Qld Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk posted this disinformation on Twitter

For anyone who lives in regional Queensland, that is outside of Brisbane, this deliberate lie, promulgated by the Health Department, allegedly was the basis of relaxing Covid mandates but is unbelievable to many.

In Far Northern Queensland, where mRNA vaxx resistance has been at a high level since the deadly jabs began, the more believable first vaxx dose rate derived from strong anecdotal evidence and medical sources sits at about 60 per cent.

Judging by the vast numbers of people turning up at anti-vaxx, anti-mandate rallies and hundreds of regional meetings, the evidence gathered by our contributors and freedom groups strongly suggests that 60 per cent might be too generous.

Many commercial premises in the Far North refused to implement the health department’s demands of scrutinising patrons’ vaxx status or using the QR code. Masks were considered optional and a large proportion of Far Northerners, God bless them, refused to wear the debilitating and useless masks anywhere at all.

Indeed this scribe and others I know did not at any stage go near a vaxx clinic, wear a mask or use a phone to enter any premises during lock-downs or comply with any other futile embargo deployed by the treacherous Labor and Liberal Parties.

The best way to defeat the next round simply is to refuse. Most of our readers will not comply with this outrageous scam next time around, but will the doomed sheeples? – Jim O’Toole

Editor: https://www.covid19data.com.au/vaccines

On checking with the site above the total number of at least two Covid vaccinations for the state’s population aged over 16 is 55.8 per cent.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Hi blisskitt, Thanks for the info and links; which I found really interesting. Odd and disappointing that J Rokliff has more or less abandoned the poppy farmers. Seems he’s trying to distance himself from the previous J & J debacle?

    Regarding coincidence…the best explanation/theory I’ve read, is that everything in Life or the Universe is part of a pattern that consciously we’re mostly unaware of. So when a ‘coincidence’ is perceived, it is simply the moment that the pattern becomes momentarily visible. Believe the same applies to synchronicity, fate, destiny.


  2. To D Johnson
    Rockliff’s father is actually Rick Rockliff a farmer. (poppies amongst other things). There is plenty about him on the internet as he was involved with the super poppies and Johnson & Johnson. US Opioid crisis. Not sure if he is still employed there but he worked for Tas Alkaloids which at one stage was owned by J&J. Interestingly, Jeremy has been criticised for not protecting Tasmanian poppy farmers. (more to that perhaps). The following articles give the basics. On a side note Rockliff was elected in 2002 same year as both Gutwein & previous premier Will Hodgman. Coincidence?





  3. Question – How many vaccines/inoculations are necessary for good health?
    Answer: NONE!


  4. Hi again blisskitt, It all proves that if you start turning over rocks you’d best have protective clothing and some kind of repellent at hand!
    Such odd paternal info; “a father who arrived in Britain from post war central Europe”. Nazi connections?
    But more disturbing, is that Rockliff doesn’t appear to have had any parents at all.

    Whilst everyone has a right to privacy, if you’ve decided to become a public figure, especially one in public office holding authority/power, you should be totally transparent. When did all this obfuscation start?
    Yep, a recurring pattern.


  5. Hi janicew37, With all due respect to you, and your right to choose, you should NOT be getting a flu jab ANY year. We have an immune system for a reason. Naturopathic knowledge withstanding, I know the weakening effects of flu jabs on the immune system that render you a sitting duck for all manner of illnesses that make catching the seasonal flu ‘a walk in the park’.


  6. Here is supposed Gutwein’s history. He did in fact work for Jocelyn Newman ( Campbell Newmans mother) Jocelyn Newman who died from dementia. Yes Campbell is Tassie born. However there is a gap for Gutwein where he worked in Ireland I believe..
    AMP and many who worked there years ago would be able to tell you. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Gutwein
    Call me harsh I do not believe his story on sexual assault at all (fabricated). He a pretty capable smart male. He also blackbelt Taekwondo totally irrelevant but he was always a black/white guy. i mean there was no grey. He was very matter of fact.


