Big bank buffoons & other corporate clowns persist in carbon codswallop

Commonwealth Bank’s whizzbang new banking app doubles as a carbon footprint reader.


HOW long must we the people endure the woke idiocy of big business?

Commonwealth Bank is now tracking the “carbon footprint” if its customers, that is tracking and analyzing their spending habits on their banking app and assigning carbon value to each purchase through some whizzbang “sustainability technology” supplied by some outfit called Cogo.

This is in spite of Australia’s peak scientific body the CSIRO withdrawing scientific papers it provided as evidence of unprecedented temperature changes caused by human activity. There’s absolutely no reason for anyone to worry about one’s “carbon footprint”.

So, asks Aussie YouTuber Heise, could this end up with banks cancelling your credit card because your carbon footprint exceeds the monthly average? Given that CommBank and Bank West, without due process, cancelled the accounts of political dissident Tristian Vanrye of The People’s Revolution, it’s not so far fetched.

And then we have another woke banker called TD Securities, who might as well call their “Responsible Business” department the Department of Silly Walks. As one might guess, such a department is all about being green and inclusive. So green and carbon conscious are they that they are actually helping finance big machines that literally suck CO2 out of the air and store it underground. It’s called Negative Emissions Technology or NET.

The prize buffoons at TD Securities think this is a really smart idea, despite the fact, as discovered by Australian senator Malcolm Roberts, there is no empirical evidence that CO2 contributes to global warming and/or climate change.

The worrying thing is that this global Canadian-based investment bank advises capital markets, corporations and even governments, so really stupid ideas like carbon sucking machines are presented as having some sort of corporate respectability.

Senator Roberts, through official, government-level inquiries with Australia’s government scientific body, the CSIRO, has shown conclusively that all of this carbon paranoia is a scam of immense proportions.

“Those who understand the science understand that it is fundamental: humans cannot and do not affect the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere; it’s controlled by nature entirely,” Senator Roberts writes on his website.

“I’ve cross-examined the CSIRO three times now in the last few years. Under my cross-examination, which is the first of its kind in this country and the only one of its kind in the world, the CSIRO admitted that they have never stated that carbon dioxide from human activity is dangerous—never stated it.

“This is all rubbish that’s being talked about. Secondly, they admitted that today’s temperatures are not unprecedented. Thirdly, they never quantified, in three meetings, any specific impact of carbon dioxide from human activity. Never! That is the fundamental basis for policy.

“What’s more, they showed their sloppiness because they withdrew discredited papers which they initially cited to me at their choice as evidence of the unprecedented rate of temperature change and then failed to provide the empirical scientific evidence. They withdrew the two papers they put to me on temperatures, the two papers they put to me on carbon dioxide.”

Strangely, this crucial information seems to have escaped the corporate kingpins at CBA like the bank chairwoman Catherine Livingstone AO or TD Securties’ Susan Thompson, the director of “Sustainable Finance & Corporate Transitions”, which is corporate-speak for “we give money to woke causes”.

The fact of the matter is that corporate cowards across the board are beholden to “policy directives” that emanate from the likes of Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum and affiliated globalist institutions like the Bill and Melinda Gates and Rockefeller foundations and globalist conflabs like Cop26.

But the directives are all very polite and proper and filter down through other big corporate clowns like KPMG, who just happen to be a “strategic partner” with the WEF. KPMG are pushing the carbon codswallop through the so-called Environment, Sustainability & Governance (ESG) framework. In the globalist world, there’s no such thing as an non-ESG company unless you’re Russian, Indian, Iranian or some other outcast nation.

The bright young things at KPMG would have us think they’ve got it all together, when in fact they’re just mouthing off lies and platitudes to keep Klaus and company happy. “Stakeholders, including policymakers, regulators, investors, shareholders, consumers and communities have embraced a greater ESG responsibility. They’re demanding more action from Australian financial institutions, not less.”

Oh really? We wonder exactly which investors, shareholders, consumers and communities are “demanding more action” from Australian financial institutions. Is that statement based on a survey of their own staff, their clients, or just a few random phone calls to friends and family?

The truth is revealed in their own statement, a couple of paragraphs on, that ESG and “climate action” is driven from above by governments and a task force drawing up regulations to further restrict freedom to do business and impose totalitarian control on the population in the name of “carbon mitigation”.

“Globally, governments and financial regulators are driving momentum across financial services to improve identification, management and disclosure of climate change risk. Regulators are moving to mandate findings from the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). Regulations are already in place in the EU, planned for New Zealand in 2023 and Hong Kong no later than 2025. We can expect Australia to follow suit in the near future.”

