Psychopath Trudeau forces dumbed-down Canadians into more vaxx deaths

(Natural News) We are just weeks away from the completion of summer, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is already threatening to reinstate more lockdowns, mask mandates, and “vaccine” requirements for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) if not enough Canadians voluntarily line up for the latest “booster” jab.

‘In the video, his wild hand gestures, frequent bug eyes, and spastic verbal inflections show that this psychopath is becoming unhinged’

In a statement he provided to the press inside what appeared to be a hospital room, Trudeau argued that covid is “not done with us yet,” even though the vast majority of the world is done with it.

“We might want to be done with it, but it’s still around,” Trudeau stated. “And yes, we have a lot more tools, a lot more understanding, a lot more knowledge on how to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. But we also know that as winter comes, and as people get pushed back indoors, there is a real risk of another serious wave of covid.”

The only solution to that potential “wave,” according to Trudeau, is “to ensure that everyone is up to date on their vaccinations,” otherwise provinces will have to “make decisions about restrictions and mandates.”

“The recommendation is you should be up to date on your vaccinations if you have had a dose within six months,” Trudeau added. “Everyone who has been a while since their vaccinations should look at the fact that we have new vaccines coming out this month that are tailored against Omicron that will provide better protection, and everyone should get out and get vaccinated.”

“If we are able to hit that 80, 85, 90 percent of Canadians up to date in their vaccinations, we’ll have a much better winter with much less need for the kinds of restrictions and rules that were so problematic for everyone over the past years,” he went on to blab.

“But every step of the way, government’s responsibility is to keep people safe, to prevent our health care systems from getting overwhelmed, and that’s where individuals choosing to make sure they’re up to date on their vaccinations with these new vaccines is going to help us all.”

You can watch Trudeau say these things in the video below:

Trudeau is a Manchurian candidate with a dictator complex

Trudeau has been on an extreme tyranny kick the past few years, and really seems to be enjoying himself and his ability to impose whatever nightmarish scenario he wishes with seemingly minimal pushback from Canadians.

His response to the Freedom Convoy trucker protest was to try to invoke the Emergencies Act and shut down people’s bank accounts. Trudeau was also recently caught trying to plot how to turn Canada into a massive “climate change” police state, complete with “biological labs,” torture chamber “interrogation rooms,” and roving armies of firearm-wielding climate enforcers.

“The Canadian Manchurian Candidate PM, whose science background starts and ends with his previous profession as substitute drama teacher, is now threatening PSYOP-22 lockdowns,” writes “2nd Smartest Guy in the World” on his Substack, urging Canadians to not comply under any circumstances.

“This psychopath that ordered millions of DEATHVAX™ boosters that he needs to inject into as many duped Canadians’ arms as possible for the waning Great Reset depopulation and control program must be stopped at all costs.”

In the comment section, many wrote that Trudeau is clearly out of his mind if he thinks another round of plandemic theater is going to fly.

“In the video, his wild hand gestures, frequent bug eyes, and spastic verbal inflections show that this psychopath is becoming unhinged,” one wrote.

“Maybe, at some level, he knows the masses are coming. Soon, he’s going to be joining his fellow, corrupt, communist dictator, the president of Sri Lanka, by fleeing the country in terror just before the people burn down the presidential palace.”

Apart from a revolution, countries like Canada that are controlled by globalists can expect the medical tyranny dial to be turned to maximum this fall and winter. To keep up with the latest, visit

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About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. This Trudeau programmed W E F disciple is indeed a nice piece of work.
    By June this year, about 85 percent of Canada’s population had at least been double vaccinated. That while 92 percent of all corona deaths were fully vaccinated, Canadian doctor Charles Hoffe said in a conversation with Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson. Check out this web site.
    Yes web site available in English, and other languages…


  2. And the bad part is, the Sheeple are still submitting themselves as Guinea Pigs…

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  3. Ron.. I agree… as the saying goes, God helps those who help themselves.. the time of awakening will come, but much damage will have been done by then.. I think the only way forward is to keep trying to pass information on to others, some will listen and our numbers will grow.


