Martin Bryant show by Channel 7 Sunday Night will not tell the truth about Port Arthur




Deception & Lies Presented to Australians



AUSTRALIANS will again be told lies about Port Arthur in Tasmania by

Channel 7 this Sunday 6th. Saying the shooting incident that took

place there in April 1996 is “Australia’s worst massacre” is absolute hype.

Many massacres in Australia have resulted in more people being killed.

The truth about the official killing at Port Arthur has been covered up

by complicit officials who have denied truth and justice to all the families,

relatives, and friends of the victims. It is the corrupt official narrative that

Channel 7 will broadcast again. Mainstream media deception continues.


_ In the supreme court on 22 APR 1994, two years before the Port Arthur

incident, Martin Bryant was placed under a guardianship order – he could

NOT manage his life. He was represented by Griffits & Jackson lawyers;


Martin Bryant is mentally handicapped. His IQ was/is(?) 66 (lowest 2%

of pop.) At best, he is an 11-year-old boy. He could NOT have premeditated,

planned, and perpetrated the incident over seven crime scenes;

_ Carleen Bryant relates the behaviour of her poor son Martin in her book

My Story. She describes how he could NOT operate simple things like door

latches or assembling Meccano toy parts. Martin was/is incompetent;

_ Martin’s mother Carleen Bryant and Martin’s female friend at the time

Petra Willmott, have both stated in writing that they had NOT seen firearms

or ammunition of any kind at Martin’s home (see MASS MURDER);

_ There is NO hard evidence Martin Bryant shot any person at or near

Port Arthur. Witnesses, including several who were shot, said in writing

the gunman was NOT Martin Bryant (see LEAKED DOCUMENTS);

_ There are NO fingerprints, NO gun shot residue, NO blood, NO fibres,

NO hair, NO DNA, etc. that prove Martin Bryant was at Port Arthur. That

officials say a person is guilty does NOT prove he/she is guilty;

_ Martin Bryant did NOT fix the vehicle Gaye Lind and companion Vicki

were driving to Port Arthur. He could NOT do auto-electric repairs. And it

was NOT Martin who bought marijuana from them. He did NOT use drugs;

_ The gunman carried a sports bag containing firearms, and a video camera,

into the Broad Arrow Café. He also handled a food tray, a plate, and a

drink container. NO fingerprints were ever taken off them by the police;

_ Martin Bryant did NOT have the ability to use any firearm in the military

manner used in the site cafe – this has been confirmed by military trained

people. There is NO hard evidence any firearm used was owned by Martin;


Witnesses have written Robert & Helene Salzmann (handlers?) did NOT

die innocently. They sat inside a yellow Volvo with the gunman at the tollbooth,

even though they knew he had been shooting at the historic site;

_ Witnesses at several crime scenes said the gunman had hair down below

his shoulders, some said flowing down to his chest. Evidence proves

that Martin Bryant did NOT have hair that long at the time of the incident;

_ The site video shows blurry distant images of an unidentifiable person.

The deceptive video appeared 90 days after the incident. On the day of the

incident, James Balsako did NOT tell police about any video he had made;

_ Martin Bryant said he carjacking a BMW at Fortescue Bay, NOT at the

site toolbooth. He could not have driven the BMW away from that tollbooth

as it had a manual-change gearbox which Martin could NOT operate;

_ Police stated in writing they saw a naked black-haired woman running

and screaming at Seascape at “about 6pm.” It was NOT the co-owner of the

house who had grey hair and who officials say was killed around midday;

_ Analysis of recordings confirm sounds at Seascape, shown on the police

transcript as coughs, are NOT coughs but the sounds of a firearm being

discharged while Martin Bryant is in another room using the phone;

_ There is NO credible time line for the incident. The time line presented by

officials is false. It omits interactions with Martin Bryant which several witnesses

experienced and described in writing (see LEAKED DOCUMENTS);

_ Martin Bryant did NOT order the 22-body refrigerated mortuary truck, or

embalming equipment “manufactured ready for the incident” (see SHOW

CAUSE NOTICE served on embalmer and Senate president Stephen Parry);

