Prime Minister Turnbull’s push for a double dissolution is a wild gamble with his political future according to Malcolm Mackerras and the 3 Million Voices committee.

The Senate voting method to be used in the forthcoming federal election could be the same as that used for the last 32 years, if the High Court challenge by both a “People’s Writ” and by Senator Bob Day succeeds, as is expected.

Malcolm Mackerras, chairman of the 3 Million Voices Committee, said today:

"If we win in the High Court on May 2-3 and the previous voting system is restored, then Mr Turnbull, in my opinion, must call off the double dissolution.

If he does not the Liberal Party would never forgive him for his political madness."

“It seems that many people are unaware of the strength of legal arguments in Senator Day’s Writ and the "People’s Writ" Challenge to Malcolm Turnbull’s new Senate Reform law."

3 MILLION VOICES Co-Ordinator Peter Madden said today:

"Mr Turnbull’s announcement of an early double dissolution is a wild throw of the dice.

“He is taking a great gamble that the High Court will rule in his favour, not ours.”

"Both High Court Challenges are legally very strong.

If the High Court rejects the new Senate voting laws that favour the Greens, then Turnbull’s strategy to rush to a double dissolution could go very wrong for him and very right for the people of Australia and our democracy.

"For instance, if the Senate Ballot system is restored, then a double dissolution could mean twice as many cross bench Senators as we have now, and less Greens.

“That would be a victory for democracy to have a diverse range of views in our Parliament. We could get even more timberworkers, ex-soldiers, farmers and tradesmen in the Senate instead of only Greens and Major Party hacks.”

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