Oh, we the people are so happy KPMG people, that our carbon-friendly future has been mapped out for us by experts without even having to go through those painstakingly slow channels like parliaments and courts. Sarcasm aside, you can be assured that your corporate crapola no longer washes with increasing numbers of people who make up the global freedom movement.

Cairns News suggests the Dutch farmers and Canadian truckies are examples you should be heeding. Keep pushing your globalist baloney and you can be assured we will push back.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Thanks H,

    Here’s an extract from the excellent article for those who are fast asleep and might miss it. It’s worth noting!

    “The fact that the BIS is so heavily involved in national digital currency programs suggests that the ultimate goal of CBDCs will be an eventual global digital currency – A one world currency mechanism that all other digital currencies are eventually absorbed into. This collaboration extends to the IMF and World Bank as well.

    With so many physical currencies in use around the world and at least 30% of each western nation preferring cash, there is little chance that central banks will be able to force the issue of CBDCs unless there is an economic downturn or crash that inspires a public outcry for alternatives to existing currencies. Meaning, banking elites will need a crisis that damages the very buying power of multiple currency systems in order to get people accept an aggressive shift to a cashless society before 2030.

    The pitfalls of such a framework are many and the potential for abuse goes far beyond the idea of fiat printing. CBDCs would give banks and governments ultimate power of influence over the populace, inspiring fear in individuals as they consider the threat that their access to the economy could be severed at any moment should they say or do anything in defiance of the authorities.

    Banks and politicians will try to sell CBDCs as the pinnacle of convenience and a necessary transition in order to stabilize the economy. What they will not mention is the pervasive level of control they will gain in the process.”


  2. Australia’s Central Bank has just confirmed, that it will soon launch its digital currency.


  3. You must have read my mind, because re Churchill being in Ha, Ha, close contact with the Boers, well it is a pity that my grandfather cannot be here with me because he will make mince meat of all the Churchill lovers. And his words would not pass the moderator.
    Just 1 small comment here, “My grandfather’s mother had 2 sisters hungered out by the British (The English) empire first concentration camps together with more than 28000 women and children.” Of course, your last comment explains ALL for the conscious reader!
    Anyway thanks, for the time taken to write your comments.


  4. Hi ron, Yes I acknowledge and somewhat understand your “skepticism” or reticence after all the tsunami of bs which has been thrust upon us. I by no means posess all-omnipotent powers, although I do have precognitive abilities – for good or ill! Since DJT’s stolen election (and subsequently the last time I switched on my widescreen TV), I have made a point of becoming even more ‘educated’ in the initially perceived convoluted machinations of US politics. In actual fact, they’re really pretty comprehensive and very logical – though far more advanced than our own ‘system’…which is downright archaic and laughably primitive in comparison.
    As with our own CN here, there are a number of independent TRUTHFUL news sites/sources I follow. Jim Hoft and the Gateway Pundit has been my main go-to for quite a few years and especially in relation to all things US and everything the ‘White Hats’ are doing behind the scenes. Off-Guardian and Conservative Treehouse are also highly informative – not forgetting Waikanae Watch across the ditch! As with everything, discernment is key right? and as you know it doesn’t pay to get too over absorbed, hope filled or obsessed with anything. But a major tipping point is near, from all the myriad of interconnected world events – and so as you say, I too reckon “November will not get here quick enough.”


  5. D Johnstone – “for all those who ridiculously and ignorantly keep dismissing the existence of “white hats”

    I very much want to believe in and follow the white hats. It is about time that they uncloaked, so as we can see them and confirm what they have done and will do.

    I am a bit of a skeptic, I need to have the confirmation that I have been looking for.

    November will not get here quick enough.

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  6. Hi aapkoning,

    Yes, I know about Queen Wilhelmina sending the Dutch warship ‘De Gelderland’ to get Paul Kruger out of Suid-Africa in October 1900. Kruger wanted Queen Wilhelmina to support the Boers in their War against the British Army.

    She, of course, realized that Holland was no match against the British Army and Navy, Rothschild’s private Armed Forces stealing the gold and diamonds for him in Suid-Africa.

    Churchill was sent to report on the Boer War by the Morning Post and arrived in Cape Town on 30 October 1899. He was captured two weeks later by the Boers, when the armoured train on which he travelled in Boer-occupied territory was ambushed and derailed.