_ The Royal Australian College of Surgeons held a trauma seminar on the

morning of the incident. There was also an international media conference

that morning. Martin Bryant did NOT arrange for these gatherings;

_ Martin Bryant had NO proper legal representation. The 3rd lawyer (1st

D. Rigby; 2nd D. Gunson) was John Avery. Martin was kept in isolation for

over 6 months and Avery coerced him to change his NOT guilty plea;

_ There was NO trial, NO coronial inquest, NO public enquiry, NO royal

commission, etc. The State deliberately prevented witnesses giving their

testimony and thus the truth was NOT determined and made public; and,

_ Three criminally corrupt officials (John Avery, Damian Bugg, William

Cox) denied Martin Bryant his legal and human rights. Martin Bryant

was NOT treated properly and was wrongly convicted then imprisoned.

WHAT took place at Port Arthur in APR 1996, and thereafter, is NOT what

Channel 7 will tell its viewers. Channel 7 will NOT mention the media broadcast

doctored images of Martin Bryant making him look deranged which

biased the nation. What has taken place and is still taking place is the

worst injustice in modern-day Australia. Martin Bryant is INNOCENT! _

2 MARCH 2016

Dr. Keith Allan Noble; author

Unit 72 B, Am Heumarkt 7, 1030 Vienna, Austria t. 43-1-9712401

MASS MURDER: Official Killing in Tasmania, Australia; 2nd edit, 696 pp, 2014


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. John, The same people with their siblings they raised are supporting the Covid scam and entertaining the JAB of a rial serum and allow their children to join the guineapig procession ..ED


  2. I still can’t believe Australia has a population of a dumbed down society….
    How can a guy shoot over 50 people, kill 35 of them with most from a kill shot to the head.
    There’s no way in the world a guy with a mental capacity of an eleven year old, will ever be able to do this.
    This was a professional Military operation such as a Mercenary doing the shooting with Marksman accuracy.
    A comment above mentioned he walked into the crowded cafe and had lots of close range targets to take out this feat, are you fkn kidding me???
    As soon as someone walks in a crowded place and starts shooting what’s going to happen.
    The shooter starts shooting and everyone starts scattering to avoid getting shot, hiding under tables, running behind other people or weave and dodge.
    Do you think they’re just going to freeze and make sure they can give the shooter the best chance to shoot them ??
    And even if they did it would still be very hard to make them sniper shots to the head with Markman accuracy.
    On top of all the other evidence mentioned in this article, do some of you still believe this Martin Bryant guy, who never shot a gun in his life before the massacre that day did any of this??
    People need to start thinking with logic and stop believing in the mainstream media because they are just a network to prevent everyone from seeing the truth.


  3. It had the hallmarks of a Mossad job but 2 Australian shooters took part. Ed


  4. Yes we are aware of this however there were at least two shooters. Editor


  5. reading this story some time ago , the shooter was named as Benjamin Overbeak, do you know of this?


  6. But Bryant admitted kidnapping the guy in the car ( who was later shot dead .. So was that just a coincidence that he was there on the same day at the same time kidnapping people?…And if it was a professional marksman doing the shootings..Wouldn’t they tell him to make it look messy…etc don’t do headshots..We are planning to put blame on a borderline retarded guy?….???


  7. Not to mention the 2 rifles blown up on the last round fired… (Defective ammunition was the official reason given). Yeah right… The odds of that happening in 2 different calibre rifles at the same time with factory loaded ammunition runs into the multiple millions to one.
    Simple substitution of the original powder charge to a very fast burning pistol or shotgun powder easily achieves that. Convenient destruction of forensic evidence. Just another coincidence among dozens of other coincidences. This was very well researched by Stewart Beattie who has the credentials in ballistics.


