Halls of shame – Australian Universities ban free speech

James Cook University in Cairns leads the pack. Their precious academics don’t like peer reviews of their sometimes dodgy work. Never let the facts get in the way when appeasing governments for more and bigger grants.

A dark cloud hangs over the future of academic freedom of speech in Australia following the High Court’s ruling today against Great Barrier Reef expert Dr Peter Ridd, Katter’s Australian Party MPs have said.

The KAP which – alongside a variety of other supporters from across the country – have stood in solidarity with Dr Ridd as he took his former employer James Cook University (JCU) to court after being sacked in 2018, said the professor deserved to be applauded for his tenacity.

MHR Bob Katter; Dr Peter Ridd; Nick Dametto MLA and leader of KAP, Robbie Katter MLA address a recent cane industry forum in Ayr.
Dr Ridd said today he “may have lost a battle but he will win the war.”

Hinchinbrook MP Nick Dametto said today’s decision by the High Court meant, by law, Dr Ridd was in breach of his of JCU work contract when he publicly raised quality assurance and trust concerns around fellow researchers’ works.

The ruling had nothing to do with Dr Ridd’s expertise on the GBR or the validity of his scientific views, he said.

Mr Dametto currently has a Bill before the Queensland Parliament seeking a full repeal of the Palaszczuk Labor Government’s Environmental Protection (Great Barrier Reef Protection Measures) and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2019.

This Bill, labelled as “farm-destroying” due to the onerous requirements it places on North and Central Queensland cane growers, was predicated on water quality research similar to that which was questioned by Dr Ridd.

Dr Ridd has long called for the establishment of an Office of Science Quality Assurance to question and monitor the validity of scientific research used to underpin government policy.

“We believe that, in the court of public opinion, Dr Ridd has been successful,” Mr Dametto said.

“As a scientist, academic and individual we believe he deserves to be applauded for putting everything on the line to fight for what he, and many others, believe in, which is the fundamental importance of freedom of speech and academic integrity.

“In the name of standing up for what he thought was morally right and just, Dr Ridd has sacrificed his job and potentially his career and reputation, but he has done this because he believed it was right to at least question the science. 

“Few people understand the effects of sediment and nutrient run-off to the GBR better than Dr Ridd, and systemic quality assurance problems are still plaguing the way GBR ‘science’ is being used to affect modelling that drives government policy and public opinion. 

“The gravest concern attached to today’s ruling is that it has the real potential to scare off anyone else who wants to raise their head out of the trenches to question not only the reef science institutions but also science across the board.”

Mr Dametto said that, without academic freedom, there was a potential to stifle the progression of science and send us back to a time of limited academic thinking not seen since the Dark Ages. 

Kennedy MP Bob Katter said that the cases of Ridd and Pavlou made it quite obvious that there was no freedom of speech on Australia’s university campuses.

“Peter Ridd was expressing opinions, and that has been the entire essence of universities since the days of Plato and Socrates,” he said.

“There must a free expression of ideals for universities to operate properly. When I was at university I disagreed with radicals who opposed Vietnam but I defended tenaciously their right to free expression of their point of view.

“The CEO class now run the universities, the corporations and half the trade unions. They are stifling freedoms in this country.”

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. There is no way of removing the rubbish in government by legal means, however, if enough people do not vote for ALP/LNP/GANG GREEN and cast their vote anywhere else they will be voted OUT. Not casting a vote as a protest is cutting down the numbers and in fact, voting them back in again. If are undecided and you see a large camel draped with a “Vote For Me” sign, then VOTE FOR THE CAMEL. There is no way anyone could demise this home of ours better than the decades of duopoly unaccountable government has managed and continues to govern under an agenda, not the constitution authorised the Australian voters. HAD ENOUGH PEOPLE … VOTE THE BA***ARDS OUT .. ED2


  2. Re Ceep at 7:52am again

    to quote
    Walk away and realise your life was/is already wonderful. It always has been, you simply bought into societies lures and the desire to have them, which gave you stress, anxiety, hatred, depression, illnesses, poisons (drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, fast food, chemicals) fear, violence, crime, ridicule, taxes etc etc etc.

