Liberal, Labor duopoly spend up big on phony Ukranian ‘war’

Letter to the Editor

AU$170 million spent on Ukraine, in just a month or so!!!!! Add up the figures,and marvel at the generosity of Scott Morrison and Josh Freidenberg on our behalf!

LIberals and Labor hand over $20m worth of Australian-made Bushmaster armoured cars to gay, high-heeled ‘President’ Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine trying to prevent Putin’s de-nazification campaign against Deep State. At least we know the Canberra duopoly support the coming NWO

We’re in hock up to our ears, AUSTRALIAN CURRENT GOVERNMENT DEBT STANDS AT AU$1,500,000,000,000 ($1.5 TRILLION) and we’re BORROWING an extra couple of hundred million $$$ to finance a brawl between Ukraine and Russia?

If that doesn’t convince you that we’re treated as saps and are being fleeced nothing will!

*The Australian Government approved
MILITARY AID for Ukraine*

AU$25 million worth of non-lethal military equipment on 25 February 2022

AU$50 million worth of lethal military equipment (“rockets and ammunitions”) on 28 February 2022.

AU$21 million to the Ukrainian Armed Forces on 20 March 2022

AU$25 million for “defensive military assistance” including radar systems, food and medical supplies.

(AU$20 million) Unspecified number of Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicles.

AU$30 million on 20 March 2022:[10]

AU$10 million to various non-government organisations
AU$10 million to the World Food Programme
AU$8 million to the United Nations Population Fund
AU$2 million to the Emergency Action Alliance Ukraine Appeal
(AU$30 million) At least 70,000 tons of thermal coal for Ukrainian power stations

from David


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Yes Bob Nazi has wide connotations. Ed


  2. obviousbob: “There are several flavours of Nazi and none of you have hit the nail on the head.”

    🙂 What about you give it your best shot? I can always learn a thing or two.


  3. No matter whether these people are classical Nazis or not.
    Putin knows what he has to do, and is doing it.
    This man is a good source, and I think he is “on to it!”:
    What I have seen coming form here re: Nazism is mere conjecture.
    There are several flavours of Nazi and none of you have hit the nail on the head.


  4. Brian Johnston: “There is no denazification of Ukraine, at least not in the true sense of Nazis as in ‘Nazi Germany’.”

    Quite right, the Nazis in this instance refers to followers of Banderite nationalist ideology which gave rise to Ukranian SS troops fighting on the Nazi side against the Russians. A similar renaissance occurred with the Croats and Bosnians when Yugoslavia was butchered in the 1990s.

    Ultimately it’s no more than a tried, tested and simple way of igniting historical, extreme nationalist passions and recycling a division between the black hats and white hats in order to promote division and conflict.

    Works every time! Both offensively and defensively. Just as in the case of Yugoslavia and many other countries, it seems that the US, the EU and their Money Merchant owners didn’t actually spend $BILLIONS$ and $BILLIONS$ on promoting peace, goodwill, brotherhood and unity in Ukraine, did they ?

    Otherwise, we’d be watching a different movie to the one they’re showing today.


  5. Hallo… I see Jo and Brian Johnston get it.


  6. Maybe the Vietnamese have been at our casinos laundering the $400 million ScoMo gave them to learn how to slaughter animals properly?


  7. What’s so special about Ukrainians? If there’s $200 million to be dumped it should be dumped on improving living standards in the outback and on our flood and bushfire victims.

    The whole show in the West is being staged into a farce. Since when do male trans cabaret or disco stars in suspenders and high heels get invited to address Congress and the Australian parliament?

    If you can’t smell “SPONSORSHIP” you need to get a few clues.


  8. And the funds came from inflated fuel prices, just like it did for Desert storm!

    Kind regards Gary



  9. All votes go to the Liberal Party and they decide who will be their show opposition. Even Hawke/Whitlam were, covertly, Liberal


  10. sonja Mary Ford

    Unfortunately the majority of Aussie people are dumbed down and don’t care about truth.

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  11. Putin is winning anyway (cleaning out the cabal) and as far as we are concerned, its all for nothing, just more disgusting waste. Add on top of this unbelievable WASTE – the icing on the cake – the $5,500,000,000 submarine fiasco. IF we dont find a way to get these bastards out – we are gone.

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  12. The Western sanctions against Russia follow on from the dedicated efforts of all these Western Marxist states to tank the economies of the West as per Gorbachev / Strong Earth Charter objective.

    Sanctions of Russia Being Used to Hasten the Great Reset and tank the Western economies.

    This is Phase 2 of the Communist Takedown. One of the purposes of the the war is the de-industrialization of the West required under the Earth Charter. Vlad is, of course, big on the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


  13. Mark. The voting system is rigged, always has been and always will be…Either Scummo or Albo are already in….They are in it together…

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  14. It is SOOO obvious! We, the tax payers have ALWAYS been fleeced by the ‘usual’ to bring about what these ‘chosen’ [and they are NOT of Israel] bastards want! Jesus said so!
    70,000 tons [or is that ‘tonnes’? who gives a ****]! It is theft!
    The loony lefties won’t be happy! Or will they?


  15. Not forgetting the billions already in planing to upgrade “Australia’s defense” over the next few years.
    One wonders why Freydenberg, (or the kosher money printing mountain of joy) thinks about a budget and gets paid for it. Australia is beyond broke already and the global debt collectors are salivating.


  16. Brian Johnston

    There is no denazification of Ukraine, at least not in the true sense of Nazis as in ‘Nazi Germany’.
    Germany was National Socialism, the term Nazi was allegedly coined by a journalist and is generally considered derogatory.
    The ‘Nazis’ in Ukraine are goons.
    At the end of WWII Patton said :We have been fighting the wrong enemy, we have to keep going and take Moscow and democratise the whole of Europe”.
    Patton was murdered.
    Hitler and the National Socialists were up against the same enemy we have today.
    Trump supports nation states and is thus anti-globalist. Putin also.


  17. Yeah. Well a few years ago our government gave the Vietnamese $400 million to “tech their people how to slaughter animals humanely!”
    Obviously, humane practices have never been on the Vietnamese agenda.
    If one looks at the foreign aid site of the federal government, one will see billions in aid going OS.
    And some of the punters keeping track of these things maintain that only around 2% of aid gets to where it is supposed to go.
    And do not ask me to verify all this, as I have other things to do.
    I will just take the Punters’ word for it.

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  18. Elections are coming. Vote wisely and kick the bums out.
    Liberal and Labour are not doing us any favours, no not even vaguely.
    Time for change. Time to get our wonderful country back on track.


  19. All this largess while thousands of Australians are homeless because of the sub-standard, self interested political prostitutes in Canberra.
    Elections are coming. Vote wisely.
    Kick the the Liberal and Labour bums out.
    Lets get our Australia back before its too late.


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