    Churchill was on the brink of bankruptcy in the 1930s, in debt to the tune of as much as $3.75 million in today’s money.
    That’s why Rothschild bought Churchill in the 1930’s to instigate the War against Germany.

    Winston CHURCHILL was a “SECRET JEW.” This, was admitted in the Jerusalem Post, Jan.18, 1993, where editorial columnist Moshe Kohn wrote:

    “Cunning, no doubt, came to Churchill in the Jewish genes transmitted by his mother Lady Randolph Churchill, née Jenny Jacobson/Jerome.” Moshe Kohn, Jerusalem Post, Jan.18, 1993.

    This explains his approach to Hitler and Germany when he said among other things:

    “We will force Hitler into war, whether he wants it or not.”

    “You must understand that this war is not against Hitler or National Socialism, but against the strength of the German people, which is to be smashed once and for all, regardless of whether it is in the hands of Hitler or a Jesuit priest.”

    Klaus SCHWAB is also a SECRET JEW doing far more damage now to the world than Churchill ever did.


  7. Just as a departure and stepping away from the “small hats” rhetoric… for all those who ridiculously and ignorantly keep dismissing the existence of “white hats” – just try following what has been occuring (and ongoing) with the US Primary voting. DJT and the TRUE Republicans are totally wiping the floor with the RINO’s (led by Pence) and the Demo(c)rats. Eg…Kari Lake won EVERY single county in Arizona. Unheard of. And despite all déjavu repeated efforts of voting fraud/tampering. The Republicans have not only now seized the House but to all intents and purposes also the Senate. No wonder “Crazy Nancy” had to desperately resort to (as one candid blogger put it) “p*ssing in China’s teapot.” Roll on the Mid-terms in November! Can’t wait to see DJT’s impending, triumphant fly-overs in his recently spruced up 757! Apologies for my over-exuberance.


  8. Hi aapkoning, re: “Dutch Queen Wilhelmina was at that time not in control any more thanks to the Tavistock Amphetamine drug experiments that started at the time just after the meeting with Roosevelt and Churchill before WWII.” PRECISELY! A hole in one for you aapkoning!
    Actually, even just hearing the word “Churchill” sends me right off my axis…the evil Napoleon complex POS.
    And the bombing of Dresden that he deliberately orchestrated for his own nefarious warmongering ends – murdering all of those innocent people – enough said. Yet some people think Schwab and his entourage/minions are the worst faces of evil to have ever walked amongst us. There’s a long, long list. “Nothing new under the sun.”


  9. Han, Just like to add: Your starting Quote: “The Dutch Hunger Winter would never have happened if the Dutch Government in London did not order a major railway strike in September 1944 in support of Operation Market Garden, Battle of Arnhem. It was totally unnecessary and would cost the lives of more than 20,000 Dutch.”
    The Dutch Government in London at that time, Yes who controlled the Dutch government”” at that time? Not the Dutch, or the Dutch Queen!
    You explained this one well, however, the Dutch Queen Wilhelmina was at that time not in control any more thanks to the Tavistock Amphetamine drug experiments that started at the time just after the meeting with Roosevelt and Churchill before WWII.
    Since that meeting, she has never been the same! In plain terms, she changed into a Druggy…
    The Dutch Queen never was pro-England going all way back (If I remember right 1898) to ordering the Cruiser “The Gelderland” to get Paul Kruger out of Suid Afrika. This was well before WWII. But I think you must know all this. Thanks for your comments.

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  10. Thanks for your Comments, and I hope readers WILL realise, that, The Men Wearing Small Hats. While they profit from wars, Goyim will suffer. “Sorry I’m a bit slow today Han, you mean Men wearing Small Hats, you mean Jews?”


  11. Hi aapkoning,

    The Dutch Hunger Winter would never have happened if the Dutch Government in London did not order a major railway strike in September 1944 in support of Operation Market Garden, Battle of Arnhem. It was totally unnecessary and would cost the lives of more than 20,000 Dutch.

    More than 30,000 men heeded the call for a railway strike broadcasted via Dutch Radio Oranje in London.

    As ‘Aryans’, the Dutch were relatively well treated by their German occupiers until late 1944, when occupying forces in the heavily urbanised western Netherlands responded to the railway strike and associated partisan activity with an embargo on the transport of food supplies. This quickly converted a situation of adequate food supplies to one of severe privation and famine. Estimates of excess mortality during the Hongerwinter range from 15,000 to 25,000

    Let’s not forget that German citizens also died of hunger and typhus during the harsh winter of 1944-1945.
    Let’s not forget the totally unnecessary bombings of Dresden on 13, 14 and 15th of February 1945.
    The British were bombing at night and the Americans by day. There were no military targets while Dresden was jampacked with refugees. It was an act of “terror bombing”.