  8. He was tested & confirmed he had a low oq long before the shooting & was on a disability pension
    Just did a google search on his back ground its written that he was always a troubled child with not to much going on upstairs


  9. Thank you for your reasoned comment. The elephant in the room, Vince, is the extraordinary noise from a centrefire rifle discharge in a confined space. The trained shooter in the Broad Arrow Café would have needed earplugs of high quality because after five shots by an AR15 (5.56mm) or a Colt AR10 (7.62mm) a shooter with unprotected ears would be partially deaf and another five shots in such a confined space would leave him with permanent hearing loss caused by concussion almost certainly perforating an eardrum. The writer has more than 40 years experience with all calibres up to .458 Win including all types of shotguns. After shattering at least 75,000 clay targets during my shooting career, I can assure all the armchair gun experts that Martin Bryant would have impaired hearing. Was he intelligent enough to insert good quality plugs? Did he complain about hearing loss after being captured by police? Where’s Jess?


  10. also police interview is this your gun you use ? ( not letting him have a real close look at it ??? ) copper says a Remington Colt AR 15 WTF really and what hand do you write with this hand Bryant waves hes right hand the copper then ask how did you hold the gun to shoot Bryant shows them in he’s left hand now everyone know’s the a AR 15 ejects to the right thus spraying the right arm with hot brass if taking well aimed shots FFS way to many red flags


  11. Government inside job to pass certain legislation to disarm the Australian public ie YOUR RIGHTS being eroded Yet we had a royal commission into the lindt cafe siege but not one for Port Arthur mm mm strange that or just a convinces for the Government of the day mm i smell a rat and the fastest a Government moved on gun reform this was in the planning well before hand, the government just needed a trigger and there you have it how convenient Port Arthur incident Just 12 days after the Port Arthur shootings, John Howard’s first major act of leadership in that first year as Prime Minister was to announce nationwide gun law reforms gee and you believe Martin Bryant did this alone haaa haa yeh right way to many coincides going on. And Avery i wonder how much he got payed for that interview and really do you believe that cheque book journalism Channel 7 is renown for as well


  12. Daniela carroll

    Martin Bryant was a victum of electromagnetic gangstalking ..a pharmaceutical company profited from the ordeal ..he was messed with and was a targeted individual ..the man in charge of the pharamceutical company made a lot of money and has a nice mansion north from Brisbane at Redcliffe


  13. Jefferson…
    YOU have never heard so much Drivel ? Did you actually read what you had written before you had posted it. A head trauma victim under the influence of anaesthetic would not speak such complete childish horse shit.

    You offered NOTHING to this Forum other than the ramblings of someone with an IQ maybe around 66… Congratulations you now have the intelligence to Single Handedly orchestrate Multiple Crime Scenes Simultaneously while performing ALL the Heinous acts yourself. And if you are really clever, do it without leaving a single shred of evidence, DNA based or otherwise at any of the many crime scenes. Then because you were top of your class. Convince All the Officials and Police Officers involved NOT to perform their due diligence by collecting ANY evidence, or taking Any eye witness accounts of the multiple people at the crime scene who told police he WAS NOT the killer. SPECIFICALLY WENDY SCURR The True Hero after the event.


    The sad thing is you probably have No Clue what I’m even talking about as you probably still watch a Black and White Television and Never heard of the Internet… Moron


  14. About time! Thank you Cairnsnews. I have read many articles on this and have felt sickened by the horrible way Martin Bryant & his mother have been treated. It’s hard to believe that something like this could happen in Australia, but it has.John Howard is a disgrace, he has no soul, I can’t believe that I voted for him. May he rot in hell. Martin Bryant was tortured, made to lie on his back with 3rd degree burns, kept in solitary confinement for an illegal amount of time and denied any rights, treatment far worse than that given to prisoners of war.
    I can’t believe that anyone who has any empathy for people with a disability doesn’t join the growing band of people fighting for justice for Martin Bryant.
    That Channel 7 program showed him in a wheelchair, why? because he was so drugged he couldn’t walk unaided, what a farce. Was this ridiculous program rolled out as a propaganda exercise because so many people have wisened up and want answers? John Avery was a lowlife lawyer brought in to con Martin Bryant into signing a confession, I have heard that he did it by promising him a TV, how sad, the poor guy probably thought he was signing something to do with getting a TV.
    I look forward to there finally being some justice, but like Peter L says, will it be fair? With so many crooks at the top, I doubt it.


