by guest researcher Peter Campion*

We’ve reached a juncture where the slumbering, disinterested, dangerously-uninformed masses of humanity are staring down the barrels of two disasters with no inkling they’re facing life-ending threats. I’ll dissect these two disasters one at a time, starting with the one Cairns News readers can see so clearly.

Part one: The Obvious

As few as 30% of Westerners are aware of the threat posed by the secretive cabal of inbred anti-humanist billionaire globalists who want us to “eat bugs, live in pods, own nothing, and be happy”. The public faces of the cabal include the World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab, the United Nations’ Antonio Guterres, the World Health Organization’s Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Microsoft’s Bill Gates, and George Soros of the Open Society Foundations. There’s many others, too, because the cabal is ancient. Most of them never surface publicly, but they’ve been working secretly on their plans for generations.

The cabal conspirators, whose public faces meet in plain sight in Davos, are planning an economic “Great Reset” to replace free-market capitalism with a tyrannical global dictatorship, a pseudo-spiritual “Great Narrative” to replace the world’s religions with worship of the transhumanist state, and a “Great Replacement” to lock in pro-socialist voting blocs in democracies. They want total control of everything and everyone, because when you have all the money in the world you then crave ultimate power.

Throughout history, the wheels have quickly fallen off the insane centralised control agendas of inbred megalomaniacs, but only after the slaughter of vast numbers of innocents who have known little to nothing of the big picture seen by those with the money and power. Historically, we’ve then picked up the pieces and moved on. This time is a little different, as I’ll explain in the second half of this essay.

After centuries of painfully slow and carefully considered operations, the cabal’s plans were disrupted by the 2016 election of the greatest US President since George Washington, Donald J. Trump. That forced them to speed things up during the tenure of the corrupt and illegitimate Biden regime. They’re not geared for acceleration, and so they’re making mistakes as they try to catch up to their timeline. Those mistakes have revealed the truly evil nature of their intentions to an abundance of non-mainstream commentators, personified by the heroic and much-persecuted radio personality, Alex Jones, and which includes our host here at Cairns News.

Putin has a dim view of the cabal pillaging resource-rich Ukraine. Before invasion, Ukraine’s lithium wealth was drawing global attention. Pic NY Times

One of the mistakes that is serving to awaken people is the war they’ve started in NATO’s name with Vladimir Putin’s Russia while laundering the money they’ve stolen from the West in Ukraine. Putin has a dim view of the cabal pillaging resource-rich Ukraine, raping its children, and creating bioweapons in US taxpayer-funded laboratories within its borders. He has clearly signalled his intention to ramp up his military to defend his homeland and to use nukes should the need arise.

Even a limited nuclear exchange will destroy the northern hemisphere’s supply chains, and severely disrupt those in the southern hemisphere, leading to mass starvation and misery for people everywhere. That sort of destructive stupidity is ringing like an alarm clock for those with the ears to hear it.

Another of the cabal’s mistakes was the panicked early release of Covid-19, now clearly identified as lab-made by its furin cleavage site and its patented genetic sequence, to facilitate US election theft and prevent Trump’s re-election in 2020. The virus and the mRNA gene-modifying injection were always intended to reduce the global population. However the underdeveloped virus was not sufficiently deadly and quickly became weaker in accordance with Farr’s Law of viral attenuation, and the mandated injection has proven too deadly and is not the slow-acting cancer-causing agent it was intended to be.

Covid-19 and the “vaccine” have had the unplanned effect of awakening many millions of those slumbering masses of humanity, even here in sleepy Australia. The mainstream media-driven mass formation psychosis has not worked as effectively as planned either, and vast numbers of people saw the irrational and illogical responses of lock-stepped governments for what they were – a centrally planned effort to make health issues worse while destroying the small business sector and giving the globalists’ mega-corporations ever-greater market dominance.

Then there’s the attacks on food production the cabal have organised, as we’ve seen with Sri Lanka’s disastrous attempt to do without modern hydrocarbon-based fertilizers, the UN’s anti-nitrogen mandates destroying farming in The Netherlands, and the destruction by arson of over a hundred food production plants in the US. If they can’t kill us off to a more controllable herd with war or bioweapons, the cabal will simply starve us “useless eaters” out of “their” world.

Voice a huge land grab

Here in Australia, the cabal-controlled UNiparty government is attempting to change our Constitution with the racist “Voice” proposal to not only create societal conflict and division but to ultimately enable them to take our farmlands. In their twisted view, multigenerational family farms are “stolen land” so they should be “given back” to the “tribal groups” (that have done so well from Western civilisation) and to turn them back into unproductive scrub.

