Petition to remove NSW CHO Dr Kerry Chant

A reader advises this petition has been taken down by so it would safe to assume change petitions are no longer reliable and we would suggest they be ignored in future.

I am writing to advise your media outlet that the petition you posted on your website to have NSW Chief Health Adviser, Kerry Chant removed from office, has been removed by and is showing as no longer available to sign.
Here is a screenshot of the page. Very disappointed in with their community guidelines aligned with mainstream media and mainstream big tech to censor truth, real news, and rule of law demands by the people.
Can you please pass this on to the Petition Starter, Jasmine Mufo.

from Craig Peter

Jasmine Mufo started this petition to Scott Morrison (Prime Minister of Australia) and

As Australians we can no longer stand by and watch Kerry Chant destroy our society, hurt our citizens and threaten our children under the guise of a Health Advisor to the Premier, while her actions favor installing a totalitarian ‘New World Order’, which she publicly referred to this week.

Since this outbreak began in Sydney she has shown both gross incompetence & criminal negligence in her role. At no time has she referred to or made mention of the dozens of studies and papers written by experts from around the world which are all of 1 voice on 2 critical actions. Do Not Lock-down and Masks Do Not Help only Harm. Instead she promotes these actions making them central in what can only be called a Brainwashing of the public too make them docile and compliant. Every single thing this woman has done matches textbook perfect mind control techniques. We cannot let a woman who tortures the public for her own ends be in charge of injecting gene therapy to our kids.

Since the mask mandate and lock-down rules are also in blatant violation of Federal Law (BiosecuritiesAct2015/61) and therefore illegal, the Premier and Prime Minister have as their duty the job of recinding both mandates immediately and hold to account Kerry Chant for her role in the damage caused.

Finally she disregards a fundamental rule and suggest policy based on case numbers obtained from PCR tests cycled above 24 (which makes most of them false positives, rest dubious) when pandemic policy should only ever be considered against the metric of the DEATH rate. Aquick look at these figures shows how NSW was gaslighted by Chant and media hacks into the ILLEGAL & UNWARRANTED lock-down.  Throw the book at her Sydney. She should be disbarred from medicine and charged with crimes against humanity.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Yes, they took down Jasmines petition.
    So I’ve started a replacement being careful to not trip the community guidelines.
    If it stays up, pls share and sign!


  2. Sack Berejiklian too! To the Nazis, the Jews were unclean disease risks, and a threat to the German population. To Berejiklian the unvaccinated are disease risks and a threat to the Australian population.


    “…I myself would not want to be anywhere, hehe, with someone who’s not vaccinated…”[10secs]”

    “We can’t afford to have unvaccinated people mixing with vaccinated people.” [57secs]

    NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, Media Conference, 9 September, 2021

    Looks like Berejiklian’s self declared “personal view (!)” figures as NSW state policy! No kidding. Can’t afford to have unvaccinated people mixing with vaccinated people?

    Absolutely grand idea, an Oxford study has determined that the “vaccinated” infected with Covid carry up to 250 TIMES the viral load of the “unvaccinated”. On that basis lock Berejiklian up in isolation and throw away the key! Save us from any more smart ideas, Ms Berejiklian? We DEFINITELY can’t afford more of them.



    So Berejiklian and Chant and Hazzard and Andrews and Morrison and Palaszchook and the rest of our political crowd, bar some, want us to emulate Israel? Are they and the supine media all on Kool Aid, just plain morons or rotten bastards working for anyone else but the Australian people?

    No lessons learned from someone else’s sad experience, eh? Australia needs a political clean out, the sooner the better. Given Hazzard’s and Chant’s references to the New World Order I’m obliged to suspect it’s not just a case of stupidity.


  4. Such an overreaction to a normal flu season makes me question her abilities to authorise health advise.

    Maybe the Health experts should consider cardiovascular disease, lung cancer and diabetes numbers as they surpass the covid ones.

    Anyone who is that incompetent at their job , shouldn’t have employment in this field.


  5. And now there’s money on the table again the previously silent lawyers will begin to speak up.


  6. France leads the way in holding Covid incompetents to account for their mismanagement and indecision as millions died.

    According to the directions hearing, Hazzard and Chant it appears might prefer to avoid their day in the Supreme Court.


  7. Both Psychotic Kerry Chant and Gladys have blood on there hands. Corrupt & evil leaders who have lied and misled the public time after time again. All these uneducated Zionist leaders talk about is vaccination targets. First 60, then 70 and now 80% of the state population to be injected with a poisonous so called vaccine which does not stop you getting the virus or spreading it to another person. They don’t want to talk about the serious adverse affects of the untested vaccine but only targets. Well look at the statistics!! where are we are heading with the dangers of what the premier and so called health advisor has created for the worst including, lockdowns, the collapse of the biggest economy, businesses. Jobs, depression, isolation, suicide, can’t help the sick, visit anyone, as a result which may never recover. They have a lot to answer for and must be held accountable for there actions. They are working for external organisations not Australia. They must resign immediately as they are unfit and dangerous to be in control of the biggest state of Australia.


  8. a special place in hell awaits her and her minions disgusting.


