Canberra Rally: Hoisting the Red Ensign at Government House today was a tremendous tactical move giving encouragement to the hundreds of thousands of protesters and faraway onlookers.

Graham Hood is carrying the charge quite well but as yet it hasn’t detonated. There have been so many demonstrations held at Parliament House over the years they all seem to fade into one.

Staff from Cairns News have been to several of them spanning 30 or more years but nothing ever seems to change. We fear the modus operandi of this rally should be harder, which will be the last opportunity to prevent the New World Order from engulfing this country that politicians and bureaucrats have referred to since the Covid plandemic began.

If this rally has no effect on the Corporation then Australians will face life owning nothing and being happy as Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum has alluded to.

Former Qantas pilot Graham Hood(right) is a decent God-fearing man who has achieved a great deal of credibility for the rally.

But we fear that having talks and listening to music on the Parliamentary lawn with whomever emerges from the Chamber when Parliament is sitting, from experience will achieve nothing.

Lip service is the norm, but figuratively speaking it seems nothing short of taking over Parliament House, Capitol Hill style will jerk these party tyrants into gear.

Over the past several years Cairns News has spoken to a lot of informants and received much material that has fallen off the back of trucks. We know for a fact that compulsory drug testing of the entire federal and state public service on a given day during PM Tony Abbot’s term revealed startling results showing 80 per cent had either taken illicit drugs or were still taking them.

Police were among the highest results. This is why many robo police officers have lost any semblance of humanity and seem soulless in their interaction with the public.

Protesters must realise party plants only hold the top positions because Deep State has compromised them beyond belief and these unpalatable people are entirely beholden to their corporate masters and to the Lodge, aka Satan. These party hacks will not yield an inch.

If a million people arrive there and it seems possible at this stage, there would be no shortage of younger loyal Australians willing to take affirmative action. They have no jobs, no future and have nothing to lose.

Many have lost or injured family members due to the jab and soon their kids will suffer.

The few of us at Cairns News would go willingly but age is creeping in and we are just too far away to travel. We believe we can achieve more by keeping the real narrative alive and we can’t be shut down by Falsebook or Yourboob, which we believe will soon happen to protesters.

Good luck Graham but we think you need to go harder. Mr Nice guy does not gel with demons. Lock down the city which the duopoly had no trouble doing to every citizen and small business, many of which will never recover and have lost everything over the biggest scam ever perpetrated on mankind.