Queensland court must unravel monstrous property title scandal

The future of the great Australian home ownership dream is hanging by a thread.


QUEENSLAND and Australia’s corrupted property title and associated law will be laid bare before the Northern Division of the Supreme Court of Queensland on March 30th when former One Nation senator Len Harris presents evidence in his case to have the Land Act 1994 struck down as being beyond legal power.

Harris has set up a GoFundMe account under the title The Silent Majority to fund the court costs. The hearing will take place at the Supreme Court at 5A Sheridan St Cairns at 10am. “We are asking people to start arriving at 9.30am so as to get through security and up to Court 1 on the fourth floor,” Harris told Cairns News.

Parchment property title deeds, traditionally the proof of your ownership of property, have not only been declared null and void but the records of their existence destroyed by the Queensland government on October 1, 2019. A complicated scheme of government and corporate chicanery has turned the titles into digital entities held by an uncertain “Register”. Settlement of property transactions is handled by three private companies.

Australians who care about their sacred right of property ownership might consider the diabolical threat to the world of the World Economic Forum – “It is 2030 and you own nothing but you will be happy”.

The shocking situation that puts your property title deed in the hands of an unknown entity with no guarantee that they won’t be seized in some sort of future “Great Reset” came about a few years ago when governments announced they were implementing a new property title electronic lodgement system.

The very real threat is that these companies may become the target of a hostile takeover action by some foreign corporation, putting the integrity of property titles in serious doubt.

A director of one of the three electronic lodgement operators, Property Exchange Australia (Pexa) Ltd, has told Len Harris that they don’t hold titles. They merely complete the buyer-seller transaction and the “title” – an electronic binary code – is lodged with another entity. The two other operators of the system are Purcell Partners Pty Ltd and Sympli Australia Pty Ltd.

The beginnings of this scandal go back to 2012 when the Victorian and NSW governments developed the electronic lodgement system for property titles. The NSW government took their Act to a COAG (Council of Australian Governments) meeting to have it adopted Australia-wide after 75% of the state and territory COAG members agreed.

Harris notes that the Queensland Act mirrors the NSW Act but was never debated in Parliament and the Queensland government cannot alter the Act.

COAG, without consulting the Australian people, then set up a body called ARNECC – the Australian Registrars National Electronic Conveyancing Council – to act as the overarching authority on our property titles. Most Australians had never heard of this organisation, let alone being consulted over how it would affect their property titles. ARNECC issued licences to the companies holding the now “electronic titles”.

So the very titles we once held and could access at any time and show as evidence that we are the lawful owners of our property, came under the control of corporate Big Brother, the three companies and government entities that few people had even heard of until recently. The companies are officially known as ELNOs – electronic lodgment network operators – whose role is to facilitate property settlements between sellers and purchaser and then notify the Titles Registry. But Harris says which registry the titles go to is a grey area.

The system operates under the so-called Electronic Conveyance National Law which was amended in February to enforce “interoperability” between the ELNOs. This move supposedly supports a “sustainable competitive market structure for electronic conveyancing”.

Meanwhile, the Australian property owner, who once held his property title deed in his hand, might well be asking how this bureaucratic jiggery pokery affects his lawful property ownership. Are we to accept that our property titles should be confiscated and traded for the benefit of private company owners?

Len Harris also wonders what might happen to the titles in the case of a hostile, stock exchange takeover of one of the ELNO companies. PEXA, before it listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, was subject to a $3.1 billion takeover bid by a consortium called KKR-Domain.

In Queensland the corporate-bureaucratic jiggery pokery continued at another level. On October 1, 2019 the Queensland Land, Explosives and Other Legislative Amendments Act enabled the cancellation of all property title deeds.

The Palaszczuk government then took the Debt Reduction and Savings Act 2021 which they magically turned into a new Act called the Queensland Future Fund (Titles Registry) Act 2021. The stated purpose of this Act is to support the Queensland Future (Debt Retirement) Fund set up under the Queensland Future Fund Act 2020. This Act allows for “the entity to collect and keep fees and other amounts relating to the land registry or water allocations register”.

Harris says they have created a sink fund, which is defined as a fund containing money set aside or saved to pay off a debt or bond. A company that issues debt will need to pay that debt off in the future, and the sinking fund helps to soften the hardship of a large outlay of revenue. He says the Future Fund has already gone offshore to borrow $2 billion.

All these corporate-government machinations in the service of debt raise serious questions about the integrity of the property title system – or what is left of it.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Like to be updated with your newspaper as it tells us the Truth.

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  2. Hey Ed, what happened here..

