How dumb is the general Australian population?


While it would now appear from Mainstream Media’s propaganda and the relaxation of some of the draconian restrictions on freedom, that the war on the COVID pandemic war is being won, however I believe that this is a ruse, reinforcement part of a larger PSYCOPS to complete an ongoing Eugenics agenda. Features of the COVID-19 pandemic are very worrying as follows: –

COVID-19 disease has now been overwhelmingly proven to be just another treatable cold / Influenza which was medically mis-managed by denying early treatment which caused premature deaths in very elderly and people with underlying health conditions, this gave the misconception that there were excess deaths occurring and created mass hysteria.

Mainstream Media coverage of a possible Wuhan Lab virus leak heightened the fear that a perceived sudden increase in deaths could have been the result of a deadly bioweapon escape and caused further panic to develop a vaccine to stop the spread of COVID, it was stated that this would take at least 10 years further raising public fears.

The use of the now debunked real-time PCR test to diagnose COVID produced large numbers of positive results, dubbed “cases” without any symptoms, i.e. asymptomatic infections which is known not to exist, and this further terrorised the population. We now know that at least 97% of those positive results were false due the excessive cycle thresholds used in testing labs. Real-time PCR was developed as a research tool and is considered not suitable for diagnostic purposes.

New COVID mRNA and Viral Vector gene therapy technology “vaccine” injections were hastily developed, These injections were administered in a frenzy, in a mass global unlicenced experiment, without informed consent, causing many adverse reactions including symptoms similar to haemorrhagic fever i.e. bleeding and clots, The clots and bleeding have been found to be caused by the spike proteins generated by the body in response to the injections, and this is compounded by an undisclosed ingredient, Graphene Oxide, in the injections which is also known to cause clots and bleeding.

The first and second doses of the COVID injections have now weakened the overall health of the population as can be seen by the current situation in hospitals which are well above capacity during the summer months with patients suffering adverse reactions from the injections, many patients have symptoms similar to haemorrhagic fever.

From Crisscross


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Those of us who have made a bold choice against a well proven not to work vaccine should take a leaf out of the tennis player Djokovic who chooses not to disclose whether he is V or not.


  2. “if you succumb to that you may as well lie down and die now!”

    That explains why we see so many zombies around these days. 😉

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  3. “Unfortunately, those sheeple are allowed to vote”

    In Victoria, the Labour-Liberal duopoly now prohibits any unvaccinated persons from being in Parliament.

    The Party Chairmen and Chairman Dan Uber Alles have effectively decreed that a vote for someone who has not undergone a medical procedure of the Chairmen’s choosing is no longer valid.

    So now a Covid passport is also required to make our vote count.

    Put another nail in our coffins. Click go the shears go click, click, click….!

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  4. Tell your neighbour she needs a Rabies injection as well in order to keep us all safe.

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  5. Blending in, is called peer pressure and if you succumb to that you may as well lie down and die now!

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  6. Yes they are stupid, So many nurses are now vaccinated, this shows why we now get real poor service. I was a Nurse for 24 years and I walked out 6.5 years ago because of bullying. If qualified nurses don’t know what Gene therapy is then they are lost. Also any one wearing a mask for protection is a fool but remember there may be mask wearers who wear them to hide from crap scrutiny and to blend in, so not all mask wearers are stupid.

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  7. I have not noticed any wonderful premier in Australia, what I do see is a pack of jackals circling their victims .. ED2

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  8. Unfortunately, those sheeple are allowed to vote, which does go to explain how we are in this mess today .. ED2

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  9. Yes, I’m very sad about the way Australians are being brainwashed about lots of things like Covid and Cimate change. The vaxd people are so abusive to the unvaxd who only want to have a choice in the matter and not be told what they have to do. I have a neighbour that swears at me every time she sees me cause she knows I am not vaxd. So sad.

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  10. Weeks ago I said to my husband that I believed soon restrictions would be lifted and everyone would think how wonderful the premier is. Well it’s happened and soon people will forget all the atrocities perpetuated against them in the last 30 months.I hope they don’t. This is just a ruse and they will ramp up with somethIng else. Wait for it.

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  11. The general Australian population is also dumb enough to FOR YEARS just watch and silently tolerate the gutless LNP – Labour duopoly doing NOTHING about what every man and his dog sees is wrong with the ABC.

    No need to mention SILENTLY tolerating Andrews shutting out elected MPs from the Victorian Parliament WITH THE HELP of the Liberals, unless they subject themselves to medical procedures prescribed by Andrews. You got that folks? The government now even controls who can represent you in Parliament at the whim of Andrews.

    That’s right, Aussies, the LNP-Labour duopoly loves youse all! Keep voting for them till they scrap your right to vote too.

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  12. I haven’t read your editorial yet, but I’m going to say pretty dumb…..


  13. The Australian general population is dumb enough to keep electing the LNP-Labour duopoly which is headed by a Prime Minister and an Opposition Leader BOTH of whom are dumb and treacherous enough to push Glasgow, knowing full well that a country the size of Australia, a country with a total population smaller than an Indian or Chinese village, will NOT make any difference to the global climate over the next 1000 years even if it shuts down EVERYTHING..

    But Glasgow may prove to be a fun tourist trip especially if Slomo takes Jenny along to see Rosslyn Chapel and Edinburgh Castle.

    The Australian general population is dumb enough to shoot itself in the head simply because the treacherous, bought and paid for politicians and spin doctors tell them it’s good for the planet, nothing to do with global energy control.

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  14. Please watch this video about legality of Covid lockdowns etc : Reiner Fuellmich – Summary of findings of the Corona Investigative Committee Status 09⁄15⁄2021 (

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  15. That is just the tip of the ice berg. A Polish scientist found eggs in the vaccines which hatch out parasites. The graphene oxide is some how involved. To know more go to the channel THE STEW PETERS SHOW which can be found on RUMBLE and http://www.redvoicemedia. One of the parasites is known to cause heart trouble and HIV.

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  16. Move over Irishmen, we Australians have stolen your mantle 🙂 Baaaaa….

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  17. A very good article however there is a mistake saying the vaccines were hastily developed, from my research these vaccine have been around & actually patented quite some time ago!


  18. Australia is a nation full of sheep, they have had the wool pulled over their eyes by corrupt, traitorous, politicians and the media, been fleeced in the process, of their savings, jobs and businesses, as they meekly allow themselves to be led to slaughter. Sheep are herded and controlled through fear, and that is what is happening here.
    Once the sheeple wake up and realize they have been betrayed and are now trapped, they will proceed to bleat and may stampede. Woe betide those friendly family physicians who jabbed them with a poisonous vax – they may need to hide.
    Some doctors have predicted that those who have been jabbed will die within 2-5 years. Besides the threat of blood clots, the ‘vaccines’ so compromise the immune system that the body is open to all pathogens. Can you imagine life in 5 year’s time with 70-80% of the population gone? Is that the worse case scenario?

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  19. Great work Thankyou

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  20. honest approach from Media, TV etc….someone should expect this…honest approach also from Government…it says it really All and public still not willing to listen…had to listen to abuse on Sunday walking in Nature again…Searching for more, seems no longer an option for people but Common sense is a Must to save our Children!

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