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Precious NRL on shaky legal ground over forced flu vaccination

National Rugby League has prevented Gold Coast forward Bryce Cartwright, from training and playing because he won’t take the dangerous flu vaccine.

The standover thugs in the NRL administration say it is OK for some of its players to expose young children to grotesque tattoos, violent, tardy on-field behaviour and obscene after- hours incidents but if “you don’t get vaccinated you won’t play.”

The rugby league kingdom has ensnared thousands of young kids who think footballers are their heroes supplanting a solid anchor of Christian beliefs.

Football players take home more in one year than most of their fans earn in ten years.

Some of these precious players think they are above the law. Certainly they think they have replaced God.

What about Israel Folau and the treatment Rugby Australia dished out to him over his Christianity? He copped a reported whacking, well deserved $8 million from the jackbooted Rugby Australia heavies in compensation.

But the prima donnas of the NRL say it is OK for players to get on the grog all night, causing melees all over the place and upsetting the public, provided of course players don’t get charged with drink driving or any other offence.

The NRL has its head buried too far up its arse to know that many senior members of the medical fraternity across the world have warned against the efficacy and safety of the common flu vaccine.  Flu vaccine recipients have either died or become very sick, just as they can do from any vaccine.

The NRL is on shaky legal ground trying to medicate players who refuse forced, mass medication. Players have a solid lawful remedy available.

Raiders forwards Sia Soliola, Joe Tapine and Josh Papalii were told to stay away from training yesterday after they refused to sign an unmodified version of the vaccination waiver.

Bryce Cartwright lawfully refuses forced vaccination

Instead they crossed out the line “that they are at greater risk of getting the flu if they are not vaccinated”.

“I won’t be bullied into making decisions that could impact my health and the health of my family,” Cartwright posted on social media.

“Giving us the ultimatum of get the shot or be stood down is coercion and leaking private medical information is illegal.

“As for me being the first and apparently only one declining the shot is bullshit and far from the truth.”

Predictably PM Scott Morrison who wants to forcibly vaccinate the entire population with Bill Gates’ toxic Covid brew, has weighed into the vaccine  argument saying all players should be vaccinated.

An NRL spokesperson said players who refused to receive the shot would be dealt with on a case-by-case basis in consultation with club and NRL medical staff. – contributed

Friday May 8:  The NRL has relented on the vaccine ban and has allowed vaccine objectors to practice and play.