New York Times White House correspondent Peter Baker, Washington Post Associate Editor Eugene Robinson and Clinton operative Adrienne Elrod made fools themselves on psycho Joe Scarborough’s MSNBC show by spruiking the false claim the Arizona election audit had backfired, even before it was presented to the public.
Tweet by Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers to set the audit ball rolling nationally.

AMERICA’S presstitutes have been caught with their pants down by brazenly lying about the outcome of the Maricopa County election audit in Arizona. County officials have been caught red-handed overwriting election data, issuing what appear to be bogus “verified” mail-in ballots and failing to report internet activity on the Dominion election hardware.

But in a coordinated campaign of disinformation, the corrupt Maricopa County, the big TV media channels. the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Democratic Party cherrypicked comments from a draft report by CyberNinjas CEO Doug Logan to claim, before the audit was presented, that it confirmed Biden had actually won, and by more votes.

But the comments were simply referring to totals for the official vote count handed to the auditors by the county and the hand-count by auditors. Biden gained 99 votes over the official results and Trump lost 261 from the official total. “These are all very small numbers when we’re talking about 2.1 million ballots [cast],” Logan said. “These are very small discrepancies. We can say that the ballots that were provided to us to count … very accurately correlate with the official canvas numbers.”

Regardless of the official count, the auditors found major issues, such as county election staff being caught repeatedly deleting security logs from the voting system. The 17,322 duplicate ballots located by Dr A.V. Shiva’s auditing team also easily exceed Joe Biden’s alleged winning margin in the state as did the 23,344 mail-in ballots illegally forwarded from addresses vacated by residents. As well, 5295 voters appeared to have voted in multiple counties.

After the audit findings were presented, Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers produced a letter signed by 41 legislators from 15 states across the US calling for an audit of the remaining 50 states and decertification of the 2020 election should further fraud be revealed.

So the media claim that the audit “confirmed a Biden win” was a desperate and brazen lie. They simply ignored the discrepancies found in the audit and ran with an out-of-context statement. The Senate will be referring the audit results to the State Attorney General Mark Brnovich for further action.

In a presentation that at one point drew cheering and applause from the Senate gallery, network auditor Ben Cotton showed how county staff were caught in the act of deleting the logs on November 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 2020, and in March, just before the audit. The logs, starting from the oldest first, were deleted automatically as new log file entries were made.

“So on each of these dates an individual executed a script and that script repeatedly looked for a blank password for all of the accounts on the system,” Cotton said. “Depending on the system there were only about 16 accounts that were present on a given system.”

On November 2nd, 462 log entries were over overwritten by the script. On March 3rd, 37,686 log entries were overwritten and on March 12th, the day before the auditors received the system, 330 entries were overwritten. Cotton said the individuals involved had been identified by coordinating screen shots.

The forensic auditors also noted some glaring omissions in the county’s own superficial audit, for instance no history of internet activity. But Cotton and company found significant internet history from unallocated space on the Election Management System server, EMS client workstations, adjudication workstations, and two other locations – in contradiction to earlier claims by Maricopa County officials that the Dominion voting machines were not connected to the internet.

The media liars have also ignored Gateway Pundit’s leaked audio recordings of County supervisor Steve Chucri slamming colleagues for not supporting a forensic audit and saying their own audit was “pretty bullshit”. In another recording Chucri admits that neither he nor County Recorder Stephen Richer are comfortable using Dominion Voting Systems ever again.

Alternative media outlet National File confirmed that multiple election integrity issues and ballot errors were discovered and officially reported to the Senate on Friday. “Ultimately, the information presented during the audit led legislators, candidates, and Republicans across the country to call for Arizona to begin the process of decertifying its election, while Senate President Karen Fann – who has thus far stopped short at acknowledging calls to decertify – is instead suggesting Brnovich should become involved.”

At the end of hearing former Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett argued various state laws had been broken by the county during the election and State Senator Warren Petersen called on Brnovich to act on the results of the audit, saying it was extremely “unsettling” that the county had engaged in serious obstruction of the process.

“A failure to comply with the auditor, a brazen willingness to violate a legal subpoena our Attorney General said that was against the law. That was truly alarming. Furthermore, their willingness to expend significant resources, human capital, you name it, to block and to stop this audit,” he said.