Commonwealth Bank’s whizzbang new banking app doubles as a carbon footprint reader.


HOW long must we the people endure the woke idiocy of big business?

Commonwealth Bank is now tracking the “carbon footprint” if its customers, that is tracking and analyzing their spending habits on their banking app and assigning carbon value to each purchase through some whizzbang “sustainability technology” supplied by some outfit called Cogo.

This is in spite of Australia’s peak scientific body the CSIRO withdrawing scientific papers it provided as evidence of unprecedented temperature changes caused by human activity. There’s absolutely no reason for anyone to worry about one’s “carbon footprint”.

So, asks Aussie YouTuber Heise, could this end up with banks cancelling your credit card because your carbon footprint exceeds the monthly average? Given that CommBank and Bank West, without due process, cancelled the accounts of political dissident Tristian Vanrye of The People’s Revolution, it’s not so far fetched.

And then we have another woke banker called TD Securities, who might as well call their “Responsible Business” department the Department of Silly Walks. As one might guess, such a department is all about being green and inclusive. So green and carbon conscious are they that they are actually helping finance big machines that literally suck CO2 out of the air and store it underground. It’s called Negative Emissions Technology or NET.

The prize buffoons at TD Securities think this is a really smart idea, despite the fact, as discovered by Australian senator Malcolm Roberts, there is no empirical evidence that CO2 contributes to global warming and/or climate change.

The worrying thing is that this global Canadian-based investment bank advises capital markets, corporations and even governments, so really stupid ideas like carbon sucking machines are presented as having some sort of corporate respectability.

Senator Roberts, through official, government-level inquiries with Australia’s government scientific body, the CSIRO, has shown conclusively that all of this carbon paranoia is a scam of immense proportions.

“Those who understand the science understand that it is fundamental: humans cannot and do not affect the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere; it’s controlled by nature entirely,” Senator Roberts writes on his website.

“I’ve cross-examined the CSIRO three times now in the last few years. Under my cross-examination, which is the first of its kind in this country and the only one of its kind in the world, the CSIRO admitted that they have never stated that carbon dioxide from human activity is dangerous—never stated it.

“This is all rubbish that’s being talked about. Secondly, they admitted that today’s temperatures are not unprecedented. Thirdly, they never quantified, in three meetings, any specific impact of carbon dioxide from human activity. Never! That is the fundamental basis for policy.

“What’s more, they showed their sloppiness because they withdrew discredited papers which they initially cited to me at their choice as evidence of the unprecedented rate of temperature change and then failed to provide the empirical scientific evidence. They withdrew the two papers they put to me on temperatures, the two papers they put to me on carbon dioxide.”

Strangely, this crucial information seems to have escaped the corporate kingpins at CBA like the bank chairwoman Catherine Livingstone AO or TD Securties’ Susan Thompson, the director of “Sustainable Finance & Corporate Transitions”, which is corporate-speak for “we give money to woke causes”.

The fact of the matter is that corporate cowards across the board are beholden to “policy directives” that emanate from the likes of Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum and affiliated globalist institutions like the Bill and Melinda Gates and Rockefeller foundations and globalist conflabs like Cop26.

But the directives are all very polite and proper and filter down through other big corporate clowns like KPMG, who just happen to be a “strategic partner” with the WEF. KPMG are pushing the carbon codswallop through the so-called Environment, Sustainability & Governance (ESG) framework. In the globalist world, there’s no such thing as an non-ESG company unless you’re Russian, Indian, Iranian or some other outcast nation.

The bright young things at KPMG would have us think they’ve got it all together, when in fact they’re just mouthing off lies and platitudes to keep Klaus and company happy. “Stakeholders, including policymakers, regulators, investors, shareholders, consumers and communities have embraced a greater ESG responsibility. They’re demanding more action from Australian financial institutions, not less.”

Oh really? We wonder exactly which investors, shareholders, consumers and communities are “demanding more action” from Australian financial institutions. Is that statement based on a survey of their own staff, their clients, or just a few random phone calls to friends and family?

The truth is revealed in their own statement, a couple of paragraphs on, that ESG and “climate action” is driven from above by governments and a task force drawing up regulations to further restrict freedom to do business and impose totalitarian control on the population in the name of “carbon mitigation”.

“Globally, governments and financial regulators are driving momentum across financial services to improve identification, management and disclosure of climate change risk. Regulators are moving to mandate findings from the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). Regulations are already in place in the EU, planned for New Zealand in 2023 and Hong Kong no later than 2025. We can expect Australia to follow suit in the near future.”

Oh, we the people are so happy KPMG people, that our carbon-friendly future has been mapped out for us by experts without even having to go through those painstakingly slow channels like parliaments and courts. Sarcasm aside, you can be assured that your corporate crapola no longer washes with increasing numbers of people who make up the global freedom movement.

Cairns News suggests the Dutch farmers and Canadian truckies are examples you should be heeding. Keep pushing your globalist baloney and you can be assured we will push back.