UN Agenda 30 agreed to by the LNP/ALP will depopulate the bush

Letter to the Editor

If you read agenda 2030 you will see they intend to concentrate us in boxes in their “smart cities” with their Universal Wage. This is why there is a war on the bush – floods – fire – legislation conspiring to push people off the land. Eventually we won’t be allowed access to the bush. It’s all been planned for a long time..

Reference this US environmental mapping with the map of Cape York Peninsula we published recently and the similarity is striking.

from pcwp

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. we should write to the papers……………or contact your local MP……….LOL

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  2. Hi blisskitt, thank you so much for that information. I will show it to my daughter in the hope she will read and take on board…. Wishful thinking, I fear, but I can live in hope.


  3. This is just a modern version of ‘the enclosures’ of 1700-1850 [see Cahil video below, 18:25 onwards], when the commoners were kicked off the land and forced into the city slums

    During that time, the smart folks fled to America, whilst others were criminalised and shipped to Australia.

    The difference now, – is there’s nowhere left to run to.

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  4. Hi blisskitt, “Interesting reading and perhaps even a deterrent in itself.”
    Yeah well one would LOGICALLY think so. But no, so many people are just hell bent on pumping themselves full of chemicals for little or no reason.
    The slightest discomfort… down some analgesics, difficulty sleeping…down some sedatives, a little anxious…down some anxiolytics. And antibiotics? They’ve been so overused that they barely work at all anymore.
    People turning themselves into fearful hypochondriacs and walking Chernobyls.
    The flu shots (as was scandalously uncovered in NZ a couple of years ago), are largely out of use by date and/or are old, unsold stock.
    So how can they possibly have any effect on a current strain of influenza?!
    And the con continues…..


  5. Blisskitt – You wanted information on Influenza Vaccines – You will find THE TRUTH from page 28 of my INFORMATION PAPER COVID /TYRANNY / AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT / VOTING /CLIMATE CHANGE SCIENTISTS /POLICE BRUTALITY /GLOBAL TYRANNY / AUSTRALIAN FEDERAL ELECTION 2022 by Diane Drayton Buckland
    Download Here > https://fluorideinformationaustralia.wordpress.com/election-2022/


  6. Hi dianedraytonbuckland, Thank you for posting this. It’s exhausting right?!
    As I said in an earlier comment, I don’t know why and/or how, some still only see half the picture. To my way of thinking, only seeing half is pretty much as useless as seeing nothing at all.

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  7. Thank you for your reply.
    I had heard they intended to combine the two this year, hence why I won’t have it ever again. I used to get it because I got sick from flu/colds a couple of times a year… so I figured I have gotten through the past couple of years without the clot shot… to the best if my knowledge anyway…lol… so I can go without the flu shot from here on out. I would rather be sick with flu/cold than their poison.
    The last time I got the shot a couple of years ago, the doctor told me I also needed one for pneumonia, diphtheria, shingles and measles. I very politely told him where he could put the extra shots

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  8. In response to Janice37, in the past, as I understand it, the elderly get a flu shot which has 2 known attenuated flu strains for that particular upcoming winter season, whereas the younger age groups get 4 flu strains in the single shot.

    In 2019, pre Pandemic, the elderly in the Northern Hemisphere were given the flu shots that had 4 strains for some reason.
    One strain in particular was claimed by a Scientist to be extremely virulent and knocked people about.

    At the end of 2019, early 2020.

    The rest is history.

    I have heard it mentioned that Flu shots will be combined with the Covid shots as well.
    Like a 2 for 1 deal.

    Maybe they have plenty of supply to use up….


  9. Klaus Schwab makes inroads to uniting Municipal (local council) and National governments, private sector partners and city residents, for delivering his solution of global governance, via his G20 Smart Cities Alliance.

    This will be a Global Policy Roadmap for city policies on data and technology usage for the global smart city market.

    Schwab’s WEF has chosen Melbourne and Newcastle to join in this G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance.


