Morrison is not fit to be Prime Minister

By Alison Ryan

Concetta Fierravanti-Wells NSW Senator fires a broadside on Liberal party corruption plus bully boys PM Morrison and Alex Hawke MP

Media is flooded with the speech by Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, Liberal Senator from NSW, and rightly so.
This is an alert for all Australians who want to see honest statesmen and not corrupt politicians, who use their position to feather their own personal nests, in governance,

‘Morrison is not fit to be prime minister’: ‘Morrison is not interested in rules-based order. It is his way or the highway — an autocrat and a bully who has no moral compass.’ CONCETTA FIERRAVANTI-WELLS

MAR 30, 2022
Liberal Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells is leaving Parliament, having been demoted to an unwinnable spot on the NSW Senate ticket. In a speech to Parliament yesterday, she revealed what she really feels about the PM and the machinations of her party.

Given the events and outcomes of the dodgy preselection where I lost by a handful of votes last Saturday, my time in this place will finish on June 30, 2022. Accordingly, there are a few matters I wish to place on the record before my departure. Many in this place would be aware of the history I have had with Scott Morrison. Let me give some clarity and context to that history so there can be no misunderstanding.

My way or the highway Morrison

In order to understand the man, it is best to look at his past actions. While professing to be a man of faith and claiming centre right status, Morrison is a product of the left, having worked for Bruce Baird. He is adept at running with the foxes and hunting with the hounds, lacking a moral compass and having no conscience. His actions conflict with his portrayal as a man of faith. He has used his so-called faith as a marketing advantage. We learnt the leader of his Hillsong Church group, Brian Houston, was a mentor to Morrison. Houston recently stood down as head of Hillsong because he was charged with sexual offences. It is noteworthy that, in the past, Houston flew top cover for his paedophile father.

[Editor’s note: Houston was not charged with sexual offences, but resigned after being found to have breached Hillsong’s code of conduct.]

When Morrison worked for Tourism Australia, he backstabbed his minister Fran Bailey. Eventually he was fired from the position. As state director of the New South Wales division of the Liberal Party, Morrison honed his manipulative skills when overseeing the Wentworth preselection to unseat Peter King. About 120 membership applications were rejected to help Turnbull get selected, the person Morrison ultimately backstabbed.

Morrison might profess to be Christian, but there was nothing Christian about what was done to Michael Towke. When Morrison made his run for the seat of Cook, there were several hopefuls, including Towke, Fletcher and Coleman. Towke won the ballot in the first round with 84 votes. Morrison got eight votes. Having lost the ballot, Morrison and his cronies went to Sam Dastyari to get dirt on Towke, who had been in the Labor Party for a period of time whilst at university. This dossier of anecdotes was weaponised and leaked to the media to the point where Towke’s reputation was destroyed.

I am advised that there are several statutory declarations to attest to racial comments made by Morrison at the time that we can’t have a Lebanese person in Cook. The state executive voted 12 to 11 not to endorse Towke and ordered a modified selection process. The only way that Towke could get political exoneration for a future run was to agree to put his numbers behind Morrison. Morrison met with David Clarke and I and promised various things. Of course he took our votes and never delivered.

After the selection Towke joined my staff. He subsequently sued the newspapers for defamation. He won his cases but this was cold comfort. Morrison, his cronies and the Liberal establishment in New South Wales had destroyed a good, young man. I regret the day that Clarke and I agreed to put Morrison into Cook. Since then Morrison has never faced a preselection. Hence the trampling of members’ rights in New South Wales. Denying them proper preselections and installing captain’s picks is classic Morrison.

Prime Minister Morrison in discussion with a hovering Alex Hawke

He and his consigliore, Alex Hawke, have deliberately contrived a crisis in New South Wales through a year of delays in not having selections. Hawke, as his representative on state executive for months and months, failed to attend nomination review committee meetings to review candidates, thereby holding up preselections. Spurious arguments were mounted to justify the unjustifiable. The constitution was trashed. There is a putrid stench of corruption emanating from the New South Wales division of the Liberal Party.

