Australia has a long-running issue with election fraud but the AEC says “trust us” and the mainstream media repeatedly lies that it doesn’t exist.


THE Australian Electoral Commission says it has no association with the Canadian-based vote trafficking company Dominion Electoral Systems following comments by former One Nation senator Rod Culleton (now leading the Great Australian Party) raising the possibility that Dominion had plans for Australia.

The denial is welcome, but it has given the Australian media the chance to once again repeat their big lie that “allegations of election fraud in the US 2020 election are baseless” and “a conspiracy theory”.

The AEC categorically denied Dominion had plans for Australia and that’s good. Neither Cairns News nor Culleton want them here because Dominion’s CEO John Poulos flat out lied that their machines were not connected to the internet during the US 2020 election “because they don’t have that ability”. But investigations have shown they definitely are capable of being connected to the internet, as shown in video evidence from the mouth of a whistleblowing Dominion employee.

Culleton told one media outlet “I make no claim” and that he was “simply sharing unrevoked information currently on the parliamentary website”. But it was enough to send the media into a spin about “unfounded US election fraud claims” and to push the AEC’s “anti-disinformation campaign”.

But Dominion has many serious questions about it’s conduct. For instance Eric Coomer, Dominion’s former head of security, was apparently recorded on a Zoom call telling Antifa members he’d be making sure Trump didn’t get back in. Coomer’s lawyers are disputing this in his defamation lawsuit in the Federal Court in Denver, against the Trump campaign, Rudi Giuliani and Sidney Powell.

But other evidence presented to the court shows Coomer posting anti-Trump messages on Twitter and a lengthy open letter to the media defending Antifa. Coomer now makes the ridiculous claim that the letter was “satire”. Coomer’s claim was jumped on by a defence lawyer.

The AEC has been under pressure over the vote fraud investigations in the US, particularly the Maricopa County forensic audit run by the Arizona State Senate. Despite the blatant lying of big US media channels that the audit found Biden won by more votes and Trump lost my more (based on a recount of the official hand count), the audit has found issues with as many as 700,000 votes. Biden won by less than 11,000 votes.

The anti-Trump Republican-run Maricopa County has continually fought against the forensic audit, twice ignoring subpoenas issued by the Senate for information and access to machinery. The Biden-controlled US Department of Justice has also threatened prosecution against canvassers who have also found serious statistical anomalies in votes failing to match addresses. Based on their sampling, canvassers projected statistically more than 173,000 lost votes and more than 96,000 ghost votes. Such evidence is of course ignored or attacked by the jackal, deep-state controlled big media.

Culleton had been referring to a recommendation in the Third interim report on the inquiry into the conduct of the 2016 federal election: AEC modernisation, made four years ago following the 2016 election, but the electronic counting trial never occurred. That report recommended “a trial to test the scanning and electronic counting of House of Representatives ballot papers”. The AEC said current Australian electoral laws did not allow for such a trial.

In July the AEC said it was considering deregistering the Great Australia Party, under section 137(a) of the Electoral Act which gives the AEC the power to deregister a party if it is “satisfied on reasonable grounds” a party “has ceased to exist”, potentially due to lack of members.

The AEC says it is worried about “growing levels of political misinformation online”, and will run anti-disinformation campaigns on social media, including a series of YouTube videos on election integrity measures. “Ill-informed (and often flat-out wrong) speculation about the integrity of the electoral process harms Australia,” a spokesman told The New Daily.

But Cairns News is far from convinced by the AEC’s protestations, given the depth of international vote trafficking and the presence in Australia of the Spanish “election managers” Scytl, who oversaw the last WA election campaign with the help of Kiwi IT subcontractors fresh from Jacinda Ardern’s miraculous win.

The WA Liberals allegedly won only two seats and the Nationals four, and were virtually destroyed as a parties in the election despite their decades of generational representation going back at least half a century.

The vote swings were off the charts such Labor’s David Scaife picking up 12.5% and Jandakot’s Yaz Mubarakai getting an unbelievable 19% cent swing against the Liberals’ Mihael McCoy MP. The swing against the Liberals was an unbelievable 9.7% across the state, supposedly because the sleazy dictator Mark McGowan was so incredibly popular.

This is the same McGowan regime that simply legislated to make itself non-liable for criminal prosecution because they ratted on an agreement with Clive Palmer to settle a dispute over his plans to mine iron ore in the Pilbara.

The Law Society of WA said the McGowan Parliament had passed a law which challenges fundamental legal principles. “The law unilaterally amended a state agreement for the first time in some 60 years. It exempted the [state] from defined liabilities, removed potential appeal and review rights and excluded principles of natural justice,” the Law Society stated. Yeah, sure we can trust McGowan and state dictators others like him to run free and fair elections.