Germany out of power

by Alexandra Bruce

By officiating the unproven theory that petroleum oil is a non renewable fossil fuel, the oil companies were able to adjust the price accordingly, all the way into the peak oil scare that foretold the calamity of the world soon running out of oil, which further benefited the industry’s oil pricing schemes.

Germany closing down nuclear power plants

The wells never did go dry and the ones once emptied filled back up. So the science we have today favors the abiotic theory over the fossil fuels theory, which is that oil is a natural, renewable component of our ecosystem.

And we see this in our oceans. Underwater methane lakes, deep below the surface with their own, thriving unique ecosystems.

And so, the story changed from, “The world will soon run out of oil,” to, “The world will most certainly end if we don’t stop using oil.”

And because nobody seems to know what science is anymore and most people just do as they’re told, the world IS about to end for millions of people and probably more, because our civilization is built upon fossil fuels and the Powers-that-Be are turning them off.

Winter is coming and Germany is set to be very cold. Angela Merkel saved her political career by appeasing the anti-nuclear movement and shutting down Germany’s nuclear power.

Out of 17 plants, they have already shut down 11 and they’re still in the process of shutting down the rest, removing 25% of their power, without anything to replace it, because their Green Deal turned out to be a failure.

After all the hype, Germany’s dependence on fossil fuel is at 76%, so they are temporarily switching back to coal and oil, but that’s a real problem, because they’ve neglected their own fuel industry and become dependent upon Russia and the Germany government would rather have the country freeze to death than buy fuel from Russia.

The German economy is based on highly-innovative production, which requires a great deal of energy that they no longer produce and so, running out of fuel will quickly collapse the German economy, which will cause an economic tsunami of destruction throughout the EU and the world.

And the German government is letting it happen. They could leave some nuclear plants online but they still plan on shutting it down by the end of this year to stay “Green”.

Some anti-carbon environmentalists are saying that nuclear power is the Greenest option and maybe that’s true but none of their schemes add up.

So far, the Green Agenda has only successfully accomplished making people feel good about themselves, while they destroy their own society.

The EU and Britain are actually reverting back to burning wood as fuel and claim that it is “carbon neutral”, which is a lie.

Societies have steadily evolved towards a cleaner, more efficient energy, starting from wood, the least clean and efficient and moving to coal, followed by oil and gas.

And now, nearly 40% of Europe’s renewable energy is wood, which mostly comes from clear-cutting forests in the United States.

This New Green Deal is a complete lie. It’s just another part of the creepy elites’ Great Reset. These elite bloodlines want a new cashless society – but one more like the Middle Ages, which for these spoiled inbreds, is the “Good Old Days”.

And if they succeed, it looks like Germany will get there first.

And in the midst of all this chaos, the German government is focused on allowing children age 14 and older to change their gender and first names, without parental permission once a year, for as often as they want.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Phone error: should have said – ‘Start from 2:21.’


  2. Cheers Brian: here’s a good little intro you may find interesting. Start from 20:21.

    I think she also mentions the primarily Prussian origins of the European State education system: a good primer.


  3. H. Our present education system/method is about 120 years old refer to,

    Charlotte Iserbyt


  4. Absolutely David: – and this ‘Prussian’ education system has now been tweaked to train the worker drones for their role in the post-Industrial, – Technology Age.

    Computer sweat shops are everywhere, and crammed with the blinkered people you mention.

    The one thing they never teach is entrepreneurial skills. All entrepreneurs are self taught.


  5. Applied project in human robotics and automation! It’s already modified our education systems. Information STRICTLY on a need to know basis to perform one’s function. No more and no less.


  6. Brian: there may be some modern truth in that, but dig into their history, and the mentioned traits were already there long ago.

    If it wasn’t for their naivety, they probably would have caught on to such a scam.

    It’s a shame, because I like the people very much. But like those on the spectrum, they are easy to deceive as they cannot comprehend that people would lie to them.

    A lot started going wrong, when Bismarck [I think?] implemented the national education system in the nineteenth century. This was specifically designed to prepare people to work in the technological industries of the Industrial Revolution. It was an automated education system, designed to train people to work in an automated industrial sector.

