We take a look at alternative government under the Australian political system maintained by dedicated party faithful refusing to consider facts that a sound and  accountable governance does not exist in Australia.

Since 1998 Tony Abbott denied any knowledge of a slush fund to sink Pauline Hanson.-

REPORTER, ‘FOUR CORNERS’, 1998: So there was never any question of any party funds or other funds from any other source?-


Then 26 August 2003 he admitted to Kerry O’Brien on ABC 7.30 Report he did organise the slush funding. Now it’s turned to a desperate bid by the Liberal Party to fob off revelations today that one of John Howard’s most senior Ministers, Tony Abbott, had set up a $100,000 slush fund to ruin Pauline Hanson…

“Mr Abbott last night acknowledged to the ‘Sydney Morning Herald’ newspaper he’d raised almost $100,000 in an attempt to fund actions against One Nation.

It clearly suggests Mr Abbott did not tell the truth in the affair at the time, and has provoked government fears of a backlash from voters responding angrily to Pauline Hanson’s jailing”.

Other ministers of the Howard Government made these statements:

REPORTER: What’s your reaction to the news Mr Abbott helped fund the trust fund behind the demise of One Nation? — PETER COSTELLO: Excuse me.

REPORTER: Mr Downer, any comment on Mr Abbott’s involvement? – – – ALEXANDER DOWNER: I know nothing about it.

Reference found on ABC – http://www.abc.net.au/7.30/content/2003/s932651.htm.

Let us not forget the Howard government massive scandal involving Australian Wheat Board (AWB) a government entity paying kickbacks to the regime of Saddam Hussein of $300 Million. United Nations investigator Paul Volcker found that the Australian Wheat Board, and later AWB Limited, were not the only, but certainly the largest source of kickbacks to the Iraqi regime.

Maintaining historical rule of thumb when setting a Royal Commission – “make terms of reference suit the outcome” – John Howard’s government limited Commissioner Cole’s  ability to apply justice to the government.  As expected the boom was  lowered on others.

Treasurer Peter Costello stated to a suggested tax write down by AWB of $90 MILLION against the $300 MILLION paid for fictitious transport in Iraq: “If it was paying a transport company to transport wheat it would be tax deductible, of course it would be,” Mr Costello told ABC radio”.

Results.  The Cole Inquiry concluded that from mid-1999, AWB had knowingly entered into an arrangement that involved paying kickbacks to the Iraqi government, in order to retain its business. It cleared Government bureaucrats and ministers from wrongdoing, however, it recommended criminal prosecutions be begun against former AWB executives. A perfect result for government, political corruption, the seesaw of two party power, and total survival for the future in …  “The House That Makes The Rules”

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