  9. Thanks Dirk 🙏


  10. Throw the book at her?
    Only if it’s made of lead and you have a strong right arm

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    The figures published by the govt are interesting:

    According to AusVaxSafety, almost 1% of those surveyed post vaccination had to see a doctor or go to hospital for an adverse reaction. Figures are at least 4 weeks in arrears.

    The infection rate in NSW is currently being reported as 1% of the number tested. Covid deaths are currently listed as 1102, Australia wide.

    Feel free to reach your own conclusions about what’s going on.


  12. What is driving the British injection passport reversal is that they no longer consider it appropriate to terrorise people as they have achieved close to their vaccination target and now fear considerable revolt and push back. Mission accomplished, for the moment..


  13. Anyone who professes medical expertise and talks of a NEW WORLD ORDER is mixing politics and medicine! A political quack by any other name!

    Where is the “best medical advice” we so often hear about from Chant and Berejiklian but which has NEVER been published or disclosed to the public?

    Let’s start with Kerry Chant and Gladys Berejiklian publishing the “best medical advice” that CT counts of 40-45 CT in the PCR tests is the most reliable thresh-hold!

    Then show us how KERRY AND GLADYS have isolated the pure virus and assessed it against Koch’s time honoured and universally accepted postulates.

    And what about the so called PCR “tests” whose inventor, Kerry Mullis, described as laboratory procedures which MUST NOT BE USED FOR DIAGNOSTIC PURPOSES.

    The empresses of Covid have no clothes! And sadly, that’s not a pretty picture.


  14. Stunning UK Reversal: Scraps Vaccine Passports, Lock downs . PCR Tests
    Posted By: Claudia Aoraha via The Sun (UK) September 13, 2021

    It is unclear what is driving this sudden reversal, but it is likely political. Nevertheless, the ripple effect of Britain’s reversals could have a profound effects on other nations such as Australia and Canada, both of which have followed the UK’s draconian COVID policies.

    It is too early to determine if these changes are permanent or a pretext for other policies to take their place. ⁃ TN Editor

    PLANS to introduce Covid vaccine passports have been SCRAPPED as Sajid Javid confirms people won’t need them to get into nightclubs and cinemas.

    The Health Secretary revealed this morning that Covid jab passports won’t be introduced as a measure to fight the virus as we enter the winter months.

    He told the BBC today: “I am pleased to say that we will not be going ahead with plans for vaccine passports.”

    The Health Secretary said it was “absolutely right” of the Government to have looked into it . that the idea will be “kept in the reserves” rather than implemented.

    Javid added that he “instinctively does not like the idea of people having to show passports to do basic things.”

    Just days ago, the Health Sec refused to rule out vaccine passports for pubs, clubs and restaurants — but denied there would be a firebreak lock down in October.

    And on Friday Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden hinted that they would be “further extending” the use of Covid ID beyond just nightclubs and large indoor venues.

    But now in a dramatic U-turn, the Health Secretary confirmed that Covid certification won’t be in the Government’s Armour as we battle the virus in the winter.

    Boris Johnson is now primed to announce at a press conference that he has abandoned the proposed compulsory certification scheme – which would have forced venues to check punter’s vaccine status.

    This comes as No 10 is preparing to unveil contingency plans next week for keeping the economy open this winter if there is a Covid surge.

    Previously, it was reported that Tory MPs were furious about the PM’s vaccine passport blueprint – with more than 50 poised to rebel against it in a Commons vote.

    Steve Baker, deputy head of the Covid Research Group, said it’s “increasingly plain” the plan is about “coercing the young” into getting jabbed.

    Rebel leader Mark Harper added that vaccine ID will be “pointless, damaging, and discriminatory”.

    And earlier today, Mr Javid also confirmed that PRC tests for double-vaccinated Brit holidaymakers will be scrapped “as soon as possible.”

    The Health Secretary revealed he’s already asked officials to get rid of travel testing rules, as they shouldn’t be in place for a second longer than “absolutely necessary.”

    Mr Javid said this morning he personally wants to get rid of PCR tests for travel “as soon as I possibly can”.

    The Health Secretary told Sky News’s Trevor Phillips On Sunday: “I’m not going to make that decision right now.

    “But I’ve already asked the officials that the moment we can, let’s get rid of these kinds of intrusions.

    VAX Passports Scrapped

    “The cost that generates for families, particularly families just trying to go out and holiday, you know we shouldn’t be keeping anything like that in place for a second longer than is absolutely necessary.”

    Boris Johnson will outline his Covid winter plan next week, revealing everything in our “toolbox” to battle the virus during the winter months.

    And unlike last year’s misery, Christmas will be happening as the Health Secretary is not “anticipating any more lockdowns.”

    The PM is expected to say that vaccines will continue to be the first line of defence over the autumn and winter – a high-risk time for Covid as other respiratory illnesses circulate.


  15. IS it any wonder she was ANAL twitching at that news B/S blurb on the 13th and according to one observer she was shaking like a canine shitting razor blades , IMO EXELLENT , NOW these pair of arsewipes will KNOW what its like in the FEAR dept,


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