  4. Dinatarini – “How is the likez of fauci, walensky, fda, our own tga, atagi, not in jail for deliberate murder.”

    They are not in jail because they would have to be put through the courts for that to happen. The courts are not our courts – the courts are now corporations, they are a business.The courts may at times give us a bit of false hope to keep the sheeple following the dictates of the grubs – false hope is of no value.

    They are not in jail, because the majority of the Australian people have not pushed back against the corporation governments and their lackeys.

    They are not in jail because the majority of Australians keep voting in corrupted corporation governments.

    Looks like the majority of we the people are just not all that interested in doing anything to fight back, other than to wait for a savior to arrive and fix the mess we are in.

    I am pretty sure that a savior will not help us until we first help ourselves.

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  5. Dinatarini, the reason the criminals still walk is that the judiciary is … Remember, 3 employer groups did not mandate the experimental mRNA gene therapy – the Judiciary, Parliamentarians and Uni professors >
    Doctors with Voices interview – Graham Hood ex Qantas pilot with retired barrister Julian Gillepsie on the way the crimes are being handled by Judges.


  6. D Johnston – “Think you will relate to the following link”

    Thanks, the link has very good info.

    I agree that the NZ people (not the sheeple) have done well with their push back protests.

    Another reason that the narrative is changing is:

    In October 2019 the grubs had a Global Pandemic Exercise called Event 201, to get their corrupt world governments on the same page to follow the same plan to crank up the plandemic in early 2000.

    The exercise was run by John Hopkins Centre for Health and Security, the WEF, and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Of course Australia and NZ took part in the exercise(s).

    It was scenario run via videos and a lot of documents for future use.
    The last of the scenarios was for when the plandemic was to finish (3 years after it started) and how it would finish, including the sorry we got some things wrong apologies, etc.

    So they are just following the script, they will say sorry and we will forget what happened and all go on to the next parts of their master plan.

    And the sheeple will blindly follow on (as usual) they will accept the lies from the grubs who will say sorry, we did not know what was happening, we are moving on, get with the new narrative.


  7. Hi ron, Totally agree. Think you will relate to the following link. Particularly with regard to those of us who have steadfastly stayed strong, stood our ground and fought. To the rest…we just say “you’re welcome”.


  8. Two and a half years since the plandemic was cranked up to harm and kill us. Millions are already harmed or dead and likely billions will die from the injected poisons over the next few years.

    if people are still letting the grubs inject the poison into their bodies and their kids bodies, they will have no reason to bitch and complain about being harmed by the jabs.

    There has been truck loads of information available for at least 18 months from doctors, scientists, researchers, etc, to allow the sheeple to make an informed decisions about the safety of the jabs. I am sure that they will now make the right decisions for themselves and the innocent (have no choice) kids.

    The people who are still supporting the mandates are supporting the grubs who want most of us dead.

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  9. This Psychopathic Terrorist Lunatic and all the other tyrannical global government psychopaths and all their accomplices are terrorists of the world, these particular psychopaths aren’t using bombs or guns; they’re using Gunpoint Medicine to force injections/jabs/vaxxines/vaccines into the global population which is the most heinous violations of Informed Consent/Nuremberg Principles/Nuremberg Code.
    All the people of the world UNITED must fight back and demand all mandates and all other actions of Government Tyranny be abolished permanently and irrevocably for all time.
    These Tyrannical Treasonous Psychopathic Lunatic Politicians and all their accomplices must be brought down and our Global Democracies reclaimed permanently and irrevocably by the people for the people.


  10. Hi Blisskitt, Yeah no surprises there. I strongly suspect she has been ordered from above to ‘stand down’ as the immense pushback from NZ’ers was at absolute breaking point.


  11. DJ. Mentioned here as well, short video. Her words so hypocritical. “Respect everyone’s individual decisions”!


  12. Might be more of a sociopath. More introverted. May scream more.
    A psychopath may generally have a higher IQ.
    Neither has a conscience though a psychopath may be less so.


  13. I wish someone would just take these bast@rds out! How is the likez of fauci, walensky, fda, our own tga, atagi, not in jail for deliberate murder.

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  14. Meanwhile in NZ..STILL hardly any mention anywhere! especially from the MSM maggots. And is my 3rd posting today of this on CN. This is a monumental win for NZ’ers. Will Australia follow suit I wonder.
    **Breaking** Finally… and hot on the heels of QE11’s passing…

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