Palaszczuk’s pathetic police pounce on cafe patron, takes four to incarcerate her

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from Matt Straight

Hervey Bay: This is Australia now people. Such a sad day when five disgusting individuals in police uniform come to my cafe, Interrogate me as to whether I’m allowing un-vaxxed people dine at my establishment and then proceed to check all guests and arrest this lovely lady just because she wouldn’t show her medical records to them. So disgusted and embarrassed to be Australian right now. (so is the rest of the world)

Would have loved five police when we got broken into four times. Truly heart broken, mad and disgusted. This lady peacefully left the cafe when the police entered and waited outside. It wasn’t until the police finished checking all patrons that all five focused on her and insisted she show her vaccination status. She politely said she would provide her name and address but declined to share her medical records.

They pushed and pushed trying to get her to hand over her phone and when she refused, they said she is under arrest. We asked for what? There is nothing in the mandate that says you can be arrested for not showing, but says you can be made to leave a venue. Which she did on her own accord. They said she is obstructing justice.

Rebecca is your Mum, your Aunt, your Sister. Just wanting to sit down and enjoy a cuppa like a normal human being and was arrested, bruised, put in a holding cell for two hours, finger printed, given a $1300 fine, a court date and treated like a criminal. For having a cup of coffee and for what ever reason, not wanting to show her PRIVATE medical records. Anyone that feels this is normal or a good use of five cops at a time when there are real crimes being committed needs their head checked. However the mandate states if she was sitting in a shopping mall food court or standing in line at the supermarket or in line in the cafe to order take out, that’s OK.

World gone mad.#

Editor: Because police allegedly demanded she show her phone medical record, they can be charged and prosecuted under S 94H of Privacy Act 1988 (C’th) convicted and jailed for 5 years. Let’s see how they like it. While juvenile crime is rampant and largely unchecked in the Hervey Bay area the ALP police spend at least $5000 over their already in-the-red budget harassing this innocent woman, who now could take them to the cleaners. Anyone want to start a crowd funding appeal? Cairnsnews and its aligned media will support it.

Queensland Police do not have the authority of the Crown.

Comrade Premier Annastacia’s early tertiary training for a future leadership position, undertaken in London by the UK communist party and the Fabian Society in the 80’s, is wearing thin in regional Queensland. Cairnsnews doubts the ALP would win a seat north of Caboolture or south of Beenleigh if an election were held today. Comrade Premier Annastacia has only the masked-up sheeples left.


Rebecca under no circumstances pay any fine.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. So take action against them through the international criminal court and the international court of justice, what they are doing is committing crimes , illegal acts and crims against humany grow some balls and fight back ,


  2. A friend’s husband joined the scum and was posted to cairns. The first thing they did was change his name so that his family could not be traced (just what do they fear?).
    It means that even IF a Policy Enforcer gives you his business card upon request, It’s fraud because that won’t be his real name.
    I might add that he resigned after a short time because he didn’t like the


  3. The local Sheriff here in my town in Victoria has state registered plates on his official vehicle. I had a chat to him when I saw him at the lights the other day.He would not say why the local cop cars had ordinary rego plates. So why has Sheriff -dude got them and other state agents not? See this:


  4. I Don’t Answer Questions: And statutory Law is only applicable to STATUTORY PERSONS-and that is definitely not you!!!


  5. Queensland cop cars have always had regular plates because irregular or govt plates attract attention and the crooks would know they are onto them. Commonwealth owned cars had Z plates but no longer. In fact there are no Qld govt plates in use that we are aware of. But the cops have not been privatised all that time. Since 2002. Ed


  6. That is exactly correct. A man I know joined the SAS and was told, after his IQ test, that he could not susceptible to propaganda.


  7. We have been waiting for the cafe owner to respond. He has been lethargic. Ed


  8. Great info mate – I also would put in..


  9. If Qld Police have always had normal number plates then that just proves that they have been privatised for a long time. In regard to the statement about police taking the handbag as being theft, my information is that if there were witnesses and the copper was in company with other police, and they were armed, then that amounts to armed robbery. See this: And once again, I believe what this article says is applicable here, because we are a Common wealth country-allegedly.


  10. Queensland police cars have always had normal issue number plates. Ed


  11. On the 1-year anniversary of Jan 6 ™, Trump loyalists in Congress are boldly calling out the event as a false flag. Matt Gaetz of Florida:

    “We know this January 6 last year wasn’t an insurrection. No one has been charged with insurrection. No one has been charged with treason, but it very well may have been a Fed-surrection.”

