it came to the crunch, or would they realise our whole way of life was at stake, and side with us? Interesting thought.


  8. Not 4,000 but an estimated 19,000 military semi-automatics were handed in, out of a stock of between 600,000 to perhaps a million that should have been handed in. That is massive civil disobedience!

    Firearms enthusiast Terry Shulze has a brilliant intellect and was a diligent Barrister, good at research. He retired soon after the 1996 gun buyback.

    He told me the following information, which he used to make the estimate of 19,000 handed in

    * The 1996 gun buyback lasted quite a long time. Until a few weeks before the end of it, the Victorian State Govt published on its website the percentages of various types of firearms, that had been handed in, and the data were updated regularly. Many .22s and shotguns were handed in. A few weeks before the end of the buyback they ceased publishing the data – we dont know why, but can guess that they realised how embarassing the data were. I cant remember the percentage of the total number of guns handed in that were military semi-automatics. * Terry applied that percentage (from Victorian data) to the total number of guns that the federal Govt claimed had been handed in Australia-wide; (memory is hazy, but I think it was 600,000 guns handed in at a cost of $1billion out of the health budget – I handed in my pump-action 12-guage shotgun with a six-shot magazine and got far more money than I bought it for, so I then used that money to straight away buy a beautiful double-barrel LEGAL shotgun for my son to use. It fires the SAME ammunition. He became a very good shot, shooting clay pigeon targets) * That is how Terry deduced an estimate that only 19,000 had been handed in . * He also collated data on the imports/sales of military semi-automatics going back many years. Then, depending on the assumption about how many wore out and were scrapped, he deduced that there should have been a stock of between 600,000 and 1 milliion military semi-automatics still out there as at 1996. * If his estimate of 600,000 is correct, and if his estimate of 19,000 is correct, then we deduce that the owners of at least 581,000 military semi-automatics defied the silly law and did not hand in their military semi-automatics.

    I handed my SKK in – it had a 30-shot ‘banana’ magazine. It was my wife’s gun when we lived on a farm 20km from the nearest town and the nearest police station. My gun was (and still is) a lovely .303 from year 1942. She tried firing it once and it kicked so much that it terrified her, so that is why I got her an SKK, which she found easy to use because the reloading action absorbs much of the recoil.

    I know quite a few people, mainly farmers, who did not hand in their military semi-automatics. They still own military semi-automatics, which are very useful for dealing with feral pigs, goats etc

    I am not going to “dob them in ” because in all cases these people are decent law-abiding citizens. So I dont see it as a problem that they have firearms illegal under a stupid law that a stupid govt acting in defiance of our Constitutional rights as expressed in the 1688 Bill of Rights brought in.

    regards, Lex


  9. This Amnesty for fire arms smells of Outside Influence. Without Fire Arms a Farmer cannot protect his animals from Predators. The same applies for legitimate licences for firearms for citizens. If the aim is to leave all Aussies as “Sitting Ducks” from Internal/External Situations …Good Luck!


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