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COVID, election rigging is WWIII hybrid war, warns veteran US Lieut-General

USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) in foreground with Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth (R 08), middle, and aircraft carrier and amphibious assault ship USS Iwo Jima (LHD 7) in the Gulf of Aden, on July 12, 2021. (Jason Tarleton/US Navy).

Tracking site shows positioning of US Fleet earlier this month. Lt-Gen (Ret.) Tom McInerney (inset).

Screen shot of internet connections on US election night as caught on a tracking program.

THE COVID-19 virus release from Wuhan and the hacking of the US 2020 election from China are part of an ongoing World War III of hybrid warfare, according to high-level retired US military figures General Michael Flynn and USAF Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney.

But according to popular online intel source “Juan O’Sauvin”, also speaking on a Nick Fleming Special RVGCR Intel Update, the US military is on battle alert with aircraft carrier fleets out on the Pacific, Atlantic, the Arabian Gulf, Indian Ocean and South China Sea.

In his online chat Gen. McInerney said he only came to the WWIII conclusion on November 1 last year, when he received word that the Democrats were going to employ a top secret SAP (special access program) in the November 3rd election.

“What has happened to us, and it’s going to be a little harsh for some, but we are in the midst of World War 3 but we do not know it. It’s took me a little while to figure this out because I didn’t become involved in this until the first of November when I heard that the Democrats were going to use a top secret SAP – special access program- in the election, in cyberwarfare.”

Gen. McInerney says he is experienced in cyberwarfare matters and runs an “edge cloud” company that can download massive amounts of battlefield data into a “cloud space” vastly smaller in size to normal big tech cloud spaces. He drew the comparison as the difference in size between a Humvee vehicle to the Pentagon building.

“So I’m intimately familiar with cyber warfare and that’s why on the first of November, two days before the election, I found out they’d taken over this program called Hammer and Scorecard. Hammer is like your iPhone, scorecard is app that puts it on it and changes the number so that the person you want to win, wins.”

McInerney says President Trump actually won 79 million votes to Biden’s 68 million, and the programs were given to the Chinese to use on the election. Cairns News has previously posted internet logs showing IP addresses in China and other nations making contact with election sites on November 3-4. These are believed to be from the same intelligence sources who advised McInerney.

“There are notionally 10 different ways you can have a fraudulent election,” the general said, noting General Flynn’s comments on the importance of an audit. “So you can have dead people vote. You can have illegals vote, you can have people vote two, three, four times. You can have mail-in ballots ,,, but cyber warfare picks them all up and does the endgame.”

Gen. McInerney reiterated Gen. Flynn’s warning that if the 2020 election was not audited, it would be the last free election in the US. He went on to detail a call he had at 11.30pm on January 5th, on the night of the Georgia run-off election for two US Senate seats which detailed Pakistani intelligence, the ISI, accessing and manipulating the Fulton County election servers in Georgia.

The general said he was called and asked if the election could be stopped. “But at 11.30 the two Republican delegates were ahead – Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue. By 12.30 they were behind and stayed behind. “In other words cyber warfare changed that election on 5th of January 2021 – less than six months ago. And that is what we are facing in the future,” he said.

“That’s when I started to realize that COVID-19 … was not an accident. It was a deliberate biological by the Chinese Communist Party on the world.” Gen McInerney said he could go into more detail but “that’s exactly what it was”. That was followed by the massive cyber warfare attack on the US election system 10 months later.

The general said at 06.31am on November 4th, some 149,000 votes appeared for Biden and in Michigan another 149.000 appeared at 3.20am, 90% of them for Biden. “So you see developing … hybrid warfare. This was coming from China, from Russia, North Korea, Pakistan and a couple of other countries, coming in(to) our election system.”

McInerney said Vice President Pence could have sent the election results back to the six battleground states (Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Michigan) on January 6th, when the vote count was received at the Congress. “It was those six battleground states, in primarily one precinct, is where they focused and did the cyber warfare.”

He said there was a constitutional process whereby the states could go back to the Congress and inform them that the vote count was wrong. “We know the exact machines that were used coming out of China, out of Pakistan. We have the exact information. It was put in by Mike Lindell in Absolute Proof, in Absolute Interference. If it goes to the Supreme Court it’s going to be 9 to nothing in the vote because it’s absolute proof positive.”

Former FBI and National Security Intelligence officer warns WWIII is 18 days away

SuperStation95   95.1-FM    

New York, NY  USA

Russia has publicly warned Saudi Arabia, the US, and other countries, they risk “a new world war” if they act on plans to send troops into Syria. WW3: 18 days away.

A member of Russian State Duma (Parliament) publicly stated that “If any foreign troops enter Syria without permission from the Syrian government, Russia will consider that a declaration of war.”

 Russia issues warning to its citizens in Turkey: Leave right away

russian I am not certain if you are familiar with me, I am Hal Turner, a talk-radio host on WBCQ International Shortwave (7.490 MHz) and 95.1 FM in New York City, “SuperStation95.”  I do not own this web site nor do I author any of the news or articles which appear here.  This is my very first contribution to this web site’s content and I am taking this unusual step because something terrible is taking place: All of us are now in grave danger and it is imperative that you be told before it is too late.

 National Security Intelligence Asset; FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force

First, some quick background on me: As some of you may already know, from 1993 through 2008, I worked for the FBI.   From 2003 through 2008, I was a National Security Intelligence Asset with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF).  I left the FBI in 2008 and a year later, was horribly betrayed by the Obama Administration who had me arrested for saying in public (in 2009), the exact same words the government paid me to say several years earlier in 2005!   I am the only living American media personality ever imprisoned by the federal government for writing an Editorial they didn’t like!

After putting me on trial THREE times, driving me into Bankruptcy and replacing my lawyers with a public defender, they won at trial #3 and imprisoned me for 33 months in federal prison.  I was released in 2012, was barred by court order from being on the radio for three years, and was then able to resume my radio show on October 7, 2015.

When I was put on trial in Brooklyn Federal Court, the third highest ranking official from the FBI in New York City, Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) Amy Pickett, testified in  court that my role was “National Security Intelligence, Terrorism and Foreign Counter-Intelligence.”  

I tell you all of this to make it very clear that my background in National Security Intelligence and Foreign Counter-Intelligence is such that  when I tell you what I am about to tell you, please know it is 100% accurate fact.

We are 18 days away from World War 3

I am not certain if you had a chance to tune-in to my radio show last night.  I spent the better part of an hour talking about the fast-developing situation in the Middle East regarding Syria.  The short-and-sweet of it is that we are now in very grave danger.  When I say “we” I mean me, you, our families, friends . . .country . . . . all of us.  This is not an exaggeration.



President Barack Obama a “ Shia muslim”

obama-001I have been in regular contact with my former colleagues from the FBI and other government agencies and they concur with my analysis! We are very rapidly approaching a conflict the likes of which the world has not seen since the 1940’s and this one is highly likely to go nuclear very early.  Tactical (Battlefield) nukes absolutely, positively, WILL be used.  There is no avoiding it.  I will explain why, below.

You can hear my hour-long analysis via Youtube beginning at 49:04 into the show at:  https://youtube/ajlKbxVYzJU?t=49m4s

Here are the terrifying facts you need to know…

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