  15. I worry that should a coronial inquest be held that the terms of reference will be substantially weakened. It is kind of like putting the fox in charge of the chicken house.


  16. Yeah I dunno, the Bryant conspiracy stuff seems plausible when viewed in isolation but when you research the counter arguments it loses some of it’s credibility. For example, one of the claims is that a mentally retarded person couldn’t shoot with that kind of accuracy from the hip BUT it’s not taking into account that he was in a crowded cafe at point blank range and his accuracy was substantially reduced at long range.
    Another one is that there was no trial which seems suspicious until you take into consideration that he pleased guilty to all charges.
    There is other circumstantial evidence that might lend some weight to the theory but there is also a fair whack of evidence that he was the killer – including video footage and eye witness accounts. Plus after watching the newly released footage on the Sunday program, he all but admits to it when thinking he was off camera and you can see that he had a clear fascination and knowledge of the guns that were used.
    But for me the thing that the conspiracy theory doesn’t acknowledge is why would the government of the day go to such a dramatic extreme to get a law changed. It doesn’t really seem plausible to me.
    I think it’s fairly likely that Bryant was a deranged, simple minded man who didn’t have the maturity to think his actions through and only thought of the notoriety that his actions would bring. I wasn’t going to watch the program because I don’t like the way Channel 7 sensationalizes things like this (and admittedly there was a bit of that) but I watched with the conspiracy theory in mind and I have to say I felt the material that came to light pretty much concludes the whole sorry saga.


  17. Scythe~ Any form of accountability will trigger a landslide that government and lawyers never want to see.


  18. Perhaps a coronial inquest may shed more light on this subject, it appears many Australians have opinions on the matter which has caused much distress amongst the people. There are certainly anomalies and justice was woefully lacking.


  19. Kylie~ We have but scratched the surface from our (OFF SHORE in many locations) massive information database we will be publishing very soon that will blow the lid off the whole Port Arthur government cover up. It was a disgusting mass murder that need to be revisited for the sake of the victims, their families and the patsy Martin Bryant


  20. I guess if what the Cairns news say is correct an truthful, when they bring it all to the table with there new an correct evidence, it will bring one hell of a bang against our Australian justice system, as so there saying an “innocent man has been jailed for 20yrs”, (wether that man has a low IQ or not he is a Human Being). I would definitely like to see the outcome of once it all takes place.
    Innocent or a murder Martin Bryant was an is a sick man, an what ever conspiracy theory that these people believe about this disgusting mass murder that took place an changed the lives for so many people, will either be proven truth or be classed as the biggest hog wash of all time, only time will show the truth if what the Cairns News are saying is correct. What I do feel is, why has it taken 20yrs for this to be put to the media if Martin Bryant is innocent……….


  21. Well said nedsby, I agree.. There’s a Pharmacist in Perth who lost his family there and he said Martin wasn’t the shooter..


  22. Well said, I agree with every word you’ve said..


  23. Well done Cairns News. Thank You. If only people would actually look at all of the facts and not just believe the absolute bullshit from the main media. Opinions mean nothing its facts and scientifically founded results that show the real events. My hope is that people actually start using their brains, do the research and look at the FACTS. Not just blindly repeat information that has no scientific credibility. John Avery is a criminal and was jailed on 169 charges for fraud. He was the second lawyer to ‘defend’ Martin Bryant and coerced him into changing Bryant’s plea to guilty after 15 meetings with him. No counsellors, guardian or legal representation were present through out the police questioning. Bryant never received a trial. The portrayal of events from John Avery and Sunday Night were pure propaganda. Australians should be feeling very uncomfortable about the way the whole situation was portrayed. Not one person who feels that there is something very fishy about this is ok with what happened that day, to the people who were killed, the survivors or their relatives. Those standing on their soap boxes with indignant outrage inferring that those who question the events are cold or callous or non caring need to give them selves a good slap and stop with the sanctimonious self aggrandisement and take the time to investigate all of the facts involved. This is how you become a sheep , blindly follow and believe propaganda. Stop being so damned lazy and come to your own conclusions based on facts and not hearsay and supposition. You will all want to be damned thankful that the Cairns Post has actually taken the time to fully investigate this with consideration for all our rights. Because Martin Bryant and all of the people affected that day were never given the opportunity for a fair trial. If you were accused of something that heinous would you not want fair legal representation? Do the survivors and families not deserve to be heard and justice served to them? This is not the first time that the media has destroyed peoples lives and because of blind acceptance without careful consideration by well meaning australians this will without a doubt be able to happen again. Do you not remember the pathetic way that Lindy Chamberlain was treated? Wake the hell up. Opinion is really the lowest form of human knowledge. It requires no accountability, no understanding. It shows dim mindedness and the inability and lack of effort to look at all of the facts in any situation.