    Above all, let’s not forget who instigated and won World War 2.
    Yes, the Men Wearing Small Hats. While they profit from wars, Goyim will suffer.

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  12. Well aapkoning, drawing from my own past ‘experieces’ with psychopaths (who I seem to have an inate talent for attracting) – ridicule is their absolute kryptonite…they hate nothing more than being laughed at. They have no concept of humour anyway, since they only mimic emotion. Narcissism being one of their traits – totally ignoring or ‘shrouding’ them is also quite effective. Great entertainment.

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  13. Public name and shame by an independent Public Interest advocate could work the trick. As it is, none of the treacherous fkrs can be relied not to scratch each others’ backs.

    Establish a PUBLIC INTEREST BODY, Somebody who is MANDATED TO and MUST OFFICIALLY give the public BOTH sides of any public interest story and make sure the public is properly informed of major public issues.

    Take the Voice project currently being pushed. You could hit the Public Interest site and get all the pros and cons more objectively than from interested parties.

    Take a few million from the bloated ABC propaganda budget and put it to a proper use, I say!!!


  14. By the way, yes you right about Spain, My sister who has her residence in Spain since early nineties, explained to me at that time. Resulting my sister and your truly being told “Idiots.”

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  15. daviddd2, Like your last paragraph, but in practice, How do you keep “Psychopaths*” honest? Most countries (about 194) controlled by the Rothschilds family have Psychopaths* in political office, so how do you talk / explain things to them*? In my opinion it is like to talking to someone who is severely on ICE or whatever damn drug.

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  16. Speaking of bulleyes and bullshit, have a look at the following revelation!

    Spain Admits Spraying Deadly Chemtrails as Part of Secret UN Program: One Month after March 2020 Covid-19 Lockdown

    A SECRET UN program? Can’t wait for the WHO to take charge of our Health Care system as per our Australian Government’s treason, treachery.and surrender of sovereignty.

    Now at least we can make some sense of Fauci’s mask reversal and double mask edict. Would be interesting to know if our Australian Government is doing the same thing, which would explain its dead silence and lies about chemtrails.

    But of course, it wouldn’t be of any concern to our bleeding heart Greens, environmentalists and politicians. WTF! If the sheep aren’t making any noises why should the shepherds?

    Australia needs a Public Ombudsman’s Office, independent of the Government and the sell out politicians, one who is publicly financed to investigate matters of Public Interest and extract accountability on behalf of the public! One that can DEFINITELY “keep the bastards honest”.


  17. Hi daviddd2, I mentioned the Grim reaper to you before, well it is getting more Anal/Crazier by the minute.

    “Now they literally bow down and worship Baal right before our eyes.”

    They don’t even try to hide it anymore. During the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England, on July 28, a giant mechanical bull with glowing red eyes was rolled out in the center of Alexander Stadium. The bull was about 10 meters high, and it took more than five months to build. He had been nicknamed “Raging Bull”, and he absolutely outshone all the human participants in the performance. The “heroine” of the opening ceremony, a character called Stella, calmed the creature, and then all the human performers gathered around the giant bull and literally began to bow and worship him. I’ve seen a lot of strange things in the last few years, but I’ve never seen anything like this, writes Michael Snyder.

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  18. Yes you are right, friction in various places but, are the people in those places aware what could be done? Do they have the backbone to do something about it. Maybe they need to look in to the face of the Grim reaper first to wake up. I think they need to feel pain, maybe then they take action… If only being 55 years younger.

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  19. Thanks for your reply. D Johnston, following my previous reply to you, I just like to inform you that I was snowballed under in the last few days and was not completely involved with a number of things as should have been due to current circumstances in The Netherlands. Because as often history repeats itself.
    At the last end of 1944, the Northern part of the Netherlands (all areas above the rivers) was being purposely hungered out because just political bullshit!
    Yes you (still have many farmers in that area, but for how long?) A fair amount of people had some simple food items from those farmers, and many families ended up feeding their children, including yours truly. It looks that Bill Hell Gates, (The biggest farmland owner in the US) has his claws on the Netherlands, and following various telephone conversations things in The Netherlands do not look good.
    Because I KNOW that I should have been dead years ago, once from almost starved to death, and secondly because I was born under the Aries sign and they had to be killed, (this because Hitler was an Aries) as controlled by the same type people that currently again wages war on the whole world.
    Please notice the web link below, and you can judge for yourself.
    As probably you know the web pages are available in 13 different languages…
    Thanks for your patience, Mister…
    “Netherlands is now ground zero for global famine agenda as government creates fake nitrogen crisis to destroy country’s agricultural sector.”

