SCUD missile hits Pentagon in 9/11

No evidence of aircraft

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. BRAVO! Eddie. Excellent comment.


  2. With every major airliner crash in history theres always peices left intact , in greece an airliner impacted the side of a mountain and disintegrated into small peices but the turbines , wheels and tyres and some of the seats were intact so when these liars from the 911 comission say the there were planes used by hijackers they really meant to say that used 7d holograms and nuclear thermite was used to bring the three towers down and a scud missile hit the pentagon right in the department that was investigating the 2.3 trillion dollars that was missing from the black budget that rumsfeld spoke about the previous day but as all those investigating were killed in the missile attack there hasnt been any one to follow that missing 2.3 trillion dollars , and larry Silverstein who had just bought the twin towers cheap because it was about to be condemmed for all the asbestos in it, and because his insurance was twice the value and there was two terrorist attacks he was paid 4 times the value of the towers it was well worth the effort especially because it gave the goverment the backing from the people to go to war in the middle east and all those in the military industrial comlex a huge windfall with the need to produce arms it was a win win ….except for the millions of innocent civillians that were murdered in iraq and afganistan

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  3. daviddd2 said – “PLease post the pic if you can.”

    I’d be happy to do so if I knew how. One can link to other web sites, but not so easy to link to a local hard drive on a PC – this would require uploading the file either to Cairns News or to some other web facility that Cairns News can link to.

    Not my strong suite.

    Instead, here’s something we prepared earlier…

    [ ]


  4. Pat fro Vic: “Even that one single photo of the missile-sized hole in the wall is enough to dismiss the hijacked airliner narrative out of hand.”

    PLease post the pic if you can. I wasn’t able to post the pic, only a link to it in one of the previous comments. One look at the hole and even Blind Freddie would have to know the entire official story is TOTALLY fake!

    The big question is “Why are they lying so blatantly? What are they really hiding from the people?”


  5. Editor, cairnsnews said – “Unfortunately a hard drive failure some time later removed the picture and computer technology then was nothing like now. Editor”

    FWIW I’ve got photos of the 15-foot hole complete with undamaged windows immediately adjacent either side, before the wall collapsed. Also have a copy of the video with news reporter on site stating that there was no aircraft wreckage and that this was not an airliner crash. Plus assorted other associated media.

    Even that one single photo of the missile-sized hole in the wall is enough to dismiss the hijacked airliner narrative out of hand.


  6. David. ABLE DANGER,told so much all they way to MH370,17, But RAYTHON had there hands over 9/11 from start to finish.


  7. This is but one of countless accurate analyses…


  8. Sorry Deni the original footage is real it came from a security camera at a nearby service station but the copying of it was amateurish to say the least. This video would have been copied many times over the years and not the first time we have seen it.Ed

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  9. Yeah it might have been a Tomahawk. The same day 911 occurred this correspondent received a photo from a female military officer that showed the gaping hole in the building which was not made by an aeroplane but a missile which she said quite plainly in her commentary. The photo showed no evidence of wings or any other part of a plane. Unfortunately a hard drive failure some time later removed the picture and computer technology then was nothing like now. Editor

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  10. Ha ha!, – the Pale of Settlement I presume?

    Anywhere ‘beyond this Pale’ means Mother Russia, – best to stay within the Pale methinks.

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  11. dr: “One would presume, this ‘recovery’ also extends to the reclamation of their other lost kingdom, – Khazaria.”

    That sounds a little bit beyond and within “The Pale”. lol

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  12. Brendan: all the alphabet agencies-CIA, FBI are private operations, not government.
    Anna von Reitz has done many an article oh these sub-contractor agencies. This is one of them:
    She tells you a fair bit, and it is all bang on!
    I have learnt so much from her in the years I have been following her-and she does it all for free, because that is her job.


  13. Time up your sleeve?
    ‘Loose Change, Final Cut’ 2007
    For those with an interest in material science:
    ‘Where Did the Towers Go’ by Dr Judy Wood


  14. Yes: Hanukkah celebrates ‘the recovery of Jerusalem:’ – the Jews long lost homeland.

    One would presume, this ‘recovery’ also extends to the reclamation of their other lost kingdom, – Khazaria.

    Explains why the Ukies are being treated like the Palestinians, – without even realising it.

    Interestingly, during Pelosi’s introductory speech to Zelensky, she dropped another little snippet, when she referred to the White House as ‘this Temple.’

    Certainly a case of watch this space.

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  15. dr: “Many insights were alluded to yesterday, during Zelensky’s first visit to Washington. As Biden said, – to celebrate the the ‘Hanukkah’ ”

    That would make perfect sense seeing as how Zelensky is on record that he wants to turn Ukraine into a Big Israel and how Biden has declared himself a Zionist on the premise that “You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist”.

    Looks like the pieces are neatly falling into place and explains why the 15 million Russian Ukrainians need to be removed from Zelensky’s Big Israel.

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  16. Brought to you by the American Gladio corporation – “Love, American Style”.

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  17. Apologies for my poorly phrased and partially coherent recent posts, completely rushed and unfocused today. Probably exacerbated by recent over exposure to Biden speeches!