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  3. What of Governments in Australia giving up their sovereignty by becoming corporations and are now subject to American law since they are incorporated in the United States and the Clearfield Doctrine. The Clearfield Doctrine states that Governments descend to the level of a mere private corporation and no longer have rights as sovereign entities such as fees an taxes, registrations and even stamp duty without evidence of a contractual understanding between the two parties? It is just a question that needs to be put out there. I have so much to learn about the treachery of our selfish politicians going back many decades.

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  4. If all genuine property ownership is cancelled, who will be the new owner–Klaus ??

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  5. Len Harris is fighting for all Australians in this so please get behind him also he needs funding, any amount helps it all adds up to challenge this in the courts. Godspeed all.

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  6. Correct – contagion and “virus: pathology never proven – “virus” never isolated ( found). Germ Theory is just another lie to whip the masses into fear.


  7. Sorry, editor the above post in the wrong place.


  8. Moderna Vaccine Patented 9 Months Before Pandemic. Thanks to the Fauci-Baric’ Manmade SARS Viruses

    A disturbing document had already emerged proving the existence of an experimental gene serum based on messenger RNA against Covid-19 on 12 December 2019.

    But nothing appears compared to the terrible secrets about the Spikevax vaccine produced by Big Pharma Moderna in Cambridge (Massachusetts, USA) thanks to the money of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Pentagon (the American Department of Defense) and the collaboration with the Niaid (Institute Allergy and Infectious Diseases National Park) headed by Anthony Fauci, White House advisor on the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic.

    Patent US10702600 for the vaccine candidate mRNA-1273 was in fact registered in its new composition on March 28, 2019.

    That is 9 months before the official outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in China and the availability of the official Wuhan sequence MN908947.1, the virus initially called 2019-nCoV and then renamed by the World Health Organization SARS-Cov-2 to the strong genomic identity with SARS of 2003 (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, when virus and disease were called the same).

    Read on –


    The Viral Delusion Documentary Series – The Untold Story Behind The Pandemic
    by GreatGameIndia

    The doctors, scientists and journalists featured in THE VIRAL DELUSION examine in detail the scientific papers that were used to justify the pandemic, and what they find is shattering. In this shocking, five-part, seven hour documentary series, they explode every single major claim, from the “isolation” of the virus to its so-called genetic sequencing, from the discovery of how to “test” for SARS-CoV2 to the emergence of “variants” that in reality, they explain, exist only on a computer. Their point: that the so-called SARS-CoV-2 virus exists only as a mental construct whose existence in the real world has been disproven by the science itself.

    Read more of this post


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  9. Yes – I am sure the Ed will – I would assume most would be interested..


  10. “Why doesn’t pcwwp read the book before he/she passes comment?” I don’t know what you are talking about but if you disagree with what i said – no problem.


  11. Very concerned

    I recently had to apply for a copy of my Property Title to prove ownership of the property, the copy of the title had to be no older than 30 days and I had to pay $25, does that mean our titles are only valid for 30 days at any given time?


  12. “Dear Fellow Freedom Fighters” was my opening for emails I used for many years. I still like to think along those lines because one of my favourite songs includes the words “Give me some men who are stout-hearted men who will fight for the rights they adore”. Only good guys fight for truth, justice and the Ausatralian way, after all. I am a few months off turning 80 and had so many attempts to assasinate my character that I’m almost impervious to them. Presently, the motor for my garage door and the push buttom for the cistern on my toilet are broken and electricians and plumbers are expensive. So, I’ve improvised techniques so they still work. “Jackals of Slavery and how to defeat them” is intended to do good by whistleblowing and educating. “Honi soit qui mal y pense” – shamed be (the person) who thinks evil of it. I’ve just watched a Gene Hackman movie called, “Narrow Margin”, in which Gene, the deputy district attorney, is offered a bribe of ten times his annual salary by the gansters but our hero turns it down. Why doesn’t pcwwp read the book before he/she passes comment?
    Yours sincerely,
    John Wilson.

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  13. As far as I understand the land always vests in the Crown. Our “title” en-title-ment is as joint tenants or tenants in common. Perpetual renters for a one off fee. 🙂 But now we are not even entitled to have any no proof of that either. The governments now have ultimate control of our entitlements to real property rights and what we can do with them, subject to their permission.

    Just like the banks won’t let you withdraw your money in cash unless you provide them with a reason they consider acceptable to them. Try taking out $10K and telling them it’s none of their business why you want it. 🙂

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  14. Really we never had “title”..it says so on the title documents. The “crown” they say .. All roads lead to Rome I say…

    We have all lived in slavery all our lives but they used to let us have some sparkly stuff – house – children – car – holiday – so as to motivate us to work etc – for them.

