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Ask High Court judges if they are on the square before proceedings start

Letter to the Editor

Readers response to Sol Millihin’s HCA challenge to Covid on June 17

Then again the “Commonwealth of Australia” is a registered corporation with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, so presumably the High Court is also privately owned.

The first thing I would ask the judge or whatever is – “Is this court a valid jurisdiction according to the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia in that you as judge are not acting for and/or bound by a corporate entity?”

More on the Liberty Group –owners of Victorian Courts

The court I presume will be a Jew/Freemason County Court —

Sol should learn a few of the Freemason hand signals before entering their playground/court.

The Victorian County Court Facility was opened in 2002. It is privately owned, maintained and operated by The Liberty Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Challenger Limited.

It is certainly no secret to the people involved and to certain other sections of the community that there is a great deal of corruption in the Anglo – Masonic legal system of Australia.

These are the foundations laid in Australia by the forefathers, and kept within the Masonic brotherhood.

What will never be revealed is the extent of fraudulent judgments against non-masons based upon the other party being a member of the same lodge or any other masonic lodge for that matter, and NOT the merits of the case.

Court hearings where a masonic versus a non masonic member involve judgments made against the non mason as being :

“dismissed, due to not enough evidence / no grounds”

just to name a couple, even though legally they can be incorrect.

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from Kev Crisscross, Brisbane