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27 December 2014

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North Korea was NOT behind the Sony hack according to multiple security experts who discredit FBI findings and reveal that the attack was an inside job –Almost every expert stated that they believe the hack had to have been an inside job –Findings of the FBI are being called into question by many of the cybersecurity industry’s leading experts 25 Dec 2014 It seems that Kim Jong-un may be right, at least according to numerous cybersecurity experts and hackers who have come forward to not only point out the flaws in the FBI’s investigation, but also possibly reveal the identity of the culprit. Kurt Stammberger, a senior vice president with cybersecurity firm Norse…said that given the severity of the hack it had to have been an inside job. Stammberger, whose company decided to carry out their own independent investigation, told CBS News; ‘We are very confident that this was not an attack master-minded by North Korea and that insiders were key to the implementation of one of the most devastating attacks in history.’ That’s not all either, as he says their research seems to be pointing them towards a woman named Lena who even claims be a member of Guardians of Peace.

North Korea blames the US for Internet outages 27 Dec 2014 North Korea accused the United States on Saturday of being responsible for Internet outages it experienced in recent days amid a confrontation between them over the hacking of the film studio Sony Pictures. North Korea’s main internet sites experienced intermittent disruptions early in the week for reasons that U.S. tech companies said could range from technological glitches to a hacking attack. "The United States, with its large physical size and oblivious to the shame of playing hide and seek as children with runny noses would, has begun disrupting the Internet operations of the main media outlets of our republic," the North’s National Defence Commission said in a statement. "It is truly laughable," a spokesman for the commission said in comments carried by the North’s official KCNA news agency.

CIA in CLG Website Logs, Reading About Their Torture Queen By Lori Price, 23 Dec 2014 Once again, CLG has noticed that the Central Intelligence Agency has been enjoying CLG’s news items. On Sunday, the C.I.A. accessed CLG Exclusive: CIA Torture Queen Bought $825K House While Torturing Her Way to the Top. Below are some of the log entries. 3 37 521.76 KB 21 Dec 2014 – 11:54 – – [21/Dec/2014:11:53:02 -0500] "GET /CLG-Exclusive-CIA-Torture-Queen-Bought-825K-House-While-Torturing-Her-Way-Top HTTP/1.1" 200 8665 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:24.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/24.0"…

Secret report cited in NSA surveillance lawsuit, govt silent on its existence 23 Dec 2014 Civil rights and federal attorneys sparred at a hearing over a case involving domestic dragnet surveillance by the federal government. The plaintiffs argued the searches are illegal, while the government said opponents don’t have enough evidence to know. The hearing, requested by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) for a partial summary judgment, concerns the class action lawsuit, Jewel v. NSA, which was filed six years ago. It claims the National Security Agency (NSA) acquired AT&T customers’ email and other data using surveillance devices attached to the company’s network.

U.S. State Department’s Guantanamo envoy resigns 23 Dec 2014 The State Department envoy responsible for negotiating prisoner transfers from the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, is resigning, officials said on Monday, even as President Barack Obama is promising a stepped-up push to close the facility. The surprise announcement of Clifford Sloan’s departure followed a flurry of detainee repatriations and resettlements…Sloan assumed the post in July 2013 and the State Department said he was stepping down and returning to his Washington law practice after finishing an 18-month commitment.

Prosecute Torturers and Their Bosses (The New York Times) 21 Dec 2014 Since the day President Obama took office, he has failed to bring to justice anyone responsible for the torture of terrorism suspects — an official government program conceived and carried out in the years after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001…These are, simply, crimes…No amount of legal pretzel logic can justify the behavior detailed in the report. Indeed, it is impossible to read it and conclude that no one can be held accountable. At the very least, Mr. Obama needs to authorize a full and independent criminal investigation.

US-backed dictatorship turns to military tribunals for terror suspects, as does the US: Pakistan to establish terror-related military courts: PM 25 Dec 2014 Pakistan says the country will establish military courts to prosecute terrorism-related cases following a recent bloody attack on an army-run school in the country’s northwest. Speaking in a nationally televised speech early Thursday after a meeting with political and military leaders, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said the courts would function for the next two years to speed up the trial of terrorists. The Pakistani premier gave few details about the [kangaroo] courts but said the country’s constitution is in need of certain changes to facilitate the establishment of such courts.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott issues holiday terror high alert after ASIO and AFP briefing 24 Dec 2014 Intelligence agencies are fearful of a Christmas holiday terror attack after intercepting increased "chatter" among a group of Sydney-based IS ­extremists who had been the subject of unprecedented counter-terrorism raids across Sydney in September. At the time of the Sydney raids it was believed members of the network had been planning to abduct a member of the public and behead them. Federal Cabinet’s National Security Committee was briefed by ASIO and the Australian Federal Police late yesterday in a meeting that was described as "concerning".

Another Abbott false flag may be on the way: Tony Abbott warns terrorism chatter has increased and attack remains ‘likely’ 23 Dec 2014 There has been an increased level of "terrorist chatter" in the wake of last week’s Sydney cafe siege and a terrorist attack remains likely, Tony Abbott says. "The terror threat remains high," Abbott told reporters on Tuesday afternoon. People "with evil intentions" were willing and able to "do us harm", he said. A high alert level means an attack is considered "likely".

Australia Charges 2 in Counterterrorism Operation 24 Dec 2014 Australian authorities have arrested and charged two men as part of a wider counter-terrorism investigation, a day after Prime Minister Tony Abbott warned of increased "terrorist chatter." Twenty-year-old Sulayman Khalid was charged Wednesday with "possession of documents designed to facilitate a terrorist attack." A 21-year-old man, whose name was not given, was charged with disobeying a police control order. [!?] The arrests were related to a series of police raids in Sydney and Brisbane in September. A total of 11 people arrested in those raids have now been charged with terrorism-related offenses.