Trump is still the boss and if in doubt just read this


How did President Trump know to DECLARE a National Emergency TWO years before Covid and the Presidential Election of 2020? 

Executive Order 13848:

This EO was also passed in September 2018, TWO months before midterms 2018. 

Proving Military Occupancy started in 2016 😎

Plus inside the Order it says:

Including the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (50 U.S.C. 1701 et seq.) (IEEPA), the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1601 et seq.) (NEA), section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 (8 U.S.C. 1182(f)), and section 301 of title 3, United States Code,  

International Emergency Economic Powers Act:

National Emergencies Act:

Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952:

3 US Code Section 301:

Which specifically says:

“The President of the United States is authorized to designate and empower the head of any department or agency in the executive branch, or any official thereof who is required to be appointed by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, to perform without approval, ratification, or other action by the President (1) any function which is vested in the President by law, or (2) any function which such officer is required or authorized by law to perform only with or subject to the approval, ratification, or other action of the President: Provided, That nothing contained herein shall relieve the President of  his responsibility in office for the acts of any such head or other official designated by him to perform such functions. Such designation and authorization shall be in writing, shall be published in the Federal Register, shall be subject to such terms, conditions, and limitations as the President may deem advisable, and shall be revocable at any time by the President in whole or in part. (Added Oct. 31, 1951, ch. 655, §10, 65 Stat. 712.)

Executive Order 13848:

Section 1. (a) Not later than 45 days after the conclusion of 👉🏻a👈🏻United States election, the Director of National Intelligence,  

Sec. 8. For the purposes of this order:

(e) the term “United States election” means any election for Federal office held on, or after, the date of this order; 

Congress did NOT address this 2018 National Emergency Declaration.

President Trump was the first to mention Corona-Virus to the American Public in his February 4, 2020, State of the Union address:

Minute 45:28 “We are coordinating with the Chinese government and working closely on the Corona-Virus outbreak in China, my admin will take all necessary steps to safeguard our citizens from this THREAT.”

2/2/2020 SOTU Address:

Then DECLARED Two more National Emergencies March 13 and 27, 2020, that Congress also FAILED to address to the Nation, therefore President Trump had to use War Powers and Emergency Powers of the President granted by Article II and IV of the Constitution, the Presidential Emergencies Act, the Stafford Act, Title 10, and made proclamations in:

10 US Code Chapter 1209:

Executive Order 13912:

It says: Including the National Emergencies Act (50 US Code 1601):

It also says in EO 13912:

Section 1. Emergency Authority.

To provide additional authority to the Secretaries of Defense and Homeland Security to respond to the national emergency declared by Proclamation 9994, the authorities under section 12302 of title 10, United States Code, and sections 2127, 2308, 2314, and 3735 of title 14, United States Code, are invoked and made available, according to their terms, to the Secretaries of Defense and Homeland Security.

Proclamation 9994:

Under Section 12302 of Title 10: P2/

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. More disinfo for the Q-tards… not worth a watch




    Credit: il donaldo trumpo and the lovely ladies that made this


  3. Geez you’re not wrong daviddd2. Need injections for the injections 🥴


  4. rotflmao The injections are working fine! lmao A clear breach of the blood-brain barrier.

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  5. Oh FFS! Seek some help.


  6. Your saviour was born female, and his wife and kids? Transvestigation: Melania Trump Is A Man


  7. Rather off-topic, but unable to find a more applicable thread… With the US and their puppet allies having long regarded NK and especially Kim-Jong-Un as the recalcitrant ‘problem child’ – well they ain’t seen nothin yet! Here comes his little sis…the very candid, take no prisoners Kim-Yo-jong. More ready than ever to take the reins.–idiots-top-5-verbal-barbs-launched-by-kim-jong-uns-sisters-at-foreign-powers-1104656952.html


  8. Crisscross, have archived same comment. A gem of truth and real history! During Weimar “the mob” operated exactly the same way in Germany.


  9. If and when the Jewish agenda holds sway –

    Speaking of the real good guys and bad guys of WWII… this comment, from an 85 year old Londoner (posted on in response to a Henry Makow article) reveals that at least some Londoners had things figured out:


    As W W 2 looked increasingly likely in the 1930s, the Synagogues put out the message for all jews to get into anything to do with war supplies, Winston Churchill and Herbert Morrison the Home Office minister and minister for provisions, made sure everything came from jewish suppliers.
    Lord Lindeman, the cut out man between Rothschild and Churchill, said on Jewish news, quote ” This is one very good business opportunity for us all”
    Herbert Morrison was Peter Mandlesons grandfather, Aleister Crowley Churchills freind and fellow 33rd degree mason, said of Morrison “he is so bent he cant even piss straight”

    When our menfolk were fighting W W 2 the jews in the UK went to jewish doctors and got signed off war service with petty things like flat feet short sight and occasional severe headaches.

