David Walter appears in Magistrates Court

david-walters-001David Walter appeared in the Cairns Magistrates Court on January 24 to appeal against his bankruptcy. The former police prosecutor has battled long and hard against what he says is a failed legal system spawned by an unlawful system of government, since at least 1973 or as he probably since 1966, the year decimal currency was introduced to Australia.

He was bankrupted by four shire councils as a non-party to actions taken by the councils against ratepayers for refusing to pay rates. In what was a first ever action of this nature, Walter experienced judicial and political corruption on a scale not seen in Queensland.

The letter to the Magistrates Court is largely self-explanatory. In a letter to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth he says the political parties have formed Parliaments of Australia, to create Corporations Registered in Washington DC,  using a foreign currency and measurements in contradiction of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act.

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Download or read David Walter’s Letter

That has left the assets of the people and our Common Law rights and the laws of God in the hands of private people inside the Preamble of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act to form Corporations across the Commonwealth of Australia, some 20 years ago.

As you are totally aware that was done by the Members of the Registered Political Parties inside the Legislative Assembly of the Constitution Act 1867 Qld.

David has lost his property, stolen by corrupt courts and even more corrupt solicitors and barristers. After the Culleton debacle and an unlawful property seizure west of Townsville last week, the people are finally waking up there is no Common Law and no legal redress for civil or criminal matters in Australia, only political party policies developed by members of registered political parties inside the Legislative Assembly of the Constitution Act 1867 Qld.

David Walter has urged readers to tell political party members that the system has failed miserably and should be rectified.


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  1. RP attempted to read the Walter letter ploughing through the waffle until the part about the Federal court where once again that self proclaimed master of the universe is so wrong it’s not even on this planet. Yes Qld state gov and judiciary is out of control but Walter like his arragasnt friend Maynes has not a clue how to resolve it. Once again you risk turning away good subscribers by giving oxygen to self proclaimed constitutional experts. Note not one reference to the laws of England which still apply to the crims. IE The Judiciary act 1903. The Crimes act 1914. The Bills of Exchange act 1909, The acts interpretaiton act and so on. Good luck

  2. David Walter has worked tirelessly to fight for justice for all over a long period of time,
    The So called Governments of this nation are exactly what David Walters documents say they are . they are so corrupt and treacherous that it is fast coming to a head now and if these rotten deceitful miserable excuses for Australians in our parliaments, our courts and the Police force it wont be long before civil war breaks out in this country. I ask the soldiers of this nation to remember why they go overseas to fight as did your forefathers.
    it was and still should be to keep Australia Free.
    So please remember this if there is a civil war down the track because these bastards in our parliaments and our courts are the cause of it if it happens aided by what I now call gestapo. the only thing missing off their sorry uniforms are the SS Badges the Nazis wore every other aspect of these treacherous Police forces in this nation are just the same as the German SS.
    They don’t protect the people of this nation they protect these crooked bastards in power here by stealth. even Pauline Hanson doesn’t seem to grasp the situation. What I read about those Councils and David Walter makes the establishment so corrupt that all of them should be hung on sight without trial. we don’t get justice in their courts so why should we reciprocate when we come to gather them up for Capitol treason.
    Even the elections federal and state are unconstitutional as the Governor General so called as sworn alleigence to a fictitious Monarch called the Queen of Australia. there is no such living entity on the planet as the Queen of Australia.
    I am quite sure when these sorry assed bastards read this they will come for me .
    And guess what then you will Know David Walter and many many other true blue Australians who have been researching this Capitol Treason will be vindicated because if they come for me it will be because these criminals have a guilty conscience ‘so if you hear that they have come for me you will all then know that it is true that they are a bunch of snakes in our parliaments and our judiciary systems along with the Gestapo who I refuse to call Police.

  3. The THIEVES and TRAITORS will continue stealing and enslaving UNLESS fair dinkum TRIAL BY JURY re-appears on the scene. All this crying into cup after cup of English Breakfast tea is pathetic. Fully Informed Juries are the ONLY civilized way to defeat the “evil counsellors, judges and ministers” who are “subverting and extirpating the laws and liberties” of the people so that justice is restored. They are operating their bankruptcy racket because there are no juries to stop them. For goodness sake, stand up as free men and get our “equals” judging the facts and the law, as Common Law mandates.

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