All of this was under the eye of Philip Ruddock. As a former attorney-general, I am appalled that he has allowed Morrison to bully his way to a situation where the next election has been put at risk all to save Hawke’s career. This is what it’s all about. Hawke knows that if he faces a plebiscite preselection, he will lose. Morrison has railroaded federal executive into setting up not only a committee which endorsed Hawke, Ley and Zimmerman but a second committee which is now endorsing captain’s picks in seats like Parramatta and Hughes, which were scheduled for preselections this week.

Corruption spreads by contact

So what is the hold that Hawke has over Morrison? Good question, especially given Hawke’s own corrupt antics in New South Wales. During a speech advocating for a federal integrity commission, I referred to Hawke’s activities and the dealings of the Baulkham Hills branch. At a meeting in 2018, 10 members were admitted to the branch. This was confirmed in text messages from the branch secretary. Hawke was present at the meeting. He saw what went on. I’m told there is video evidence of the meeting. I also have relevant documents, including correspondence sent to Morrison on the issue.
After the meeting, the minutes were falsified to show that the 10 members were not accepted. Statutory declarations were provided to counter this falsity. The branch was eventually suspended by state executive. The branch president and secretary, both acolytes of Hawke, refused to provide statutory declarations. Despite clear evidence of fraud, Hawke’s role in this process has never been fully disclosed. The New South Wales state director has sat on this matter for years. Legal proceedings are now on foot, and I look forward to the day when Hawke will be required to give evidence under oath to explain his corrupt conduct.

There is a very appropriate saying here: the fish stinks from the head. Morrison and Hawke have ruined the Liberal Party in New South Wales by trampling its constitution. Indeed, I understand at a federal executive meeting Morrison was asked whether he was running a protection racket in New South Wales.

In recent months I have kept members of the division updated. I have received hundreds, if not thousands, of emails outlining their disgust. They have lost faith in the party. They want to leave. They don’t like Morrison and they don’t trust him. They continue to despair at our prospects at the next federal election, and they blame Morrison for this. Our members do not want to help in the upcoming election. By now you might be getting the picture that Morrison is not interested in rules-based order. It is his way or the highway — an autocrat and a bully who has no moral compass.

Now to my own situation. Having lost by a handful of votes last Saturday and having analysed the data, I know the numbers tell their own story. Clearly, my push for democracy in the New South Wales division was certainly not welcome. This would mean that the factional operatives can’t control preselections. For years, figures in the Liberal Party have denied the existence of factions and criticised the ALP. This is hypocrisy, given that the Liberal Party is now no different to the Labor Party.

In addition, having been a critic of Morrison on a range of policy matters, I was a marked woman. I have known for a number of years of the machinations involving the PMO and others to move me on. Recent media reports confirmed a deal agreed to by Hawke, Yaron Finkelstein from the PMO, Charles Perrottet, Dallas McInerney, Trent Zimmerman and Matt Kean. In my case, Dallas McInerney from Catholic Schools NSW was encouraged to run against me. Realising he did not have support from the conservative base to win a preselection, they resorted to getting Jim Molan to run, despite Molan having promised he would only see out the Sinodinos term.

In my case, Wade McInerney, brother of Dallas, worked in my office for five years. Following his departure to work for Robert Assaf at Greyhound Racing NSW, I discovered he was engaged in inappropriate conduct and activities. I was duty-bound to refer him to the Australian Federal Police, the Department of Finance and the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency.

