These bastards, as Australian Prime Ministers of the Australian Labor Party are responsible for the huge Muslim population and now voting bloc deliberately set up by these disgraceful politicians to keep Labor in power.

Hawke and Keating have their snouts in the public trough to the tune of millions a year. Both should be stripped of their entitlements and the funds used to repatriate non-assimilating Muslims back to their country of origin.

There are now sufficient Muslims in NSW and Victoria to control 15 federal seats, thus the outcome of a federal election.(Source Larry Pickering)

Unfortunately the Liberal party of Australia is sitting on its hands and is afraid to act against the militant Muslims, in fear of electoral defeat.

PM Abbott and Attorney General George Brandis have already capitulated by removing Section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act at the behest of Islam!

Beer swilling Bob Hawke

Year Pop. ±%
1981 76,792
1991 147,487 +92.1%
2001 281,600 +90.9%
2011 476,291 +69.1%

Historical Muslim Population


Paul Keating called the Senate “unrepresentative swill”