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Big bank buffoons & other corporate clowns persist in carbon codswallop

Commonwealth Bank’s whizzbang new banking app doubles as a carbon footprint reader.


HOW long must we the people endure the woke idiocy of big business?

Commonwealth Bank is now tracking the “carbon footprint” if its customers, that is tracking and analyzing their spending habits on their banking app and assigning carbon value to each purchase through some whizzbang “sustainability technology” supplied by some outfit called Cogo.

This is in spite of Australia’s peak scientific body the CSIRO withdrawing scientific papers it provided as evidence of unprecedented temperature changes caused by human activity. There’s absolutely no reason for anyone to worry about one’s “carbon footprint”.

So, asks Aussie YouTuber Heise, could this end up with banks cancelling your credit card because your carbon footprint exceeds the monthly average? Given that CommBank and Bank West, without due process, cancelled the accounts of political dissident Tristian Vanrye of The People’s Revolution, it’s not so far fetched.

And then we have another woke banker called TD Securities, who might as well call their “Responsible Business” department the Department of Silly Walks. As one might guess, such a department is all about being green and inclusive. So green and carbon conscious are they that they are actually helping finance big machines that literally suck CO2 out of the air and store it underground. It’s called Negative Emissions Technology or NET.

The prize buffoons at TD Securities think this is a really smart idea, despite the fact, as discovered by Australian senator Malcolm Roberts, there is no empirical evidence that CO2 contributes to global warming and/or climate change.

The worrying thing is that this global Canadian-based investment bank advises capital markets, corporations and even governments, so really stupid ideas like carbon sucking machines are presented as having some sort of corporate respectability.

Senator Roberts, through official, government-level inquiries with Australia’s government scientific body, the CSIRO, has shown conclusively that all of this carbon paranoia is a scam of immense proportions.

“Those who understand the science understand that it is fundamental: humans cannot and do not affect the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere; it’s controlled by nature entirely,” Senator Roberts writes on his website.

“I’ve cross-examined the CSIRO three times now in the last few years. Under my cross-examination, which is the first of its kind in this country and the only one of its kind in the world, the CSIRO admitted that they have never stated that carbon dioxide from human activity is dangerous—never stated it.

“This is all rubbish that’s being talked about. Secondly, they admitted that today’s temperatures are not unprecedented. Thirdly, they never quantified, in three meetings, any specific impact of carbon dioxide from human activity. Never! That is the fundamental basis for policy.

“What’s more, they showed their sloppiness because they withdrew discredited papers which they initially cited to me at their choice as evidence of the unprecedented rate of temperature change and then failed to provide the empirical scientific evidence. They withdrew the two papers they put to me on temperatures, the two papers they put to me on carbon dioxide.”

Strangely, this crucial information seems to have escaped the corporate kingpins at CBA like the bank chairwoman Catherine Livingstone AO or TD Securties’ Susan Thompson, the director of “Sustainable Finance & Corporate Transitions”, which is corporate-speak for “we give money to woke causes”.

The fact of the matter is that corporate cowards across the board are beholden to “policy directives” that emanate from the likes of Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum and affiliated globalist institutions like the Bill and Melinda Gates and Rockefeller foundations and globalist conflabs like Cop26.

But the directives are all very polite and proper and filter down through other big corporate clowns like KPMG, who just happen to be a “strategic partner” with the WEF. KPMG are pushing the carbon codswallop through the so-called Environment, Sustainability & Governance (ESG) framework. In the globalist world, there’s no such thing as an non-ESG company unless you’re Russian, Indian, Iranian or some other outcast nation.

The bright young things at KPMG would have us think they’ve got it all together, when in fact they’re just mouthing off lies and platitudes to keep Klaus and company happy. “Stakeholders, including policymakers, regulators, investors, shareholders, consumers and communities have embraced a greater ESG responsibility. They’re demanding more action from Australian financial institutions, not less.”

Oh really? We wonder exactly which investors, shareholders, consumers and communities are “demanding more action” from Australian financial institutions. Is that statement based on a survey of their own staff, their clients, or just a few random phone calls to friends and family?

The truth is revealed in their own statement, a couple of paragraphs on, that ESG and “climate action” is driven from above by governments and a task force drawing up regulations to further restrict freedom to do business and impose totalitarian control on the population in the name of “carbon mitigation”.

“Globally, governments and financial regulators are driving momentum across financial services to improve identification, management and disclosure of climate change risk. Regulators are moving to mandate findings from the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). Regulations are already in place in the EU, planned for New Zealand in 2023 and Hong Kong no later than 2025. We can expect Australia to follow suit in the near future.”

Oh, we the people are so happy KPMG people, that our carbon-friendly future has been mapped out for us by experts without even having to go through those painstakingly slow channels like parliaments and courts. Sarcasm aside, you can be assured that your corporate crapola no longer washes with increasing numbers of people who make up the global freedom movement.

Cairns News suggests the Dutch farmers and Canadian truckies are examples you should be heeding. Keep pushing your globalist baloney and you can be assured we will push back.

