Australia in twilight zone of Stalinist’s Russia

Letter to the Editor

Regardless how is a “vaccine” supposed to know how old one is? And if you go to websites like or blood clots are NOT rare at all.

I’m getting a bit fed up with SkyNews au commentary b/c they always seem to not fully tell the truth themselves. Yes, they may be a lot better than say 9 or 7 or whatever but they still talk about “cases”, talk about the virus as if it is in existence, when you know its not.

The fact is we have entered a twilight zone of Stalinist’s Russia, QR codes, which sit between the person, the grocery store, and that nights’ meal. All for a bare-faced lie, power-tripping premiers, a useless PM who is in bed with the jews/Zionists, and Daniel Andrews who seems to love giving Victoria’s assets away at bargain basement prices, ie the Agricultural College affiliated (or used to be) with Melbourne Uni. sold for just under 5 million. when it was worth at least triple the amount according to Credlin’s commentary last night.

And Port Melbourne belongs soley to the Chines.. CCP. Victoria is basically a vassal state of China. All to do with Klaus Schwabb whose a bloody jew and his effin cohorts ie Prince Charles who should just drop dead.

from Monarchofangels

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. bern672hotmailcom

    This could be the end of the jab and virus I shall be looking for the court transcripts to be released and I shall pass on the released documents Bernie Drew

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  2. crisscross767

    “Redemption Through Sin 666”

    The satanic law of reversal Sabbatai Zevi & Jacob Frank

    1666 Sabbatean-Frankist Illuminati History

    Homeopathy has the intention of doing no harm, whereas…….

    Sorcery: The Remarkable Tradition That Is Still Practiced Today
    Jenny Singer

    Modern Witches

    “…….For Susala Kay, a queer Pagan Jewitch in the same Bay Area community as Starhawk, that tradition is alive and a well. She is reticent to define Paganism (“It’s just like Judaism— ask one Pagan and you’ll get three answers!”) but says her interest in Paganism is inextricable from Judaism because “Judaism really began out of Canaanite, pagan religion. This is my ancestry—it goes back to Ashkenaz, but it also goes back farther.”………..”

    Sorcery Strongs Greek Concordnce 5331
    From pharmakeus; medication (“pharmacy”), i.e. (by extension) magic (literally or figuratively) — sorcery, witchcraft.

    Makow–We’re Satanically Possessed by Cabalists

    Long before Facebook and Twitter banned conservatives, Cabalist Jews and
    Freemasons banished the Creator from His Creation.

    Jewish Man Boasts How Jews Created The Kill Shot ‘Vaccines’ – Watch


  3. They’re out to control you no matter what name they brand themselves with: Liberal, labor, communist… Walk down the supermarket lolly aisle > everything made of sugar, water, colouring, some chocolate > it’s only the packaging that mostly makes a difference… Same could be said for the loo paper aisle, though for the snobs, and the rich, there’s dearer “Soft on your bum loo-paper”…
    Politicians, no matter the attractive wrappings…


  4. Governments will have to privatise everything to pay off the debt they’ve run up due to their policies, that’s one of the reasons for the ‘pandemic’…Smaller government, and the Renters take care of every previous government service, etc,. The Renters will suck the taxpayer for every penny > just look at how much taxpayers money is being handed over to the drug- pushing companies > the template…

    The lockdowns were ‘meant to fail’. They just dont work. period… QR codes, like all tracking ‘systems’ so far will prove to fail also… Next step > to implement vaccine passports… Which is
    The ultimate aim… “Softly, Softly, Catchee Monkees !” (NSW govt strategy)…


  5. Dear Sir, could you lead a push to find out the extent of knowledge of our Health Adviser about alternatives to the vaccines. Your article about the use of Ivermectin etc in India warrants a debate here in Queensland. Coupled to this there is research indicating that those who recover from covid 19 have good immunity from further infection unlike those who have been vaccinated. Please for the sake of our freedom and sanity. Regards, Mark Cooper.


  6. bern672hotmailcom

    Well said

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  7. Rosemary Tempany

    Letter to the Editor ,
    To expand on this ” fedup” Australian’s commentary, I believe it will be found that Klaus Schwab is in fact a Rothschild via his mother whose father was a Bank Manager in a place called Bad Homburg in Germany.
    There are no coincidences.

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  8. The propaganda tells us that Jews are not Zionists but they keep them in power.
    The Israeli Palestinian conflict surely cannot exclude Jews.
    The Zionists created this genocidal conflict.
    The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed is a balanced history on the Jewish Question.


  9. Australia was infiltrated by Communist idealists well before WW2.
    Jack Lang, Labour Premier of NSW 1925-27-32, wrote a book “Communism in Australia, a complete exposure”.
    Communism and Freemasonry are two hats on the same head with Zionism connecting them. Add Fascism, Nazism
    All ‘isms’ are the product of what Prof. Carol Quigley wrote in his book “The Anglo American Establishment”; alias The New World Order! We were warned but we looked elsewhere.

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  10. What a load of rubbish concerning the Jews.
    Although I am not of Jewish extraction I think that this rabbleising does nothing to effectively sort out the very poor coverage and fear mongering carried out by the major networks.
    Morning ,day and night.


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  12. So Monarch of Angels (“God”) hates the Jews? His Son WAS a Jew. Ok, that explains a lot.


  13. Andrews is a Freemason.

    “Masonic lodges are established all over the world to help us achieve our independence. Those pigs, the non-Jewish Masons, will never understand the final objects of Masonry.”

    – Theodor Herzel, Founder of Modern Zionism, 1897


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