Gunner has a tarnished reputation among NT Aborigines

Letter to the Editor

Gunner has always been dirty. He thinks as he said he’s a born and bred Territorian, if he was he’d have more respect and gratitude compassion towards us indigenous people.
They the Government want to take away our dignity, health, land, kids. They have painted a big picture of Aboriginal communities as if we are the bad people lowest of the low. We have to face coercion, stereotyped racism everyday of our lives. This time Gunner you have gone too far you and your buddies are all gunner have to get out of the territory. Don’t bother coming back.

Alison Timber

Aboriginal Elder


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  2. 27/11/21 Updated – Water And Food Needed Urgently In Boggabilla
    by BlackfullaRoar
    Thank you to all the kind souls who’ve bn in touch and/or helped already


  3. Finally, the Aboriginal Elders are rising up strong and confident in who they are! My heart is so filled with love and happiness. Keep fighting and spreading the information, so many people love, and appreciate your spirit and knowledge on this Country, we can not let them kill our beautiful souls and the keepers of our beautiful planet. Call for everyone to help you all people are listening.


  4. When Australian politics got together with they’re Yankee buddies. Things changed but that was always going to be The Case. Genocide or no Genocide it’s in they’re blood
    Evil Lawless intentions Are Always in One’s Head. No one believes in constitution nowadays they make up they’re own laws.
    The truth is in the Bible. People sovereign citizen were protected through commonwealth
    I don’t believe people to believe what I say. Dan Andrews is doing exactly the opposite of what is written in the Bible.


  5. All of these videos are on CN. Alison Timber is an elder from Darwin and numerous others have also put out the call for help. All published. Ed


  6. As the ‘how to vote’ card is structured, there is not at present a way to put all the bastards LAST. No preferences. No deals. No jigging the penciled numbers. Lib/Lab/NP/Green/fake independentpreferenceharvesters – the entire consolidated sludge of Masonic corruptos: LAST.


  7. Pearson has long been bought off and at present living on the Sunshine Coast in his mansion getting treatment for
    AIDS. He is the major part of the problem. He supports the jab. Ed


  8. Gunner said there are 100 army personnel assisting police in vaccinations. Ed


  9. A good letter, Alison.We all have to unite and keep fighting these criminals, because if we don’t we are finished.
    When the election comes, vote for good smaller parties like One Nation, Australian United Party, Great Australian Party, Nation First, Australia One Party.
    Vote BELOW the line on the Senate paper.
    Put Liberals, Nats, Labor, Greens LAST….preferably not at all!
    We have to get rid of communist politicians.


  10. Humans have to respectful regarding each other, Government has even the Duty and honesty for those are selected in Trust to make decisions for the people!
    In these days significant combined ruler ship with fake agendas are the norm unfortunately.


  11. I don’t know what to believe. In this amateur video (out of sync) local health worker says it’s a psyop and the ADF aren’t involved. There may be people in army camo who are actually private security (as is about to happen in Tassie, Dec 15) who are doing something but it’s not at al clear what’s going on.,-This-Is-Huge-If-It%E2%80%99S-True!:c


  12. I for one support you Allison, go hard and God bless you alld


  13. What is the TRUTH?

    “Aboriginal Australians Call on World to Protect them against “Bioweapons”

    Miri Wood November 25, 2021 Syria 0 Comments

    Aboriginal Australians have issued two calls to the world for assistance in protecting them against what the call “bioweapons.” In two separate videos uploaded 24 November, Tribal Elders condemned Minister of the Northern Territory of Australia, Michael ‘FannieBoy’ Gunner for forced displacements, disappearances, food deprivation, coercion, and of turning them into “guinea pigs,” again.

    This woman is a Tribal Elder. Her name is June Mills. She, and three others have been under gestapo-like lockdown — worried and petrified — for three days. Stories are getting through of the army knocking down people and “forcibly” vaccinating them, of people being forcibly removed, to parts unknown. Those of us who have listened to shoa survivors quietly, and seemingly dispassionately bearing witness, decades later, are able to imagine them screaming this loudly, prior to being pushed into cattle cars at gun point.

    She begins by screaming, Binjari! Binjari! Binjari! the name of the town across the river from where the rumors come, the town that officially has thirty-five (35) COVID-19 cases, with a reported three (3) hospitalizations. She gives her phone number — 0434001158 — for anyone anywhere in the world, to take her testimony. She claims that people across the river are “gone,” that the military has “removed everybody.” She addresses the Minister directly: Michael Gunner, you coward, where are you? Come here, Mate, you lying, deceiving dog, you money slut!,,,How dare you…deviant. She screams that The world needs to know what’s happening, what these people are doing in our country to our people…


    In the most grotesque breach of human rights imaginable, the #Australian army has forcibly removed #indigenous from Binjari & Robinson River communities to a #quarantine camp.