    I meant that a similar ‘terrorist themed’ false flag is probably in the making, as Putin has just been allocated the role of Bin Laden.

    The terrorist narrative overlaps are too similar to ignore, even Anthony Blinken has just admitted [22 Dec], that the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan was designed to release military resources for the Neo-Cons Ukrainian operation [see RT News].

    Although NATO troops are presently engaged against Russian troops, they have consistently failed to achieve, or alter the situation. They are retreating alongside the Ukies, so the Neo-Cons must up the game.

    Having failed to deliver the goods and make good his assignment, Zelensky has been called to Washington to explain himself, – like a naughty schoolboy summoned to the headmaster’s office (Congress). The Neo-Cons are not happy.

    A ‘Pentagon type’ false flag on U.S. or European soil will be useful to garner public support, and especially if they can pin it on their newly designated ‘terrorist Putin,’ – just as they did with Bin Laden.

    The whole 9/11 inspired operation is now re-locating from Afghanistan to Ukraine, just as Blinken informed us yesterday.

    This will justify Washington’s unconcealed aim to get NATO fully mobilised in Ukraine.

    Yesterday they announced to the world, that they intend to get their heavy equipment deployed: meaning their armoured divisions, fighter wings and new missile defence systems. These technologically advanced weapons will not be manned by untrained Ukrainians.

    Due to the diversity of NATO nations involved, this would imply a world war, – or World War III.

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  18. Yes Dr. You got it! “Watching the recent Biden/Zelensky theatre, everyone soon gets the point.”
    Dumb and Dumber together in the same space – God only knows what they’ve cooked up… besides the obvious that is!


  19. The emerging narrative is basically a shoddy rinse and repeat of the original Pentagon script/agenda, i.e., crash something into the Pentagon as a means of legitimising an illegal and fabricated ‘War on Terror.’

    Watching the recent Biden/Zelensky theatre, everyone soon gets the point.

    The whole Hanukkah/Congress script was designed to transform President Putin from a ‘statesman’ into a ‘terrorist’ – a new Bin-Laden.

    Phase I: Re-characterise President Putin as a ‘terrorist.’

    Phase II: Stage a Pentagon ‘terrorist attack’ by the terrorist Putin.

    Phase III: Mobilise the West in a new war against terror. Meaning – the newly designated ‘terrorist Russia.’

    It’s so utterly predictable, that it no longer challenges the mind.

    Let’s see who they pin it on?

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  20. @rubygray888 Your skepticism is honourable but when you go deeper you’ll find that a missile did indeed hit the Pentagon NOT a plane – see this link and check out the entire page whilst you are at it!!

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  21. Absolutely. They just told everyone what their plans are. So a major false flag is required through which to influence a majority Congressional approval.

    Here’s what they say at their ‘Hanukkah Congress special’ [Dec 23. 1:50 am]. Utterly repulsive lying scum.

    This Pentagon op was certainly a fast one!, – obviously their agenda is running behind schedule.

    PS. Apologies for previous post’s shameful grammar, – extremely rushed.

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  22. Hi Grazza, There is also an absolute plethora of links/video footage etc right here in the CN archives. TGP (and other reputable sites) also ran a re-hash on the last anniversary. Pretty much ‘case closed’ even for the most stalwart doubters.


  23. Hi Dr. Yes you are absolutely correct. VERY little doubt they are ‘setting the stage’ and priming the eternally gullible – as you state: “This support can only be achieved by a major false flag op, so at some point, one will be concocted.”
    And we can expect another in Australia in the very near future. Tara was rather amateur, bungled and transparent – even for the sheeple!


  24. Where are all the videos mentioned/highlighted in these articles? Seems funny, doesn’t it, when videos from years and years ago can still be viewed on Youtube.


  25. Hi daviddd2, Yeah I know right?!🤣


  26. matters not if the event, or footage is genuine, CGI, Hollywood production, or concocted in teenager’s bedroom

    What matters, is if the ZOG propaganda arm choose to the use footage to instigate popular support, and legitimise the next stage of their terrorist agenda.

    It’s how the footage is used that matters.

    Many insights were alluded to yesterday, during Zelensky’s first visit to Washington. As Biden said, – to celebrate the the ‘Hanukkah’ (I.e. the restoration of Jerusalem). During this presidential speech [which I posted yesterday], both presidents make it quite clear, that they are going to ratchet up WWIII.

    Biden wants to donate $45 billion [of tax payers money], As well as sending tanks and fighter jets [which will be American manned], but needs Congressional support.

    This support can only be achieved by a major false flag op, so at some point, one will be concocted .

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  27. Hi Neville Thompson, re: “The building and the surrounding area looks like something out of a video game.” Totally. As did the entirety of the false flag event.

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  28. Hi Brian Johnston,re: “There was no plane in the pentagon.” Exactly. It has been proven just on the wing span alone, that it was definitely Not an aircraft. Think most of us have read sufficient factual documentation/books and/or viewed sufficient footage over the years to have worked it all out by now eh?!

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  29. Yes, a missile was filmed flying into the Pentagon. Whether or not it was a SCUD is irrelevant. What is relevant is asking who fired it and from where!