Age pensioners will be placed on the Indue cashless welfare card

Your grandma is next! Fight Morrison’s creeping cashless economy agenda

From the Australian Citizens Party

The Senate will soon vote on the Morrison government’s bill to extend the trials of the Indue cashless welfare card. These trials are part of the government’s and banks’ creeping cashless agenda, to force Australians into electronic payments and effectively trap them in banks. The government’s bill to ban cash transactions over $10,000 is part of the same agenda. While Australians angrily reacted in huge numbers to the $10,000 cash ban, which sparked an insurrection against the bill in the government’s own ranks, too many have failed to recognise the cashless welfare card is a foot in the door for the same agenda. If you oppose the push to a cashless economy, call cross-bench Senators Jacqui Lambie, Stirling Griff and Rex Patrick before Wednesday to demand they oppose the bill.

Totally compromised banker’s man and Prime Minister Scott Morrison is being controlled by the Deep State and is pushing Australia, as the NWO guinea pig, into a cashless society

Don’t fall for the justification that the Indue cashless welfare card ensures welfare recipients in highly disadvantaged communities spend their money responsibly and not on alcohol and cigarettes. The card is a totalitarian technological short-cut that is a substitute for addressing the real causes of welfare dependency and drug and alcohol abuse in disadvantaged communities. It is also a trial of a program that is intended to be rolled out Australia-wide, which will include recipients of the aged pension. The government falsely and insultingly calls the pension welfare when in fact it is a payment for which pensioners have contributed all their lives. The trials currently include recipients of disability and carers payments.

On 11 September 2019, the Citizens Party exposed how the Indue cashless welfare card is part of the broader push for a cashless economy:

The Morrison government’s cashless welfare card, and draft $10,000 cash ban bill, are part of the program to force Australians into a cashless economy system that will enable the private banking cartel and government to monitor and measure their words-the financial activities of every Australian.

In 2012 the RBA [Reserve Bank of Australia]-the high priests of the financial system who conjured Australia into a debt and real-estate bubble, and now use monetary policy solely to pump more debt into the bubble to prop up the banks-conducted a review of the payments system, using its legislated powers, unique among central banks, to promote efficiency and competition in the payments system. That review led to the establishment of the Australian Payments Council (APC), which was founded by the Australian Payments Clearing Association (APCA, now Australian Payments Network) to promote a strategic agenda for the Australian payments system through industry collaboration. The APC set out to create the platform for real time electronic payments clearing (including peer-to-peer consumers instantly paying each other through their phones), which is the infrastructure for a cashless economy. This idea became the New Payments Platform (NPP), and to coordinate the project and industry efforts to bring it to life, APCA engaged global accounting giant KPMG.

The NPP is now up and running, although in a fledgling state. It is jointly owned by 13 of the biggest financial institutions in Australia. Extraordinarily, the RBA itself is one of the owners-a massive conflict of interests for Australia’s central bank to effectively be in a business partnership with the private institutions it is supposed to regulate. Another curious name on the owners’ register is Indue, the private corporation that holds the contract to manage the government’s cashless welfare debit card, for which Indue is paid $10,000 per card to administer, and which the government wants to roll out Australia-wide.

While KPMG was coordinating the NPP, its former boss, Michael Andrew (now deceased)-the only Australian to ever become the worldwide boss of one of the Big Four global accounting firms-was chairing the government’s Black Economy Taskforce. In the Taskforce’s 2017 report, Andrew recommended the $10,000 cash ban to move people and businesses out of cash and into the banking system, which makes economic activity more visible, auditable and efficient.  In other words, to force Australians on to the NPP!

With the Indue card the government is picking off welfare recipients to be the first forced into their cashless regime, but your grandma is next. Meanwhile the banks are succeeding in using the pandemic disruption to advance their plans to reduce cash use and make people more reliant on electronic payment systems.

Here’s the good news: although it’s officially still in the Parliament as a bill, the government’s $10,000 cash ban has stalled. The government has gone very quiet on the issue, and that is entirely due to the huge public backlash they received after unveiling the bill last year. The Australian people fought them back, but must continue to do so every time the government tries to push the cashless agenda. This cashless welfare card bill is one of those times, so the Citizens Party is calling on concerned Australians to contact the three cross-bench Senators before Wednesday to insist they oppose this bill.

Senator Jacqui LambiePh: (03) 6431 3112Email: Senator Rex PatrickPh: (08) 8232 1144Email: Senator Stirling GriffPh: (08) 8212 1409Email:

LNP set to ban cash to allow forfeiture of bank accounts when economy crashes

from CEC, Melbourne

The fight against “bail-in” is on! The Morrison government has released for consultation a new law that bans cash transactions over $10,000. The pretext for this law is to crack down on money laundering and tax evasion in the “black economy”. This is a shameless lie! The formal recommendation to ban cash comes from “big four” global accounting firm KPMG, which is an accomplice of the world’s biggest money launderers and tax evaders. The real purpose for the cash ban is to trap Australians in the banking system, so they cannot escape negative interest rates or having their bank deposits “bailed in”.

