Letter to the Editor

AU$170 million spent on Ukraine, in just a month or so!!!!! Add up the figures,and marvel at the generosity of Scott Morrison and Josh Freidenberg on our behalf!

LIberals and Labor hand over $20m worth of Australian-made Bushmaster armoured cars to gay, high-heeled ‘President’ Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine trying to prevent Putin’s de-nazification campaign against Deep State. At least we know the Canberra duopoly support the coming NWO

We’re in hock up to our ears, AUSTRALIAN CURRENT GOVERNMENT DEBT STANDS AT AU$1,500,000,000,000 ($1.5 TRILLION) and we’re BORROWING an extra couple of hundred million $$$ to finance a brawl between Ukraine and Russia?

If that doesn’t convince you that we’re treated as saps and are being fleeced nothing will!


*The Australian Government approved
MILITARY AID for Ukraine*

AU$25 million worth of non-lethal military equipment on 25 February 2022

AU$50 million worth of lethal military equipment (“rockets and ammunitions”) on 28 February 2022.

AU$21 million to the Ukrainian Armed Forces on 20 March 2022

AU$25 million for “defensive military assistance” including radar systems, food and medical supplies.

(AU$20 million) Unspecified number of Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicles.

AU$30 million on 20 March 2022:[10]

AU$10 million to various non-government organisations
AU$10 million to the World Food Programme
AU$8 million to the United Nations Population Fund
AU$2 million to the Emergency Action Alliance Ukraine Appeal
(AU$30 million) At least 70,000 tons of thermal coal for Ukrainian power stations


from David