    Strong Cities has already tagged Melbourne and dictator like Premier Dan Andrews for the last 7 years who has had access to the SCN membership and:
    Access to SCN restricted library content
    Access to SCN training modules
    Access to a global network of mayors and municipal-level policy-makers and practitioners
    Participation in the SCN Global Summit and Regional Working Groups


    One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts says Australia must leave the UN. We need an Aus-exit. UN and WEF piggyback together.

    Link: One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts calls for ‘Aus-Exit’ …

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  10. Hi daviddd2, “ps The extended foreplay trick didn’t work. I still can’t Like anyone. 🙂”

    Lol. Don’t worry they may be unworthy anyhow. It’s not you it’s them? Just be happy in the knowledge that YOU are liked… most of the time 😉

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  11. This is unsurprising as it’s the same system that was imported into Oz and the rest of the British Empire. But people must understand the source of what was imported into the Commonwealth [a misnomer if ever there was] through which to understand how it works.

    Although routinely described as an Anglo-Saxon model of rule, this is actually incorrect, it is in fact – the ‘Norman’ system of rule which the Commonwealth [and other places] are held under.

    Their rule begins with William the Bastard, who was financed by the Jews of Rouen, on condition that he would make them his tax collectors upon the conquest of England. With this achieved, the victorious Norman families were now established as the British ruling elite.

    To this day, it is predominantly these old Norman families who still constitute the bedrock of the ruling British class.

    Having perfected their oppressive system on the Irish, their system of rule was then replicated throughout the British Empire.

    When you become familiar with the old Norman surnames (eg. Bonham, Churchill, Hamilton, Montgomery, Sinclair, etc), much becomes clear.

    During the nineteenth century, this ravenous bunch, stole what remained of the ‘Common Land’ from the Commoners [who lived on the land], forcing them into the city slums, and criminality. Many of the latter ended up in the Australian penal colony.

    These practices are now re-surfacing in Australia.

    For those with time on their hands, Kevin Cahil’s unprecedented publication, ‘Who Owns Britain’ [2001], provides a detailed and exhaustive analysis of who in fact, actually own the British Isles [how they did it, and how they maintain this vice like grip].

    I believe, it was Cahil’s research, that forced Blair to purge Parliament of many hereditary peers. People were shocked to discover, that many of these were Plantagenet descendants: a royal ruling family who were thought to have gone extinct centuries ago: wrong!

    Here is an introductory talk by Kevin Cahil.


  12. Please share this widely to bring awareness to those who still don’t realise the extent of what is really going on and this is only the ‘tip of the iceberg’. Thank you.

    Download Here >

    ELECTION 2022

    LINK: Be warned: The World Health Organization’s “Pandemic Treaty” will destroy all remaining freedoms and unleash a global MEDICAL DICTATORSHIP




    ie. the main DRIVER of ‘where we now stand’ with all the tyranny, mandates, is DIRECTLY due to the WHO & WEF (UN) CoVid agenda – remember this when you vote.
    DO NOT vote for Liberal/National, Labor or Greens.

    NB. Please acknowledge that this extensive effort to collate information is independent research, and unpaid work, not affiliated with any political party.

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  13. D Johnston: “What do we need an innate immune system for anyway? Let’s just get rid of it altogether”

    That’s right! You don’t need an immune system at all. Corporate Government and Big Pharma Corporations can ration you and sell you pills to stay alive. That’s assuming you keep being a good girl and do as you’re told. Otherwise, no lollies for you, Luv! Same goes for your food sources and income. LOL

    When you have total dependence on someone you end up with total control over your life.. except it’s no longer yours. So learn to be happy so you can make your owners happy. lol

    ps The extended foreplay trick didn’t work. I still can’t Like anyone. 🙂

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  14. Councils around the country are busy transferring private property rights of landowners, piece by piece, to the plants or ‘eco system’ of which the property is comprised.

    Councils are busy putting so many obstacles and restrictions on landowners their land is
    becoming virtually unusable and worthless. The value of local land owner’s properties is
    being reduced without compensation – akin to taking money from their bank accounts
    without permission, once called stealing.