    This left the country at the mercy of swathes of jewish men.

    London suffered very badly with these gangs, the Kray twins took over from Peter Rachman who took over from Jack “spot” Comer and Billy Hill, until recently organised crime gangs were jewish and supported by Mossad.

    Similarly in Northern Ireland drugs like ectasy tablets etc came in by the thousand from Mossad to be sold by the Para-Militaries to raise money to buy israeli guns and exposives.

    Master criminal Mad Frankie Fraser said in a TV interview that during the wartime blackout, the jewish gangs would go out at night to the shops and businesses who refused to pay them protection money, and rob them then set them on fire, they would then say it was caused by a stray German bomb.

    Churchill himself used this excuse when he had the British Geneology centre burnt down with its births and deaths documents going back centuries, this was so that later he could claim that there were always people of colour here when they only started coming in after w w 2.

    Houses and businesses were burgled, and the contents would be sold in London’s Petticoat Lane an area well known for fencing stolen goods.
    Black marketeers con men spivs fences and forged food coupon sellers, all jews and all operating in london, the expression “oh what a lovely war” was heard on many jewish lips.

    The soldiers away fighting, did not get their pay regularly, and many wives at home got into debt with the jewish moneylenders, the jews forced them to sign away their homes, many were forced into prostitution for the jews, and any who ran away had their faces slashed, this was why the jews were called ”Razor gangs”, the Edgware Rd in London was where many teenage and even underage girls were forced to perform sexually for the jew, these girls were known as “shiksa trade” and a lot of money was made from the USA servicemen over here.

    So the Muslim gangs who were recently exposed as raping hundreds of young kids is nothing new, and our government let both cases go on and on.

    The broadcaster William Joyce had his face slashed for speaking out about wartime jewish crime. I remember as a small boy my mothers small parlour in Londons East End would have the neighbours all cram in to hear William Joyce broadcasts, because British soldiers would call the BBC ” Bullshit time” and as the war ended, people would say its over and we won, we did not win we lost big time, but the jews all made fortunes, and they were all able to move to upmarket homes away from East London to Ilford Barkingside and Chigwell.

    One can read online about the Battle of Cable street, I watched it from my window and the truth was very different.

    There was more fear in London of the jewish gangs than of Hitler, Oswald Mosely was a British Patriot and such a skilled politician that the Jews asked him to lead both UK political parties, but he refused. Oswald Mosely set up the Blackshirts, men easily recognisable who could be called on for help, these men old or very young, as our strong healthy men were away fighting to get Germany away from Hitler and back under jewish control, these brave men would stand guard outside shops and homes during the nights of the blackout to protect them, this was what caused the jews communists and racist types to fight the English families in Cable st.”

    You can find the original comment posted under this story:

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  10. “We all have family and friends who just would not listen to us about the vaccine bioweapon but listened to Karl and Koshie!”

    Therein the REAL problem! Too many simple people who are conditioned to being astonishingly more simple than they need to be. Unless you’re one of their “authoritative” celebrity heroes you’re automatically cast as a freak.

    Fancy trusting unknown paid megaphones they know nothing about such as Karl or Kochie more than trusting their own family. It borders on stupidity. Correction, it IS stupidity!


  11. “I’ll let Donald Trump answer that question for you!”

    We will see what we will see I suppose, hope springs eternal even for a somewhat of a pessimist like me. lol


  12. No idea, mate. Is it a Cairns News notification? I hope it’s not coming up with my own email address as the sender, in which case it needs investigating.


  13. Daviddd2

    I have a question for you now:

    Why do your messages come straight to my private email when everyone else on Cairns News doesn’t?!?

    I haven’t signed up to get any private emails from the public, I only get private emails from Cairns News editor


  14. Daviddd2 I’ll let Donald Trump answer that question for you!

    Credit: American Patriot Twitter


  15. Fed Up:
    “Thanks for that, its a pity they didn’t do a write up in “Vanity Fair” of how Trump and the military alliance are saving children from Child Trafficking worldwide”.

    lol Why would they do that and write something positive about Trump when they’re obviously writing a hit piece on him? For mine, Trump has his good points but he is not beyond criticism, his former and current connections put him in a grey area which is worth a closer look before going all in for him.