Having engaged lawyers and fought hard for a preselection, I got it because my enemies realised my strong support from delegates meant Plan B had to be implemented. Dom Perrottet’s premiership is held together by a thread through a so-called unity deal with the Kean-Poulos left. For years the Perrottets have railed against Hawke, threatening to prosecute the Baulkham Hills matter but never delivering. The Perrottets, the McInerneys, Assaf etc had only about 30 votes between them. In the ultimate act of treachery those numbers were press-ganged into voting for Hawke’s candidate, Molan. Why? In short, the so-called conservative premier aligned with his so-called enemy Hawke to do a deal: Morrison gets his captain’s picks in federal seats and no state members jump ship to the federal arena, which would in turn have crippled the premiership of a supine and weak state leader.

In my public life I have met ruthless people. Morrison tops the list, followed closely by Hawke. Morrison is not fit to be prime minister and Hawke certainly is not fit to be a minister.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Scomo’s trying to upstage the Russians who are providing the humanitarian support while the Ukraines try to kill off their own population. A ‘must do’ is to understand that Russia’s aim is to liberate the Ukranians from their Nazi Asov- infested, corrupt government led by the grubby little puppet Zelenski eating out of the hand of the CIA.


  2. Name a political party that is fit for purpose?

    They all start of rich and end up with millions and a life time pension all while running Australia into poverty.

    I’m afraid the better of the lot seems to be One Nation with a glimmer of hope to get Australia back.


  3. Hi Fed Up, Thanks for the report. Damn straight. Thus far we’ve only been served the appetiser and hors d’oeuvres. Guessing dessert may be MOAB Alaska?


  4. Historically one of the issues the controllers have had with us is that they could not bankrupt us – just too wealthy – gass coal etc..

    Go back to Labor using the Commonwealth bank to fund us through ww1 – we came out owing nothing! They off course did not like that and send out the central banking stooges.

    And really we have been ok – but Covid – that was the big opportunity – and now we are broke..


  5. Agree with you IG, there are still a lot of Aussies out there who would do a far better job than the $elected that are running the show. If those people could govern or were selected directly by the people instead of those traitors in power, Australia would be a very different place.
    And yes the divine spark will be always there and it does not matter how crooked one has become.


  6. Well jo, quite a cynical response. But sadly, I agree with almost everything you stated.

    Indeed, you didn’t go far enough as things will become very much worse. In years to come, people will regard the early 2020’s of the covid murder cult and wars where black is white and madness prevails as ‘the good old days’ the halcyon time of yore..

    Let me explain. First, pcwwp knows a thing or two. We are Divine that is, we all have a spark of Divinity locked deep inside (often very deep..) whether we know it not.

    And I’ll take pcwwp’s comment a little further. I believe that our Creator instigated an immutable Law, that of action and resultant consequences and we were/are given free Will – essentially ‘to be or not to be’. ( the ‘why’ is above my pay-grade)

    Our present circumstances are the direct result of past actions. Our future circumstances will be as a result of our present actions. This plays out over one or many life-times. How simple is that, is it not perfectly just & fair. that you get what you deserve, sooner or later?

    So jo, that’s where we are, getting what we deserve, at a personal, National & World level. Perfect justice – and we are not in a good space right now, you’ll agree.

    Now, getting back to my suggestion of ordinary people being randomly selected for government. Someone I know well was recently on juror duty and tried a quite serious and complicated case. The jurors were pretty much a cross section as I indicated in my earlier post. They were, jo, the same sort of people that you denigrate; a tradie, a housewife etc.

    Now here’s the thing. My friend’s comment was that they were all METICULOUS in the discharge of their solemn duty as jurors. They questioned everything, discussed, argued, sought out points of law, gave very issue the most serious attention.

    They forgot, for the time being, that they were (according to you) a divorcee on the make, a tradie skimming off customers, or what ever.

    What they did, was rise to the occasion and discharged their duties honorably.

    I believe these same people would do the same if given the solemn responsibility of running Australia for the good of all Australians.

    What we have to do is, by waking people up, lawfully, legally & non-violently get rid of the (deleted) that presently rule us. Not an easy task.


  7. AU$170 million spent on Ukraine, in just a month or so!!!!! Add up the figures,and marvel at the generosity of Scott Morrison and Josh Freidenberg on our behalf!

