PM Albanese surrounded by communists

By Senator Jacinta Price

The Prime Minister has shown clearly this week his true priority. He’s obsessed with his legacy building and has no interest in actually helping Aboriginal Australians. He’s shown it clearly with his damaging games on the divisive Voice. Last week it was denying the Voice is the doorway to a Treaty.

This week it’s denying the truth about the full Uluru Statement itself. The Uluru Statement most people know is, of course, the one pager that’s been taken around the country. It came from a lengthy dialogue and consultation process. But the fact is that one pager statement is the flowery summary. Behind the one page sits the 26 page full statement, that was revealed by an FOI request and is, in extracts, included in the original Referendum Council report in 2017.

The reason the PM doesn’t want you to know about it is clear: the longer statement explains the real agenda. Reparations and compensation, grievance-based history, and forever changing our system of government. According to the full document, a treaty could include “reparations, a financial settlement (such as seeking a percentage of GDP)”. That’s all in there.

No wonder Albo is hiding the truth.He thinks the referendum is how he becomes another Bob Hawke.

But if he really wants to build a legacy, he should do it by focusing on actually fixing the problems in Indigenous communities. But he squibbed the chance by having his government push back my Senate motion to hold an inquiry into Aboriginal Land Councils.Since the divisive Voice was announced I’ve made the point that they need ears, not a Voice because they don’t even know what the programs running right now are doing. We’re spending a lot of money on these councils and we need more transparency about how they operate, how they’re accountable, and whether or not they’re delivering real benefits.

And once we know that, we can adjust them to make them work better and help their communities.But Albo pushed back this simple request. Thankfully, we don’t need Labor to get this done and I’ll be fighting hard for every Senate vote from the crossbench to get this inquiry off the ground.Because working together to face the problems head on and fix them: that’s the way forward. That’s what the PM should be focused on, not this divisive damaging deception.