Scott Morrison first announced this measure in the 2018 budget, originally to come into force this month, but now scheduled for January 2020. It was recommended in the October 2017 Black Economy Taskforce Report by Michael Andrew AO (who died last month), a former chief of global accounting giant KPMG. The report revealed that the strategy is to: “Move people and businesses out of cash and into the banking system, which makes economic activity more visible, auditable and efficient.” (Emphasis added.) It gives the game away by noting that it may benefit “financial stability and the effectiveness of monetary policy”—code for policies like bail-in and negative interest rates. To achieve this it recommended: “Moving to a near cash free economy. A $10,000 economy-wide cash limit should be introduced.” But $10,000 is just the beginning: in June 2018, just after Morrison announced it, KPMG was already lobbying Treasury to lower the limit to $5,000 or even $2,000.

Deception and stealth

When Morrison released the exposure draft of his bail-in law in 2017, he did so on a Friday afternoon when there would be no media attention. Only a sharp-eyed CEC staffer spotted it and recognised it as bail-in, enabling the CEC to mobilise a massive nationwide campaign against it which continues to this day. The government is being equally sneaky with this law. Treasurer Josh Frydenberg quietly released the exposure draft of the legislation, called the Currency (Restrictions on the Use of Cash) Bill 2019, last Friday afternoon, 26 July, and has allowed only two weeks for public comment.

The exposure draft of the bill has two notable features:

  1. It bans ALL cash transactions over $10,000, enforced with a penalty of two years jail;
  2. Division 2 is blank, containing only the words “To be inserted”.

What is the government hiding by releasing an incomplete draft, on a Friday afternoon, and allowing only two weeks for public consultation?

The deception doesn’t end there. In its explanation of the law, the government has sought to make it palatable by emphasising that there will be exemptions to the cash ban, including depositing and withdrawing cash in banks, and, curiously, most consumer-to-consumer transactions, such as for a second-hand car. However, the exemptions are not in the legislation. They are in a separate regulatory instrument to be issued by the Minister after the legislation is passed. This means that they are not permanent, but that in the future, the Minister will be able to scrap the exemptions without requiring new legislation. This is the “salami tactic”: first pass the law in a form that is politically palatable, and then slice off key changes. In a bail-in scenario, for instance, under the current regulation people fearing bail-in may withdraw all of their money from the bank, but the Minister will be able to issue a new regulation that suddenly stops people from withdrawing more than $10,000.

Not about money laundering

This law is emphatically not about controlling money laundering and the black economy. The vast majority of money laundering and tax evasion is done by banks and corporations, not individuals. And who helps banks and corporations do it? The big four global accounting firms, including KPMG, whose boss Michael Andrew recommended this cash ban! The big four literally write the tax laws that enable corporations to evade tax, and dominate the offshore tax havens like the Cayman Islands that exist for tax evasion and money laundering. When Michael Andrew was the global boss of KPMG—the only Australian ever to lead the worldwide operations of a big four firm—two of KPMG’s biggest clients, British banks HSBC and Standard Chartered, were caught in 2012 by US authorities in massive money laundering operations. In other words, KPMG assisted its clients to launder money, but is using money laundering as the excuse to take away the rights of Australians to use cash!

The real reason: bail-in and negative interest rates

Money laundering and tax evasion are nothing new, that they would suddenly require this “solution”. What is new is the plunge in the public’s confidence in the banks, especially since the global financial crisis. But instead of properly reforming the banks to restore the public’s confidence, through policies such as Glass-Steagall, which separates normal banking from the financial gambling that causes crises, authorities around the world have resorted to insane and in fact criminal measures that further destroy confidence in the banks.

The two most egregious measures are the criminal bail-in policy and the insane move to negative interest rates; bail-in steals deposits to prop up failing banks, while negative interest rates force customers to pay to keep their money in the bank. Both are coming to Australia. Morrison snuck his bail-in law through the Senate in February 2018 with only eight senators present in the chamber and no recorded vote. The Reserve Bank of Australia has aggressively slashed interest rates to 1 per cent, and in the banking crisis that is brewing right now they will feel compelled to follow countries like Japan and Switzerland down past zero and into negative territory, as the International Monetary Fund is recommending.

Both bail-in and negative interest rates destroy confidence in the security of bank deposits, which motivates people to take their money out of the bank and hold it in cash. This is the experience in Japan and Europe. So like some European countries, Australia is banning cash to force people to use the banking system so they cannot escape these policies, under threat of two years jail.

Fascism is the use of state power to benefit private corporations; by definition, this is a fascist assault on the freedom of Australians to use cash and not private banks. The CEC is calling on all concerned Australians to demand the government scrap this law and reform the banking system instead!

What you can do

The government has allowed only two weeks for submissions, in order to avoid scrutiny. Don’t let them get away with it! We have until 12 August to swamp Treasury with letters and emails, demanding they drop this law. Write an email or letter today to the Treasury: state your objection to any law that removes your right to use cash, and demand the government restore confidence in the banking system by properly reforming the system, not by trapping people in the system so they can’t escape policies like bail-in.

Email: with the subject line:
Submission: Exposure Draft—Currency (Restrictions on the Use of Cash) Bill 2019

Address written submissions to:
Black Economy Division
Langton Cres
Parkes ACT 2600

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