    And Q-Anon Congress-gal Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia called out, by name, the known Deep State provocateur Ray Epps… For Mike King’s perspective –


  12. People are just so unaware of what is really happening in this country .. when they do realise it will be too late ..


  13. It was fortunate that this disgusting behavior by the police was filmed. If there is a Crowd Funding started to provide support for a proper legal challenge against the police then my wife and I are happy to donate. We’ll look out for a possible court challenge and prosecution of the police involved. R & K


  14. Did you all notice that the number plates on that police vehicle are not state registered but private plates? In Victoria, police vehicles are of all different makes, even BMWs-I saw a Highway Patrol BMW at the local dealer’s here,, which would have been worth around $100 k These different makes of car are unlikely fleet vehicles, so who owns the car then?


  15. And when he held the Bible outside that church he held it upside down, back to front, whatever, and called it “a bible”, not “the” Bible. See this article for the lowdown on the relationship between Islam and masonry-anyone you see on the world stage wearing a pale blue neck-tie is telling you he is a Mason. The information here might explain the world-wide explosion in Islamic migration: I don’t think Trump is a Christian.


  16. An addendum to my previous post, a further charge is theft, they took her bag.


  17. Several points: –
    (1) DPP v hamilton 2011 hc the justice held that, “the police do not have unfettered power to stop and interrogate anybody unless they are ALREADY under arrest, and there is no statute that changes that”.You are under no obligation to stop and answer ANY questions, even if the questions are in relation to the commission of a crime.

    (2) Imperial Proclamations Proclamations Act 1986, no penalty can be applied to a defendant prior to a court finding that defendant guilty. to do so is an offence.

    (3) police who commit an offence whilst in uniform face a maximum penalty of 15 years incarceration.

    (4) If any one of them touched her BEFORE she was placed under arrest they can ALL be charged with assault with a deadly weapon (they carry guns).

    I live on an old age pension, and I would be DELIGHTED to assist an any way I can to fund a prosecution, and incidentally, there were 5 thugs in the gang.


  18. dianedraytonbuckland

    The world populations have to rise up against World Governments and their tyrannical terrorism against innocent populations or we are all doomed to totalitarianism.

    Informed choice Australia Canadian doctor locked in psych ward who exposed stillbirth explosion in vaccinated moms interview


  19. Watching five Police bullying that innocent lady saddened me beyond words! Even more so was the sight of the other patrons totally ignoring what was happening to her. Don’t they realise that if she is NOT protected under the law, then neither are they!


  20. When examining the questions on the forms, that employees must fill in when applying for a government job [whether librarian, traffic warden, or whatever], it is easy to see that the questions were specifically designed as a deliberate ‘screening process’ to eliminate critical thinking applicants.

    Only those incapable of independent thought will pass the application test, just as they are designed to do.

    Observing the evidence, one presumes that the Aussie police application form is no different.


    They’ll do the proceedings and take their costs out if the award


  22. I’d chip-in in a heartbeat, just tell us where, when & how. Nancy Boys & Midgets with false ball bags have no right to consider themselves ‘Officers Of The Law’. Law breakers & criminals deserve to be bought to justice. Good to see the bald Nancy Boy took offence at them being called ‘filth’. Good short word description of their character from what I read & seen, reckon my English Teacher from the old school yard would have been chuffed with that one.


  23. Ron Chapman,
    You are wrong about Trump.
    He signed the Talmud while in office.
    Photos to prove it.
    He’s playing the people.
    His end goal is Israel, as a political Zionist.
    There is so much evidence that he is part of the end game.
    They all sit at the same table.
    March is another psyop.
    Gesara, Nesara, whatever.
    Hope deferred makes the heart sick.


  24. Thanks Alison,

    I agree. The government is trying to send the message that if they can do this to Novak Djokovic they can do it to anyone.

    Arguably the globalists thought that they had organised Western nations into a state of almost complete mind controlled stupidity. But Trump and the global Alliance moved just in time to elect Trump and get the take down of the demons and their Talmudic global controllers and shabbos enablers under way. The Alliances’ success should be obvious in March.