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  20. aapkoning,

    It’s not yet clear what the score is with Putin. There appears to be some friction in unexpected quarters. 🙂

    Israel Fears a Nightmare Scenario as the Crisis with Russia Escalates


  21. Hahaha thanks aapkoning. We all try. Actually, have been all over the place banging on about various topics in the past few days…no doubt much to some peoples’ chagrin lol. This expansive forum is a bit like wandering through a warehouse… sometimes commentators you haven’t come across for a while are actually busily sharing info in another area you haven’t been in.

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    Have not noticed much from you in the last few days, so now I know you are kicking and well. Appreciated your reply…

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  23. Thanks D Johnston, I saw it, it’s certainly worth watching for those who think like Alice in Wonderland.


  24. Hi CATACLYSMIC DUCK & daviddd2, Have just watched the video shared by crisscross767. “The real reason Pelosi visits Taiwan & US’s strategic ambition|w/ Zhong Xiangyu & Brian Berletic.” It features under the “Japanese PM…..” post – in case it gets overlooked.


  25. Hi aapkoning, re: “Not 1 of Cairns News 870 followers/readers commented or picked up on my statement.” I thought I had responded in agreement…


  26. I would be 100% certain that the MSM forgot to mention to us that the sabre rattling from China was NOT directed at the US but at the Taiwanese separatists currently being egged on by the US!

    I would also be 100% certain that Pelosi dropping off some ice cream and encouragement cookies to the Taiwanese was never considered by the Chinese to be a genuine causus belli at this point.

    Insidious propaganda and diversion by the collapsing Biden tragi-comedy. It will get worse and will blow up, nevertheless. But not just yet.




    When aircraft carriers and nuclear subs head west without family of pollies or elites or an 82 year old hag dressed in virtue signalling strong pink, to distract US cattle from the collapsing USA economy, or a continual build up over a period of time, we are in dire straits.

    The White House Press Secretary said, “We have been very clear (to China) there’s no change in our one-China policy, which is guided by the Taiwan Relations Act of 1979.”

    Taiwan and the US pollies are given a MSM win after causing fear, while humiliating China.

    Insane optics.

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  28. Han, Been following your comments, and have come to the conclusion that what you are trying to say is, using different words, “We are Stuffed.”
    Like has been explained by the:
    Rothschild’s before: “You give me control of the Banks, and I don’t care who is in Power.” Summed up: “We are Stuffed.” — Han, You got any better comments? Don’t think so…

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  29. To Han, Re your last Quote: By Russian analyst Andrei Piontkovsky.
    So conclusion at the moment is as I explained many times before, “We are stuffed”.
    Not 1 of Cairns News 870 followers/readers commented or picked up on my statement.
    Does this mean, “We will be pushed and shoved into our graves?” And smell our corpses rotting away?
    As I wrote various times we need numbers, following my information, it looks like 96% of the population in Australia is vaccinated, — which means we cannot expect any help/revolt from them. — Then indeed again, we are stuffed…

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  30. Hi Editor,

    I am not sure if you refer to aapkoning’s article “Putin banning Rothschild from Russia” and my reply to it. If you do, please, have a look at:

    and my 2 comments.

    First comment:

    IT IS A HOAX !!!

    Second comment:

    Rothschild is still operating in Russia and the CIS.
    Our services in Russia and the CIS
    Global Advisory has had an on-the-ground presence in Russia for over a decade. We provide impartial, expert advisory and execution services to large and mid-sized corporations, private equity, families and entrepreneurs.

    Our Moscow team offers local clients the full range of our advisory services and holds an in-depth understanding of local and regional dynamics, and unparalleled high-level and government access supported by our senior advisers. Wider regional coverage is supported by a long-standing partnership in Ukraine. This deep experience of Russian markets has resulted in, and is supported by, our track record in advising on many of the country’s largest, most complex, and precedent-setting transactions.