    233 yrs of occupation/colonialism/genocide
    — Cory Morningstar (@elleprovocateur) November 23, 2021

    While there has been zero reports of Aboriginal elders pleading for help, bearing witness, NATO stenographer media have gushed over the rug chewer, Caucasoid Gunner’s strident condemnation of all opposing the fascist lockdown, screeching that they are — according to him — anti-vaxxers, even if they have been shot (and if they have been shot, twice, and he decrees a booster they do not want, they are still anti-vaxxers, and if they are all amenable to being shot, but oppose the Nazi-like cordoning off of human beings, they are still anti-vaxxers, according to this latest in a never-ending series of white saviors).

    Video clips of Gunner continue to dribble down; Sky News appears delighted to share a longer clip, in which he smugly runs the gamut of childish name-calling such as international trolls, and tinfoil hat wearing tossers sitting in their parents’ basements in Florida.

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  14. Where’s Noel Pearson when we need him? Someone give him a call to see what he thinks about Gunner’s actions.


  15. Exactly. Love it.


  16. The international SOS of the OSTF , based upon true facts of matter, as I believe, is now up on all the American websites I consider to be of interest and was posted just prior to the American Thanksgiving on Nov 25 – which national holiday includes remembrance of the native American Indian legacy.

    In the political theatre, timing is everything.

    As an emergent Australian leadership and re-organisation of the population organises our response to the SOS, it is important to remember that CoVID-19 has been a military operation of the UN from the git-go. The policy and organisational structure of the thing has always been UN and multi-lateral partners (the Black Hat ‘Globalists’) and stakeholders [ silent partners and back-up ] acting in concert with the UN. All the state premiers signed off on this policy structure 2016.

    And as Archbishop Vigano correctly states – it is a global coup d’etat.

    Now with the SOS, the UN looms large on the trajectory of the ye olde problem–> reaction–> solution model. The last thing we want is UN Security Forces in Australia ‘saving us’ from our rogue military acting with foreign security under Operation Covid Shield in concert with Local Government Authorities (which all answer directly to the UN). Belyuen which has voted to enforce the mandates of the Australian genocide answers directly to the UN, not Gunner. For my money, his Handler is CCP and he is trying to get the corporate sistema set up under the CCP in the Northern Territory.. He is just the doofus suit who has to stand in front of the teleprompter, turn on the psycho eyes and look repsonsible. In this schtick – he is the bad doofus.

    It looks to me like his role is to assist the LGAs enforcing the mandates of the Australian genocide to get their own security forces directly from their masters

    Yes, Gunner is a steaming turd but he is also an actor who is working from a script with other UN assets, agents who have their roles to play in the Australian genocide: locally, nationally and internationally. The corporate agents impersonating an Australian government are just middle management. Operation Covid Shield takes its orders from the national cabinet – a politburo created within the executive branch of our Marxist state in May 2020.

    The UN is building a universal soviet. This is a Communist entity that incorporates every plank of the Manifesto in its Charter – most importantly: Plank 5 – the Central Bank.

    When the Supreme Soviet was dissolved in 1993 they elected their praesidium. That is Mikhail Gorbachev – currently in residence at the Praesidio in San Francisco, the birthplace of the UN and the home of its Charter. This makes the UN the de-facto supreme soviet – no longer based in the USSR but in San Francisco with its governing structure in New York.

    Now Dr. Igor Shepherd is one of the few people who immediately understood this military operation and its bioweapon from the beginning. Shepherd is a former Soviet toxicologist and a director of public health in Wisconsin (at the time Event 201 launched Operation Corona on the world). He was laying all this out in November of last year.

    While the US fell to a Communist coup d’etat in the Nov 2020 election, the world’s financial institutions turned on the tap for money. Nov 2020, the Australian Reserve Bank decided to just print money. Your XYZ picked up the story. . And as we later would learn, the World Bank partnered with WHO to convene the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board for Operation CoVID. All Coronavirus aid to UN member nations (corporates owned by the Fifth Plank – rhymes with bank) comes with terms and conditions for imposing extreme lockdown and the bioweapon – namely the vaxx.

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