Wearing a mask a bit like pressing the button at traffic lights – makes no difference

Letter to the Editor

As a local resident of the Atherton Tablelands area, I’ve watched with intrigue (and some disappointment), the behaviors of many, following the recent decision of the QLD State Government to introduce “mask mandates” for all indoor venues from Dec 17. Since that date, I’ve witnessed the most divisive behavior I have ever seen within any local community (I’ve lived in many), and it saddens me to watch just how effective fear and propaganda is, when used as a weapon against a VULNERABLE population.

This isn’t about the mask mandates per se. Anyone with half a brain can deduce that wearing a face mask is not going to make a blind bit of difference when it comes to protecting yourself from a microscopic virus; it’s been proven in more than a dozen peer-reviewed scientific journals that masks are ineffective at stopping a virus particle from entering the nasal or pharyngeal cavity. One just has to do a little research. This is ultimately about coaxing the citizenry to comply. Nothing more. That’s it.

But, we’re told by the governments (the people we elect, right?) that we all have to wear one of these little things on our faces in the completely false idea that it will make us all safer. It reminds me of waiting at a pedestrian crossing (controlled by traffic lights), endlessly pressing the ‘button’ in the misguided assumption that the lights will change faster. I always felt that having that ‘button’ was really just some social panacea to make me believe that I have some say in the way things operate (i.e. zero!).

Now, getting back to the mask thing, and some behaviours I want to call out. On a recent trip to Ravenshoe QLD, I was walking along the footpath (an area in which masks are not required to be worn by ‘mandate’ (not law – more on this later)), when a surly woman exited a grocery store in front of me. Yes, she had her mask on, but very loosely fitted. Enough said. However, she made the dreadful, dreadful mistake of challenging me for not wearing a mask of my own while out in the open. I made sure that my voice carried to within earshot of everyone in the crowded grocery store when I made my reply:

“You seem to be completely unaware of the Constitution of Australia”, I told her. “Which you, as a citizen of this country have to abide by the same as everybody else. Under the Constitution, you don’t have the right to tell me what I should or should not do. Nor do the shopkeepers. Nor, in fact, do the police. A mandate is not a law, and you ought to know the difference. What legal standing do you have to tell me what to do?”

[For the readership, a ‘mandate’ is not a law. A ‘mandate’ is considered a “request to comply”. If you comply, you’re absolving your rights as a citizen. If you do not comply, you are breaking no laws, provided you are breaking no other laws. 🙂 ]

Slightly less confident, but with the same degree of belligerence, she said to me that “the locals would prefer it If I wore a face mask everywhere”. I could have gone several ways with this conversation; the first thought in my head was to retort with an inflammatory insult: “Well, considering how ugly everyone is around here, I can see why…” But that would have diminished the impact of what was, after all, a great opportunity to ‘grandstand’ a message in front of the packed grocery store. My actual response was, quite simply this:

“Who the hell are you to speak for what “the locals” want? I’m a local, and you certainly don’t speak for me. If you want to wear a mask wherever you go, that’s YOUR choice. Just as it is my choice to exercise my own freedom while we still have it, to not participate willingly in my own enslavement. People like you would have us give up our freedoms for your version of safety. Where is that going to end? Cars are dangerous. Should we stop driving them? Planes are dangerous – they can crash into the WTC. Should we stop intercontinental travel? Did we? The people in this town are probably scared enough already – they don’t need you and your evangelistic bullshit trying to chest-thump others and rev us all up into fear.”

I gestured to the grocery store from which she had exited (many of its occupants were already looking at me in stunned amazement). “I’ll bet that more than half of the people in that store think that this whole mask thing is utter bullshit, they’re just too frightened to say it. They also probably think that you’re a raving lunatic and yet they wouldn’t tell you because they’re considerate people who mind their own business. So how about you just f*** on the right side of ’off’ and stop trying to terrorise people with your lunacy? Go and do something useful, like water your goldfish or something. Take another jab while you’re at it.”

She scurried off, to the applause of at least a dozen people in the store. At that point, I felt like it was a good time to leave and head back to Atherton. Locals? Pffff! And all the while I thought we were defending a nation of 7.96 million square kilometres from a foreign takeover. Go figure. Yeah, let’s all worry about who doesn’t live in your immediate suburb – that’s really going to bring this nation together now, isn’t it?

from Jack


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Dear friends , You all NEED TO WATCH THIS VIDEO Complete . Much Love David And and Mary 😇👩‍🦳🌏🌍🌎❤️


  2. Brian Johnston.

    Do you have any grasp of law at all?

    Apparently not.

    If you have a national constitution you must abide by it and this overrides any other law.

    Section 51, clause 23a makes it clear that no medical intervention can be forced. The UN Declaration of Human Rights says likewise, as does the Nuremberg Code. We executed 30 doctors for violating this in 1947, and we are going to execute a few thousand more in the near future.

    Fail to respect the law and there is no law. Do you want lawlessness? So, if we subscribe to the Rule of Law, that jab should never have happened.

    It was forced by law-breakers: criminal politicians and bureaucrats who knew damn well what they were getting themselves into when they let themselves be bribed or blackmailed into compliance.