    Sadly they have discovered they don’t need us any more – technology – this has coincided with the end of the debt financial system. So are so confident now that anyone who wants to know can see – but for so many – the force is too strong..


  15. I am not a robot

    Complete corporate piracy acted upon by political criminals. They neither represent our rights nor freedoms. Their secretive fraudulent plans will ensure their guilt and eventual incarceration .. unless an ever betrayed and frustrated public reintroduces corporal punishment for treason like this .. then it will be curtains .

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  16. Please keep me updated on this case of land title grab

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  17. Sylvia Rousianos

    It is Happening in Sydney as well 😡


  18. This is Government theft of our property titles..it must be stopped and proper ownership titles reinstated.

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  19. pcwwp stated “but we are all busy trying to survive” is an excuse. Is having an expensive vehicle or several, a big home, the latest appliances, all the stuff are “but we are all busy trying to survive”. This is the common justification that you gotta have all the stuff to survive. That’s what I see every where I go but when there is a disaster of floods and fire and that stuff is lost then survival excludes all that stuff. So what is survive? No stuff = non survival? Yet they fail to ensure that they have title to the land to put all the stuff.


  20. In all honesty why isn’t there much word of this everyone’s focused on the vaccine and yeah that’s another issue in itself but this is major and no one is saying boo. Is there anything I can do for myself and my assets or do I just have to hope more them 30 or 40 people Australia wide know about this and shut gets serious? I know one thing Aussies have done bugger all to fight this stuff yeah they protest but I can assure you that’s a joke for another day but if they can see this kinda stuff and that they got the vaccine to pay there mortgages off when in they end it was all for nothing as they where gonna lose there homes anyway I strongly belive then and only then shit will start to get real. When you take everything from a man and he has nothing else lose best stay right out of that man’s way I can assure you on that on.shits gonna start getting real real quick. Send this far and wide people


  21. Johnwilsonbds, as long slaves still write books about slavery and make money from it selling “copyrighted intellectual property” – cough, cough” to other (intellectual) slaves the home corral can’t be too bad.

    Required reading should be gone by now, required action against the “herders” is more than desirable these days – if one is not too busy reading!

    We must have read enough by now otherwise we will read about our own death one day without noticing that it already has happened.

    Slaves have no right to titles – unless its being “slave”. Same applies to subjected subjects of the mother that gave birth to all evil in the West – the Come On Wealth.

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  22. Yeah Evan until the sheeples turn off their tv and phones they are doomed. Ed


  23. It’s actually pretty straight forward. Didn’t egg head at the WEF say the best global crisis will be even worse the covid being a cyber attack……. and we’re really sorry but we got hacked and lost all the property titles to make up for it will give you a shoe box in the city that you can live in till you die but it’s owned by the government. I’m in construction and for years we been so busy and I always think where does l this money come from I mean go in to Melbourne cbd at night and I can assure you each apartment building will have 10 maybe 12 lights on but hey we just get more and more work. These are the smart city’s and we won’t even be aloud out to the suburbs. U will work across the road from Ur shoe box 7 days a week and u will only be able to afford food bills till the next pay. Belive me this has been in the making for decades I get laughed at when I tell my family this shit but it’s unfortunate that I’ll have the last laugh coz I don’t see anyone doing a think about it everyone is just comply comply comply I’m pretty sure we are screwed.

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  24. Has Len Harris signed a Memorandum of Consent allowing “Judges” to have jurisdiction to proceed summarily? Or is he demanding his inalienable right to have a jury determine his Property Rights? Sir William Blackstone thought of trial by jury “that it is the most transcendent privilege which any subject can enjoy, or with for, that he cannot be affected either in his property, his liberty, or his person, but by the unanimous consent of twelve of his neighbours and equals”. I fear Len has forgotten the old “Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly”.


  25. Sadly they have put our wealth into corporate hands..I wish we could get this to people – it would be a real game changer..

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  26. To my understanding, and I hope I am wrong, having an older “paper title” copy of your property/dwelling NO LONGER entitles you to clear proof of ownership; in respective States where laws are now changed to the new electronic title deed system; the new system now supersedes any “paper title” that currently exists on your property.

    In fact the paper print out from the respective State Title Body is in my opinion beyond anything reasonable. Just being silly I guess, because Wars never happen and Computers never play up. But if in the future the State Title System was shut down, and how very convenient for Klaus and the gang, but as the Law now stands it would be on the side of those questioning your right of ownership.