    4, bld. 2, Romanov lane
    Moscow 125009
    Phone: +7 495 775 8221
    2022 Rothschild & Co


  31. Havent seen this before Check your server..Ed


  32. Yep aapkoning, All true. As an aside, it really makes me wonder the REAL reason behind “Crazy Nancy’s” farcical Taiwan visit. Even funnier than Creepy Ol’ Joe. Is this all just bad pantomime? Or are we about to see shades of Ukraine and what the US had had for soooo long concealed there? Is it to cover up even further dastardly dealings of the O’Biden Crime Family? and /or “Crazy Nancy’s” insider trading? Whatcha think?
    Whatever the REAL reason, Taiwan is very obviously and definitely cuckholded. Whilst foolishly listening to that hackneyed overused US rhetoric: “Don’t worry, WE will help you”. LMAO just as they “helped” Syria; Libya; Afghanistan; Iraq….need I go on?! Well, it’s been nice knowing you Taiwan!
    Maybe China is about to reveal all. Their threats as always, are in no way idle. They are biding their time. Like Russia, they are also consummate master professionals. Never poke the Bear and absolutely do not mess with the Dragon. Especially when they are both working in tandem.


  33. Hi aapkoning,

    That timesofindependent article is dated August 2, 2022. As soon as I started reading it, I knew that I had seen it before years ago.
    That article “Putin banning Rothschild from Russia” is a hoax and old hat. It first appeared in 2016 and a quick check will show you that Rothschild is still operating in Russia.

    The same article was again published by Newspunch on May 10, 2018.
    You can even find the same quote from Newspunch in the August 2, 2022 timesofindependent article:

    “We used to behave naïvely, but now we see that the WTO [the World Trade organization] rules are all too often broken, the restrictions are imposed for political reasons, which they call sanctions. Plus more and more of them are imposed to secure its favorite competitive advantages,” Putin said.

    I don’t know why they keep on regurgitating the same BS. Jewish Putin, a corrupt billionaire himself, wouldn’t want or dare to break the ties with his Boss, Jewish Rothschild.
    Putin is all part and parcel of the NWO and the WEF and Klaus Schwab is very proud of him.

    Klaus Schwab was also present at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), 15-18 June 2022, when Putin gave his speech and said: “Russia is one of the responsible global regulation leaders.”

    From theliberybeacon:

    “Much is made of Putin being outside the influence of and indeed in opposition to the so-called “New World Order” tyranny of the wealthy, manipulative globalist cult.

    “But his attack on Ukraine is highly suspicious and could not have been more timely if it had been scripted. It occurred at the very moment the globalist stooges wrecking many nations, facing civil unrest and some serious comeuppance or murdering thousands of their own citizens with booby-trapped pseudo-vaccines and laying waste their economics through the mechanics of a fake health emergency, needed the distraction of a new terror – in this case, war – to keep the citizenry cowed.

    “It is possible that the Russian government, having inflicted the same caper on its own people is facing similar comeuppance and needs the distraction of military conflict as much as similar criminals in Western nations?”

    I don’t trust Putin at all. He is surrounded, just like Trump and Biden by Jews.
    Putin’s trusted advisor, apart from Henry Kissinger, is Russia’s Chief Rabbi of Chabad Lubavitch Berel Lazar.

    Interesting article:
    Putin a Rothschild-controlled Chabad Jewish Grand master put in power to usher in anti-Christ
    By Russian analyst Andrei Piontkovsky


  34. Maybe the latest from Mr, Putin, re the “Banksters”is interesting, however I’m a Realist, “Time Will Tell”…
    Putin Announces Total Independence from ‘Rothschild-Controlled’ US Dollar??

    Putin’s plan,
    Early in his presidency Putin made a priority of unifying Russia socially, spiritually, and financially. He ordered the arrest of the Rothschild backed oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky who had actually made Rothschild, Henry Kissinger and Arthur Hartman directors of the Open Russia Foundation. Last year Putin advised his cabinet that he was handling the Rothschilds and globalist banksters by “grabbing them by the scruff of the neck and kicking them out Russia’s back door.” “They do not own the world, and they do not have carte blanch to do whatever they desire. “If we do not challenge them there will be other problems. We will not be bullied by them.”

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  35. Han, I noticed in my last comment some anomalies that should not have occurred! Various words have been left out? Hmm — Deleted? — Hmm, I think could be my end satellite jumped out several times today. Have never experienced any problems with Cairns News.
    Anyway, I left the contents as they are, I think you will get my drift!


