Dear Rob,
Here is ‘Interstellar’, a film by the YouTube
filmmaking star, Jose Escamilla.

Full recognition goes to John Lenard Walson
for discovering these entities, for developing
the means to capture them and for having the
integrity to get this important information out
to the people. NASA, you need to learn by
example and stop obfuscating & withholding
the information that rightfully belongs to

Vast, transforming machines have been
caught on camera, far out in deep-space.

Whose are they…? Ours? Theirs? Both?

See for yourselves. Why are these not being
reported on by the corporate media? Why is
NASA not publishing their findings (if any) about
these bizarre machines? We know they must be
looking at them, so what gives? Perhaps they
know MUCH more than they are even

Video (about 27 mins):

Interstellar: Mystery Space Machines Caught on Telescope


– Alexandra

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Alexandra Bruce
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