    Building on the Rockefeller Carnegie dumbing down of US education (mirrored throughout the West), the cultural Marxists had virtually completed Antony Gramsci’s long march through the institutions by 2016. This explains why the COVID scamdemic Psy Op has been sooo successful to date. Amazing Polly explains the background to this psychological manipulation in some detail. See eg:
    See also:

    Peace and Blessings,


  25. There must be a proven injury in order for a fine to be imposed.


  26. Yes, Mike Holt: A fine can only be issued in a court of competent jurisdiction, and is compensation for injury to person or property, not so as the CORPORATE COPS can make a quick buck. All police are corporate now, and subject to commercial liability. Their only way of gaining jurisdiction is via contract, so you do not contract with them. How to do this? 1-don’t answer any questions (Google the: I Don’t Answer Questions videos, for the clues here); 2 don’t show them any ID, as this is contracting; 3: don’t do anything they say. I have previously forwarded my How To Deal With Victoria Police document to the Editor. Maybe he will put it up again? Lastly, after batting off the cop with three “I don’t answer questions” retorts, notice them that you will bill them for your time, at your Standard Rate-mine is $250 per hour, or part thereof. They are commercial, remember, and so liable for a fee for chewing up your time. So Bill them!!!


  27. Fed Up with Dickheads

    I have always had enormous respect for the police and always will for those who do the right thing BUT…

    Since Fitzgerald, good police have found it hard to get promotion and most (arseholes) proceeded to get rank.

    Mind you some good guy’s may have slipped thru but I am only assuming!

    Hence …politicians and commissioned officers are exempt from the covid19 bioweapon.

    We are all fed up with “socialism” big pharma, WEF, UN and NWO corruption

    We are sick of criminal scum politicians, media, CHO, religious leaders, and their minions that have been allowed to get away with this for so long in Australia

    Back to the subject at hand….Let the poor woman have a coffee in peace FFS and go and do the policing you where recruited for.

    As for the blonde police officer in this video, its ok to squat to do a wee Luv, you don’t have to stand up with the fella’s and act like a man just because socialism told you to do so in your schooling!

    Your way of policing has never worked and nor will it ever

    I have witnessed other footage of you and don’t like what I see, especially coming from a woman who should know better if you where properly trained, showed empathy…and used common sense and critical thinking!

    You have two choices QPS low rankers! Keep doing the job of protecting the pig in lipstick premiere that does not give a shit about you “useless eaters” as well as taking orders from your exempt Covid19 commissioned officers or stand up and support the people of Australia like you have been sworn in to do.

    Or keep taking those experimental boosters with no indemnity until you are pushing up daisies!….your choice QPS!

    We the people will win in the long run because we have God on our side and there are a lot more of us than you

    Good always overrides evil

    The vaccines are not working, the PCR test are bullshit and Australia does not want communism….and if you cannot cope with my comments well piss off to a communist country and lets see how long you last

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  28. My contempt for the scum that run the Colonial Service Corporations that pretend to be our dejure government cannot be measured.


  29. Maree Therese Mailand



  30. Please let us know if you have started a crowd funding appeal I will definately help out


  31. and me..


  32. Yes I would so support a go fund me to raise money to sue those over the top cops and charge them for all they are. This may start to set an example for the rest of the pigs and the power they think they have. Everyone hates the police these days and rightly so. and this has to stop. Harvey Bay. What the hell this is a sleepy little old persons town. This has to stop now they suppose to work for us

    Sent from my iPad


  33. Count me in on the crowd funding for her to prosecute the scum bags in blue.


  34. Just want to give my support – utter criminal crap – I believe anything they are challenged the fines are removed.. It is all a bluff..


  35. Latest news on tennis sports star

    Immigration Minister cancels Serbian tennis star’s visa ahead of 2022 Australian Open campaign

    Immigration Minister Alex Hawke – “Today I exercised my power under section 133C(3) of the Migration Act to cancel the visa held by Mr Novak Djokovic on health and good order grounds, on the basis that it was in the public interest to do so.
    This decision followed orders by the Federal Circuit and Family Court on 10 January 2022, quashing a prior cancellation decision on procedural fairness grounds.
    In making this decision, I carefully considered information provided to me by the Department of Home Affairs, the Australian Border Force and Mr Djokovic.
    The Morrison Government is firmly committed to protecting Australia’s borders, particularly in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. etc”

    Comments show a divided Australia which needs to recover itself from the covid bewitchment.