  36. White hats a load of crap, ive heard it as well, its a psychological operation like Q orchestrated by one of the alphabet agencies, keep believing this and and you’ll wind up in the camps. there is no hard physical evidence for this.


  37. 100% USE CASH ONLY…


  38. Han, the contents of your comments are as expected. Thanks for taking the time. I for one, HAVE to agree because the direction I have been walking must be different than yours, however, we are seeing and noticing hardcore reality that the truth cannot stay hidden, but of the majority will accept the truth, I cannot see this happening, because the “Majority only is unable to recognise the Truth.” And we are running fast out of time…


  39. Are the big banks buffoons and corporate clowns also going to do something about the ENGINEERED climate and weather change that is supposed to be NOT going on?

    Check out the REAL story of mass poisoning, the one you can see EVERY DAY in the skies, the one that’s supposedly NOT going on!

    WHERE ARE ALL THE FAKE DO GOODERS AND GREENS ON THIS? As George Carlin might say “It’s a massive scam folks and you’re right in the middle of it!”

    It’s time to stand up, speak up and put an end to the rip offs and the lies! While you’re still breathing!

    The Dimming, Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary ( Geoengineering Watch )


  40. there will be no push back..cos its been in the planning for a LONG time.

    There are…MICRO DRONES… that can Kill people anywhere there
    Age……….Race………..gender………ANYWHERE…….inc homes…….Kill tens millions


  41. Hi aapkoning,

    “10,000% Increase in Cancers Following COVID-19 Vaccines as Doctors and Scientists Worldwide Sound the Alarm” and they still force the people to take the kill shots.
    I am sure there will be another worldwide lockdown and more repression to force the people to take the kill shots, wear the face masks, etc. We now have quiet before the storm.

    The future looks very grim and it will only get worse. Yes, there are protests in so many countries, but like the farmers’ protests in Holland only tens of thousands of people are protesting.
    There should be millions of Dutch protesting, a general strike for as long as it takes for the government to back down, etc. That should be happening in all countries.

    That will never happen because the resistance anywhere against The Great Reset is not organised and will therefore be ineffective and disappear. LEADERSHIP is essential.
    Without it there is no hope of stopping The Great Reset and get our Freedoms back.
    Just look at the Canadian truckers, that fizzled out.
    Governments will not allow the people to get organised. They would straightaway arrest and jail the leadership of the resistance movement.

    We need a worldwide people’s Counter-Revolution to stop The Communist Great Reset Revolution.

    Just like Jewish Klaus Schwab and his WEF Gangsters today, the Jewish Bolsheviks were so successful in 1917 because they were highly organised and well-funded by their Jewish Wall Street Bankers.

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  42. Thanks auntieet…You never fail to totally nail it and paint a picture using entertaining imagery.


  43. Mr McLaren: sorry, spelt wrong


  44. We should all use cash..

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  45. I find it easy, get my cash out of the bank, have it safe with me (can’t trust them) spend it at my will. Oh how I wish it wasn’t just a fantasy that all others would follow suit. I see them everywhere with their little finance/carbon print/social credit tracking devices, they’ll find it so much easier when it’s part of them, comfort in the knowledge they sold us out

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  46. Mr MacLaren: Your spendings won’t be considered ‘green’ if you burp or fart from any booze paid for with a plastic card. The ars#holes that think they’re running our world don’t approve of my cattle doing any burps or farts & they’ll consider you a threat too. As far as the (ho’s) go, you should be ok, I haven’t seen the bull & his girls in the paddocks here causing much rukus towards any x’tra non-green when they’re entertaining each other, as they already got a minus for burps/farts & emptying the back up fertilizer…but only if you pay by cash, for ho’s, beer & anything everywhere you can, very beneficial especially in your local non-multi national shops, great for the local economy. Understand people pay by cards for Internet purchases & what not, but really? Go back to cash people, shove their little finance trackers

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  47. Yes Han, I Agree, it is all to late for the Goyim. “They’re going to Starve Us and Freeze Us to Death.”


  48. Following my reply to Han, It is taken time, but “Death And Depopulation” is happening, — 10,000% Increase in Cancers Following COVID-19 Vaccines as Doctors and Scientists Worldwide Sound the Alarm. —


  49. Han well explained / written, but HOW MANY will understand comprehend what you just explained? The Western world population does not learn from history and above all they don’t want to know the Damn Truth…
    Here a small blast from the past: “Absolute Proof Globalists Knew It Could ‘Take Years For All Hell To Break Loose’ Following Release Of A ‘New Vaccine’, Setting World Up For Their ‘Vax End Game’: Death And Depopulation.”