    Reiner Fuellmich, Robert Malone, Pierre Cory, Michael Yeadon, Luc Montagnier, and tens of thousands of medical scientists and lawyers are saying this too.

    Why can’t you get your head around the dual concepts of law and justice?

    I am here to tell you that if the law does not deliver justice, I and others will ensure this happens, and anybody who attempts to blunt this blade will also feel its edge. This is how tyranny is ended and prevented from happening again. This is a lesson drawn from history and is melded into the words of a 360 page novel I wrote recently titled ‘The Lost Track’. It is also part of the manifesto known as “Australia Fights Back”, URL oziz4oziz.com/

    You should read this as it will save you 20 years of research.


  3. I actually have an exemption after having a mental breakdown during 2020 because of working as a nurse in Victoria on a ” covid” unit and being made to wear a mask every waking minute despite knowing all the stuff was overblown bs. I also have past history of not being able to breathe. I needed it in 2020 because of my mental fragility at the time, I have used it on occasion but I dont like to as I also dont believe we should have to mask as they are useless against viruses unless it’s a n95 which are not meant to be worn continuously. I will still put forward this point each and everytime anyone says anything to me. I ask questions so the brainwashed have to learn how to think. They’ve forgotten how to do that.


  4. Vaxkills, I know two people who have exemptions from masks, one I regard as legit as the child requires extensive medical procedures so flights, hospitals etc. Does not show it at any other time.
    Another openly brags that they are not compiling and will not wear a mask, while having an exemption. Forgets to mention that point while bragging. Gets on my goat and takes away from legitimate non compliance protest.
    Lying to the liars is fair game.

    I have never been asked.

    Just pointing out to those who have an exemption that it is compiling with government mandates, not resisting the mandates.

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  5. To Muddy
    Nobody I know gets an official exemption. You just say you got one to shut the over doing their job idiots when asked and add whatever you like for the fun of it. That’s not complying that is fighting BS with BS.
    Mostly they know they can’t ask to see your private medical advice and don’t go beyond that.


  6. Unfortunately we do have a legitimate government. ED


  7. Why wouldn’t it be true Anne? Ed


  8. Absolutely love this 100% if only I could come up with that on the spur of the moment!

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  9. It’s a pity more don’t actually express how they are feeling. The pollies and media have done a good job of convincing the majority of our population that what they say to do is good for them. (just like my grandmother told me taking a spoon of castor oil was good for me). Where is the Australian spirit of free thought and independent spirit. In our prosperity we have gone soft.


  10. Steve of Gympie

    Jack that’s an excellent reply. You could have also mentioned that when the SARS virus was doing the rounds in 2003 that Governments were cracking down on mask suppliers to try and stop them profiting from selling masks to try and stop that virus. Go figure. The lunacy and complete lack of commonsense of people is bewildering to us purebloods.

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  11. To comply to the mask mandate you can do one of two things.
    A) wear a mask
    B) get exemption
    Both methods are government requirements for compiling to the Mandate.

    By having an exemption you have complied, your bragging rights are withdrawn and you are part of the problem.


  12. Backing you up ;100% Jack. Masked muppets everywhere who are living in fear and handing over their autonomy to an outside source that has no authority unless of course you willingly submit and comply. It was very disheartening to count the number of unmasked on one hand when shopping in Mareeba the other day,and seeing people checking in on their app. I say to all these people: Use your God given brain and do your research, turn off your freakin TV and throw away your smart phone. We can’t win the war between Good v Evil when people are sheeple.

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  13. I have said on a number of occasions that babies wear nappies because the is an orifice behind them dribbling shit. Face nappies are no different.

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  14. Outstanding execution of spinal erection, below a well developed corpus callosum.
    Laudamus est.


  15. Richelle Jones

    Good on you, Im sick of this bull shit as well. I live in Ravenshoe and on a whole it is a great community.When assulted by verbal dribble I respond the the same speech, and have never given in to their bull shit mandates, and never will.

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  16. Well said! The media, polies, cho, etc. imply that a mandate is a lawful direction or order that must be complied with, when it’s not. Just goes to show us just how illiterate people are that they can’t look up “mandate” on their favourite search engine. I didn’t know that Law Dictionaries existed, let alone online, until probably until 8 years ago. I suspect that is the situation for a large % of the population. I used to go to my Local Law Society for a booked appointment to find out legal stuff, but they’d just rattle off an answer to my questions, not refer to a Law dictionary that was on their table.

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  17. Amen brother.


  18. If this is true, I soooo wish I was there to witness it, and I soooo wish I could have an answer up my sleeve like that🥰


  19. Brian Johnston

    I am not sure your definition of a mandate is correct.
    A law goes through several readings and is permanent ie long term.
    A mandate because of an emergency needs to be rushed through with no time for readings and is considered law for the duration of the emergency.


  20. No mask, no jab,If you are sick stay at home.just like the old days.If you are not sick why have a test. Especially one that is proven useless, by the very man who invented it ? it amazes me there are still people who believe everything the media tells them.My family and myself went out in force no masks.Just trying to be good examples.
    People do not comply, your freedom depends on it.