    Modern people fail to realise, that this is where our present education system derives from.


  7. Brian Johnston

    H. Is it possible the German people have been poisoned? There is no fluoridated water supply or is there?


  8. Brian Johnston


    Who is Arthur Bryant?


  9. I lived in Germany for a year, and spent a fair amount of time with the Germans, but I soon noticed, how a large proportion of their population exhibited an equal admixture of intelligence, combined with downright naivety, often bordering on stupidity.

    On closer inspection, it soon became increasingly obvious, that a high percentage of the population were exhibiting the typical behavioural traits of mild autism, similar to low level Asperger’s.

    Eg., the German obsession with gadgets, unnecessarily detail, ridiculous over- engineering, regimented daily routines, obsession for order, honesty, incapability at perceiving lies, etc, – hence their clock-work society.

    The word ‘frank’ (honest), as in, I’m being entirely frank with you, etc, derives from the word Frank, ie,. the Germanic tribes of old Franconia, Frankland, or it’s modern name France. This was due to their inherent honesty. And it’s this, which they foolish project onto other people [with a different DNA and behaviour to theirs], whilst expecting them to behave like them: which they don’t.
    They are simply incapable of realising this: that’s the mild autism in action.

    Churchill knew the deal when he mockingly quipped: – ‘the Germans will never have a revolution, as that would entail walking on the grass!.’


  10. Han. I do know my Dutch/Afrikaner/Indonesian History, and I do appreciate the points you just wrote down. Again cannot Fault your explanation, Thanks…


  11. Han, You’re lucky again, because more people in this world have spent time in Germany and surrounding countries, however, your comments agree with my experience. It is funny a lot of people have never even been close to Europe and pretend to know more than anyone else.
    Thanks for taking the time to write your comments…


  12. The progress score in the Ukraine game is: US 1 – Europe 0. Europe is about to get the wooden spoon and is about to be relegated to the 3rd division, amateur league!.


  13. Hello Han, Re your last Quote, Most of the Goyim death shits are not aware, but some are.!
    What a lot of people still do not realise, that Hitler was on the Right track!

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  14. Hello, roland13021954 –|– Fully behind you.
    Yes I was borne very close to Germany, and had my military service for nearly 5 years, I understand 100%…

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  15. Yes If and Only If, the German people wake-up, things could change. Yes If the German people and most of Europe wakes-up yes then we might get an Change!
    1 Question, How much damage have the Bloody Jab done? Can the Germans still think for themselves?

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  16. Like Han explained, “They are now destroying the whole Western World.” Anyone with the same IQ of Arthur Bryant must see this…Hmm Hmm

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  17. Has been predicted, “They will inherit the Earth”Written in Their bible, then it must be true.”

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  18. Hi, Comeinspinner, Your Quote: “And I wonder who it is who pays”
    They (The Elites) will just use a mouse and the computer and “Click” you have more money. The Mighty USA been doing this for years. Yes it is Called FIAT Money…

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  19. Brian Johnston

    Betty Mac, they are not imbeciles, they know exactly what they are doing.
    There is no AGW. It is not human induced. ‘They’ know that.
    We need more CO2 in the air not less and ‘They’ know that as well.
    The imbeciles are our own politicians. It does not say much for the voter.
    ‘They’ hijacked and control our two party democratic system. ‘They’ introduced MMP for more control.
    Our politicians are parasites. WE have to rid ourselves of that menace and the sooner the better.
    All we need is a one party system with referenda. Call it fascism if you like it will beat what we have now. I am not aware fascism included referenda.

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  20. What a contradictory , stupid lot are the Greens! and Labor follow closely behind!
    “40% of Europe’s energy now comes from wood?”
    “UK burning wood”!
    Don’t they realise that the trees absorb Co2 and make oxygen?
    By burning wood they are lessening the available oxygen …may they choke to death….AND INCREASING Co2! Defeating their own purpose!
    I shake my head in disbelief….and these people are ruling the world…what a bumbling, idiotic group of imbeciles!