  16. Crisscross767

    Thanks for that, its a pity they didn’t do a write up in “Vanity Fair” of how Trump and the military alliance are saving children from Child Trafficking worldwide


  17. Anyone who knows anything about Roy Cohn and his alleged successor Jeffrey Epstein would find plenty to be curious and intrigued about.


  18. Where’s My Roy Cohn? Digs into One of the 20th Century’s Most Evil Men

    The film, which premieres today at the Sundance Film Festival, explores the life and times of Roy Cohn—and his mentorship of an upstart mogul named Donald Trump.

    Mary Alice Miller
    January 25, 2019


  19. Where’s My Roy Cohn? Digs into One of the 20th Century’s Most Evil Men

    The film, which premieres today at the Sundance Film Festival, explores the life and times of Roy Cohn—and his mentorship of an upstart mogul named Donald Trump.

    Mary Alice Miller
    January 25, 2019


  20. • Israel Controls Donald Trump & Plays Him Like an Orange Fiddle – Jake Morphonios


  21. Verdict in the MH17 Crash Case: Show Trial and Travesty of Justice

    Internationalist 360°

    Nov 20

    Christelle Néant On 17 November 2022, the Hague Tribunal delivered its verdict in the MH17 crash case, convicting three of the four defendants. And if the trial quickly turned out to be a parody of justice, the verdict itself is delirious, so much so that its text contradicts itself from one sentence to the next […]

    Read more of this post


  22. Fair comment Thomas Hayes. Trump mentions numerous times:

    “Nothing can stop what is coming” That means full disclosure and the truth.

    I have mentioned my take on this about Trump and vaccines below, taken on what I have heard and researched, It does not mean it is correct.

    But I bet it’s a lot more bloody accurate than the narrative set by the MSM….we’ll wait and see

    Julian Assange is suppose to be related to Trump and he is a ‘dead ringer’ for Trumps uncle….we’ll wait and see

    We are all in a war of good and evil and have been lied to all our lives about absolutely everything by the illuminati

    Even some/most of Victoria’s Secret models are guys, hence Victoria’s Secret meaning Queen Victoria who was suppose to have been a bloke….We’ll wait and see!

    John Wilson mentions in the interview below how he tries to explain this to his daughter, who does what most young girls do, and try to compare themselves with these people.

    My theory is that this is probably why many women have suffered from eating disorders and body image problems. John is right, women cannot compare to the body of a male, even if it is a she male.

    A lot of Hollywood are transgender, there is a great twitter page where a chap compares male/ female skeletal images of celebrities and shows you how they do penis tucks

    We have been fooled into worshipping false ‘idols’ such as the above mentioned and not God / Spiritual being

    Lots of people have been fooled into worshiping celebrities, sports people etc etc

    The Catholic Church is even satanic and has satanic imagery all over the Vatican. There are people that have spent many hours researching this but you won’t find this on MSM, better to duck duck go instead of google

    Trump has been put into this situation because he knows most of these so called ‘Elites’ including Epstein, but loves America and is trying to save the children and the rest of the world from these evil devil worshipers. He is not a politician, he is a businessman…there lies the difference

    The world media has done a lot of damage to M K Ultra (brain wash) as I have mentioned in the comments below.

    We all have family and friends who just would not listen to us about the vaccine bioweapon but listened to Karl and Koshie!

    That is just my opinion on what I have researched.

    Turn off MSM and do your own research

    This is a biblical war and its time for everyone to Wake Up!


  23. Gore Vidal – We only have one party that has two wings. Democrats and Republicans…


  24. Weird how almighty TRUMP says in all his interviews that Operation Warpseed is great, and his advocated injections are not only safe and effective but that NO ONE has died from them……Has he not seen the VAERS report?? Which a recent Harvard University report found that VAERS is only 1% reported and recorded out of all actual cases…..???

    Weird how he also signed the EUA on 9/19/19 to greenlight all mRNA experimental gene therapy treatments (before the plandemic rollout), which previously were never deemed to be safe by the corrupt FDA because those products never made it past phase 1 in the clinical animal trials, because the animals always died early on.

    Strange too how Trump’s FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb joined the board at Pfizer approximately 2 months after departing the FDA? Also strange how his intial FDA commissioner is now a board member of Moderna? (Gates/Soros)

    Bizzare how Trump never fired Fauci, and never released Julian Assange from prison who helped to get him elected. However instead he pardoned people like zionist Aviem Sella (Jonathan Pollard’s handler = zionist spy), zionist Sholom Rubashkin, and zionist Charles Kushner, his son-in law Jared’s father.