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  21. Good on ya, Jack! Your rant might have given the lookers-on a little bit of courage to step out of this madness, too. Here’s hoping…

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  22. Jack… I wish I could wield those comebacks, but I think of these four days later, which kind bluntens the slash effect.

    Well done.

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  23. Well done Jack and good example for the rest of us when confronted with an idiot like that.

    What puzzles me though is if the average cop (who I believe signed up for altruistic reasons like upholding law & order for the community) knows that they are really working for a corporation and coercing the public into contracts then are they not committing a fraud in the first place by pretending to be an officer of the crown?

    Or don’t they know, in which case when they find out wouldn’t they be outraged?

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  24. Step O'Rafferty

    So much for defending our 7.96 million km2 from a foreign takeover. One foreign person (Bill Gates) is telling our Prime Minister, every state premier and all of our Chief Health Officers what to do. We cannot even vanquish one man.


  25. Similar thing happened to me on 29th December 2021, I went to my local Clinic for a blood test.In had no mask on, and as soon as Blood collector saw me, she asked me if I have a mask, and I said that I dont and that I have exemption.She asked for my exemption, and I said that I reserve my right under Privacy Act 2015, and Bio Security Act, and I dont have to disclose any certificate to her.She straightaway said that I am at her private property and that she can ask me to leave.
    Waiting room was full of masked and silent people, who were just sitting and waiting.Collector went into other room with a patient, and 10 min later she came out, and charged straight to me.She said she just had a phone call with her boss, and that I have to leave immediately.She was pretty much yelling, and I asked her on which grounds she is asking me to leave, and of course she said that I am “breaking the Law”, and she said she is ringing Police to come and arrest me.I requested that she writes on the piece of paper , on what grounds she refuses to provide me a service and if she can sign it.She declined, and I left, to go to different Lab near by , because my blood had to be taken before 10am.
    Everybody in that waiting room was silent, and probably sadly they thought that Collector was within the Law.
    Sadly, because of the people who are not aware of their rights, freedom of all is under threat.Interestingly on the federal government website ALL MASK MANDATES CEASED on 31st January 2021, so any mandates that WA Government impose on people, come second.

    I made a official Complaint to a Human Rights Commission, for a disability discrimination (as not wearing a mask based on mental health issues) comes under that category.
    Fine for that is $60.000- or 5 years in jail.
    I am curious , what will be outcome of my formal Complain.Until people learn about their rights, and are in knowledge of difference between Common Law, versus private ,foreign Corporate Governments legislations and Mandates , we will all have all our rights taken away and will comply against our best interests.

    I hope that Company gets their dose of Awakening of what their obligations are.
    Sadly people just believe what they are told by TV set, they get their medical and Legal advice , that have no bearing in real Medicine or a Law, but just pure propaganda.

    Vesna , WA

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  26. Well said Jack you nailed it.
    I’m on your path too and I never miss an opportunity to try and enlighten the enslaved although it does seem like a never ending job. Maybe after their fifth jab and the surrounding carnage some might wake up.


  27. Excellent Jack…I live in tasmania, and they have introduced indoor muzzle wearing here also….It amazes me the amount of sheeple wearing them outside and in their cars also….I pity these compliant sheep who are so easily brainwashed….Myself I walk into woolworths, Bunnings every shop without a muzzle on and no one says a word….If they do, that magic word Im medically exempt…

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  28. thanks Jack for doing what we all must do. Say No to this communist dictatorship.

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  29. That was brilliant Jack. Perfectly stated! If we can get a few more 100,000 like you we might stand a chance of overcoming this criminal lunacy.

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  30. Well done Jack! Let them have it. I have only been harrassed twice – and both times educated the individuals – chapter and verse of the relevant sections of the Biosecurity and Privacy Acts. This bullshit has to stop. People seem to just want to get along by going along. This is the MAIN problem. Blind obedience.

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  31. Bloody Beauty –|– Your reply – explanation, is Very Good, your comments has now gone viral worldwide via my contacts… “I love It… and many more” I decided to comment on this because: “We always say when something is wrong, but very often WE Forget to give our opinion when something is right…

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  32. Serving a Notice of Liability on a Vaccination Centre

    On 24th December 2021, the doctors and staff at the Sovereign Harbour vaccination centre, Eastbourne were publicly served with a Notice of Liability by a jury of 12 people of the land.
    Said notice informed them of the truth behind the vaccination agenda and thus, the CRIMINAL nature of their actions, and holds them personally liable for every adverse reaction and death resulting from their criminal actions.

    If you stab someone in the heart and they die then you are a murderer, if you stab someone in such a way that they die a month later, you are still a murderer, in exactly the same way that if you were to stab someone so that they die seemingly of something unrelated (like a heart attack, blood clot or an auto immune disease) two years later. IT IS STILL MURDER AND YOU SHALL BE HELD TO ACCOUNT FOR IT.

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  33. Thanks Jack

    Wish I was there to see that – a mask Nazi being brought back down to reality.
    Happy enough to just hear about it.

    That sort of clown is one of the main reasons that they can continue on with the plandemic.

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