    Am I the only one to notice that the powers that be are banking on and winning with the knowledge that there are lots of people out there with Hypochondria which has been linked to anti depressant drugs, anxiety, panic attacks to get their agenda across to ‘Get the Jab’
    And MSM as usual are promoting fear mongering to go with it.

    And that is Evil.

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  3. Creep at 7:52am said it all and bang on.
    That leaves just one option left.

    If going to courts of law and voting wont help then what is left to get our rights back?


  4. I am old school academia when the word FAIL was used on the dumb and dangerous who now occupy positions of power emerging from the shallow end of the gene pool . ED2

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  5. James Cook University… Academics ??
    Definition of an Academic ?? A person educated well beyond its intelligence …


  6. Have had previous confrontations with the Dental School & the Dentists Secret Society @ James Cook . Cairns . re Dental Treatment + Water fluoridation . it cost them lots $$$ !

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  7. Step O'Rafferty

    In my experience universities in Australia have never been bastions of free speech. Students may have expressed their views against the status quo but in expressing those views they were not supported by the academic establishment. The power mongers in academia are still as stale, snobby and stuffy as they were 100 years ago.


  8. All this talk of ending the duopoly and Nuremburg 2 trials is the stuff of wishful fantasy.

    An example can be the Brexit fiasco in the UK. It ended up as Brexit in name only for the main part and the 2 main parties still there. Despite over half the population voting to leave the EU in it’s entirety, the houses of parliament and the House of Lords turned against democracy, including the ‘impartial’ speaker of the house.
    It was a huge battle to end up with something resembling what was voted for. All talk of new parties taking over, the end of the duopoly at the next election, a new era. However, lies prevailed as always at voting time, and they got back in.

    Nuremburg trials? No chance. For one thing, all at the heads of decision making and consensus were part of committees and it was committees that made these decisions/restrictions/mandates, not individuals, it was groups. Interview the groups and you can stake your house that they all voted on the side of the people. You can’t remove the bad apples from a sour batch of cider.

    While hope and the thought of change is nice, it’s quite detached from reality to think this can be achieved at a voting booth (which is likely rigged).

    At 53 tears of age, I have never voted for anyone in my life, not once, because they don’t know me and probably don’t even like me, so why would I? I have nothing in common with narcissists.

    As an aside, it’s interesting to note that the morons of society vote for leaders, while the thinkers vote for representatives, yet neither get either. It’s a con job and always has been.

    Still people moan and cheer about the actions of bribed, blackmailed and threatened Bilderberg host glove puppets, like they’re booing and hissing at a Punch and Judy show.
    There’s already a global governance in place which has immense power. They control the ebb and flow of money FFS and now they control your body (masks/injections, can go/can’t go).

    People need to simply walk away from it all and realise you don’t need societies shiny trinkets and lures to be happy and healthy. You know that society where poisons are dressed as indulgences and greed is described as success? That society where crime rates are through the roof and many people a grossly overweight with illnesses?

    People are wanting to vote for ‘change’ to actually keep this kind of society going and apply band-aids to the more sinister areas of it, believing it can be rebuilt. It’s fundamentally flawed.

    Vote for Joe Bloggs and it’ll all be wonderful again. 🙂

    Walk away and realise your life was/is already wonderful. It always has been, you simply bought into societies lures and the desire to have them, which gave you stress, anxiety, hatred, depression, illnesses, poisons (drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, fast food, chemicals) fear, violence, crime, ridicule, taxes etc etc etc.

    Rant over.


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  9. Funding, vested interests and intellectual integrity are not always compatible. There’s no room for stray sheep in the NWO, is there!


  10. We may not get the right outcome from the Nuremberg 2.0 as an old black and white movie portrayed that the key instigators were not touched makes you wonder why they weren’t 🤔🤔🤔


    Freedom of Speach is almost gone just like Freedom of Medical Choice, I wonder how many Schools and Universities going to allow CRT and Vaccine Mandates anyone knows?


  11. James Cook University – worthless!


  12. The court system is completely owned by the criminal administration..Peter is a hero to all Australians exposing the complete BS of “man made Climate Change”. All these sell out bureaucrats will be deal with at Nuremberg 2.

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