Turnbull pushes ahead with election in deference to High Court challenge

Is the Prime Minister in contempt of court?

The 3 Million Voices Committee has today questioned whether Prime Minister Turnbull’s

declaration that he will go ahead with the double dissolution anyway, despite the pending

High Court Challenges to his new Senate law shows contempt for the High Court process.

"The Prime Minister’s plan to rid himself of the cross bench through a double dissolution

coupled with a cleverly-changed ballot paper voting system shows clear contempt for both

the Constitution and the High Court of Australia,” said Peter Madden, the Co-ordinator of the 3 Million Voices committee.

The new Senate voting law and its likely results are alleged in our arguments before the High Court to be:-

· unfair

· unrepresentative

· disproportionate

· undemocratic

· un-Australian.

Either Malcolm Turnbull is supremely confident that Senator Day’s Writ and the "People’s Writ" Class Action High Court Challenge to his Senate Reform Act will lose, or

he is gambling, lacking proper respect for the Court process.

Either way, confident gamble or disregard, it shows contempt.

The "People’s Writ" Class Action High Court Challenge will be heard on May 2-3 at the same time the Government’s budget will be announced.

3 Million Voices CO-ORDINATOR Peter Madden 0413 765291 www.3mv.net.au

3 Million Voices CHAIRMAN: Malcolm Mackerras 0408 460269


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