  7. Hi blisskitt, Thanks again for sharing that. Hang in there OK.. their house of cards is falling rapidly and there are too many of US. Your children sound very switched on and kudo’s to you. This upcoming generation will remember what has been inflicted and suffered… and then the powers that be better watch out!

    Yes, gutless Gutwein’s resignation speech was intriguing to say the least.. something like “No more petrol in the tank”. ? Say what? And who, as you stated interestingly, is yet another of these evil minions whose family history is pretty much hidden. It’s a recurring pattern.

    Can only deduce that his conscience and/or moral compass has finally kicked in. So many rats deserting this sinking ship of tyranny. They can run etc…..

    And Lambie, (toxic waste carbon unit); Rockliff, et al. It’s like Medusa…sooo many snakes. Cut off one of their heads and another appears. Like life imitating art, even mythology has become real life.


  8. to daviddd2. Years ago last century (as my kids call it). I got 100% in an Advanced Maths test (age 14). I was so impressed and happy with myself. I told my Dad who was a complete workaholic. His reply ‘ why didn’t you get 110%’. I said because not mathematically possible. Maths doesn’t lie but statistics can be well and truly manipulated. i am currently studying dementia. I understand how to read a research article.


  9. LOL Looks like your officials in Tas are 100.8% morons. You have my sympathy. It must be doubly demoralising to know you’re dealing with morons and .unts.


  10. There’s no way I will be getting the flu jabs this year. I don’t trust anyone enough to take it and I did hear a whisper late last year that they have doctored it. Well, they can put it where they put all my jabs for the coof….


  11. You are most welcome. I have always known the figures were BS. But what is amazing is they have published this stuff and don’t care/realise some one may pick up on it. Mind you our Premier was relentless throughout the tennis (Aus Open) pushing vaccines to the point where my children said ‘not again’. Same ad every break. What is most alarming in my younger kids classes how many have had two doses (5-11) but those figures for some reason are not included. Now they are heavily pushing flu vaccinations for <5. No surprise there.
    Next to the departure of our Premier Peter Gutwein (nothing left to give, nothing left to give) cited as his reason for departing the top job here, around 12 months after resoundingly getting re-elected with a majority. Perhaps it more 'job done, job done' , 20 years parliament nice fat tax payer pension. His family history is hard to find (I think Eastern Europe).
    I worked with him years ago when he had a completely different job.
    I know some bureaucrats who believe they know him. Jeremy Rockliff our new Premier from my hometown. Lambie (sheeple) who also pushed vaccines after initially not is just up the road about 40km.


  12. Thank you blisskitt! As I always like to say whenever Truth is revealed…”And THERE it is!” Their continous and contemptuous insulting of our intelligence is boundless. Can hardly wait to see the purported election ‘results’.


  13. I read this – We would like to poison:
    Those eligible for a government-funded flu vaccine include:

    adults 65 years and over
    children under five
    pregnant women
    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
    people with certain medical conditions.


  14. Hi Editor
    I have checked out the COVID supposed vaccine data statistics. I refer you to look at Tasmania (my state). The figures show for those aged 12+ 100% of Tasmanians have had one dose. (I have had none and know many who haven’t so clearly that is a complete fabrication). Secondly, refer to those aged 16 and over having one dose it sits at 100.8% How? Clearly these figures are not a true representation at all or are they including those who have also had the flu vaccines in these figures. There is an ‘enhanced’ flu vaccine this year. Compliments of Dishonourable Greg .unt. See here.



  15. Hi Fed Up! Applaud your very clever useage of crypticism… took me a while. So much keterangan yg salah. Haha.


  16. Time for a trip to the Southern Spa, its overdue!


  17. dianedraytonbuckland, Yes, ‘claimed’ being the operative word. Claimed and ‘fact checked’ by the tyrants and the minions themselves ie…

    “Data are verified with federal, state and territory health departments.”

    Hilarious! And there are fairies living at the bottom of my garden too!

