Latest update on the US situation and more Ukraine news

Editor: We don’t necessarily endorse this video but publish it as an alternative to MSM.

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Thankyou. I remember arguing with my brother who now resides in the states, specifically Arizona. Whilst he couldn’t vote he was telling me what an absolute POS Trump was as portrayed by US media, lawsuits, rapist, unpaid taxes, etc etc etc. I acknowledged his comments and said in AUS he is being portrayed completely differently, Americans love him and he will win according to our media. My brother said he had support from the rednecks. but no way will he get in. . Trump did win. Doesn’t make either of us right or wrong but caused mass division.


  2. Absolutely! Fed Up, Trump’s ‘Our Journey Together’ would be a very good start for one.
    Going back way further ‘Crossing the Rubicon’ by Michael C. Ruppert (RIP); for an even greater prophetic insight of things to come.
    There is soooo much knowledge and truth out there if one only chooses to look and do independent research.
    Cognitive dissonance is not only the affliction of the sheeple – but also applies to those (even at this late stage), are still addicted to the cathode nipple.


  3. Hi Bisskitt, with all due respects, I understand how you feel confused about Trump because I also was confused with the MSM scapegoating him and making him out to be the bad guy. I, too got sucked in to their agenda until I decide to critically think about the situation as it was not adding up with what the media was saying as apposed to what he was doing. You won’t see President Trump in the video above I have posted, wearing red shoes, unlike a former PM in this footage from Australia…. Where is the outrage with this. Stop following the minion agenda of scapegoating Trump and stop falling for the cabal MSM lies and filth

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  4. Hi Fed Up! Lol “Feral Cheryl” love it. Yeah to mix metaphors? no point in icing a turd huh?!
    Thanks also for your previous reply re General Charles Flynn – had momentarily forgotten about him. Yes he was here.
    Speaks volumes about what is coming down the the pipe as we both know. As you say “interesting times!”
    They’re strategically getting their ducks in a beautiful row.


  5. D Johnson, I so love how you eloquently offend them, I go for the more ‘Feral Chery’l way of articulating my opinion

    Either way, we are both getting our point across….heh heh!

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  6. Hi D Johnson, thank you for your comment. I am glad to see someone else shares my sentiments

    I don’t care for precious snowflakes either

    General Mike Flynn’s brother General Charles Flynn has also been in Australia recently…..interesting times!

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  7. I feel a little bit better for seeing these comments. Though I have reservations about Trump he certainly was no politician, didn’t fit the mold and the media hated him from the get go which made me like him. He wealthy, but went broke couple times, rebuilt, he certainly didn’t need any more money from anyone or anywhere. However, he could like most people have skeletons in the closet. Just depends whether you’re prepared to own the skeletons or feel you are sooo compromised you are bought or blackmailed. Maybe that seems too simple but let’s not complicate how easy humans can be suckered in, convinced, bullied, coerced, used by their general good nature and conscience. I generally go with gut instinct. Clearly whilst a negative at the moment, Australians are generally law abiding citizens with great conscience for the greater good of their fellow Aussie (hence them willingly vaccinated to protect their neighbour and grandparents). Sadly they were conned.


  8. Hi Fed Up! Further to my reply and re: “Putin, Trump, and the alliance are doing all they can to stop this, including Bosi in Aus”
    Exactly. And what a formidable and lethal combo.
    Bosi wasn’t having meetings with General Michael Flynn for nothing.
    Some probably have no idea who he even is lol.


  9. Thank you Fed Up! I have so been wanting to say that for ages.
    But as you may have noticed, I possess an innate talent for upsetting the delicate little snowflake fantasists with my candid realism.
    They would rather wring their hands and pontificate over all the minutiae and red herrings being thrown at them.




    And for all you hard bastards that don’t think this is a thing, maybe this will change your mind.

    I am sick to death with people with their heads jammed up their arse about this topic.