    In the USA, VAERS currently has recorded 24,000 Deaths and 128,000 Injuries, many which are life threatening as you can easily see the countless testimonials here on Telegram. Now multiply those numbers by a factor of 99. (can you do the math???)

    So my question then is who is lying? The vaxxed dead and injured? VAERS?
    Or Trump???


  25. Yep daviddd2, Arthur Koestler – author of The Thirteenth Tribe – which you would undoubtedly be familiar with, once said:
    “The continuous disasters of man’s history are mainly due to his excessive capacity and urge to become identified with a tribe, nation, church or cause, and to espouse its credo uncritically and enthusiastically, even if its tenets are contrary to reason, devoid of self-interest and detrimental to the claims of self-preservation.We are thus driven to the unfashionable conclusion that the trouble with our species is not an excess of aggression, but an excess capacity for fanatical devotion.”


  26. lol When most people can get through an entire lifetime without ever hearing anything about an empire the size of the Khazarian Empire then it would not be unreasonable to conclude that information about it has been suppressed for some reason. Once you start digging into it, it becomes rather clear why.

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    We have all heard of Kevin “Bloody” Wilson!….I wasn’t a big fan as I thought he was quite vulgar!…but that is my opinion only… many Aussies loved him

    But here is John “Fkn” Wilson…..You will see why I referred to him as this in the interview. What a great interview. You don’t have to agree with everything he says but if you don’t get educated and a laugh out of this at the same time you need to shake yourself off, go for a walk and self talk and get back in contact with your authentic self.

    I’m not a commi and definitely not a unionist, but as a bushie, I have learnt the art of “listening” to other options and not just ‘hearing’ what they have to say.

    Thank you John and the two special ladies that posted this interview

    Hopefully it will load so you can enjoy this interview as much as I did…if not go for a bush walk in nature and have a long think about it!



    A really great little interview about Trump elections, twitter, facebook and freedom of speech for anyone that may be interested on an update of what is happening in America.


  29. This is an interesting post, especially what Trump is saying in the background.

    Whether you like him or not, he certainly has given up a comfortable retirement, not only to save America but to save the world as well including the children.


  30. It looks like “a couple” of Cairns News readers just want to listen to and agree with each others safe academic comments and God forbid some outsider comes in that has a different approach.

    I get very animated about the child trafficking and yes I probably said some comments that where not warranted but I will OWN my own behaviour because I have witnessed and read some horrific goings on here in Australia and around the world.

    If you get the same people agreeing with each other ‘group think’ kicks in and we all know how dangerous that is.

    F’&K is just another ‘word’ and some of you chose to be offended by it because the Cabal, illuminati, media etc etc have told you to be offended by swear words. We need to break free of their MK Ultra spells in more ways than one.

    So just think of my swearing as breaking the illuminati spell….thats a joke by the way!

    If the media tomorrow told everyone to be offended by the word “coffee” I bet there would be many people that would follow this ‘order’

    I will continue to share information on Cairns News until Cairns News editor decides to kick me off and not Dandy

    I understand a lot of people are busy with work and families and don’t have time, so that is why I like to share my info to however might be interested.

    The whole idea of Trump bringing in the new Quantum Financial and other Quantum systems is because we will all no longer be slaves to the NWO cabal

    You can chose not to read my comments or not watch what I post and move on

    Thank you and God bless


  31. &&&… If it wasn’t for CnsNews sharing articles, content, their views, commentators links & questions, insights & debate, some of us would be LESS educated. It’s a great sight for me to refer “the unbelievables” to. Just for a minute, imagine the work they must do

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  32. daviddd2: Amen! to that mate
    DJ: Well said!!!
    & GodBless pcwwp’s cotton picking soul. True troopers!

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  33. pcwwp: yep mate, the old girl is still alive x

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  34. Agree, we all have our point of view, if we all agreed we’d all be either wrong or right. And we’d of course never know which is which. An opposite view is always a good check for our own view. My filters allow everything through except nastiness, insult and rudeness. And CN comments I must say generally have very little of that sort of crap. Cheers.

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  35. Well stated daviddd2. The freakin like button is overrated anyway. I tend to use it only as a form of support, when I don’t have anything elaborative or constructive to add. You may have noticed (as others have witnessed)…I have been verbally abused on several occasions by one particular commentator, for simply liking other people’s comments. LMAO.

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  36. I read this comment and thought – I totally agree – and then i looked who wrote it – of course – auntieet.. Hope all is well..