  36. I think we need a list of legit questions to ask the gastapo and to circulate them on memes so the teenagers and all age brackets of people, of all walks of life, having to meet trespass or malfeasance, by service offices, can feel empowered to stand in love, light and peace ! When Centrelink forces citizens to check in, it’s illegal .. When police harass citizens and steal their peace, and publically shame them, that’s psychology ask torment and an international war crime! When oathed rapey daddies enforcing controls they appear severely mentally ill, the dark triad of behaviour is maxist, narcissistic, and Maciavillian and these psychopath need a time out!

    Does anyone have a list of 3 questions that will cause the officers to withdraw in any contacts and behave?


    Sent from my iPhone



  37. Thanks Mike well done. Ed


  38. $1000 “covid fine” from March 2020. Not paid, but importantly they are no longer pursuing it, stopped pursuing it when I served them (the actors, PM, GG, State Premier, as well as the Commissioner of Police in WA) my letters placing me, standing as a Subject of the Commonwealth, my sworn oath to the Crown. The last letter I sent was over 7 months ago.  I’ve been stopped at a RBT since, no issue, left unchallenged. My letters are online. 

    Regards, Jill Banks0419 855 486Sent from my mobile

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  39. Those coppers could also be prosecuted for impersonating a Magistrate, so I believe. And they were not acting as lawful Police Constables because they were taking directions from someone, which infringes the separation of powers that exists as to a constables duties.
    This article fleshes out the matter, and I believe is applicable here:


  40. Australia is under Talmudic control.. Absolutely disgusting all right.. Ban the treacherous life threatening spike protein toxin gene therapy clot shots.. The govt, msm, health dept’s, police… have blood on their hands


  41. My one and only request is that I live long enough to see all of the corporate police thugs imprisoned for what they have done to innocent Australians. Zero respect for the thugs.

    The good cops who are not going along with the illegal mandates, you are still respected for what you do for the people. Trouble is you are becoming the minority.


  42. The real reason for wearing masks. It’s as plain as the nose on our faces that masks are useless against a pathogen. Yet they are extremely powerful physical representation of oppression. They represent all the repressive mandates, reminding everyone everyday and everywhere, creating the normal and compliance with the inconceivable.

    Kind regards Gary



  43. It certainly is a world gone Mad.
    A ongoing psychological build to Communist domination, sustaining this activity as the norm; mass psychosis.
    Don’t seek a shrink, just turn the Tele off.


  44. Pass this on to everyone… this is how you take anyone to court for breaking the law… especially the Privacy Act 94H.

    Charge the police and take them to court. And at the same time, opt to take your fine to court. The judge or magistrate cannot enforce it because a mandate is not a law. I already have proof that going to court is the way to beat them. I was fined during the last lockdown and elected to go to court. At the same time I issued a notice to the policeman who gave me the fine. I never heard another word about it. My friend, who was arrested at the same time also got out of the charges. And one other person whom I advised before he went to court had his fine dismissed too. So take heart. The police are wasting everyone’s time with their bully-boy tactics. They have no authority… and they are not enforcing a law.

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  45. SCUM IN BLUE!!


  46. Spot on. What a bunch of girls. Ed


  47. This is surely NOT the Australia I arrived in the Sixties. This must change, “ASAP”… All these Cops are indeed “Criminals”.


  48. The Offguardian site has reproduced a letter by Margaret Anna Alice, which the author says to copy and send to MPs. It’s quite a comprehensive letter. I’m of the opinion it should be sent to health authorities, your employer, doctor, union bureaucrat, and MPs, as well as their electorate opponents…
    It’s rather lengthy. Include the link in a cover note. If enough people send off a letter with the link, especially to MPs, none of them can ever claim later that they didnt know…


  49. This cop shop is committing crimes of a Communist state against Qld people. Do we have their names for the shit file?

    WHEN we take out the trash and conduct a clean sweep of the Communist Take Over and its CoVID Regime, we won’t be accepting any snivellng ‘I was just doing my job’ reasons for this assault on a Queenslander.

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  50. I watched the news this morning when they announced that the borders checking would finish ay 1 am. The police commissioner said it would be good to have the extra police to put back to other duties. There must be more revenue chasing coffee drinkers than collecting at the border. Or is it the Ladies drinking coffee are a much easier mark and there is no chance of running into a couple of Hells Angels who may dispute the decision. Our Butter Ball police would not be able to handle that.

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