Minister for Government Service Bill Shorten with Royal Commission report into Robodebt. He will have to watch his words. He helped introduce the scheme in 2010

Letter to the Editor

I fully supported the “Robodebt” scheme!I do NOT care how many criminals committed suicide because of their GUILT from ‘ripping-off’ their fellow Australians! Besides, only cowards and or guilty people commit suicide.Only an EXTREMELY small percentage of Robodebt suspects were INNOCENT, the rest were as GUILTY as SIN!As much as I dislike Scott Morrison, I actually ADMIRE him for trying to ‘clamp-down’ on Welfare FRAUD!

And let’s not forget, it was the LABOR government in 2010 who first introduced the idea of a “Robodebt”! If you don’t believe me, check your archives, with speeches from Chris Bowen, Bill Shorten, and Tanya Plibersek,….ALL preaching/promoting the merits of a Robodebt!

Good, decent, intelligent Australian TAXPAYERS will be more concerned about how much of THEIR hard-earned TAX is being WASTED on investigating the Robodebt scheme and the people who run it! Also, as a point of interest, far, far more people commit suicide over the Climate Change conspiracy theory, myth, hoax, scam!

Rusty Marsh,

Cowra NSW .