  21. Hi Brian Johnston,
    Very simple why South Africa supported the British Empire against Germany in WW1 and WW2 as it was part of the British Empire, like Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

    From Wikipedia:
    When the United Kingdom declared war on Nazi Germany in September 1939 at the start of World War II, the UK controlled to varying degrees numerous crown colonies, protectorates and the Indian Empire. It also maintained unique political ties to four of the five independent Dominions—Australia, Canada, South Africa, and New Zealand[note 1]—as co-members (with the UK) of the then “British Commonwealth”.[1]

    In 1939 the British Empire and the Commonwealth together comprised a global power, with direct or de facto political and economic control of 25% of the world’s population, and of 30% of its land mass.[2]

    The Dutch under Jan van Riebeeck established the Cape Colony in 1652 and ruled it until the British invaded the Cape peninsula and took over the Cape Colony from the Dutch.
    The British annexed the Cape Province ‘permanently’ in 1806 and introduced Apartheid, starting with the Pass Laws, in 1808.

    ‘Apartheid’ is an Afrikaans name for an English thing. ‘Apart’ does not exist in the Afrikaans language, it is an English word. The Dutch Afrikaners would rather have said ‘afgesonder’ and if they had invented it, called Apartheid ‘Afsonderlikheid’.

    Apartheid was in force THROUGHOUT THE BRITISH COLONIAL EMPIRE. It was the British Colonial socioeconomic system. Ask a Kenyan. they had it there, and Afrikaners didn’t call the shots there.

    Before the British came, there was no apartheid. One of the Dutch Governors, Simon van der Stel, married a Lascar woman, and their son Willem Adriaan van der Stel became Governor in his turn. It was not a common thing, but not unknown. There was no scandal. Many of the Burghers (gentry) had or were born to such unions. A decent liaison was no disgrace.

    The Dutch were not squeaky-clean colonists, but they didn’t do apartheid. Look at Indonesia where the Dutch ruled for 350 years.

    The Boers/Afrikaners inherited apartheid when they got their freedom from British rule in 1910. The separation of the races was a British colonial legacy. The Apartheid rules got the brunt of the blame and the British washed their hands in innocence.

    “They shared weaponry with Israel”? Ask Klaus Schwab, he knows all about it.

    Klaus Schwab grew into the Escher-Wyss Schwab family business and watched his father Eugen make top secret deals with South Africa to supply key components for a nuclear bomb.

    Then, when Klaus Schwab graduated from university in Zurich, funded by Escher-Wyss, he was immediately assigned to handle a 10,000-employee merger between Escher-Wyss and Sulzer AG. The merged company continued to supply nuclear bomb capabilities to South Africa with Klaus Schwab leading the effort, right up to 1971 when he started the European Management, and very probably afterwards.

    Klaus Schwab is obviously the perfect man to implement his “Great Reset” on all of us.
    He assures us that we will own nothing, but we will be happy. We can trust him and his WEF.

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  22. Brian Johnston

    lindesymonds. Your great South Africa supported the British Empire against Germany in WWI & WWII. They should have helped Germany. They shared weaponary with Israel.

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  23. Ps… Does ANYONE? have any thoughts or views on this?…neutral, opposing or otherwise? Would love to hear. Am really surprised an op-ed hasn’t been posted on the entire debacle – is it a taboo topic for some reason? The MSM maggots certainly don’t seem to think so lol. As Putin has stated; “Everything is interconnected.” It’s not just about what is occuring in our own backyards and/or continuously raking over the coals of that which we are already well cognisant of. Just sayin’.


  24. Apropos to my previous comment and still a little off topic – but the only suitable place to share…
    Bingo! One of my proposed theories as well. Occam’s Razor again really. As with Ukraine, reckon we can guarantee an absolute hotbed of nefarious dealings (and worse) have been conducted there for ages. Taiwan is definitely cuckholded – and helping conceal whatever it is they’ve been up to with the combined O’Biden/Pelosi Crime Families.

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  25. Michael Augustus

    The only true wilderness, is between a “greenies” ears.


