Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms for Australia

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

The right to own and bear arms guaranteed by the 1689 Bill of Rights, has been trampled by Australian, egregious, corporate political parties over the past three decades aided and abetted by psyops such as Port Arthur that the Jew John Howard orchestrated with the help of the Jesuits and implemented by Israeli Secret Service Mossad and a small cadre of Australian elite troops.

National gun laws are coming, yet there is no Constitutional avenue that allows for federal gun laws to which the illegitimate National Cabinet agreed on Friday. Since when has the Commonwealth Constitution of Australia ever resonated with political parties except when convenient for example, to implement the black Voice?

The ALP has claimed it needs a referendum to get more Aboriginals into parliament, which is a ruse for the introduction of an Aboriginal treaty and ensuing sovereignty which would see every Australian become tenants of blackfellas who make up just 3.5 of a population of nearly 26 million.

When the states, without a referendum, can hand over firearms administration to the feds who needs a Constitution?

Aboriginal sovereignty would ensure all property owners would be forced to pay rent to a multitude of blackfella bureaucracies for ever more on top of the annual $35 billion taxpayer handout.

Fear was the only way in which Howard et al could get away with the Port Arthur sting, and the corrupt media’s bona fides really shone out during the Covid scamdemic introducing more fear, cowering the normies into getting a dangerous jab that Big Pharma now admits doesn’t work against a virus that doesn’t exist.

Australia, being a lawful political subdivision of the United States of America since at least 1966, can have access to US courts where any intelligent Aussie could mount a challenge to restrictive gun policies under the Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Cairns News will help with any publicity for anybody who steps up to run a challenge in the US Supreme Court.

From Jim O’Toole

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Probably could. There is one important case in the US court now. We can’t say much about it yet because the litigant wants to get a win. Then the flood gates could open. We will keep all informed as it progresses.Ed

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  2. No she dies three years ago, didn’t you know? Ed


  3. Oh, and I forgot to say, will the queen of Australia, on her oath, be leading the charge?


  4. Great article, thank you. Please allow to expand on this topic by asking some questions about where we actually stand at the this point. We know successive Aussie Government’s have made legislation and signed treaties with foreign powers against our commonwealth constitution. So I’m assuming the Law of War now applies to all Australians. I’m also assuming the last two Aussie Government’s have broken that law through the genocide of covid. Which means we are no longer bound by the law of war? So are the gloves are now off? Does that mean we can revolt to protect ourselves?


  5. We surely will find out soon enough Lindesy. God bless your positivity! For my part I believe WE (unfortunately) are too many I’s, especially in USA/Australia.


  6. Hi Jo. I don’t think any of us will see the Australians or the Americans for that matter go down any drain. What we will see is the nationalist Counter Revolution of the West organise and strike hard against the ZOGs and these United [Communist] Nations CoVID Regimes. And woe to them and all their Semashkos, NKVDs, PCs and Stasis if we prove stronger.

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  7. Lindesy, “If Australia had a government of national unity” you would not again for the 2nd time in your life see your home country go down the drain. History reloaded. Changes? Not at all, just plenty more distractions. You surely know what is coming!

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  8. Savour this Goyim. “Russia is a vibrant, dynamic Jewish community” [ Not has “a vibrant, dynamic” etc. “IS a vibrant, dynamic” etc.) … “No shortage of Jewish oligarchs” – net worth: billions. “They run the economy of Russia” … “Everything is owned by these oligarchs”. Check it out.

    Jews hate ethnic Russians but they adore Putin [NB ethnic Russians are the white European ethnic Russians genocided by the Communist Ashkhenazim [Red Russians] both in Russia and Ukraine]


  9. The 2A (and the whole Bill of Rights) does not mean squat without Article 1 .S8. C5. 1 of the Constitution. “The Congress shall have the power to coin money and regulate the value thereof.” This includes the power to charter banks.

    If Australia had a government of national unity [a fasces such as is displayed in the British Commonwealth and the US – before they became ZOGs] we would not be sitting here waiting for Big Jew Bank, the financial arm of the International Judenstaat, to pull the plug on the US world reserve currency and bring in their solution to the crisis they have created : Central Bank Deposit Certificates – which are not currencies but the universal ‘bail in’ to a world system of financial control.

    It matters not whether the currency is digital or not – a currency can be anything from the original colonial script on a deer hide in the American colonies to a gold sovereign or a paper note. What matters is that the sovereignty of the people, for the people and by the people regulate its value through a form of representational gov’t (like a constitutional monarchy or a parliament) in their economic zone.

