KAP Federal Leader and Member for Kennedy

Hon. Bob Katter MP

Will address the media today, Wednesday, 28 October 2015

TIME: 2:00pm (Brisbane time)

PLACE: Queens Arms Hotel – Carpark

James Street, New Farm, Brisbane

Mr Katter will address the media concerning the growing levels of petty and pedantic police charging decisions.

At a time when we have significant threats facing our communities, police are choosing to use their powers to charge citizens with trivial offences rather than concentrating on real crimes.

Mr Katter said today that he’d seen far too many examples of police "enforcing the letter of the law, instead of the spirit of the law”.

He continued, that “laws are supposed to be for the guidance of wise men; and the obedience of fools”.

Two recent examples that have spurred Mr Katter to action include:

· Tom Duddy, the local publican in Prarie within the electorate of Kennedy, who was charged with driving an unregistered vehicle – a lawn mower – whilst heading to voluntarily mow the town park. The official population of Prarie is approx. 100 people.

· James Knell, Mount Isa resident also in the electorate of Kennedy, charged with having unrestrained passengers on the back of his truck – which at the time was operating as a decorated float in the Mount Isa Rodeo Parade.

To demonstrate his solidarity, Mr Katter will be riding into the press conference on the back of a lawn mower.