The Editor (The Australian)

Reports indicate that the FIAT United States of America Dollar and Petrodollar are finished. Your woke journalists are failing to report on Ukraine in an unbiased way with very well qualified military experts saying Russia is well and truly grinding the Ukranians down. Ukraine has lost so many troops to superior air power, that middle aged conscripts are being thrown into battle and being slaughtered by the 10 to one Russian superiority in Artillery.

No army without air superiority can ever beat one that has it and the Russian SU 25 Frogfoot is an awesome Ground Support plane. Back Channel word is that air power has trashed the Bushmasters Morrison sent to Yelenski.(all but two survived)

The Russians are denying the Ukranians fuel for their tanks food and ammunition, and Ukranians are surrendering in their thousands as they run out of ammunition and food.

Why don’t you get an opinion from Jim Molan. The word on the News services you do not control is that the new Gold Backed USTN and Gold Backed Dollar was officially launched on the 1st May 2022 and it is only sophistry on the part of Morrison and Albanese that is having them pretend the Aussie Dollar will not have to follow. You ignored the huge protests in all the capital cities and the massive one in Canberra so your polling is almost certainly flawed.

The one Poll that matters is one week away. No matter who wins, if Gesara-Nesara is true it will be a Pyrrhic victory and very short lived, People are slowly identifying criminal elements in the Federal Court of Australia and the High Court  has not been a Federal Supreme Court since 1979.

But whatever happens we are in for a very exciting 2022. Covid19 is a scam and the governments are murdering swine for pushing the vaccines. The Australian people are slow to anger but when they do, look out.

Attempts to have the Federal Court of Australia do its job between elections as a receptacle of the judicial power of the Commonwealth were frustrated by Judicial Registrars after Miranda Devine exposed the cure of Covid19 that Professor Thomas Borody has found in Five Dock eighteen months ago and your Chris Kenny exposed it on Sky News.  We all know that the Jab is killing people, and more so than Covid19.

We will see what happens next Saturday but expect some surprises.

Yours sincerely

Peter Alexander Gargan


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