  26. A little off topic but…

    This is hilarious! and a total ‘flip off’ to O’Biden. NK joining BRICS next?! Lol expect the unexpected atm. Japan should not be overlooked in all these shenanigans either, especially regarding China/Taiwan. They are totally keeping their heads down.


  27. Germany out of power – Australia will follow soon.

    “While the Zionists try to make the rest of the World believe that the national consciousness of the Jew finds its satisfaction in the creation of a Palestinian state, the Jews again slyly dupe the dumb Goyim. It doesn’t even enter their heads to build up a Jewish state in Palestine for the purpose of living there; all they want is a central organisation for their international world swindler, endowed with its own sovereign rights and removed from the intervention of other states: a haven for convicted scoundrels and a university for budding crooks.
    It is a sign of their rising confidence and sense of security that at a time when one section is still playing the German, French-man, or Englishman, the other with open effrontery comes out as the Jewish race.”

    “In the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation — a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying.”

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  28. Hi Han,

    Always good to see your comments posted here. Thank you for the references. I keep my files in pdf / photocopies for the home school and parish library. So these will get shelved on the wall of Fortress Antonia aka ‘the wailing wall’.

    The younglings must have a mind map of the Judaic Supremacy which does indeed own the world through the financial arm of its International Judenstaat – the central banking cartel. And it is building its world soviet through the operations of its United [Communist] Nations. They own both Eastern and Western Blocs and are now busy with the construction of the Zionist West / Eurasian East conflict. The context of the Eurasian project is essentially the Communist project of building the centrepiece of the world soviet on the Soviet Union – Israel axis. The Zionist West is busy building the Communist state. In the Eastern Bloc, those states are already built.

    We will start to see progress in the Western nations when these populations as ethne begin the work of reconstruction in terms of their national heritage: spiritual, moral, government, culture and society. This is the path of Counter Revolution.


  29. Hi Roland,

    Let us hope that the thoughts in your mind and the understanding which have learned is in every German mind. There is a reason why the Jewish masters and slavers have applied themselves for centuries to break Germany and pulled all the levers with vassal nations under their control to brand the German nationalism especially as hateful in the eyes of the world. The Germans have every right to be a nation and every right to German civilisation and culture. I confidently predict that the EUSSR / Judaic policy to implement German replacement in Germany itself will become the needed catalyst. Reading von der Leyen’s position paper, it seems that the Africanisation of Europe is to begin in Germany which will play a leading role in resettling ‘climate refugees’.

    Across my desk this am is the Eskom load sharing in SA. The failed Marxist state under the ANC has plunged into darkness large sections of SA – what was once a first world nation that led the world in many achievements. The solution to this problem across the majority tribal demographic is ‘Kill the Boere’ for the evils of Apartheid.

    Believe me, the Dutch, the Germans and English in SA and the Germans in Germany can solve the ‘power shortage’ problem and I do not refer to the engineering capabilities of these nations.

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    “1. Russia kicks out Monsanto and labels it a “terrorist” organization.”

    “2. Russia moves to quit the World Health Organization”

    “3. Russia shuts down Zionist migration offices in Russia ”

    Things are moving right along in Russia, looks like the Ukraine gig might be just a sideshow in something quite bigger!.


  31. Hi Roland,
    Thank you for your nice comment. The one who can explain it really well is Gerard Menuhin, who wrote the book ‘TELL THE TRUTH AND SHAME THE DEVIL’.
    The free pdf version of that book can be downloaded here in English or German:

    Everyone, Germans in particular, should read his book published in 2015. It is of monumental importance for the people of the world today. On the very first page of the book one reads:
    DEDICATION: For Germany. For Germans who still want to be German. For Humanity.

    Lucky for us, Goyim, there are many good Jews and Gerard Menuhin, the son of famous violinist Yehudi Menuhin, is one of them.

    Roland, you are German. My German ancestors moved from Hannover in 1754 to Amsterdam and then went to Indonesia, then a Dutch colony. My German grandfather from mother’s side enlisted in the Dutch Colonial Army in Indonesia to fight as a mercenary in the Aceh Wars. He came from the Neckar area.
    The Dutch recruited mercenaries from all over Europe as they didn’t have enough Dutch soldiers to fight the 4 Aceh Wars from 1873 to 1914. My mother was German-Indonesian.
    Yes, I am very much pro-German. I know a bit about German history, I speak the language and love German music with Beethoven my favourite composer.