    The only people who will believe this latest contrived exercise in tyrannical vindication are the moronically gullible and the sheeple. Same thing really.


  18. just a horror show..


  19. These are the ‘claimed figures’ of Australians getting the damaging/dangerous/lethal jab/injections/vaxxines/clot shots


  20. Hi old kodger, Reckon that this piece pretty much sums up the barrel down which we’re looking.


    And the Independent’s are simply the ball boys… their role being to ensure the smooth state of play.


  21. Being an unvaxxed observer of social habits I have noted the two pubs in my town in central QLD have had an average of five cars at each at 5PM most afternoons since pub restrictions were initiated some months ago, surprisingly even when the thermometer reached 38 it made no difference, on Thursday(freedom day) both hosted crowds I have NEVER seen before.
    There are two possible reasons for this, firstly the unvaxxed are exceptionally big drinkers or secondly the 93% vaxed is a TOTAL GOVERNMENT FABRICATION, but they wouldn’t do that! WOULD THEY??


  22. They can never not look like fools – unfortunately this does not disguise their evil.. Mark my words – they are coming for our babies..


  23. First Dose 93.45%

    Second Dose 91.79%

    Third Dose 44.90%

    Looks like people are getting smarter, eh? No wonder Palushchook doesn’t give the 3rd dose in percentage terms. The lies and fear propaganda mustn’t be working so they’ve now scaled it right back so as not to look like fools.


  24. At the moment we can’t stop the treacherous LNP-Labour/Greens GLOBALIST duopoly politicians controlling the House of Reps, but WE SURE CAN TRASH THE DUOPOLY VOTE IN THE SENATE!!!!!

    That would at least be half the job done. 🙂

    A vote for the treacherous duopoly parties in the Senate is simply a vote for the Globalist Woke New World Order Reset Brigade that wants us to own nothing but our happiness.

    I’m afraid I’ve been so wildly happy over the last two years I can hardly bring myself not to want more of the same. lol Give the mugs the finger, folks, you won’t get a better chance.


  25. Janicew37, It boils down to basic priorities and principles.
    I’m currently on disability awaiting surgery and could least afford a fine, but I would rather pay it than enable a corrupt, broken system.
    The calibre of people that don’t know how to vote correctly, are mostly the same numnuts that have no trouble frittering away their $’s (however acquired) in pubs and pokies week in week out. Good luck educating them.
    For those of us that do assume we know how to vote correctly…how do we really know what happens to our vote? or how it may be manipulated? We don’t.
    Millions of trusting Americans learnt that lesson and are still paying for it.
    Sounds paranoid? No, it’s having a heightened sense of awareness.


  26. Yep – the independents seem ok – I like Malcolm – I would vote for the local anyone – Lab-Lib-Green – LAST!


  27. This looks like propaganda from the apparatchiks .. They need our vote to support the evil things they do to us on behalf of the UN etc.. I agree with Oldie – we should ALL not vote – but the sheep are hard to educate.. It’s not all that clear..


  28. Hey oldie – It’s true – if we could get enough they would have no “jurisdiction” – but it just won’t happen.. So all we can do is support the independents – at this stage.. Really it will take a world wide consensus and unilateral non compliance – I dream of that day..I have a dream..


  29. $55 is a lot of money to some folk so I do t think it’s fair to put them in a category. I wasn’t going to vote this year but then thought if done right, it’s one extra vote closer to getting the bad apples out if the barrel.
    People just need to learn to vote correctly.


  30. Hi old kodger, Yes, totally right. Having to pay a fine for not voting if and/or when they catch up with you, is a miniscule price to pay for disentanglement from their power plays.
    As I’ve always maintained, voting is compulsory only because all the politicians rely on the numnuts to keep screwing up and thus enabling them. But sadly, people won’t have the guts….yet again. They would rather be enslaved for another 3 years than lose a few dollars and be free.


  31. This is for Old Kodger….


    Why waste a vote when it can be yours that gets them out?