    Councils are participating in this land rezoning program at the behest of the United Nations
    and their Agenda 21 program.

    Local Agenda 21, promoted by ICLEI, is designed and monitored by the UN but implemented by local Councils.
    Agenda 21 is very much a blank cheque, with no defined limit or end point.

    Although the environment is an excuse for these reforms, the biggest environmental
    vandals of all, the oil and gas industries, have been given specific legislative exemptions so
    they can trash the land at will.

    Those who seek to turn air and pollution into marketable commodities, also seek to do the
    same with water and nature (ie the ecosystem). By putting a (controllable and transferrable) price on that which is priceless, they claim they are making it more valuable. Since the provisions of Agenda 21 are so repulsive to normal people, it relies upon deception for its success – in 20 years no Australian government (at any level) has opted to spell out the full details of Agenda 21 during an election campaign to give voters a democratic choice.
    Agenda 21 is now being banned overseas because of the threat it poses to fundamental
    human rights, particularly property rights.

    6 Jan 2013
    Source: http://www.galileomovement.com.au/docs/gw/AG21WhyMediaLetUsDown.pdf

    The Liberals, Labor, Greens and Nationals have failed the country people and the city people too. They have endorsed UN agendas using Local Councils to implement the green agenda, aka sustainability, aka scientific dictatorship, aka green economy, and Habitat, a socialist agenda to communitize our towns and cities and communities in the name of “protecting mother earth”.

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  15. Death shots…flu shots…flu shots likely laced with graphene hydroxide…any shot in the dark will do. What do we need an innate immune system for anyway? Let’s just get rid of it altogether…one less part of our physiology to have to look after.
    Seems what some people really need is a shot that guards against profound foolishness.

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  16. This is getting of subject just a fraction, but can anyone tell me why the over 65’s get a different flu jab to others?
    My daughter took her husband in to get his the other day and they had run out of the over 65’s. I asked if she was taking him back and she said yes because it said on the radio that the flu is very bad this year here in Cairns. I told her to ask the doctor, as I’m very curious and of course suspicious.
    I wanted to reply that it’s strange there hasn’t been a flu for 2.5 years but now there is. They didn’t get enough people up here to get the clot shot so they’re going to get them with the flu jab.
    Just so you know….I’m a conspiracy theorist… according to my daughter and quite a few others…😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫

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  17. “Eventually we won’t be allowed access to the bush.”

    Eventually there will be blood flowing in rivers when Aussie or international “defense force personnel” try to “relocate” the “bushies”. Plenty of room for “fertilizer holes” with some local trees on top! Some surplus “hardware” will come in handy too.

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  18. Janice… True.

    That is why they set up the Northern Land Council in the Top End, to stifle Aboriginal objections to land alienation. Currently, the NLC is promoting the mRNA jab and, if victims resist, sack them, then bribe them with $500 to buy food.

    The person who organised this genocide is Marion Scrymgour, who is the ALP candidate in this elections.

    Very soon, you will hear rumours of Aboriginal babies who require liver transplants because the spike proteins are flowing into their livers through breast milk. All Aboriginal women breastfeed, so there is no way this can be stopped.

    This is the kind of psychos the ALP supports.

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  19. BarbieJean G.

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  20. The Government doesn’t own the bush / national parks , guess who owns them? we do the people of this country, we can come and go as we please, if some one tells us you cant go in there or cant do this or that, tell them to piss off if you get a fine take it to court, dont pay it, all fines are unlawful, as an example a deer hunter mate of mine did the same in the high country the natural resources guy said to him you cant camp here, he told him to nick off that he could stay wherever he wanted,as the park belonged to all, the guy left him alone, you have to learn to say NO!!! to these clowns and stop being cowards, you deserve what you get if you go along with their bull shit fair dinkum I cant believe the stupidity of people.

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  21. I say it time to stand our ground and tell them to go f..k themselves

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  22. I say it time to stand our ground and tell them to go f..k themselves

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  23. That’s why they were so hell bent to kill of the indigenous peoples…. That and because they want all the resources from the land that they can’t get to while the indigenous are here to guard it.

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