  50. Tony Mobilifonitis is spot on:

    “The fact of the matter is that corporate cowards across the board are beholden to “policy directives” that emanate from the likes of Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum and affiliated globalist institutions like the Bill and Melinda Gates and Rockefeller foundations and globalist conflabs like Cop26.”

    They are all ruled by the Men with Small Hats, who own everything in this world. Just look at BlackRock and Vanguard.

    They have always done and will always do whatever they like with no one to stop them. Might is right.
    What we see today is all part of their plan to destroy Western Civilisation.

    From their Talmud, Sefaria, Pesachim 5a:

    “As the school of Rabbi Yishmael taught: In reward for the three times the word rishon is stated with regard to the Festivals observed by the Jewish people, they were entitled to three matters also referred to as rishon: TO ERADICATE THE DESCENDANTS OF ESAU, to the construction of the Temple, and to the name of Messiah.”

    They hated the Romans for destroying their Second Temple and now want to build their Third Temple. But who are the descendants of Esau to be eradicated?

    According to JewishAnswers.asktherabbi: WESTERN CIVILISATION.

    “Whether or not a particular person or nation is a biological descendant of Esau is obviously impossible to determine and not really important; what is essential to understand is that the World view of Esau has been passed down as a cultural inheritance throughout history from Edom, to the Roman Empire, to the Catholic Church, to Modern Europe and most recently to the United States and its ‘empire’ – in other words, WESTERN CIVILISATION AS A WHOLE.”

    The Jews created the Catholic Church and the first Pope was a Jewish Rabbi.
    Some 400 years later the Roman Empire ended.
    Wherever they go they destroy their host nations.

    They destroyed Russia and Germany. They are now destroying the whole Western World.

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  51. Forgotten about this one: “UN, World Economic Forum Behind Global ‘War On Farmers’: Experts.”


  52. Your Quote Tony: “Cairns News suggests the Dutch farmers and Canadian truckies are examples you should be heeding. Keep pushing your globalist baloney and you can be assured we will push back.” –|– The Dutch and Italian Farmers Are Mounting Massive Protests Against The Criminal Dutch and Italian Governments that Following the WEF Agenda Are Trying to Confiscate Their Land and Starve the People

    Is the only real solution for the farmers to drag every member of the governments and whore media into the street and kill them for that is precisely what the governments are trying to do to the farmers.

    No Western Government Serves the People. Every Western Government Acts Against the People.

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  53. Big Corporate and Big Tech are just getting woker and broker.

    And the Babylon Bee satire just keeps getting better and better. Here is the Law & Order Microaggression Victims Unit Episode 2. Aug 3 2022


  54. I spend most of my money on booze and ho’s… t.  Dont know if that makes me green or not

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  55. My Mendacity….you haunt me. Anyone at KPMG taken a high school chemistry course?


  56. whetheryoulikeitornotthetruthisthetruth

    At the end of the day, all roads lead to Rome. The Papal System is running the whole show and will soon lead this world into a time of trouble as there never was since there was a nation. Many do not think so or believe it now but they soon will .There is nothing anyone can do to stop it as it was predicted in the good book. Thinking otherwise will only create a disillusion in the end. Rome has never changed and governments will find out far too late that they have been had. Only the true second coming of Christ will put an end to it all but not the impersonation of his second coming by his arch-rival.


  57. Brian Johnnston -“all this talk about the White Hats are in control must surely be wrong”

    From my observations over more than the last two years, I can not find any actual proof that there are any so called white hats and if there are any, what (that is provable) have they actually done.

    Plenty of talk and massive amount of hope about the white hats saving the world.
    That talk does not appear to worry the grubs who are doing us a damage.

    I take very little notice of the MSM, I am close to taking very little notice of the alternate media, at least until there is even a very small amount of proof that the supposed white hats even exist.

    Are we being conned by both sides? Starting to look that way.

    White hats – controlled opposition?

    Time to weed out the lies from the truth – big job to do that.

    The people will have to be the white hats, that is we the people, not some supposed hidden
    groups we keep waiting for – to save us.

    The longer we wait, gives the grubs more time to take total control of us. All of a sudden there will be no way that we can push back.

    Until we come together as communities all over Australia, to take back our country,, we have no hope of .sorting out this mess – none.

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  58. rogergreen988gmailcom



  59. Brian Johnston

    Which means all this talk about the White Hats are in control must surely be wrong.


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