    The last time I was in Germany was in 2013. I spent a week in Berlin and wanted to see more of the country. Unfortunately, many parts of Germany and the Czech Republic were flooded and I then drove on to other countries.
    I went to 12 countries during my two and a half months European holiday. From Norway to Spain to Poland where I stayed for a couple of days in Auschwitz. Had to see Auschwitz – Birkenau after having seen so many documentaries and reading so much about it.

    It is complete BS that 4 million Jews had been gassed in Auschwitz. It is just logistically impossible.

    There was a plaque in 1948 with the inscription:

    That plaque got replaced in 1989 with the inscription:

    And the figures are coming down all the time.

    We can now forget about having holidays and the freedom to travel all thanks to Jewish Klaus Schwab and his WEF Gangsters imposing their Great Reset on the world.

    Welcome to Pax Judaica where you will own nothing and be happy.


  32. Hi lindesymonds,

    “The only possible way the German nation could be ‘out of power’ is that they are owned by the International Judenstaat and they are under the screws of a Communist entity: the EUSSR.”

    Germany is indeed owned by them. Have you ever heard of MARTIN SCHULZ?

    “In his role as President of the European Parliament, Schulz would be responsible for the overall direction of international relations, and also is the custodian of the fundamental values of the European Union.

    “Schulz hails from Germany, but what does Schulz think Germany’s raison d’etre is? A look at his own words in Haaretz as reported by his friend Avraham Burg, reveals something interesting:

    “Haaretz, ‘Say a big ‘thank you’ to Martin Schulz’, Avraham Burg, 14 Feb 2014:

    “Martin Schulz, the president of the European Parliament, is a close friend of mine. On most issues connected to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict we disagree. He is closer to the Israeli mainstream, and his positions resemble those of Labor Party chairman Isaac Herzog. He once told me, during a frank and stern conversation,


    Schulz is of course, Jewish.

    Of course, Germany is owned by Israel. Former German Chancellor Angela is Jewish.
    Former British Prime Ministers David Cameron and Boris Johnson are Jewish.
    Former French President Nicholas Sarkozy is Jewish.

    The European Union is Jewish owned. Their flag, the 12 Golden Stars on a blue background, was designed by Belgian Holocaust survivor Paul Lévy. The stars represent the 12 Tribes of Israel.

    The Jews rule the EU from their HQ in Brussels. They have even established their own European Jewish Parliament meeting in the same building as the European Union Parliament.

    The Jews control all of Europe and are not being challenged.
    Imagine if there was a European Muslim Parliament…, there would be an outcry.

    Use Yandex search engine and type in:
    A 1-minute video.

    Mizrachi is my favourite Rabbi. I have seen so many Rabbi videos, read so many articles by them, openly admitting that they will rule the world. At least they are open about their intentions for all to see and giving the Goyim a fair warning about their coming demise as there is no place for the Goyim in the world to come: Pax Judaica.

    Unfortunately the Goyim is not even aware about what is planned for them.


  33. roland13021954

    TO Hans Barkmeyer .you explain it quite well . some of what you say I knew ,but you have expanded my understanding . for that I thank you.

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  34. roland13021954

    Sadly for Germany [ which is my birth country ] they have been suckered into the scam by Merkel who was also a graduate of the Schwab school for dictator,s. the damage these despot maggots have done & are doing will leave every other dictator ,invader ,conqueror from the past for dead . this is by far the biggest threat to humanity ever. If we should prevail thing,s need to be put in place that these type of scumbag,s the moment they raise their ugly heads they get the chop [ literally]. I,m not religious but I really hope & pray that these maggot,s are brought to account.

