Muzzle your pig dogs!

Pig hunters beware, muzzle your dogs, because animals have been given more rights in law than those of humans.

The Liberal Party Queensland Government has buckled to the insane drivel of the RSPCA by legislating fines of $220,000 and three years jail if your pig dog “inhumanely” bites a pig when being caught.

What penalty the dog receives has not yet been dreamt up. When feral pigs attack and eat calves while being born, or they uproot and munch upon thousands of bird, turtle and crocodile eggs, or they dig up hundreds of banana suckers overnight don’t let your dogs loose or turn up with your rifle.

You most likely will not kill the pig with a clean single shot and that is an offence. That is if you have a rifle.

The Liberals traditionally hate guns and have made Labor’s original and widely criticised gun laws read like the sporting pages of your local paper.

Rangers disarm because chopper shooting of mobs of marauding pigs is now illegal.

Just like Imelda Marcos’ shoes, the Liberals, in concert with their running mates Labor, have a law for every occasion placing the nanny state on steroids for every petty bureaucrat right up to the police to fine you every time you turn around.

So much for the Liberal’s red tape removal!