    Putin, Trump, and the alliance are doing all they can to stop this, including Bosi in Aus

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    Thank you Cairns News for thinking outside the square. If you have a look at the restored republic update 23 May I have posted above. At the 44 minute 18 seconds in you will see our “Australian Military recently discovered over 300k tortured children in underground tunnels in Melbourne, and it was estimated that over a million children would be extracted from a network running under Australia in coming weeks”

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  12. crisscross767

    The Russian ruble continues to strengthen

    It now takes only 57 rubles to purchase a dollar. May 19 was the last time I reported on the exchange rate, when it was 65:1. That a rise of 12 percent in five days.

    If the purpose of the sanctions was to crash Russia’s economy, it has failed.

    The big crack in the Babylonian image

    Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum is meeting in Davos this week, and things are not going quite as they had hoped. There is some disagreement as to how they think the Ukraine situation should be handled.

    Ukrainian president Zelensky appeared at the meeting in an online meeting and received the first standing ovation in history.

    Then Henry Kissinger told Zelensky that he should make peace with Russia and agree to give up its eastern territory with its Russian-speaking population.

    Coming from Klaus Schwab’s mentor, the architect of the New World Order, Kissinger recognizes that things are not going as well as they had hoped. In spite of the media’s claim that Russia is getting “bogged down” in Ukraine and that Russia is losing the war, Kissinger obviously does not believe the western propaganda. He was quickly blasted by some of the western media for even suggesting a peace deal to cut their losses.

    This has to be the first time that the mainstream media has ever criticized its hero.

    There are other signs of disunity in the Eurozone as well, especially over the purchase of oil and gas from Russia. The German government fumes, but for now they have no choice but to buy it on Russia’s terms. Poland and Bulgaria, being more ideological, refuse to comply, cutting themselves off from the supply lines. Italy has increased its imports in order to supply Germany with Russian oil and gas.

    One does not win a war by shooting oneself in the foot. The west’s Russophobia and hatred in the past 30 years seems to have blinded Europe and America to economic realities. The west has followed a globalist agenda, which means it has made itself dependent upon other countries for many of its essential commodities. It was globalist ideology that made Europe dependent upon Russian oil and gas.

    Globalism was supposed to unite the world under a one-world government. In this arrangement, the west outsourced its manufacturing to China and made itself dependent on Russian commodities. The west became a money-based economy. From what I hear, Putin’s original university thesis argued that world power depended more on self-sufficiency of energy and food than on monetary control. So he worked to build Russia’s oil and gas production and turned the country into an exporter of food.

    His policies from the past 20 years are now bearing fruit. The west is finally waking up to this reality and are very angry to learn that they were wrong all along. They thought that sanctions would cripple Russia’s economy and destroy the ruble within days. They thought Russia would crumble like Iraq, Venezuela, and Iran. That simply did not happen, although the media pretends that it is so. Russia did indeed take a gut punch for a few weeks when sanctions were imposed, but it recovered quickly when Putin demanded rubles for its oil and gas.

    For the most part, the sanctions have only hit wealthy Russians who want to purchase luxury items from the west. Now they have to get them from the eastern countries and from India.

    The sanctions were supposed to be supported by the whole world. Instead, sanctions drove a huge wedge between Asia and Europe, dividing the world and destroying globalism. The plan for world government has now been replaced by a plan for totalitarian control in western countries, leaving Asia to do as it wishes. A crack of this size is sure to collapse the Babylonian image.

    We are nearly to the place where the Spirit of God will be sent forth to empower God’s Universal Empire to replace the failed attempt to establish the Babylonian world empire. To use Frank Baum’s metaphor in The Wizard of Oz, the wicked witch of the east was killed in 1991 when the communist Soviet Union fell and was replaced by Orthodox Russia. Now the wicked witch of the west is being threatened as western monetary systems begin to fail.

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  13. Uncle Hucklebuck

    I do not trust “the plan.” I refuse. I do not consent.

    Both Q & Whitehat are the creations of satanist zionist masons and trump is a mason.
    Everybody knows that now.

    The only one you can trust is JESUS CHRIST.


  14. Trump is planning to ride in on a white horse.
    In holographic form.
    Hair blowing in the wind.

    I stopped watching fairy tales a long time ago.

    So who will their Maschiach be?
    Surely not Trump.
    Kushner maybe?

    They want their Great Human Leader, their ‘Anointed one’…and they want him now.



  15. Right now, the only component of government I would dare to trust, would be the conventional military.

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