  32. Hi Janicew37, Yes you’re right.
    These MFP sufferers are pitiful weak minded cowards and most likely were, even before the scamdemic..we just finally see that now. Most revealing. Which I consider a good thing, as ironically, in wearing their face nappy masks and/or jabbing themselves into an early grave, they’re showing us who they really are.
    As for the businesses that push the tyranny, people like us just need to have veeeeery long memories. Many of these businesses have already shot themselves in the foot. Good riddance.

    A robotised manager at Chemist Warehouse yesterday while scanning my items, asked if I “needed any more rapid antigen tests?” (As a very frequent and we’ll known customer, no other staff have ever asked me that). I couldn’t help laughing which was probably a better response than saying anything. Like “No thanks, I’ve already passed the IQ Test with honours”. It was her useage of the word ‘more’ that cracked me up… assuming I was a fellow herded sheeple. Obviously the RAT’s aren’t selling too well lol.
    Can you imagine if they started asking customers if they needed to purchase a pregnancy test or some ‘more’ condoms? You’ve gotta laugh ay?!


  33. hps16,
    the only way to make your vote count is NOT VOTE.
    Hopefully if enough folks did that, their election could turn into a shambles.


  34. I just hope that we will not forget what we have been through, coercion,intimidation, lost jobs, lost businesses, lost homes, lost loved ones,lost family relationships, lost friendships lost education, suicides, vaccine deaths, vaccine injuries, mental health problems and I am sure you can ad to this list. “lest we forget” If we do not change anything then we have only ourselves to blame. Make your vote count, PLEASE


  35. Unfortunately there were still quite a few people in cairns following the guidelines and they will again. A few businesses would not allow unjabbed on the premises and I turned away and won’t be back. I see subway still have a sign up saying only fully jabbed can dine in… they’re basically a takeaway joint anyway…lol.


  36. Shes just another jew


  37. Deborah McGregor

    Go northern Queensland ?

    Get Outlook for iOS Kind regards Deborah ? ________________________________


  38. Yes I too have not taken up their offer to contract..I love the people up north – county folk in general.. I might end up there on the battle lines as I fear they have some real evil stuff coming our way. Please – save the children – and now – the babies!


  39. Warning from One Nation that Fake Postal Vote Applications Are On Their Way!
    The Labor and Liberal parties are collecting your data with these fake ‘Important Federal Election Postal Vote Information’ mail-outs.

    Inside is a letter from the major parties asking for you to fill out your private information on a Postal Vote Application Form.

    Here’s where they trick you!

    The letter also contains a ‘Reply Paid’ envelope addressed to the Labor or Liberal party as shown in the image.

    Don’t fall for this scam!

    They will harvest your private information and bombard you with electioneering rubbish in this and future elections.

    SOLUTION — Grab some discarded rubbish or paper and send it back in the replied paid envelope.

    Not only will it send a clear message that you don’t want their rubbish but it will cost them to collect your garbage through their Reply Paid account.

    If you have a genuine need to vote via the post, use the Australian Electoral Commissions website to apply.

    Thank you Pauline

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  40. Step O'Rafferty

    In reply to betty mac:
    Good on you Betty. I am guessing that you were under some peer pressure and medical profession pressure to take Bill Gates’ poison so you did well to stand your ground. We are very fortunate to have access to real media and were warned about event 201 as it happened. Unfortunately so many people have an undying trust in the corporate media and they are now suffering the consequences. I have several friends in their 70’s and 80’s who took the poison bait; about half of them have been sick ever since and the other half do not seem to have been affected.


  41. Good on you Jim with you 100%


  42. The best way to defeat totalitarianism is to do as the northern Queenslanders do…IGNORE IT! Great people, to be admired.They show the true Australian spirit….
    A pity some of the sheeple didn’t do some thinking of their own instead of listening to the lies pumped out by our corrupt leaders.
    I live in southern Riverina am in my late 80s and am not jabbed…never been tested and do not intend to be.
    I regard this Covid as a hoax, using our normal yearly flu as a tool to jab people with their poison, all to gain power and wealth.

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