    We would be waiting for the crash that in all likelihood will come this year.
    We would be counting the days. And like st Nik, we would be making a list and checking it twice. We would be getting the name of every bankster who would be crapping on for the bail in when the crash comes. We would get every shabbos goy Freemason and his or her extra-judicial oath off the Bench and there would be one bullet from the Australian firing squad for every name on that list found guilty of banking bastardry. The Iceland Solution plus interest.

    We would be like Rhodesia in 1972 with the assets of the bank of the old Southern Crown Colony frozen by order of the UK Parliament and The Crown of the Empire of the City of London [the Judaic succession] – all assets seized, complete with defaults on all liabilities. And on the basis of constitutional referendum we would charter a new bank – an independent, national bank, like the Bank of Rhodesia or the Bank of Russia before the Bolshevik Revolution or the Banks of America before the Federal Reserve Act 1913. And under our sovereignty and backed by the land and its wealth, the industrial expertise, labour and resources of the Australian people we would be as rich as Croesus.

    We would aspire to be like Rhodesia with two fingers in the air to The Crown, holding their World Trade Fairs right throughout the war – an agricultural superpower exporting to all the failed, starving states of communist Africa right through the Communist Revolution in the 1960s and 70s. The Rhodesian dollar might have been blacklisted currency on all money markets but it traded at parity with the pound sterling in the City itself – which the Rhodesians shorted for good measure.

    The first act of our national bank would be to spend our first currency issue into circulation to Australian industry. We would not be making any loans as a down payment and thus laying the foundation of a compounding interest debt pyramid that could never be repaid. We would create the first currency issue with a digital entry and we would be looking invest. And OUR currency would flow back to the treasury through profits, trade, export and a system of taxation upon which we were in agreement.

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  10. Russia does not equal Christian. They always have the highest abortion stats in the world. For decades they are always at the top of the pops.


  11. renatamensa said – “The proof you need to wake up more people about the crimes in Ukraine against children. Being pro Ukraine is supporting these crimes against children. People need a reality check.”

    Spot on Renata.

    A lot of people’s brains will implode if the TRUTH ever dawns on them that Russia are the good guys in all of this (and the corollary there is that WE are the BAD GUYS).

    Russia = CHRISTIAN.
    Ukraine = SATANISTS.

    And BTW, China is not our “enemy” – never was (although we’re trying REAL HARD to make it so). OUR enemy is ALREADY amongst us, right here in Australia.

    Australia is still a supposedly Christian majority country, but a fat lot of good that does us when EVERY level of governance in EVERY Australian state and territory and in Canberra too has been thoroughly infested (“penetrated”, as Klaus Schwab likes to say) and hijacked by a horde of card-carrying Luciferian psychopaths.

    Seems the same applies all across the Western world. Hold onto your hats and hold out for 2032.


  12. Ernst Zundel – The Ernst Zundel Prophecy – 1996


  13. You are dead right. And I was dead wrong. My apologies.
    Thank you for pointing this out.


  14. C’mon; Which is it?
    The 1698 Bull of Rights; or the 1689 Bill of Rights?
    I definitely prefer the 1698 version!


  15. Keith Thomas, My copy of the British Bull of Rights 1698 ,says that ” all Protestant subjects shall have the Right to Keep and Bear arms, for the protection of the Realm and of Their Households”.
    Fairly conclusive and fairly plain.
    That is why these people want to have a system which their fake courts operate outside common Law and is held under PayPal maritime civil code. Or in plain Aussie words, The law is what ever the ruling elite want it to be.

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  16. @tonyryan43,

    If you want any recognition as being Sovereign, you best cease using the terms LEGAL, ILLEGAL and any other LEGALESE;

    It is the Language of The :DEAD: Blacks Law; Deceit and Deception;

    You keep using these terms and you will :NEVER: find Lawful remedy, even though what you say is correct in my opinion


  17. To R Becker, you are right. I am a member of both SSAA and NSC I would like to see a small $1.00 from each transaction in the firearms world go to a fighting fund for the to take action for those wronged by decisions.

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  18. The right to keep and bear arms?
    Could not our legislators and all other anti arms idiots be as their friends as the Commos say”be reeducated and retrained”. Think back to the 1940s who kept the Nazi hordes from England, the French Partisans, did not the Australian forces help arm ang pay bonus to the Asian headhunters, which helped rid us of the agressor. Why are Putins forces not doing well the armed civillian is again helping.