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  37. Hi Dandy, ron and auntieet, I fully agree with all of your balanced opinions. As I’ve said a number of times, I think it’s (as always), a simple case of a FEW tarnishing an otherwise excellent, intelligent, informative and discussive forum. The vast majority of commentators on CN, treat other commentators with respect, whether in agreement or disagreement. Those who resort to juvenile personal attacks (usually laced with profanity) are best to be ignored. They simply crave attention, confrontation and reaction. As do the resident idealogues, who are also transparent, albeit not usually abusive in their commentaries.
    Compared with other independent news forums, CN is very lenient. The aforementioned behaviour is most often swiftly dealt with and the perpetrators blocked on those forums. That is what Fakebook is for. We are fortunate to have such a generally unbiased, well presented platform – of which CN should be proud.
    Yes ron, you are very correct in your psychological analysis of gaslighting. I think we both have qualifications and/or acquired life skills from our respective careers relative to this field. We instantly recognise those who indulge in gaslighting as unwell, extremely unfulfilled people – consumed by their anger, hatred and toxicity.
    And Yes auntieet, personally, many commentators’ viewpoints are eagerly anticipated – with their sharing of information; life experiences and even sometimes challenging insights. Intelligent, respectful debate. That is how we grow – both individually and collectively.

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  38. Right on, auntieet! Unfortunately my like button doesn’t work so here’s a lil “backslap for ya, even at the risk of further alienating Dandy and such others who may object to such acknowledgement. Couldn’t agree more with you. People are entitled to debate & disagree (civilly and without insult of course). Amen!

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  39. Ron: Yep, I saw the film, old black&white days, took me years to work out what people in present day were talking about when they said ‘gaslighting’. Hey, if I don’t see anymore of your comments… take care mate


  40. No Ron, I like to read what you say, always good debate.
    No Dandy, some commentators on CnsNews have libraries of info, their links that also lead to other sites & true news is invaluable. CnsNews is a great ‘one stop shop’. (& People are entitled to debate & disagree, all good for education).

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  41. Dandy – “If people can’t see the same old diversionary gatecrashing rabbit holing echo chamber now on CN with every single article, which is no doubt a purposeful attempt to flood any viable comments, then they need to learn to recognise infiltration when it happens.
    I don’t buy all the back slapping.”

    Fully agree with your well said above comment.
    Suddenly way to much recent gaslighting.
    I am now taking a good rest from making comments, as I do not need to be a part of continuous gaslighting in the comments sections. My last parting comment:

    The term “gaslighting” comes from the name of a 1938 play and 1944 film, Gaslight, in which a husband manipulates his wife into thinking she has a mental illness.

    Examples of gaslighting
    Trivializing: This occurs when a person belittles or disregards how someone else feels. They may accuse them of being “too sensitive” or overreacting in response to valid and reasonable concerns.

    Denial: Denial involves a person refusing to take responsibility for their actions. They may do this by pretending to forget what happened, saying they did not do it, or blaming their behavior on someone else – Gaslighting

    Diverting: With this technique, a person changes the focus of a discussion by questioning the other person’s credibility. For example, they might say, “That is just nonsense you read on the internet. It is not real.”

    Stereotyping: An article in the American Sociological Review says that a person may intentionally use negative stereotypes about someone’s gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, nationality, or age to gaslight them. For example, they may say that no one will believe a woman if she reports abuse.

    How gaslighting works
    Gaslighting is a method of gaining control over someone else.
    The more this happens, the more power and influence the abusive person has.

    Where can gaslighting occur?
    Political gaslighting
    Political gaslighting occurs when a political group or figure lies or manipulates information to control people, according to an article in the Buffalo Law Review.
    For example, the person or political party may downplay things their administration has done, discredit their opponents, imply that critics are mentally unstable, or use controversy to deflect attention away from their mistakes.

    Causes of gaslighting behavior
    Gaslighting is a behavior that people learn by watching others. A person who uses this tactic may have learned it is an effective way of obtaining what they want or controlling people. They may feel entitled to have things their way or that the wants and needs of others do not matter.
    Sometimes, people with personality disorders such as narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) exhibit abusive behavior. A 2020 articleTrusted Source states that people with NPD have:
    • a consistent need for admiration and attention
    • a belief that they are better than everyone else or special in some way
    • a lack of empathy

    Who becomes a gaslighter?
    Those who employ this tactic often have a personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder and psychopathy chief among them. Manipulators have a tendency to present one face to their prey and another to the rest of the world, leading victims to assume that if they ask for help or speak out, no one will believe that they have been manipulated and emotionally abused. Gaslighters typically repeat the tactics across several relationships
    Ref: Medical News Today,
    Psychology Today

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  42. We opened up comments because we do not have the manpower to read them every hour. Ed

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  43. Cairns News would do well to turn off the comments and just print like a paper with comments disabled.
    And yes, that obviously would include my ability to comment.