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  30. Well, since the FBI officially refuses to release all available videos which it confiscated and locked up without saying why evading the truth was a matter of national security, this one is just as good as any. It’s probably closer to the truth than the official story which they STILL REFUSE to corroborate with real video evidence of any aeroplane.

    As for being a Russian made “scud” missile, well… that just goes to show how much we are being gaslit. I thought Scud missiles were ballistic missiles, they come over the top, they don’t fly horizontally and they don’t hug the ground. lol No way it was a “tomahawk”, right? That would be too down to earth to conclude, I suppose?

    The video may or may not be fake but I reckon the scud story is BS fiction.

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  31. A few years ago on the Able Danger website, there was a video and photos of a crane removing part of an aircraft fuselage from the hole in the Pentagon building, near the office of the Director if Naval Intelligence. It was dated the day after 9/11. The fuselage was very distinctive as it was box shaped, not round. There was also a pipe running down the left side of the fuselage connected to an air-to-air refueling probe at the front. The aircraft was an A3D Skywarrior “droned” from Raytheon. It was carrying a “bunker busting” cruise missile or similar ordinance.
    Here is a PDF you can download and browse when you have your next coffee!
    Sit dawn, starting at page 10.–pdf-free.html

    The link below was censored by my WiFi site, so I suspect it is right on target!

    31 Jan 2013 … BBC Photo shows A3 Skywarrior 9/11 Pentagon Hit. … 911, The Pentagon And The A3 Skywarrior Theory … Bunker Busting with Clustered.


  32. Neville Thompson

    That looks like a fake because upon that white streak reaching the building it stops .
    It doesn’t show any explosion inside the building .
    The building and the surrounding area looks like something out of a video game

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  33. There was no plane in the pentagon. So what happened to the people who were on the plane who went missing. I have a very good idea.
    We were informed years ago that a plane delivered the missile. The plane continued on.

    One of the planes that flew into the twin towers appears to be a hologram.

    Timothy McVeigh’s truckload of chicken shit did not take out the Murrah building. That is his nitrate fertilizer bomb didn’t.
    A bomb was placed in an underground pipe (sewer?) hence the reason he had to park the truck in an exact location. The explosion sent the truck axle into a nearby street.
    The damage further away was worse than the damage closer to the truck. Pineapple explosive were planted in the building.
    An interstate novice earthquake researcher picked up several (3) blasts in quick succession.

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  34. This video might be controlled misinformation.

    The commentary keeps asserting that “it was a Scud missile” – to which I say “Bollocks!”.

    Scuds are ballistic missiles – they go up, and they come down. Nothing against Scuds, I wouldn’t want to be on the business end of one – but they don’t skim along just metres above the ground like a cruise missile might.

    Further, whatever is portrayed in that video lacks fidelity to the only other relevant video evidence which I have seen, which was taken from a Pentagon security gate video. That video showed a fleeting glimpse of a small aircraft tailplane scooting along at a very low height prior to the impact and explosion at the Pentagon wall – definitely not a massive airliner as described by the official narrative, and something that we might speculate was a cruise missile or a repurposed small jet aircraft.

    Maybe the “Scud missile” video would have more veracity if the circumstances of its creation were articulated, but in its present form – not persuasive.

    In any case, anyone who objectively investigated the available evidence – video and otherwise – surrounding the Pentagon impact will have concluded long ago that a missile of some description hit the Pentagon, and definitely not any massive multi-engine jet airliner.

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  35. Something like that no doubt happened, but fabricating evidence to make a point is how we got discredited as conspiracy theorists in the first place.

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  36. I 100% agree with Ruby Gray, why did the camera move or make a jerky motion?
    Anyone with just basic photoshop experience can make that, this person did shoddy work on it..
    I work in photoshop most of my days and even I can tell what the go is, and this isn’t it!!


  37. Or at any of the other alleged plane crash sites…. lie11


  38. Brandon, that is exactly what a Russian Nuclear Engineer said A nuclear blast in underground, basement, as to the molten metal there for weeks, and naturally the Thermite, We look at the early Construction of these building and no Coke Cans Knonk em down, A e10 drone might built by Raython that hit the Server floors of both building, and add a bit more Thermite under the Guise of Asbestos removel, 9/11Truthers, JB WELLS, they all so did have a big Conference in Texas i think 2017.


  39. This is such a crock. A demonstrably mutilated military video with its date cut off the lower edge, and a “missile” inserted. You should do much better research than this, and you would have found the original which is dated some considerable time before 9/11. You need to delete this before you lose all credibility.

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  40. There was a YT vid by black box reader Dennis Cimino, and tells the story why, if you can find it


  41. When I saw the vision of the second plane hitting the Towers, I said to myself: “This would not happen in America unless they let it happen.”
    I refer to that event as an own goal.

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  42. There was references to an FBI agent that repoted 20 Russian missiles being imported to USA over the Canadian border prior to Sept11 and he could not get senior FBI officials to acknowledge, much less follow up, the intelligence he had gathered. It is said it was one of these that hit the Pentagon – especially as it had bunker busting properties…


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