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  35. Germany has to face the reality of climate-science fraud as their country deals with looming prospects of a cold winter. Interestingly, a report by Handelsblatt noted — “even before the current gas crisis — green energy struggled to supply sufficient power in Germany last winter”.
    “The Saxony Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer has labelled the government’s green transition a failure, and is now demanding that the country’s remaining nuclear power stations stay online.”

    Link: Energy Crisis: State PM Declares Green Energy Transition has ‘Failed’ (

    “Greens Party German economic minister Robert Habeck said Berlin was working on a new law to temporarily bring back up to 10 gigawatts of idle coal-fired power plants for up to two years that would increase Germany’s dependence on coal for electricity generation by up to a third. The 10Gw of mothballed coal capacity which will be put back on the grid will account for just under 5 per cent of total German production capacity.”

    Link: Germany fires up coal plants to avert gas shortage as Russia cuts …

    I pray Germany’s people and leaders will wise up after experiencing this colossal failure to protect their lives.

    Watch The Australian League of Rights Presents The Planned Surrender of Australia 1989 by ED Butler

    Link: Planned Surrender of Australia 1989 – by ED Butler – YouTube

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  36. The only possible way the German nation could be ‘out of power’ is that they are owned by the International Judenstaat and they are under the screws of a Communist entity: the EUSSR. This will ensure that the Germans do not address their power ‘shortage’ with engineering, manufacture and organisation – three areas in which Germans as a people are supremely capable.

    It is like a man made famine. To create a famine a powerful system of control has to be implemented to prevent an agricultural people from growing and consuming food. Or the food must be seized and exported out of the country as with the Irish potato famine.

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  37. Germany has to face the reality of climate fraud as their country deals with looming prospects of a cold winter. Interestingly, a report by Handelsblatt noted — “even before the current gas crisis — green energy struggled to supply sufficient power in Germany last winter”.
    “The Saxony Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer has labelled the government’s green transition a failure, and is now demanding that the country’s remaining nuclear power stations stay online.”

    “Greens Party German economic minister Robert Habeck said Berlin was working on a new law to temporarily bring back up to 10 gigawatts of idle coal-fired power plants for up to two years that would increase Germany’s dependence on coal for electricity generation by up to a third. The 10Gw of mothballed coal capacity which will be put back on the grid will account for just under 5 per cent of total German production capacity.”

    I pray Germany’s people and leaders will wise up after this colossal failure to protect themselves.

    And: Planned Surrender of Australia 1989 – by ED Butler


  38. Brian Johnston: ” If the problem continues the European grid will surely fail.”

    Absolutely! But that’s the idea. Anyone who hasn’t figured out that the “master geniuses” who came up with the idea and are pushing the idea don’t know EXACTLY THAT is simply sleepwalking.

    It’s got to be part of the Reset, of “bridging the gap” between the wealthy countries and the poor countries in preparation for a world of “equals”. A “noble” human achievement courtesy of, and under, the one Sovereign and Aristocratic “Money Merchant” class in control of the world’s “equal” cattle.

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  39. J Madison: The new definition of a “democratic” government is changed! The woke, progressive version in our Brave New World is now… “Government of the Globalists, by the Globalists and for the Globalists.”

    What you’re proposing is reactionary and treasonous. Keep it up and you’ll soon be on double rations of Soma. LOL

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  40. Brian Johnston

    There are further problems. The wind turbines do not produce one unit of electricity. They do not produce 50 hertz (50Hz) energy, the essential and legally required energy to run our homes and factories.
    Wind turbines produce useless harmonics termed in the industry as dirty energy which through smart meters are fraudulently added to consumers power accounts. Hence the reason consumers power bills rose after the smart meter was installed.
    PV solar energy does not have the oomph, capacity to enter the grid.
    If the problem continues the European grid will surely fail.

    Australia next!!

    Australia ought to close the wind farms and all those involved should face a judge.

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  41. I had a dream, last night! I’m now convinced that despite their technological proficency and greatness, the Germans were born to be fkd…. They got set up and used for WW1 and WW2 and are now heading for the Trifecta! Go figure! Goes to show you don’t have to be stupid to be a fool.