    We’re in hock up to our ears, AUSTRALIAN CURRENT GOVERNMENT DEBT STANDS AT AU$1,500,000,000,000 ($1.5 TRILLION) and we’re BORROWING an extra couple of hundred million $$$ to finance a brawl between Ukraine and Russia?

    If that doesn’t convince you that we’re treated as saps and are being fleeced nothing will!

    *The Australian Government approved
    MILITARY AID for Ukraine*

    AU$25 million worth of non-lethal military equipment on 25 February 2022

    AU$50 million worth of lethal military equipment (“rockets and ammunitions”) on 28 February 2022.

    AU$21 million to the Ukrainian Armed Forces on 20 March 2022

    AU$25 million for “defensive military assistance” including radar systems, food and medical supplies.

    (AU$20 million) Unspecified number of Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicles.

    AU$30 million on 20 March 2022:[10]

    AU$10 million to various non-government organisations
    AU$10 million to the World Food Programme
    AU$8 million to the United Nations Population Fund
    AU$2 million to the Emergency Action Alliance Ukraine Appeal
    (AU$30 million) At least 70,000 tons of thermal coal for Ukrainian power stations



    The above report from X22 is ‘everything’ that is going on right now in America and abroad.
    Once this goes down, it will be like domino affect around the world….I think the “shite” is about to hit the fan globally


  9. gunner we are coming for you

    Of course this scumbag is not fit to be PM…

    morrison is just another Davos little whore, never worked for Australia, always worked for his pimps of the WEF, CFR, UN, etc…

    He has to be removed like most of the other pieces of s… like him:


    Many are missing

    Next door there is also the trans, Jacindo and his death minister little the small. – +64 4 817 8700 +64 4 817 8707

    They to are young global leader from the WEF, meaning hard working whores of the NWO and traitors to their nations.


  10. Righteously pessimistic – i get it..

    But we are divine – in the image of our creator.. Sure we have been beaten into a corner – but the pathetic parasites orchestrating this are inbreed scum – they have lost their humanity and want to see everyone else so depleted.

    The picture you paint is not the full story – and we will go on to tell it – this is our world and we are many..


  11. “We trust the electrician, housewife, retiree, teacher etc to be upright & honest as jurors and generally they meet those high standards”. Really IG?

    The average Tradie has become a self centered, greedy con artist with a touch of bush mechanics. To cheat and steal has become a tradesman’s reality of survival. Housewife’s are now divorced and emancipated, on a government pension or living life to the fullest from the “bounties” of the past. Women feel more equal or worthy than their ex or any other male counterpart. Teachers in the public education system think what they are told to think and act accordingly or they loose their job.

    That the Australian government is hated or despised by many (if not the majority) for quite some time now is in the open and the only trust we can have is that we do not care enough to change this. The government steals from us and we do our best to cheat as much as we can in return. Where is the Honesty on both opposing sides? Trust IG? Where is it hidden in a fractured and divided corporated Australia these days?

    Soon the old fashioned good oldies with moral values are extinct and with it is gone the uprightness and honesty, the moral and empathy that once was. A new even more brainwashed generation will fill in the void where will be no moral values, no truth and honesty as it would be an obstacle to peace for the happy ones that do need to think but only follow.


  12. If the trash won’t set itself aside then it has to be thrown out. Same applies to any of the LNP-Labour/Greens. It’s time for change, Aussies! We’re hurtling downhill at breakneck speed.

    Just look at what sort of country Australia has become, not even a pale shadow of where it was a couple of years ago. Treachery, treachery and more treachery by those we trusted and voted for.


