Qld police union attacks commissioner

· RABID Police Union PRESIDENT IAN LEAVERS QUICK TO CRITICISE GOVERNMENT BUT DISAPPEARS WHEN THE ‘BROTHERHOOD’, aka the police ethical standards mob TURNS ON A GOOD, decent cop and WHISTLEBLOWER, sgt rick flori (see Cairns News June 19, 2015)

· by: By Marty Silk and Alexandra Patrikios

· From: AAP

· August 11, 20151:54PM

Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart

Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart will stay on in the role for a further two years.

THE Queensland Police Union has lambasted the state government over their "behind closed doors" reappointment of police commissioner Ian Stewart.

POLICE Minister Jo-Ann Miller extended Commissioner Ian Stewart’s three-year tenure for two more years on Tuesday, following months of union criticism of the state’s top officer.

Unlike all other department directors-general, the Labor government didn’t re-advertise the commissioner’s role and Mr Stewart did not reapply for his job under the new merit-based appointment process.

Seething police union president Ian Leavers labelled it a "behind closed doors deal".

"It’s unacceptable," he said.


"The police service should not be under a blanket of secrecy."

Mr Leavers said Mr Stewart’s first priority should be to "start leading, not dictating" to his officers because morale was at an all-time low.

He accused the commissioner of failing to advocate for more resources and blindly following government of the day.

Mr Leavers added the union had also regularly been taking the commissioner to court over abuses of process.

"It shouldn’t be working like that," he said.

"He needs to get on the front line and start supporting police and leading by example, not dictating."

Mr Stewart earlier dismissed suggestions of disgruntled staff within his ranks.

"There will always be people who have a different view of the styles of leadership within organisations as big as mine," he said.

"I’m not there for the popularity contest."

Opposition leader Lawrence Springborg also described the reappointment process as "shoddy".

"For a government that has promised openness and transparency it has erred along the way," he said.

"It has certainly cast some concerns over the longer term tenure of the current police commissioner."