That theft and repurposing will be sold as essential to “save the environment” – from the rare and vital gas that feeds plants! If anyone wants to hear my physics explanation of why CO2 cannot “trap heat”, I explained it in depth to George Christensen over at recently and the podcast is available here –

The depopulation of rural centres will work claw-in-gauntlet with their planned “15-minute cities”, which will be open-air prisons we can never leave “because carbon” while they continue to jet around the world in their Airbus ACJ350s.

The globalists’ UNiparty and their controlled corporations are also working hard to get rid of cash, which functions perfectly in the absence of electricity and internet, while also assiduously destroying reliable and affordable electricity with their asynchronous, intermittent, unreliable, and environmentally-destructive wind- and sunlight-to-electricity industrial facilities, which are somehow higher priority than habitats for rare plants and endangered animals.

Cash is to be replaced by programmable central bank digital currencies which will dictate where you can spend your money, what you can buy, and when you must buy it by. If you challenge their control-narrative they’ll simply turn your money off until they starve you into compliance.

The current spike in inflation was caused by the cabal’s controlled central banks creating additional money out of thin air without matching economic growth during the Covid-19 plandemic, while locally the UNiparty suppressed the productive supply side of the economy. That forced prices up while devaluing our savings. If you saved money while working for $40 an hour ten years ago, that “quantitative easing” effectively lowered your past hourly rate to around $30 an hour in terms of current buying power. Central banks’ lockstepped interest rate rises to “fight inflation” (that they created) just work to further suppress the post-Covid resurgence of the productive supply side of the economy and make the situation worse. Nothing they do is intended to benefit us.

All these seemingly illogical and irrational actions will serve to drive small and medium enterprises, our major employers, out of business – and will leave workers desperate for their digital “Universal Basic Income” to pay their bills. You will live in a pod in their 15-minute cities, own nothing, eat bugs, and be happy because they will leave you no choice.

We’re seeing record crime, with police ordered to hide in their stations while the most violent and disruptive criminals freely create havoc. You’ll get a fine for exceeding the speed limit by 5 km/h on a wide, flat, empty road in broad daylight while the untrained unlicensed criminals get to speed around suburban streets in stolen cars on wet nights without fear of consequences. That’s deliberate.

We have families living in tents and cars because of a housing shortage, traffic gridlock in major centres because of inadequate infrastructure, and veterans and aged pensioners on endless hospital waiting lists due to a dysfunctional health system while the federal government is ramping up immigration to 500,000 extra unassimilable non-English speakers each year – many of whom will be on welfare permanently. That makes everything worse and it’s deliberate.

We have companies injecting our livestock with the gene-altering mRNA shots and incorporating those same chemicals into vegetables to make avoiding their gene-editing effects impossible for most people. If you’ve resisted injection tyranny so far, well done – but now they’re going to try to sneak it into you in your steak and salad. Planned and deliberate.

We have overpowered 5G towers being built everywhere, despite no demand existing that isn’t met by earlier, safer technologies. They are, however, perfect for controlling the gene-altered graphene-infused humans that the WEF’s “guru”, Yuval Noah Harari, describes as “hackable animals”. The “internet of things” will include injected graphene-antennaed people. None of this is coincidental.

We have an emerging satanic paedophilic cult of “drag queens” who demand to perform strip club routines in front of innocent children. It started with “bake the cake, bigot”, morphed into “gay marriage”, and now they want to mutilate children’s genitalia and insist a boy, biologically defined by his XY chromosomes, can become a woman. Again, planned and deliberate.

We have women being displaced in women’s sports by men pretending to be women. We have men pretending to be women amongst the world’s public figures. Was Barbara Bush a woman? Is Michelle Obama a woman? Is Dan Andrews’ wife Catherine a woman? How many sports and corporations nominated men pretending to be women as “woman of the year” recently? A century of advancing women’s rights destroyed – deliberately.

Now that I’m retired from the workforce, I’ve made it my job to try to wake up as many normies as I possibly can before it’s too late and I strongly encourage all others to do so, too. I drop truth-bombs everywhere I go and on everyone I encounter. Every seed we cast has potential to grow if it lands in fertile soil. So when is too late? Why do the cabal’s plans always have an implementation date of 2030? That’s a long story and it’s the second half of this essay.

*Peter Campion is a retired Queensland Fire and Rescue Service fire commander and fire investigator; a former Department of Social Security fraud investigator; an independent researcher; a climate sceptic and energy realist; a libertarian; and a fierce proponent of the traditional Australian values that have come under increasing attack since the 1990s.

Peter has been a prolific contributor to newspaper opinion columns for many years, with well over 1,000 letters published. He was de-platformed from major newspapers in 2020 for writing truths about Covid-19, which prompted him to stand as a candidate in the 2020 Queensland election and the 2022 federal election. His media ban was lifted in August 2022.