    If people can’t see the same old diversionary gatecrashing rabbit holing echo chamber now on CN with every single article, which is no doubt a purposeful attempt to flood any viable comments, then they need to learn to recognise infiltration when it happens.
    I don’t buy all the back slapping.
    Go and find a facebook.

    I’m not sure what happened to CN, but I guess it was inevitable.
    There’s no way it was going to be immune to the garbage.
    A purposeful attempt to discredit it?

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  44. daviddd2

    In all honesty, we all need a good R M Williams boot up the arse WAKE UP call!
    and asap!

    We have all been asleep at the wheel, I feel especially Australia
    Goodness knows what crap they have been putting in our food and water as well as M K Ultra of the MSM.

    Speaking of R M Williams, this might be a bit controversial but I would like to see R M Williams company go back to the Williams family.
    Too many billionaires taking over family business’

    Make R M Williams boots great again!

    Trump is making the Kodak company great again with the pharmaceuticals and Quantum med beds



    The first part of this reel is just hearsay evidence as FCB decode admitted in his own words but the interesting part of the interview was about Alex Jones. Keep your ears and eyes open because you don’t know who’s who in the zoo. Especially here in Australia!!!
    His interviews are being viewed world wide so I thought I would post.


  46. ….well done Mr. President and Commander in Chief and our wonderful military alliance world-wide
    Thank you for saving our children

    Thank you


  47. I love bubbles tweets….


  48. “Trump and Putin are clearing the swamp , cabal / deep state and it’s deep .All will be revealed soon….”



  49. Yep I see your point daviddd2. Still far too many Rino’s and Demonrats, et al running the asylum. Plus maybe that any kind of ‘mess’ can be created in very little time – but take ages to rectify and/or clean up the resultant aftermath?
    Actually, I didn’t get the premise/gist of the contributed article lol


  50. Time to wake up ,we are in a war the biggest in history. Always deaths in war Trump and Putin are clearing the swamp , cabal / deep state and it’s deep .All will be revealed soon when DJT the C in C / the alliance thinks the time is right . But I think we are getting close . Get ready for shocks .

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  51. Hi Paul Hogan, Lol… and adamantly agree! Reckon there’s a lot of truth in saying that – as a flow on effect it most definitely would.


  52. Go Trump! Make Australian Great again!

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  53. D Johnston: ” However, DJT, like Putin has always decried mandates. DJT was quoted as saying: “Forget about the mandates, including masks. People have to have their freedom”.

    Sure, but my point is that the warp speed of the roll out can now be matched with a warp speed investigation into the injections and their consequences.

    If Trump is “still the boss” then it should be just as quick as the injection roll out. But it doesn’t seem that too many of the previous key players are much interested despite the plethora of sad and negative indicators. 😦


  54. Wow


  55. Sorry, read Revelation 17-18. The boss is the Prostitute Church located in the City of Seven Hills controlled by the Little Horn of Daniel 7. Trump is another pawn.


  56. Hi daviddd2, Yes there was “Warp Speed”. Agreed. When EVERYBODY was busy rolling out something. Including Putin – with Sputnik V – which was not an mRNA vaccine, but a twin vector vaccine. However, DJT, like Putin has always decried mandates. DJT was quoted as saying: “Forget about the mandates, including masks. People have to have their freedom”. So yet again, ultimately the choice and onus of submitting to any of the scamdemic bs still falls on the individual.


  57. lol Glad to hear Trump is still the boss. Maybe someone can get him to check out the following at “Warp Speed” too.

    “Disturbing increase in excess deaths among children and young adults, European data reveals”

    “Americans under 25 die at ALARMING rate since COVID shot rollout”

    “FDA ignored COVID shot-related safety signals in elderly, investigative report reveals”


  58. Fed Up: “….No its YOU we are ALL waiting for to WAKE UP!”

    Hehe… Slowly, mate, don’t rush me. Take another 1000 years. lol

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  59. Catalystic Duck

    I understand the confusion we all have in relation to why Donald Trump pushed operation warp speed. TonyRyan43 mentions this in these pages as well with the mRNA vaccines.
    I have heard different scenarios regarding this, from pushing warp speed forward to expose the illuminate as we would have ALL been forced vaccinated by 2030, to Deep State using a clone Trump to push this agenda. To one of his family members being injured by the Covid19 vaccine
    I am confused about this as much as everyone else including Trump supporters.
    Most are aware that it is not always the ‘real’ Donald Trump that are at his rallies for safety reasons as the Deep State have tried to knock him off on numerous occasions.
    But what I do see is someone that would rather be playing golf and retiring but he chose to stand up and fight for America and the world and to stop child trafficking and the massive drug problem.
    The truth will be revealed soon.
    As I mentioned before Trump has always stated “Nothing can stop what is coming!” Which will be disclosure and the truth



    Clarification 2 before I disconnect myself from the net for a few days:

    By Smart City AI police, I mean that AI will be the infringement issuing police officer, automatically deducting credits from your CBDC wallet.