  13. Hi IG, Thank you for such an insightful and productive comment.

    I fully agree that these career politicians especially, are the very root of the problem. As all so-called government representatives are meant to serve the people, they should be screened and selected by the people accordingly. Basically ‘interviewed’ by the people. Just as with any position that we peasants may apply for. Where not only our background, character, work history and ethics are scrutinised but also our EI and/or life skills and our prior/proposed contribution to the community. Like jurors as you say; from all walks of life. Not just coming straight out of University with some bs degree in marketing or economics to climb aboard the political gravy train. REAL people who have lived out here in the REAL world and who are truly committed to serving the people. And as with us peasants, there should be a probationary period placed upon their employ. If they don’t deliver, then out they go. So therefore there would need to be a regulatory body (also elected by the people) in place to oversee this. Completely dispose of ICAC and the like, ‘shutting the stable door etc…’ They don’t serve the people either. Their only purpose is to placate the people.

    How can this can come about? Only as you imply. A ‘revolution’ or anarchy of such magnitude never before imagined in this nation. Sadly, I think we are still a very long way short of this. People haven’t suffered enough yet.
    Maybe when oil and food runs out.

    ‘Crossing the Rubicon’ by Michael C. Ruppert (RIP), has been an astute, prescient point of reference for me over the years. It’s ALL in that revelatory masterpiece.


  14. I think that’s what I said? Change of ship? God help us..


  15. pcwwp,
    The question of voting is mute, it’s already been decided who will win the next fraud (election).
    It’s Labour’s turn, watch and see!


  16. Yes yes – I see this here.. As I have said many times – to you I think?? I have spoken to his office and have their advice – he was advised that it was ok – I disagree – He has made a mistake here – who does not make mistakes?? Judge him by the richness of his efforts – he stands very high..

    WHO???? is doing more than him on all the atrocious acts being perpetrated on us? NO ONE!

    As to your arrogant assertions on the depth of my understanding – I understand the history back to Rome and before.. Keep reading buddy..


  17. pcwwp
    Roberts crossed the house floor to make up the needed numbers to pass the bill to bring in foreign troops who were/are already here and you wrote,”I would vote for Malcolm Roberts in any contest!” Does that make you a collaborator to a criminal act? It doesn’t really matter in truth as there is no legitimate parliament here on Tera Australis anyway but you sure exposed yourself on this platform. Perhaps you should get a fresh pseudonym for your next comment. You likely believe the Australia Act is lawful too!


  18. Alida Engelbrecht

    Hi!I wholeheartedly agree. Scott Morrison must be trailed for treason! and with him all ministers and governors of all states and territories whole pushed the cover injections with mandates, etc. and caused so many small businesses to close.They all have to stand and please explain their actions with all their riches taken away and given to the poor in Australia…Alida


  19. TonyRyan 43 said; “…the entire government machine needs to be sacked right now and replaced with national referenda on the essential issues….

    Sack ’em, yes, but there is an alternative, maybe in conjunction with referenda that would maintain the form of government. A career politician is a corrupt politician, so:

    Select politicians as we do Jurors. Give them one or max two 3 or 4 year terms, pay them very well, but no big white cars, perks or expense accounts, give job/career continuance guarantees and assured jail time for any whiff of corruption.

    We trust the electrician, housewife, retiree, teacher etc to be upright & honest as jurors and generally they meet those high standards. It wasn’t that long ago that their integrity could mean the difference between life & death; why should there be any difference in standards when serving your country?

    Could they be any worse than the current swill on all political sides ruining this once great Nation?

    (Of course, I’m dreaming. Things will need to deteriorate still further before this particular ‘revolution’ – but it could happen, maybe sooner than we think. A start would be to put in enough minor parties & independents in the coming election to prevent the Lib-Con/Labor/Green mafias from having an easy run of it. I think the public general dissatisfaction has grown to an extent that we’re as close to this result as we have ever been. One hopes so..)


  20. Another excellent comment tonyryan43.
    Seriously! this is all such a gargantuan, transparent crock.. more political theatre. It’s all very well for Ms CF-W to have a dummy spit on her way out the door, holding her pension tightly in her filthy greedy paws. She’s not ‘revealing’ anything we didn’t already know about Scummo, hitman Hawke, et al. What has she done up until now other than sit on said paws? Diddly squat. Where has her own moral compass she squawks about been? Hypocrite and coward.