  24. I can’t help but shake my head. Sad day when this crap gets published. The author of this article clearly has no real perception of the world, or creatures know as humans that have a complex brain capable of everything & nothing.


  25. I have always felt deeply sad about all the people who lost their lives that day.
    this is not taking away their pain or the deep pain of the families.. Nevertheless, think about Martin Bryant and his mother. Martin didn’t do it, he was never given a trial. everyone deserves a fair trial. I can put in touch with a friend of mine, who has inside information regarding the truth around Port Arthur.. Martin didn’t do it. with an IQ of 66 he was going to shoot 32 people through head at long range… I don’t think so.. ? That is done by experienced men in SAS or Military.


  26. Goodness me, this whole conversation is way up there. Waskelwee Wabbits indeed!!


  27. Keep reading Cairns News. There is much more coming. If you scroll back and do a search of this site ‘Port Arthur’ you will find much historical information about this terrible incident. We have to agree with Janis. The disgusting Channel 7 show was mostly about the corrupt solicitor John Avery. Editor


  28. What a load of shit so you reckon it’s a government sponsored attack what someone said ” hey why don’t we put some one with a low IQ into port Arthur let him shoot the joint up kill 35 people injure heaps” oh please unless you can prove otherwise your just a typical local rag… Come on prove it…

    On Mon, 7 Mar 2016 at 12:48 PM,> wrote:

    Janis Ferguson commented: “am amazed that lawyer of Bryants hasnt been sued for mis representation, and willisee, what a prick of a man…and media shame on you all…time this gov and you media were held accountable for your part in these fraudulent deeds of gov”


  29. And that’s not even mentioning Ted Serong’s comment about how remarkable his kill ratio was from instinctive shots. And over all rounds spent and casualties ..there’d be a handful of people in the world with this marksman ship skills.and if you do your research about Ted serong his admissions in the link I’ve provided are very compelling indeed


  30. Totally agree


  31. It is refreshing to read your article on the incidents and coverups of the Port Arthur Massacre. So many questions that need to be answered by the authorities however doesn’t the truth to insidious crimes and crimes against humanity get pushed to one side?. It would be great to see the truth exposed however have doubts as “they” have escaped questioning for the last 20years. Who has the powers to force a Royal Commision? Power Mongers have gotten away with crimes for centuries.
    I just get tired of the biased opinions of mainstream media as there is no opposition to their reporting which is portrayed as absolute and treat the Australian people to be idiots.
    Trouble is the perpetrators/master minds behind this massacre have not been made to be answerable just hope their conscience gets the better of “them” and hopefully they will confess on “their” death beds.
    Thank you for your efforts and reasonable information to make any logical person question “was Port Arthur a conspiracy”
    My condolence to all affected by this horrible evil incident.


  32. am amazed that lawyer of Bryants hasnt been sued for mis representation, and willisee, what a prick of a man…and media shame on you all…time this gov and you media were held accountable for your part in these fraudulent deeds of gov


  33. So was his girlfriend at the time a pedophile? Having sexual relations with an “11 year old boy”? 11 year olds have planned murders before, 10 year olds actually. In Liverpool 1993 for example. if you bother to watch the Sunday night programme, it’s 90% Martin interviews. He says they are his guns and how much he bought them for. He even fully admits to kidnapping the man in the boot of his own car. The one he later shoots as his 35th victim. This article is the biggest piece of shit I have ever read in my life. Go write about something important that will actually make a difference in the world!