    No need for police officers, other than discretionless thugs to drag away unfortunates.


  61. Daviddd2 and Jo

    This is what slowly waking the people up looks like, and isn’t it wonderful to see….it didn’t take this young lass 2000 years!


  62. Cairns News comment section when someone mentions Trump 🙂




    We are all niggas, slaves of the system.



    I totally respect and enjoy reading your thought provoking comments Fed Up!

    Here in Australia if you’re not ałready here, our controlled representatives forming the parliament of the people (common wealth), follow the US around like dish lickers, so what happens politically in the US effects us greatly.

    That’s not disrespecting American citizens as I’ve lived and worked with them, still do and generally they’re good people, no different to other Australians, Chinese, Kiwis, Russians, Euros and many others I’ve crossed paths with.

    I really do hope your vision of a Quantum System Reset keeps you at arms reach from the feudalist state bearing down on us.

    I can’t see QSR replacing the hierarchical nature of humanity and being a realist I can’t see some one who actioned Operation Warp Speed being a trustworthy libertarian or any different to other puppets.



  65. Daviddd2 and Jo, I must admit your comments did crack me up 🙂

    ….No its YOU we are ALL waiting for to WAKE UP!


  66. Calatamystic Duck

    ….Don’t confuse the New World Order reset to the Quantum System reset.
    One wishes to enslave us the other plans to set us all free.


  67. Cataclysmic Duck

    I think you may have missed my point! Although I do agree with some of your statements.
    I feel you are still being infiltrated by MSM propaganda by some of your statements….turn the bloody telly off!
    “African Americans” have been used and abused like the Australian Aboriginals with the communist agenda.
    I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of the George Soros Smart Cities police are AI’d.
    I saw a fantastic discussion the other day how the Nazi’s never went away and secretly infiltrated America and other countries, hence, as President Putin said, De Nazification and cleaning out of bio weapons and child trafficking in the Ukraine
    Unfortunately I can’t find, as this gentlemen did articulate research on this far better than I could explain in a few words here.
    But go research and find it for yourself
    We have never been free..
    The elite keep the people divided, enslaved with mortgages, work long hours to benefit them only, MK Ultra us (brain wash) with the music, media and the idiot box, poison us with food, medication, etc etc.
    This is why people have to be shown because the cannot be told.
    Trump is cleaning out RINO’s in his own party
    This is a fight against good and evil. It is a biblical war unlike any war we have ever seen.


  68. “‘People need to be woken up slowly’

    What? When it’s all over? 🙂 A thousand or two years is too fast for them?

    Liked by 1 person

  69. ‘People need to be woken up slowly’. Yeah right! At least 2000 years sleeping at the wheel needs another 4000 years to take it slowly to open ones own eyes and suddenly realize whatever was dreamed about as reality was totally FAKE but quite realistic. Revolting peasantry – NOW! Not tomorrow!

    Liked by 1 person

  70. “Hours after winning control of the House, Republicans began laying out plans on Thursday for investigations of President Biden, his administration and his family. On Capitol Hill, the incoming Republican chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Representative James R. Comer of Kentucky, said the panel would focus on trying to link Mr. Biden to the business dealings of his son, Hunter Biden. The reality of a hard-core Trump operative chairing a House Oversight Committee — a powerful body with broad subpoena powers — investigating Hunter Biden’s vast criminal dealings and laptop (accidentally” left at a repair shop) — with all its explosive child sex & drug imagery — portends that we are about to enter the tape-delay-for-normies phase of “The Storm” which has already taken down much of the Deep State.”