    But in retrospect the Nazi’s did just turn up at the front door at 3.00AM with no knock warrants and flung the person into the street homeless. History unfortunately has a habit of repeating, but in their defence, they did make it legal by making it the Law on their side first. A bit like the State Title Office!

    All this is yet to be tested in Court however, and I sincerely hope the Law decides to side with the people rather than big Corps like BlackRock, who are already snapping up Australian Property and have been for some time.


  27. This issue is definitely part of a worldwide Agenda.
    It’s happening in other Countries too, in lockstep.
    So that’s a clue right there.

    “39th Amendment of the Constitution (Right to Housing Bill) 2020 (Ireland):
    the State accordingly, shall delimit the right to private property where it is necessary to ensure the common good, and to vindicate the said right to housing for all residents of Ireland”

    Reference: Bernies tweets @BernieSpofforth

    Why are people paying the bank a huge Mortgage to pay off a debt for something that they will potentially have no right to ownership of?
    Many were coerced into taking an experimental injection, just to keep their job to pay their mortgage (or lose their home).

    What part do the Central banks play in all of this?
    Maybe more than we realise.
    You can’t tell me they don’t know about this.
    They are the ones who then direct you onto the “Title Deeds office” once they give you their release of mortgage documentation.
    Paying them for what turns out to be a non existent ownership….what a scam.

    “You will own nothing, because we will own it, because you couldn’t pay for it and for those of you who have paid for it, we will take it off you and it will be shared with those who have not paid for it because as it is in Communism, all things will belong to the State”

    “There will however, be exceptions because all pigs are equal, but some pigs are more equal than others”.


  28. The whole point is that the title record to your land can be advertently or inadvertently altered or amended or digitally hacked without your knowledge.

    By the time you find out about it and start sorting it out it could be years and mega $$$ in legal costs to you just to prove you own the land. And in the end you may NOT be successful anyway.

    In the mean time, your hands are tied and you can do NOTHING with your land, except be happy.

    It’s DEFINITELY not a good idea for you to be dependent on and at the mercy of someone else holding your proof of land ownership and your being dependent on them to prove it for you!! If you’ve got nothing in your hand, it means YOU can prove NOTHING!

    Put your faith and trust in the anonymity of BUNGLING governments and bureaucracy, they luvs us al! 🙂

    And make sure you vote for the same treacherous arseholes again next time so we can keep getting more of the same! Cheers.

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  29. Thats right folks Wayne Glew has been talking about this scam for year. If you do not demand the Title in FEE SIMPLE you do not own it. They pull the scam by many names Torrens Title is one of them. You better wake up they are thieving everything because you have not woken up yet.

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  30. This is just unreal – I looked at this some time ago – but we are all busy trying to survive – they take our money and weaponize it against us.. criminals..


  31. I am very concerned about this ,as are many of us property owners . We work hard to purchase property and want the assurance that we have ownership of the property , not just ‘access’ to it , as the WEF are hoping and planning on ie; ‘ ‘You will own nothing and be happy’ , is their mantra for their 2030 agenda.


  32. A Slave has No Right of Consent.
    A Slave has No Right to Propery.
    A Slave has No Right to Trial by Jury.

    My book, “Jackals of Slavery and how to defeat them”, is required reading.


  33. “……………..The low IQ of the general public can readily be inferred by counting the enormous number of individuals ready to vote — in the coming election — for someone who is a despotic warmonger, a proven security risk, and a pathological liar.


  34. Which plank of the Communist Manifesto does Australia not follow?

    10 Communist Manifesto Planks of the US Government

    February 21, 2015—167 years ago today, Karl Marx published The Communist Manifesto. In it, Marx outlined 10 Planks, or policies, for overturning capitalist economies. How many of Marx’s planks are already implemented in the U.S.? Let’s examine the planks to find out.

    The 1st Plank: “Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes.”

    The 14th Amendment in 1868 granted the US government eminent domain power to expropriate private property in the name of the “public good.” There’s also the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) which wields enormous zoning and regulatory power, as well as school and property taxes, and environmental considerations which take precedence over private property and individual rights. You don’t pay your property taxes? The government takes your house. So is it really your house to begin with?

    Read on –



  35. glynnesutcliffe

    Same is true in SA……..



  36. Northern Territory made paper titles to go electronic in 2009.


  37. I intend to be there, thanks for the heads up Editor

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  38. You will own nothing and be happy 🤬 unless your a corrupt government official who may already have the Brown paper bag

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