  34. It has been stated that there were no police present at Port Arthur as they were sent on to the Coal Mines, on a wild goose chase, looking for drugs. There was a clip, which I am sure has been destroyed by now, shown on local television that day showing a police officer running up the hill away from the cafe while shots can still clearly be heard being fired at or near the cafe.
    I am not in anyway having a go at the officer. Country police in those days very rarely carried their weapons and there was basically no radio communication in the area. My guess is he realized there was little he could do and was getting to a phone to call for assistance.
    My issue is why this has been covered up?


  35. Robert the Rose Horse

    He was definitely there. A woman who I have known all of my life and am good friends with was in the cafe with her husband who I have known for 30 years.
    They had finished their meal and as they walked up to dispose of their rubbish, Bryant walked in, they both identified him.
    The woman walked back to the gift shop area while her husband waited to get rid of their rubbish.
    The shooting started and the husband bolted to the gift shot, picked up his wife and threw her behind a counter and covered her with himself.
    Neither of them actually saw Bryant pulling the trigger but they saw him in there.


  36. I lost family members at port arthur all those years ago now. As much as I would like to believe that there is not more to it there is just too many anomolies and cover ups not to have questions.
    People say that it is disrespectful to our lost family members to question if Bryant is innocent or not. I believe we are showing respect as we want the true story to be told and bring justice for our family.



    JEFFERSON – don’t be so bloody stupid. What you are saying is that because someone cannot name the real shooter, then it must be Martin Bryant. There is overwhelming evidence Martin Bryant was not the shooter. And there is no hard evidence he was the shooter. If it was so all straightforward and obvious that Martin Bryant was the shooter, then a conviction during a proper trial would have been a breeze. But the state of Tasmania did everything to ensure there was NO trial, NO coronial inquest, No public enquiry, NO royal commission, etc. Read JEFFERSON and start thinking, not mouthing of nonsense. Please contact me and I will email you LEAKED DOCUMENTS so you can read what the witnesses declared in their written statements. Here is an example: “…he appeared to be about 5’6″ – 5’7″ in height and aged in his 30’s” (sic) That is the physical description of the shooter given by the witness Karen Gaye Newitt. She saw the shooter and estimated his height to one inch – ONE INCH. Not bad eh. It is truly remarkable given that this witness also stated that she was “only about 500 yards” away from the action. ONLY ABOUT 500 YARDS. But several witnesses who saw the shooter up close stated that it was NOT Martin Bryant. James Laycock was the only witness who knew Martin personally, and who saw the shooter at Port Arthur. James Laycock said this about the shooter in his written statement: “I did not recognize the male as Martin BRYANT.” Free pdf copies of LEAKED DOCUMENTS are available via:


  38. Yes Rob you are one of our more astute readers.Editor


  39. Howdy Jefferson. Can we assume you are a middle-aged Liberal voter who has worked in an office for the larger part of your life or never owned a firearm? You also reckoned John Howard did a great job disarming law abiding Australians. How is it one of the rifles found at the scene by police had been handed in some years before in an amnesty and then found its way to the Seascape? This is simply one of at least 100 anomalies in the official story found by independent investigators. Soon we will re-publish a video of the real shooter in army fatigues. Editor


  40. Hi Warren have you ever owned guns? Editor


  41. Thanks Lee we would love a copy of your video. We will be re-publishing a video of the real shooter in army fatigues soon.


  42. Everyone always knows someone that was there or was supposed to be there or say they saw it there were gunshots in an area where Bryant wasn’t the only two police officers that could have been there in time were called off on a wild goose chase involving fake heroine then there was a boat load of armed police who were supposed to turn up in the bay but the ferry was late so they left or something this was a set up and conspiracy and I’m sorry to all those who had a loved one who passed away in this terrible ordeal but there are too many inconclusive events and evidence


  43. What a load of shit, so if he didn’t do it who did???????? was it the wombbles, or was it Mickey Mouse, oh I know it was Bugs Bunny, oh no hang on a minute it was Elmer Fudd out hunting Wabbits, or maybe it was Marvin the Martian. I have never heard such a load of drivel.