    These people are all sickening bottom-dwellers driven only by their need for self preservation. And this also applies to Christensen, Kelly, et al, who at one time I naively considered had some degree of integrity and moral fibre. When push comes to shove they are ALL solely about on which side their bread is buttered.

    It’s very possible that this beat up is simply to pave the way for a leadership spill right before the election. Again for their own perceived self preservation. And what difference would that make anyway? Yep..diddly squat. Scummo can just bugger off back to Hawaii and live happily ever after with that other despot John key.

    We the peasants, are simply pawns in a corporate power play. And as tonyryan43 says, they must all be eradicated. End of story.


  21. Another realist joins the ranks. Well said, pcwwp.

    In terms of real power and the imposition of the murderous globalist agenda, there are no political parties. This is all a stage and all candidates are but actors (to paraphrase old Billy).

    It does not matter who you vote for, or who wins, the agenda will be advanced regardless and what we have achieved with our votes is to undermine those who realise that the entire government machine needs to be sacked right now and replaced with national referenda on the essential issues.

    No more political parties. No more Murdoch media. No more ABC. Just the people and the Public Service to implement their will. That is how one defeats corruption. There is no other way.

    Liked by 1 person

  22. If the Marxist state is owned by the Fifth Plank (rhymes with Bank) – in this case Big Jew Bank – then it is irrelevant which corporate political party runs in the election.

    What matters is who owns the electoral process itself.

    The PM having set up the Australian CoVID Regime for the UN complete with Politiburo (National Cabinet with secret proceedings & Operation CoVID Shield) has now done his bit for the Agenda. Post the FOI release of the Pfizer docs (first tranche), the Corona Baloney Hoax ( 2020) and the enforcement of the lethal injection on the population (2021), it may be time for Sco-Mo to hand over.

    The slow-mo genocide of Australia is now rolling. The Communist Take Down of economy is well underway. The transfer of power to the CCP is in hand. So Scott ‘as mandatory as we can possibly make it’ Morrison can now enter Stage Right.

    It looks to me like the Leibler money is now on Frydenberg. The gov’t is now in damage control and liability minimization over the Communist UN mandated bioweapon. Their websites now admit to adverse events (which CoVID Correctness was denying before Christmas 2021). Now they say they are good for it – and they certainly are.

    So maybe enough children have been sacrificed to Bauphomet and the primary corporate agents may have done a good enough job for their PayMasters in the set up of the genocide to qualify for an extraction and protection. Look for ScoMo to take off his Doofus suit put on his boardies and thongs, get on a plane and go.


  23. I doubt very much any of this will get an airing in the mainstream media – this side of the national election. To expect the timid & tamed ABC to ‘touch’ it – is a pipedream.


  24. Face it Morrison & many others in Australian Politics are Full Blown Narcissists, it’s the perfect job for them and it seems to be a breeding ground!


  25. There is a lot of words here.. And generally well done it would seem . But it’s all irrelevant – they have decided to change ships – they do this to give the sheep hope – of which there is none.

    The controlling tier in all parties – I hope not Pauline – are owned – they would not be there otherwise. They will all support the new WHO treaty which will give complete control to the UN next pandemic with foreign troops, camps and all the crap they bring..

    I am more and more coming round to the not voting argument. Because we live in a Corporate Contract system – everything is a contract – including mandation of poisons and masks. So we just say no – no contracting. People don’t seem to understand – mandation is an offer to contract. Most of the fines etc never make court because??? They can’t ever afford the evidence being seen.

    They use our votes as acceptance of their contact to run things.. Not voting of course is a big sell.

    We tried lots of independents before – little success? This might be a sell – but under NO circumstances vote for Labor/Liberal or Greens!

    I would vote for Malcolm Roberts in any contest! And George is a great guy and great loss..


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