  19. We are in US courts now. Watch this space. Ed

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  20. According to the most eminent High Court Judge of our past half-century, Sir Harry Talbot Gibbs, Australia is still a British colony.

    Secondly, Australia was captured by the US Coup d’eTat on 11 November 1975, an illegal act, which also is an impediment to any US legal recognition.

    Thirdly, if the US Court did the unlikely and ruled that the US Constitution protects Australia, which it very specifically does not, the military/ CIA wing would just deliver another coup. America has no interest in legal rights and nor does the British Empire, witness the US theft of Russian gold and the British theft of Venezuelan and Australian gold.

    If we want freedom and national sovereignty we will have to rescue this by force. I see a lot of chicken-squarking out there and zero evidence of real-world action.

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  21. The 1790 First Act Americans still hold a majority in population and most are 2A. And they are in this fight against the US ZOG and its United [Communist] Nations CoVID Regime for Constitutional rights and on many fronts. Aussies and Kiwis always welcome. Both nations have an alignment of interests against the projection of power by the CCP across Asean Pacific.

    This projection is part of the real and emergent NWO upon which the Communist Powers have an agreement. Eurasia will be the geo-political centre of the real NWO – not the Western ZOGs. In the stage managed conflict between the two branches of the Revolution: Zionism and Communism, the Zionist base of the Western nations has been assigned the losing script.

    We’ll see. The International Judenstaat (not the nationalist sovereignty) will go with Communistm. Its financial arm – the international banking cartel – will go with Communism. And the CCP will go with an Aboriginal sovereignty in Australia which they will control through the United [Communist] Nations.

    Wait till these libtard Whites here get a load of Black government backed by the CCP. Think Zimbabwe. In the 1980 jiggy-jiggy overseen by the Lancaster House Agreement 1979, ZANU-PF captured one of the richest states in Africa in terms of White European infrastructure, agriculture and economy when the Rhodesians were stripped of their military victory. In terms of that demographic : 90% of the Rhodesian population was Black and roughly that percentage of un-conscripted military aged men from the Shona, Manica, Ndebele were voluntarily in the Rhodesian army (under their traditional chiefs) and with the Whites fighting the Russian backed Zimbabwean forces and the Chinese backed Zimbabwean forces of mKhonto we Sizwe. And no wonder. Today and at least two standard issue Communist genocides later: land, mineral and water rights sold off to China. Slavery is legal. Cannibalism is OK. Israel’s blood diamond mines and the rare earth mines all employ child slave labour. The basis of the domestic economy is humanitarian crisis. The main export is human tsunami. Big Jew bank under the Oppenheimer franchise owns the entire syndicate. For the Communist NWO what is not to like about this picture?

    Even though the US government has fallen to both branches of the Revolution, the CCP can not deploy its military upon the Americans and put boots on the ground in the lower 48 until the hijacked political parties [working together of course] squash 2A.

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  22. All our current illicit gun laws need to be taken to the American Supreme Court, because they infringe the Constitution of the only place these illicit private ” governments” have any recognition. They are not under the Crown and cannot return there. Elizabeth failed to fix the mess and Charles can’t even it he wanted to.


  23. The 1689 Bill of Rights made no mention of a right to bear arms.


  24. Money.
    Constitutional lawyer.
    Not necessarily in that order.


  25. Editor, cairnsnews said – “… blackfellas who make up just 3.5 of a population of nearly 26 million.”

    To be fair, that’s probably an underestimate – I’d have to say at least a couple hundred (after we filtered out all the white honkies on the gravy train).

    Editor, cairnsnews also said – “Australia, being a lawful political subdivision of the United States of America since at least 1966, can have access to US courts where any intelligent Aussie could mount a challenge to restrictive gun policies under the Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms.”

    The plan sounds so crazy, it just might work.

    Not too sure if their court system is any better than ours right now, though.

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  26. Please investigate this:

    Russian volunteer reveals troops in Izyum stumbled upon a Ukrainian Satanic “child network”.

    Ukraine, a hot zone for human trafficking and satanic organ harvesting.

    “The remains had their organs and brains removed. They were like gutted rabbits.”

    The proof you need to wake up more people about the crimes in Ukraine against children. Being pro Ukraine is supporting these crimes against children. People need a reality check.

    ? For raw truth, knowledge guidance & wisdom follow our telegram messenger group.

    Viesha Lewand Hepburn Springs Naturals 136 Main Road Hepburn Springs 3461 Victoria. Australia E : ________________________________


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