    “… the roster of the soon-to-be-in-control majority Republicans on this committee reads like a “Who’s Who” of MAGA “extremists,” each endorsed by Trump himself. In addition to Chairman Comer, we have Jim Jordan (OH), Paul Gosar (AZ), Jody Hice (GA), Virginia Foxx (NC), Michael Cloud (TX) and — as confirmed by the soon-to-be Chairman Comer himself — the fire-breathing Q Anon Princess Margorie Taylor Greene (GA) will be added to the committee in January! Before the rise of Trump (and pre Q) these were the type of marginalized “far right” ™ Republicans who would consider themselves fortunate to be even holding a House seat at all — let alone be permitted to serve on such an important committee. But now, these “extremists” will soon be wielding unanimous majority control of the powerful body.”
    More: Mike King at



    Fed Up! said, ‘People need to be woken up slowly

    As Trump keeps saying, “Nothing can stop what is coming”’

    Fed Up! I feel what is coming must be stopped…immediately.

    While the pantomime casts a spell, the evil Emperors and Techno Feudalists, who have used a production line of power hungry puppets to control the sheeple and highly intelligent, autistic, utopian idiots to manufacture plagues and famines; are now a stones throw from building back better their pre Middle Ages, techno cashless society; where they will thieve by stealth sovereign lands from the people, rule over their Smart Cities, while their chattels wipe their pompous arses for half a bowl of mealworms and rent, and be caged like insectivorous animals happily parroting and bopping to the harmonious rhythm of G6 excited hydrogel in their sterile genitals.

    Or they might FIFO between their 10000 hectares beefed up estates while the niggas are enslaved by Smart City AI police and rounded up by a skeleton force of 120kgs 200cm brain dead muscle if they wander into reality.

    I don’t think we should be waiting for the Sun to burp in our general direction to eliminate the techno hazard.

    There is nothing more upsetting to feudal ambitions than revolting peasantry.


  72. Hi Trudy Anrep, Have previously posted links regarding this, under the relative FTX thread – but here is another you may like…


  73. fXT is a scandal with Biden and Co involved in Money laundering via Ukraine

    Get Outlook for Android


  74. It’s actually Obama who is the boss.
    He never went away.
    He continues to set the stage for the demise of America.
    Let’s face it, his ‘wife’ Michael was in everybody’s face, to mock the once ‘Christian’ nation.
    That’s no conspiracy. Everybody knew his status.
    The mockingbird media knew that Michelle was Michael.
    The mockingbird media are some of the worst script liars we have known in our lifetimes.
    Obama has not retired to the Country.

    Trump is part of the game though. Plenty of predictive programming on his part over the years.
    The whole garbage dump is a convoluted tale of money and power, debts to pay and secrets.
    It’s all pathetic.

    The one good thing about the shock of the last few years is that many have been jolted awake out of the trance and they can’t unsee the betrayals.
    They will never trust again.
    Neither should they.


  75. Give it time Cataclysmic Duck, drip, drip, drip (not you, the exposure 😉

    People need to be woken up slowly

    As Trump keeps saying, “Nothing can stop what is coming”



    Why stop at Biden Fed Up!?

    Pelosi while not giving up her seat, quietly slipped into the shadows, vacating number 3 in line to the presidency. I’ve never seen a drunk hit the bulls eye on the stock market like she has, also her son’s dealings are questionable.


  77. Utterly academic.

    The Republicans and Democrats are Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Blue crims and red crims. Who cares which one done it?

    Trump gave us mRNA jabs so he can hang with the rest of them.


  78. The thing is; if true, and all this has been a charade, then he’s also responsible for everything that’s occurred under Biden as well as al the deaths from the vaccine.

    If true, does he imagine that those who felt betrayed by him will forgive him or that those who’ve been brainwashed to hate him by the media will suddenly recognise what a true patriot he is? Regardless, the word “patriot” is now interpreted by the left to mean traitor. Plus there’s the fact that he still supports the death jabs. How can you reconcile this?


  79. I am sure the CCP has worked out on the basis of their classic text (Sun Tzu: Art of War) that the Biden-bot, stolen election, across-the-board Democrat / Communist corruption and subversion is part of the American smoke-screen. This fact of the Communist coup is still in place, but the US government has switched legal codes and is now under their Uniform Code of Military Justice (1775) code of military law.

    In the SOTU video, it is on record that the House of Representatives in DC is ‘a sovereign state and foreign territory’ as the flag hanging in the House is not gold fringed signifying this fact. This is an important signal.

    There is a huge covert operation going on behind the scene over there to take back the US government from Communist usurpation and set it upon its correct constitutional foundation. Also have a look at


  80. It’s all starting to be exposed for the world to see.


  81. And there you have it!!! Our wonderful brilliant President!! God love him!!! And protect him!!!
    And you know more than 99% of the Americans!!!
    Thank you for always telling the truth !!! I really enjoy your read and take on everything!! Pray we get over and out of this soon!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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