AN OPEN LETTER to PM Tony Abbott to stop the TPP

Dear Tony Abbott,

Once again we are asking, directing, and yes, ORDERING you NOT to vote in the nefarious so-called, mis-named “Trans Pacific Partnership,” BUT TO VOTE AGAINST IT, IN ALL IT’S FORMS AND GUISES!

If the so-called TPP is brought in and activated, it will be the END of what’s left of Australia as we know it.

This devious scheme is, as you full well know, simply yet another devious, deceptive, gradual step towards the evil, satanic so-called also mis-named New World Order, a deceptive title for one world government, planned long ago by the Illuminati, and to be under the total control of the “elite,” in another country, with we the people being nothing but slaves in our own country which we built out of the bush, and which we are sure you know, being – as was Bob Hawke, et al before you, a Rhodes Scholar – thereby being indoctrinated in the “advantages” of this one-world satanic plot, which is all it is.

WE THE PEOPLE ARE NOT STUPID! We are very angry that you have even bothered to waste our tax-payers’ money going to any of their devious, deceptive meetings! We order you to go no more!

You are in this position as PM as a OUR PUBLIC SERVANT, to serve us, the people, according to the Australian Constitution, and serve us you must, or pay the consequences.

I have not forgotten that you admitted to me personally in Brisbane, c. 1998, that you were “up here on One Nation business, (to try to destroy Pauline Hanson’s One Nation) but that you had “enough excuses to charge your expenses to your political expense account.”

This is no different to Bronwyn Bishop! Even worse! More devious, more deceptive, more dishonest!

Please reply and confirm to us that you will vote against this evil, sneaky “Trans Pacific Partnership.”

Very sincerely indeed,

Brian McDermott
CQ Freestate Electors
Church Militant