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  42. Yes, Alexandra Bruce is right. The depleted oil wells are filling up again. The world is full of oil, but restricting the output and giving the impression that oil and gas are finite are very good reasons to jack up the prices.
    Also, the quality of the oil seems to be different from location to location. Oil from the Middle East is of good quality and extraction, you only have to put a stick in the ground and the oil comes gushing out of it, the easiest compared to North Sea oil.

    Scientists have been bought off and become corrupted and only thinking of their status and income. Trust the science, the science has been settled they are telling us all the time.
    Science has become Scientism, a new Religion claiming to know the truth.
    Truth, of course, is the opinion of the powerful who are now ruling our world.

    Alexandra Bruce:
    “The German economy is based on highly-innovative production, which requires a great deal of energy that they no longer produce and so, running out of fuel will quickly collapse the German economy, which will cause an economic tsunami of destruction throughout the EU and the world.”

    Germany is AGAIN being destroyed. Here the front page of the Daily Expess, March 24, 1933: JUDEA DECLARES WAR ON GERMANY

    This time it is not only Germany, they want to destroy the whole Western world.

    “They” are the Men with Small Hats, who own everything in this world. Just look at BlackRock and Vanguard.

    From their Talmud, Sefaria, Pesachim 5a:
    “As the school of Rabbi Yishmael taught: In reward for the three times the word rishon is stated with regard to the Festivals observed by the Jewish people, they were entitled to three matters also referred to as rishon: TO ERADICATE THE DESCENDANTS OF ESAU, to the construction of the Temple, and to the name of Messiah.”

    Now who are the descendants of Esau to be eradicated?

    According to JewishAnswers.asktherabbi: WESTERN CIVILISATION.

    “Whether or not a particular person or nation is a biological descendant of Esau is obviously impossible to determine and not really important; what is essential to understand is that the World view of Esau has been passed down as a cultural inheritance throughout history from Edom, to the Roman Empire, to the Catholic Church, to Modern Europe and most recently to the United States and its ‘empire’ – in other words, WESTERN CIVILISATION AS A WHOLE.”

    Wherever they go they destroy their host nations. They destroyed Russia and Germany. They are now destroying the whole Western World.

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  43. If we had a lawful government, it’s first order of business would be to nationalise all our oil and gas fields. Allow the present operators to run them under contract
    And provide fuel at no more than 35 cents per litre and gas at the same price as they sold it to the Chinese. A few cents per litre.
    Construct some more refineries and ban all crude oil exports.
    Fill all our domestic needs and only export the surplus. This of course necessitates a lawful government operating under the Constitution of 1901,for the benefit of the Nation and not the collection of private thieves collective of corporations, pretending to have legitimacy.
    National Sovereignty is the first step to freedom and a future independent of Klaus Slobs great criminal takeover.

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  44. Interesting to note.The wood comes from the USA. Why don’t they cut down their own trees ? They have plenty of them ..I recall, I went to Europe in the year 2000.Oh yes the acid rain was killing all the trees.. They were lying. the trees were not, did net die.

    If one is going to war with someone, one
    had better be sure you can look after yourself.otherwise too bad, go without.
    Do what poor people do, put on another layer of clothing,And and try ten in a bed..Have a three dog night. Sleep in red flannel P,J ‘s and wear a red woollen nightcap..Another thing of course, heat up a brick in the fire, wrap it in news paper for your hotty bottle. Just make sure the brick is not too hot, or the paper will burn. Wrap a towel around it so it keeps warm for ages. And yes,it works.
    If the electricity prices keep rising we will revert to the old ways. Which is what our controllers want. Now Albo said $275 off electricity bills, Well mine has not gone down. It is going UP more.
    .So I guess we will be in the same boat.Tell me,How are the Master-minds going to heat , or cool the SMART CITIES , if we don”t kill each other first. I w ant to know, where are they , the elites going to live ? Are they going to fly in their private jets to Davos for their WEF Meetings.
    The elites will not have to worry about such things, after all the serfs pay the taxes and masters live in comfort, as usual .
    And I wonder who it is who pays

    Sorry for raving, must be going slightly dippy.


  45. Where this world is concerned, there is not a big enough hand basket to go to hell in.

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