Dan and one of his favored girl comrades, Regional Development and Agriculture Minister Mary-Anne Thomas.

DAN Andrews’ commie-fascist state regime seems to think people in country Victoria are not the sharpest pencils in the pack, so maybe they will will buy the message that they can be “more free” if they just get a shot and a vaccine passport to allow them to go places like a big sports event or some other gathering.

And let’s not worry about things like the Constitution that forbids “conscription” through use of entitlements (Constitution Section 51:23a) or the people’s right at common law to informed consent to medical treatment, or just plain old extortion under the Criminal Code Acts.

No, The Great Leader Dan has put his Regional Development and Agriculture Minister, Comrade Mary-Anne Thomas, up to the job of trying to sell the dumbest, dodgiest, illegal deal ever offered by an Australian government – not that they qualify to be called a government any longer since turning criminal and rogue under bogus “emergency powers”.

You see folks, you can have “greater freedoms” if you just “get out there and get the jab”, says Comrade Thomas on behalf of The Great Leader. Of course Andrews and his gaggle of goons want the idea can get some traction and good optics out there amongst the “simple country folk”.

Dictator Dan’s corporate cops enforce one of his communist-style border checkpoints, allegedly to stop a virus coming into the state. Picture: Border-Morning Mail

Ms Thomas would have us believe regional towns are “vying to become guinea pigs” in the state’s first trial of vaccine passports to reopen major events and gatherings.” Yeah sure Mary-Anne, we can just see people from Ballarat, Bendigo, Shepparton, Wodonga and Mildura hammering on your door begging for the shots and passports.

Ms Thomas says the scheme will focus on making “the system accessible for event planners, with the technology likely using QR codes similar to the Covid check-in system”. What “system” are you talking about Ms Thomas? Full-blown medical tyranny based on extortion of the population in general?

The Macedon MP says the trial will “shape Victoria’s future vaccine passport system and allow large indoor and outdoor events to return”. Incidentally, her media statement said she already met with regional council mayors, chief executive officers and business leaders to discuss the program “but stopped short of confirming which regional towns were being considered”.

But of course, Dictator Dan and his Labor crowd are experts in dirty political deals and no doubt a few million buckaroos with some slimy conditions attached will help in deciding who gets to run the vaccine passports scheme. In reality Dan and company don’t give a rat’s about country Victoria which they see as just a big space for wind and solar farms to keep the Greens happy.

Comrade Thomas claims “almost 70 per cent of regional Victorians have received their first dose of the vaccine, while 43.9 per cent are fully vaccinated”. “We’re really in the race and we’re going for gold,” she said.

Cairns News would like to remind Comrade Thomas that official TGA figures show around 1000 Australians have died after getting the beloved shots and tens of thousands have suffered all sorts of adverse reactions – many of them debilitating.

Nevertheless, such trivia doesn’t concern politicians like her under the sway of crooked tyrants like Andrews. “We’re looking at innovative ways to get vaccines out as quickly as possible. (But) we can only work with the supply that we have. “Get out there get the jab – that is our road map to greater freedoms.” See you in common law court comrade, along with Demonic Dan and the rest of the clan.