  44. Cairns News is obviously a sensationalist publication so I guess twisting facts to suit themselves is the norm for them. I honestly thought this conspiracy theory had gone the way of the dodo the way it should have. Give it up and show some respect to the victims.


  45. Then there is me. He had the guns helix iq was whatever he wanted people to see on the day. If you were not there to see him on his shooting spree maybe you would like a copy of the video. Shows Martin in every shot of the broad arrow Cafes security system. You people write anything for fame. Martin is and was a cunning man. Did you know him. NO.


  46. Sharyn Burnside

    You people are a joke if you think he’s innocent!! He admitted it all to his lawyer, he just admitted it on camera. For someone who supposedly has a low IQ he certainly knows a lot of intellectual words as just shown in his initial interview with police. Anyone can fake a low IQ to plead innocence. You’ve all been fooled by a fool.


  47. Being rendered destitute by the authorities who confiscated everything he owned Bryant was appointed a lawyer by the court whose sole mission was to get him to plead guilty in a hearing to avoid a trial that would bring the government undone.


  48. Thank you for your comments. To this day no one has identified the Port Arthur shooter
    To this day a motive has not been established other than John Howard’s Guns Laws


  49. Aw hell, my Dad was born in Hobart and I have visited Tasmania twice and I know it was a cover-up because I believe the survivors not the corrupt media.


  50. If you had a relative who was shot to make people mad enough to have gun laws brought in, would you still want to forget it. Hell no. There are dozens of victims who want to see justice done and they know that Martin Bryant is innocent and jailed without trial. They know that their loved ones were not afforded the decency of a mandatory coronial enquiry…..and why? because that would uncover a government plot to disarm a country at the expense of 35 innocent people. If your distant relatives still don’t want justice after all the evidence we have today, which proves the official line is a lie, then you are the one who should be ashamed..


  51. Good for you.


  52. ok well who done it then


  53. Sorry but you are delusional and they say man also didn’t walk on the moon !


  54. A friend of mine was pushed to the floor by her husband and she saw this monster kill her husband who was on top of her to protect her .Unfortunately he died
    He is a monster
    Wanted to come to the mainland cause people were picking on him
    Those he killed will go to heaven but he will go to hell


  55. You are also Crystal,
    You tell lies, can you say the surname of the people associated with with your family who died?
    Just curious!


  56. The people who worked at the Broad Arrow Cafe and several locals have said it wasn’t Martin Bryant. These people most of them elderly have no reason to lie, they are not relatives of his. Please watch this town meeting that was held.
    wendy scurr was the first person into the broad arrow cafe after the pt arthur massacre, she has a completely different story to tell from the mainstream media , the police and the federal and state governments, find out just how much disinformation and myths have been created around the pre planned pt arthur massacre ,if you watch this film with an open mind you will never be the same again period. also go to the NEXUS magazine website and download from the their archives section a brilliant 3 part series of articles in PDF format on the event


  57. What is wrong with you people? It was not a cover up. I used to live in the port Arthur area.
    My neighbours all knew him, my friends saw him do it. I have heard first hand accounts from so many people it is stupid.
    Stop. Just stop.


  58. Unfortunately Primadonna, you like the rest of the world have been lied to about Port Arthur. There is such an avalanche of overwhelming evidence to prove it was a government sponsored operation, which also means Martin Bryant is innocent. Keep you eyes peeled for more information about Port Arthur. Editor


  59. Well this is VERY interesting INDEED> Huh tell this to my late Brother-in-laws family who lost TWO FAMILY MEMBERS THAT HORRIBLE DAY. You should be ASHAMED of yourself as this merely a beat up propaganda for your book. SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU


  60. 5432654765765b865

    False flag operation used to take weapons off Australians. I’ve believe it was all staged since day 1.


  61. Good luck with seeing any honest depiction of the events of Port Arthur by channel 7.
    All the major television networks were complicit in the aftermath of the Port Arthur massacre. It is unlikely they would even reflect on the standard of reporting at the time and in the future.


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