If you want to keep your guns you had better open, read and endorse this excellent Senate submission by the Firearm Owners Association of Australia and send it to the address below. Section 3 (below) from the submission clearly illustrates how the registration of individual firearms costs billions and is totally ineffective.

We strongly recommend Katters Australian Party Members make a public statement to remove the registration of individual guns. There are 600,000 recognised gun owners in Queensland and about another 100,000 unregistered gun owners. Repeal the costly registration of guns regulations. Win hundreds of thousands of voters.

Remember it is in the genes of the Liberal and Labor parties to instinctively hate firearms.

Firearm Owners Association of Australia Submission on

Send to:


Committee Secretary

Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee

PO Box 6100

Parliament House

Canberra ACT 2600

Phone: +61 2 6277 3560

Fax: +61 2 6277 5794


3.As above the Customs and Police would be the most qualified and experienced to comment on

the operation and consequences of the illicit firearms trade. Intelligent people would realise and

understand that the States have created this illicit trade by improperly legislating on the law

abiding licencing and banning honest peoples access made firearms a commodity that prior to

this legislation was not a target for criminal activity. State registration of firearms and licensed

shooters has established a illegal trade in all States of those registration lists that are sold by

Police to criminals. This enable Criminals to pick out expensive and rare firearms to steal. This

is one of the reasons that the Canadian Federal Government publicly burnt the register that it had

spent two billions dollars composing. They also were brave enough to admit that during the ten

years since its inception, like Australia, it had not solved, or prevented, or saved a life, or brought

a criminal to justice.